Democrats not responsible for their failures?

Progressive editor blames stupid voters!

Paul Fanlund should get out more — like out of the Madison bubble. Put on your anthropologist’s pith helmet, travel up to Bonduel, say, buy a round at the local tavern, then shut up and listen.

The editor of The Capital Times kvetches that he referenced Trump at “at a recent dinner party” and was greeted with frozen stares. “Apparently, no one wanted to talk politics.” In Madison WI?

That’s a little yellow canary going feet up, Paul. Get out of the coal mine, ASAP!

You might think that President Joe Biden and WI Gov. Tony Evers … would be faring better with the public than they apparently are,” Fanlund laments in his weekly column.

You might think that, Paul. The Werkes does not. You can believe the public opinion polls: here in Wisconsin, Evers’ job approval is only 45%. Biden’s in-state approval (the most recent Marquette poll has him at 46% approval, 53% disapproval) matches his national numbers.

→ “Biden’s approval has fallen substantially among independents and Democrats.” — Marquette Law School poll 01-27-22.

Progressive Dane?

Denial is not just a river in …

Presented with data and personal experience, Fanlund does what all good Lefties do: he blames the voters for their ignorance. They have been fooled! Tricked by Republicans “evilly brilliant in executing its foremost goal,” which Fanlund asserts is “never cooperating with Democrats.”

And you thought Trump was delusional! Nineteen GOP Senators voted FOR Biden’s infrastructure bill! Republicans met with the President to outline achievable goals. They were rebuffed.

Like any university-city progressive, Fanlund believes Americans’ big want is free early kindergarten and forgiving college loans. Buried within his sob story, Fanlund betrays a germ of understanding: “Biden and Evers must mollify the Far Left.” As Lt. Frank Drebin said in Naked Gun, “Bingo!” Except the editor then goes on to refute his own insight.

Joe Manchin, according to The Capital Times editor, “is a Democrat in name only.” But CT favorite Bernie Sanders is not even name-only — he’s a Socialist, as is his CT fan boy, associate editor John Nichols.

Who? Me?

Critical race theory? Nothing more than “a decades-old, common-sense academic concept,” Fanlund fantasizes. White guilt? Implicit bias? Institutional racism? Reparations? THOSE are common sense? Madison does more than teach CRT — we practice it! How many repeat criminals stalk our streets free on signature bond, thanks to our Woke court system? Empty the jails!

Why else would the University of Wisconsin move a 42-ton boulder — a raw, uninscribed rock — from its Madison campus, if not CRT? More Fanlund:

Another example is how the GOP paints all those who want increased scrutiny around police behavior as being part of the defund the police movement, which is a major problem at a time when violent crime in Wisconsin and nationally has increased.”

Paul is correct that defund the police IS a major problem. The editor would rather forget that The Capital Times itself is defund the police (they prefer the code word “reimagine”). Your own editorial of 06-11-20 demanded Madison public schools defund its school resource police officers. This school years’ riots and shootings are the foreseeable result. You endorsed the current progressive school board, progressive district attorney, progressive mayor, et cetera.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If Republicans are “evilly brilliant,” as the editor contends, the corollary must be that voters are evilly stupid.

Or are editors who disparage voters the ones who are stupid?


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13 Responses to Democrats not responsible for their failures?

  1. Mike says:

    I find it ironic, if not moronic, that all those who demand closer scrutiny of the police willingly and almost gleefully turn a blind eye in doing the same toward the criminals and their criminality. If it weren’t for criminals, there would be little to no need for the police.


    • Mike wrote, “If it weren’t for criminals, there would be little to no need for the police.”

      They see this a bit differently.

      If there were no laws created by the government then nothing would be illegal and there would be no crimes and therefore no criminals. So from their brainwashed insane point of view, it’s the oppressive government, the oppressive laws, the oppressive courts, the oppressive Police, and the oppressive prisons that are the problem and the cause of crime because without the oppressive laws there would be no crime and no need for anything to enforce.

      Yes Mike, the way they think is insane and a clear sign of being brainwashed; their ideas if allowed to come to fruition will ultimately lead to utter societal chaos.

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  2. I think this post reflects nicely back to your previous post when you asked, “When will Democrats un-crazy?”

