Man on the 20 mph-street question

No idea is too stupid for Madison WI

Give the City of Madison credit (and a generous bar tab). The Emerald City is always experimenting. Streets in two neighborhoods will test lower traffic speed limits — 20 mph, down from 25 mph. The City is also closing portions of other streets to encourage pedestrians and bicycles.

Being Madison, the city’s pedestrian bicycle administrator (does YOUR town have one?) lamented that last year’s street closures ended up being in “Whiter, wealtheir neigbhrooods.” this time, the city will use Equity (we capitalize this holy term) as a “core consideration.”

The Werkes sent its undocumented immigrant (and unpaid) intern to flag down rush hour traffic on the South Beltline to ask:

What Equity experiments the city should attempt next?

Madame Brenda

“Bring back the Red Light District at King and Main to revitalize the Downtown.”


“There’s too many captains on this island. $10,000 for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.”

Miss Joan Crawford

“Could we set up a crime-free zone somewhere in town? Drive 35 mph just don’t steal my car.”

Freedom Inc.

“Set up a cop-free Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone from Whitney Way to Stoughton Road. It seems to work in Seattle.”

Rex Brexit

“Madison should secede from the U.S., learn Spanish and annex to Cuba.”


“Charge parents in court with the same crimes as their delinquent kids.”

How would YOU improve Madison?

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Who was that (un)masked man?

Would the Lone Ranger take off his mask, kemosabe?

No man is an island, unless he lives in Dane County, Mr. Donne.  The Madison WI metro area plays by its own rules — the science be damned!

The federal Centers for Disease Control (there’s more than one, apparently) say (plural) take off your facemasks if you are fully vaccinated! The State of Wisconsin Department of Health says “The science is clear: if you are fully vaccinated, you are protected.”

Not so fast, the 550,000 residents of Dane County. Surrounded by too much reality, the Madison area holds out like that clueless Japanese soldier on a forgotten Pacific atoll. Never mind those “Science Is Real” signs. Or that Dane County is the most vaccinated populous county in the nation! Zero-risk Dane County says keep wearing the mask.

Sorry. After 14 months, we’re through playing Captain May I? You want a test case? Read me my rights!

Buried deep within his beat-up wallet, the head groundskeeper at the Werkes carries a frayed card that attests that his veins are pumping Moderna mRNA vaccine (mint chocolate flavored). The Covid-19 Get-Out-of-Facemask-Jail-Free card is wedged in with the just-renewed state Concealed Carry card. Freedom these days comes via a government-issued card, apparently.

You know the thing (as President Biden would say): The head groundskeeper hereabouts sees no scenario where he would ever show such a card or frequent any place that would dare demand their production. So, how can anyone tell? Who wants to make Blaska Dane County’s test case?

Nonetheless, we are certain that years from now, we’ll espy some idiot bicycling on the John Nolen causeway past Lake Monona fully masked. Facemasks have become a partisan fashion statement like those multi-lingual “No One is Illegal” yard signs and BLM bumper stickers. A sign of faith-based belief, like the Hindoo’s red dot on the forehead or Catholics’ Ash Wednesday cross. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineLike the early feminists burning bras, we feel the local Republican party (it does exist but we won’t betray their whereabouts) missed a beat by not staging a public mask burning.

Who will be the last face mask holdout?

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The neo-Marxist racism of social justice warriors

‘will destroy our country’

“We are living in a country whose elites are teaching us to see each other primarily on the basis of race, and to hate each other for it.” So writes Rod Dreher in the American Conservative.

Dreher’s exegesis is so far the most damning exposition of Wokeness, social justice, identity politics, critical race theory — call it what you will. Right here in Madison WI it prohibits neighbors from erecting a Trump yard sign, dumbs down report cards in our public schools, demonizes police, and spins criminals through the courthouse revolving door. Basically, it is the Progressive Dane agenda that The Capital Times espouses and Mayor Satya practices.

