Teen crime? Quick, more ‘services’!

Blaska will talk smack with Our Ms. Vicky McKenna on these issues 
5 to 6 p.m. today (Thursday 10-18-18)  at 1310 on your AM dial.

THIS JUST IN: After police chase into rural Dane County, 6 juveniles arrested this morning in two vehicles stolen in Madison. 

UPDATE: There is evidence the teens burglarized at least one home in village of Oregon during their crime spree.

Quoting the warden in Cool Hand Luke, what we have here is failure to communicate.

Madison’s chief of police sounds the siren over “juveniles engaged in serious, illegal behavior(s). Weapons offenses, stealing cars and operating them recklessly, brazen burglaries, robberies, and sexual assaults … have generated fear and apprehension in our community.”

Chief Mike Koval indicts the juvenile “justice” system for “not responding to the issues at hand and we see a plethora of reasons why it is failing.”

Quite frankly, at this point in time, I am NOT preoccupied in looking at what “caused” these youths to transgress the law, I am more inclined to ask what the consequences will be for the behavior (assuming due process and an adjudication of delinquency)?

And what does the mayor of Madison propose? MORE hand-holding. More mental health care, more case workers, more family support, and more “other services.” In other words, more of the same. Administrators of Dane County’s human services programs use the word “duplicative.”

Because these kids are laughing at the system, removing their GPS ankle monitors, and taunting: “This is only the beginning. We’re just getting started.”

Look, the Blaska Policy Werkes gets that the worst of these kids are damaged by absent fathers and overwhelmed mothers barely past their own teen years. Physically and verbally abused themselves, they’ve been traumatized by rampant substance abuse and ever-present criminal activity. Further, they’ve been handed the crutch of “cry racism” rather than we’ll help you shape up.

What we can do:

Attend and speak up at Ald. Paul Skidmore is addressing public safety 6 p.m. Monday November 5 at Blackhawk Church, 9620 Brader Way (off Mineral Point Road). Police Chief Mike Koval will be there, as will the MPD West district command staff, and Sheriff Dave Mahoney. Let’s see if District Attorney Ismael Ozanne and invited juvenile Ccourt judges Everett Mitchell and Shelly Gaylord attend. Or the mayor!

Attend and speak up at the 6 p.m. Monday, October 29 Madison school board meeting, 545 W. Dayton Street. (Get there early to register.)

Run for city council or school board. Start circulating nomination papers December 1 and file on or before January 2. Need only 20 signatures of aldermanic district residents but go for the maximum 40 in case some are bad; 100 signatures citywide for school board. The election is Tuesday April 2. (Complete details here.)

‘What about accountability?’

But it helps no one — not tomorrow’s victims, their school class mates, or the kids themselves — to releasing the same perps back out to the streets into the same environment, GPS bracelets or not. The ministrations of restorative justice, mental health, family counseling, etc. are, at best — if they work at all — long term. Again, Chief Koval:

… At a recent meeting of practitioners, I listened to many earnest discussions with well-intentioned subject matter experts expounding upon the need for more relationship building with at-risk youth, timely interventions, fortifying existing programs while instituting even more topical and comprehensive initiatives that can get to the root causes of why a juvenile makes bad/reckless choices.

… I unequivocally support these good faith attempts  … But the one thing I haven’t heard enough discussion about are the needs of the victims of crimes caused by juveniles? What about accountability?

A 59-year-old woman leaving her late shift at work is jumped, thumped and robbed in the parking lot of a restaurant on Odana Road by 13- and 15-year-old KIDS! Kicked in the face while cowering on the ground. Her car stolen, crashed and wrecked. She is traumatized for life.

(Liberals, socialists, and progressives: where is your sympathy for the victim NOW?) Again, Chief Koval:

“Who is speaking up on her behalf? While I endorse community-based restorative justice initiatives, I draw the line at serious, felony behaviors.”

We’ve seen this movie before

Mayor Paul Soglin’s last-minute “more services” gambit sounds as desperate as an alcoholic in Mormon Utah. Didn’t include it in the city budget he just submitted. What is up with Alds. Phair’s and Cheeks’ much ballyhooed Focused Interruption boondoggle, heavy on peer counseling and not much else. Price tag: $400,000.

Let’s not forget: this mayor and those alders spent $376,000 to investigate the police for signs of latent racism. And found none.