    Progressives, like Paul Fanlund, are psychologically projecting their own failures, character flaws and unethical & immoral behaviors on anyone that disagrees with them and I’m not sure they’re psychologically capable of recognizing it anymore. Progressives are 100% illiberal, as in anti-classic liberal*, and completely consumed by totalitarianism.

    *liberal: adjective 1. willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas. 2. relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

    When your whole ideological existence surrounds these four tenants of progressive “truth”…

    1. The left is right.
    2. The right is wrong.
    3. Wrong is evil.
    4. Evil must to be destroyed.

    …and that’s the dead end of a progressives’ ability to think critically in the 21st century, an ideologically blind progressive can rationalize anything that falls within their ends justifies the means scope of achieving their totalitarian goals.

    “Progressives” and their army of brainwashed social justice warriors are a scourge upon our culture, our society, our Constitution and our country. At this point in time anyone that cannot see that fact is willfully blind or has completely swallowed the lies and innuendo in “progressive” propaganda.

    Note: Using the word “progressive” to describe 21st century Democratic Party extremists is an oxymoron; the ideology, policies and actions of “progressives” are actually regressive to the point of being culturally and socially destructive. These ignorant 21st century “progressives” and their army of brainwashed social justice warrior “brown shirts” have literally become the totalitarian evil they have professed to be against for years.


  3. Bill Cleary says:

    There are stupid people, then there are really stupid people.

    Enough said.

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  4. I wrote Paul a while back and told him he needs to spend more time with actual conservative people, rather than the cartoon characters he imagines. He actually wrote me back to say that maybe I had a point, but it seems he has forgotten that he lives in the liberal bubble that is Madison. It is his echo chamber.


  5. AdamC says:

    Fanlund sounds like he has gone off the cliff. Totally deranged article by someone who ought to know better. The farthest from journalism I have seen in a long time.

    His partisan hackery has gone way over the edge into drmonizing anyone who holds a different view including that government must be reined in, even tightly constrained.

    The last 2-3 years ought to have awakened everyone to the reality that “progressive” “liberals” would throw the rest of us in gulags if they could.

    Their “compassion” is faker than a 13-dollar bill and their “values” include rigid authoritarianism by any means necessary including smearing anyone who disagrees and lying about almost everything.

    Evers’ and Biden’s problems are also probably Fanlund’s: Weak, frustrated, dorkwads whose failure at being a real man causes angry outbursts and randomly lashing out. Really embarrassing to see his column.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Progressives are congenitally unable to utter the words “I made a mistake.” A couple of days ago video showed Gavin Newsom reacting to criticism of his failure to wear a mask indoors while posing (his only natural ability) with Magic Johnson. Watch it if you haven’t seen it, or if you have, watch it again. During a torrent of semi-coherent rambling, Newsom says, “I made a mis–” then veers off into more rambling. He literally couldn’t complete the sentence. If there was ever a more telling instance of progressive narcissism in action, I’ve yet to see it.


    • AdamC says:

      Does Newsom remind anyone else of the character Patrick Bates in American Psycho?

      Oily narcissism and “my own rules don’t apply to me” arrogance seem just ooze from him.


      • Balboa says:

        Same could be said of Donald Trump Jr. I mean he is marrying or at least dating Newsom’s ex girlfriend. lol


  7. Jon Burack says:

    I still hesitate to get too optimistic about the Nov. elections. I always worry that surprises could turn things around. But when reading Fanlund and several other liberals analyzing the Democrats’ woes, I am reassured. A common theme among them (and not their only delusion) is about how the press is too NEUTRAL and not as effective as the right’s media machinery. Hence, without stronger chastisement from a truly aroused press, the ignorant public defaults to Republican misinformation and disinformation. As long as this passes for analysis, I have to think the Democrats really are trapped in an ideological cage and simple cannot see what should be staring them right in the eye. I see no likelihood they will develop any sort of effective strategy based on such distorted thinking.


  8. Mordecai The Red says:

    Chrome Dome Paulie espouses what it means to be a progressive—too arrogant, too blind, and too deluded to admit that their policies are failures and incessantly whine that they can’t get voter support. His continuous screeds against those not in his cult all read the same. He is a one track mind, a one trick pony, and a one Watt bulb.


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