This toxic ideology “is sweeping across America the way Bolshevism swept across the Russian Empire before the October Revolution in 1917.” Dreher writes:

book cover "Live not by Lies"

Like the early Bolsheviks, [“The social justice cultists of our day”] are radically alienated from society. They too believe that justice depends on group identity, and that achieving justice means taking power away from the exploiters and handing it to the exploited. …

Social justice cultists, like the first Bolsheviks, are intellectuals whose gospel is spread by intellectual agitation. It is a gospel that depends on awakening and inspiring hatred in the hearts of those it wishes to induce into revolutionary consciousness. This is why it matters immensely that they have established their base within universities, where they can indoctrinate in spiteful ideology those who will be going out to work in society’s institutions. …

Commissar *

•   I hear all the time from college students telling me about how afraid they are to say what’s on their mind in their classes, for fear of being failed by their professors, or attacked by a mob of students. …

•   A Norfolk, Va., police officer was fired for the perfectly legal act of donating $25 to the defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse? Madness.

•   We saw a white police officer shoot to death a black teenage girl who was in the process of trying to stab another black female. He saved the life of a black woman — and for that, he was denounced by the usual suspects as a racist killer, and one of the richest and most powerful athletes in the country, LeBron James, tweeted out the cop’s face and a threat.

Why anybody would want to be a police officer in a country like ours is becoming, I have no idea.

Parents who flee will be called racists

“Because most black students, for whatever reasons, are disproportionately underachieving in math, the state, in its bountiful compassion, is going to level everybody else down. You know what’s going to happen, then, right? The rich will be able to afford to take their kids out of public schools and put them into schools where they won’t be held back to the standards of the weakest students. The middle class and the poor are out of luck.

“How is this justice? This kind of thing is advancing everywhere in this new America.” — Rod Dreher.

Rod Dreher’s Bottom Line: “Now we learn that the Biden administration is planning to go big on pushing Critical Race Theory on all public schools in America. This neo-racist ideology, which has become the dominant ideology among American elites and their institutions, is going to destroy the country.”

How will YOU fight Wokeness?

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Time to PANIC!

Run for your lives! Save yourselves!

Now Chik-fil-A is out of sauce!

We’ve always wanted to write a headline like that in our newspaper print days. Break off in mid-sentence and leave a lot of unfinished white space.

Despair is in order, it says here, thanks to the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidency. If it wasn’t for bad news, the Biden/Harris administration wouldn’t have any news at all. Which is why CNN and their ilk are saying “Look over here!” — running telethons over Liz Cheney’s defenestration.

My eyes! *

Let’s review the damages:

•   The stock market is down 4% so far this week (681 points on the Dow Wednesday alone) and it’s only Thursday.

•   Inflation is up 4.2% — the highest in 13 years. And Biden/Harris want to throw another $2.3 trillion at loosely defined “infrastructure.” The $1.9 Trillion stimulus enacted in March hasn’t all been spent yet.

A social media meme shows a sheet of plywood and the legend: “No low ballers; I know what I’ve got.

•   To pay for all that Democrats would raise taxes by $3.3 Trillion over the next decade, which would dampen the GDP by 1.62%.

•   Unemployment is up, partly because Democrats are paying people not to work. In April, the American economy produced 266,000 jobs compared with 770,000 in March and 536,000 in February. Unemployment ticked up a percentage point to 6.1%.

•   Illegal migrants are pouring over the Mexican border at a 20-year high; already more the first three months of the year than in Trump’s last 12 months in office. Many are kids kept in cages.

•   Russia is hacking and shutting down our pipelines. Finishing the job Biden started with Keystone XL, we suppose. Since last November 3, the average price per gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. has jumped 75 cents. Gasoline lines are back and so is hoarding.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission put out this advisory 5-12-21: “Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline.” They wouldn’t be putting out advisories like that if people weren’t filling plastic bags with gasoline.

•   In the name of climate change — the liberal equivalent of a snipe hunt — Biden/Harris cancelled oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters.

•   The federal government ran a $1.9 Trillion deficit in the seven months through April — up 30% for a new record high.

•   The national debt now stands at $4 Trillion — the highest since WW2 — when we had something to show for it.

•   Israel and the Palestinians are killing each other again, thanks to John Kerry’s friends in Iran.

•   Critical race theory is being taught in the schools. The cancel culture killed off Roseanne Barr and Uncle Ben. Police are the bad guys, not criminals. Aaron Rodgers might quit the Packers.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Like Dandy Don Meredith would sing during a blowout on Monday Night Football, “The party’s O-ver!”

How hopeless are YOU?

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Saying the most unpopular and unwelcome thing

‘I do not withdraw a single word’

“A former president, who provoked a violent attack on this capitol in an effort to steal the election, has resumed his aggressive effort to convince Americans that the election was stolen from him. He risks inciting further violence. Millions of Americans have been misled by the former president. They have heard only his words, but not the truth, as he continues to undermine our democratic process, sowing seeds of doubt about whether democracy really works at all.” U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-WY 05-11-21.