Lest we forget: the Madison school board is advised to keep the cops in our four troubled public high schools but handcuff them with still more restrictions. (“Troublemakers will sit in review of police.”)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Whether Soglin runs for re-election or not, the Blaska Policy Werkes encourages Ald. Paul Skidmore to GO FOR IT!

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Machado disgraces the game

The Dodger is a dirty player

UPDATE: Machado fined. He is the Vontaze Burfict of baseball.

To think that the Brewers tried to get this guy! Thank the gods of baseball we didn’t! 

Manny Machado is a dirty player. The L.A. Dodgers can have him. For now. He’s a rent-a-player, anyway. We’ll take Orlando Arcia any day. An arrogant prick. A discredit to the game. Josh Hader needs to buzz his control tower. (Not hit him but whistle one past his ear.) The series will go back to Milwaukee no matter what happens later today (Wednesday, 10-17-18) and Macho-man will be booed long, hard, and often. 

The dirty player easily could have put Jesus Aguilar out for the series and all of next season by purposely, and obviously, trying to injure the first baseman’s achilles tendon.  Continue reading

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Blaska spit into a cup; learns he is 1/1,024th liberal

Maybe now the social justice warriors
will let the Squire speak at school board meetings

Hey white boy, put down that tiki torch and answer this question: Oppressed anyone today?


1/1024th Insane

In today’s WI State Journal, self-confessed white man Anthony Brylski of Madison demands that white men do more to help others. These white men, he writes, “are happy to tell me how they’re the good ones who don’t oppress their neighbors but somehow they never actually help anyone.”

You mean, white men like Abe Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Albert Schweitzer, Oskar Schindler, and Francis of Assisi?

“They designed our politics and culture to suit themselves so they feel free to police everyone’s behavior.”

Continue reading

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Police Chief Koval: ‘the juvenile justice system is failing’

“What about accountability?” Police Chief Mike Koval asks

This blog continues to hear rumblings that much of the juvenile crime wave in Dane County can be laid at the lenient feet of Juvenile Court Judge Everett Mitchell.

Mitchell is on record that car theft should be left up to insurance companies to deal with, not the courts, and “I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases … for people who steal from Wal-Mart.” (Sourced here.)


In his blog today, Madison police chief Mike Koval critiques our juvenile justice system but only obliquely references Judge Mitchell: Continue reading

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13-year-old Madison banger: ‘We’re just getting started’

13-year-old cuts off his police ankle bracelet

Your choice: Blame the school-to-police pipeline
or the Loumos/Moffit Progressive Dane cabal

I thought they were going to kill me,’ says 58-year-old woman after being pummeled by punks on Odana Road.

Detectives identified and arrested the male suspect in this case Friday (10-12-18). The 13-year-old was tentatively charged with robbery, party to a crime of battery, and operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent. The teen is a member of a local street gang. He had been previously released from custody, for a similar crime, and placed on electronic monitoring. The teen admitted he recently cut off his GPS ankle bracelet.

Ankle bracelet.jpg

The kid was arrested in August for driving a stolen RAV4. Its owner, a 45-year-old Cedar Creek Trail resident had left it unlocked with a key inside. It was taken from his driveway. At the time, he was inside his garage, with the door shut, getting ready for a garage sale. He heard the RAV4 start up, went outside to investigate, and it was gone. Continue reading

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This just in: Women don’t all think alike! Major blow to identity politics!

Same is said to be the case with racial minorities!

Reminded in her CNN interview that women voted for Trump,
Hillary corrected: “White women.”
Ah, intersectionality!

The New York Times has made a startling discovery that will cause good Madison liberals to tear off their strange, knitted pink hats:

Women don’t all think alike!

Gadzooks! and Zut alors! (As if Tammy Baldwin v. Leah Vukmir wasn’t a tip off.) Alert the Grievance Studies Department at the UW! Break the news to State Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, who told the CT:

“I think that women watching, once again, how we’re being treated and how our credibility is under attack, I think women are going to be more motivated than ever to come out and defeat Republican politicians who continue to minimize the impact of sexual abuse and continue to deny that it exists.”

“Some women,” Christine. “SOME women.” Or “Democrat(ic) women.” Or “liberal-progressive-socialist women.” Or “social justice warrior women.” (Or “womyn.”) Continue reading

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