We’re reading Andrew Roberts’ great bio Winston Churchill; Walking With Destiny. 

It is 30 September 1938. Neville Chamberlain has returned to London from Munich, waving a scrap of paper. He had just given away democratic Czechoslovakia, its mountain defenses and significant armaments industries, to Adolph Hitler — free of charge — and he was damned proud of it.

King George VI invited the P.M. to share his balcony and accept the adulation of the crowds. Chamberlain was being likened to Disraeli and Gladstone for appeasing the dictator and forestalling his wrath.

In the House of Commons, a back bencher bucking his own party leaders, Churchill marshaled the English language and sent it into battle (as was said of him many years later).

Book cover, Winston Churchill walking with destiny

“I begin by saying the most unpopular and most unwelcome thing. I begin by saying what everybody would like to ignore or forget but which must nevertheless be stated, namely, that we have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat. … The German dictator, instead of snatching his victuals from the table, has been content to have them served to him course by course.”

For naught. On October 5, the House of Commons approved the Munich Agreement by 366 to 144. Churchill, long in the political wilderness, was now persona non grata in his own Conservative party. Andrew Roberts continues:

“Between November 1938 and mid-March 1939, Conservative Central Office made a coordinated and sophisticated attempt to deselect* Churchill as the Conservative candidate for Epping. (* Deselection is when support for an MP is withdrawn by their local party.) Biographer Roberts continues:

In a press statement [the local party boss] condemned what he called “Mr. Churchill’s unhelpful attitude towards the man at the helm” Afterwards, the Loughton branch passed a motion requesting that Churchill support the prime minister.  … On March 4, Epping constituency officials denounced the absent Churchill.

Roberts continues:

“Almost any other politician, faced with a revolt on such a scale in his constituency within a few months of a general election, would have made compromises or toned down his speeches to head off a potentially disastrous outcome. Instead, Churchill … told [his constituency] “I do not withdraw a single word. …”

“What is the use of parliament if it is not the place where true statements can be brought before the people? What is the use of sending members to the House of Commons who say just the popular things of the moment and merely endeavor to give satisfaction to the government whips by cheering loudly every ministerial platitude? People talk about our parliamentary institutions and democracy, but if these are to survive, it will not be because the constituencies return tame, docile, subservient member and try to stamp out every form of independent judgment.”

Roberts continues: “At dawn the next morning, the entire geopolitical landscape changed when Germany invaded the rump of Czechoslovakia. … All the years of protestations about how Hitler wished only to incorporate ethnic Germans into the Third Reich were revealed overnight to have been lies, and those appeasers who believed him to have been his dupes.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Churchill said of an opponent that history would not treat him well. “I know, because I intend to write that history.” History despises appeasement but rewards courage. Appeasement goes with the flow, courage stands against the odds.

Where do YOU stand?

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Don’t rush to judgment! He’s a progressive!

He may be a lech but he’s our lech!

This is rich! The super-woke progressives at The Nation are decrying the rush to judgment every time a woman claims sexual harassment.

aoc20180910-72dpi-bg“We cannot flourish as a society if a single accusation out of the blue upends an election overnight and ruins a 30-year career in politics,” cries The Nation contributor Katha Pollitt, author of the book Reclaiming Abortion Rights.

If you are actually, factually not guilty of what you are accused of, how can you not appear defensive when you defend yourself? If you are innocent, you are the victim.Accusations are a weapon anyone can use. The vast majority of #metoo perpetrators have been men, but women too stand to lose if a mere allegation sends allies running for the hills and mortally wounds a candidate.

“The stakes are too high, to jump to conclusions,” Ms. Pollitt bleats.

Ah, yes. The stakes! The ones that are too high to jump to conclusions. The accused just happens to be “leading progressive candidate” in the upcoming New York mayor’s race, one Howard Stringer. Had it been, say, Matt Gaetz— well, his stakes are not high at all. Not an ally. All those campus men presumed guilty under the Obama/Biden administration. Screw ’em!

Blaska’s Bottom LineWould Ms. Pollitt’s injunction v. rushing to judgment apply to the believers in Michael Brown’s “Hands up, don’t shoot” or other proven mythologies (like Madison’s own Althea Bernstein)?

Where would progressivism be without situational ethics?

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