Did the murderers see themselves as victims?

Reparations by other means. 

Why did prosecutors grant young Miriam Carre immunity in the slayings of her adoptive parents, Robin Carre and Dr. Beth Potter?

The Dane County District Attorney compiled an impressive tranche of forensic evidence: text messages, cell phone eco-location, street camera videos, etc. Miriam Carre posted selfie photos of her boyfriend Khari Sanford pointing the likely murder weapon. Topped by the testimony his accomplice, who also awaits sentencing. Did they really need Miriam’s testimony, which feigned total ignorance of the crime?

Classmates at West high school overheard the two lovebirds scheming to lay hands on her parents’ “bands” of money. Other witnesses heard Sanford talk about life insurance policies. Who told him?

So, good on the murdered couple’s adult sons for squeezing Miriam out of any inheritance, ably detailed in today’s Wisconsin State Journal. Teenagers do get crossways with their parents. But not many arrange to yank their girlfriend’s parents out of bed, drive them to a densely wooded place, force them to their knees, and pop a cap behind their ears, then feverishly work their ATM cards for quick cash.

‘Although Miriam may have not been physically present during the murders of her parents, that does not absolve Miriam from accountability.’

Petition to exclude the daughter from her parents’ will (reported here).

The murderous Khari Sanford, Mayor Rhodes-Conway, and activist Katy Farren

Not exactly ‘Bleak House’

The parents lavished separate living quarters and a vehicle on their under-age daughter and boyfriend. Sanford, in addition to shacking with his honey at her parents’ expense, had been given the benefit of an internship with the mayor’s office. The two lovebirds hatched their plot during ceramics class. Ceramics class!

Now the money quote from Miriam — adopted out of Guatemala — in a text message to Sanford, a young black man:

“I feel like (my parents) got this white (savior) act going on and, like, feel like they can’t do any wrong.”

In the same edition of our favorite Madison daily newspaper, reporter Mitchell Schmidt inserts this unattributed boilerplate into an unrelated story:

Critical race theory [is] a decades old academic framework used in graduate courses to understand how laws and institutions perpetuate racism. It is not taught in elementary schools, though conservatives have often conflated it with lessons focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Tell us, then, from what drain pipe did Miriam Carre and Khari Sanford imbibe their racial hatred — if not from the CRT lesson plan on how “laws and institutions perpetuate racism.” Whether from their school or the culture at large, CRT is not confined to esoteric doctoral dissertations, Mr. Reporter.

If Madison schools are not teaching CRT, they practice it.

If it’s not critical race theory, it’s critical race theory-lite,” says Columbia University professor John McWhorter, author of Woke Racism; “How a new religion has betrayed black America.” McWhorter defines CRT as:

See[ing] white people as potential oppressors and black people as perpetual victims of an inherently oppressive system. This “critical approach has trickled down,” McWhorter writes, “into … education-school pedagogy and administration … and from there migrated … into the way they wind up running schools.

Blaska’s Bottom LineMadisons’ obsession with diversity, equity, and inclusion creates division, grievance, and resentment. CRT taught Miriam Carre, Khari Sanford, and accomplice Ali’jah Larrue that THEY were the victims and white people their oppressor — even if one of them was rescued out of an orphanage in Guatemala and both got to play house rent- and judgment-free.

Are we too harsh?

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Our schools are unarmed and dangerous

Do we trust our teachers or not?

Back in the day, a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thanked his employer for safeguarding his well being against readers who might be infuriated by his progressive maunderings. How was he protected? The newspaper building was plastered with No Firearms” signs.

As if a meth-head survivalist barreling in from the wilds of Oconomowoc, locked and loaded with enough firepower to free a small Caribbean island, would be stymied by a placard! Imagine the would-be terrorist’s frustration as he confronted the inert piece of plastic: “Damn! All this way for nothin’. Wonder if the Domes are open.”

Robb elementary school was posted, fenced, and locked. (Except, inexplicably, for one back door.) The Uvalde school district drilled students and staff in emergency procedures. Can we do more? Sure. Universal background checks, hike the age of gun ownership, end the gun show loophole. Not surprised if Republicans accede to some or all of the above. More mental health treatment? Bipartisan! Devise new algorithms to detect potential shooters? More Big Brother, please. Enact red flag laws? Just remember that courts tread slowly when they’re asked to deprive rights. Ask stalking victims how many court orders are obeyed.

Ban the AR-15? No more deadly than any other semi-automatic firearm. Already 15 million in circulation. Law prof Jonathan Turley explains.

School staff are armed

                                    Credit:Jenna Eason jaeason11@gmail.com

Which is more traumatic? 

Yes, Uvalde employed armed school resource officers who, contrary to first reports, did not deter the shooter. But that’s just one person and we don’t know (as of this writing) whether full-time at the Grades 2 through 4 elementary school. Madison schools don’t even have that, thanks to intimidation from our Woke warriors. Their mantra was that police traumatize kids of color. You think that maybe all of Uvalde TX is traumatized today? A Nation? We said 05-25-22:

Allow licensed school staff proving special competence
to carry weapons in all our schools

Glad to see that WI Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is on the same page. So is the Texas attorney general. But not Wisconsin’s AG.  Rob Kaul, good Democrat that he is, freaked out. “We can’t be turning our schools into war zones,” he said. “It’s not going to make them safer. In fact, it would make them more dangerous.”

How safe was the school in Uvalde TX? Ask the husband of one of the two slain teachers. He died of a broken heart two days later. How were those fourth-grade classrooms not a war zone? If one of those teachers had been armed, might some of the innocent deaths been averted? Even if some of the students were caught in the crossfire?

Colorado, Montana, Indiana, and Ohio, allow armed teachers if permitted by the school district. Missouri and Montana law explicitly authorize teachers or other staff to be armed. — Rand Corporation.

Do we trust our teachers or don’t we? Have their backgrounds not already been checked? Might some have had military training? Volunteers only. Registered with the school district. Training on the firing range. Indemnified. Anonymous. Could be Mr. Brown or Mrs. Wychowski, the shop teacher or the lunch lady. Their possible presence posted at every entrance and fence.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Let’s face it, sports fans: There is no magic bullet (please pardon the metaphor) to ending school shootings. But a “No Firearms” sign is an invitation to mayhem. As is Madison’s emotion-driven expulsion of school resource police officers.

Do YOU trust teachers?

Are guns and abortion political game changers for Republicans?

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Hey teacher, quit experimenting with our kids

Conservatives are only responding to the culture wars

Bill Maher is an equal opportunity offender, God bless him. The comedian/social commentator would be denied tenure at the University of Wisconsin. He’d never get elected alder in Madison WI. He’d be thrown off network TV. Actually, he was, which is why he’s on HBO now. Maher pillories progressives and conservatives, sometimes when we deserve it.

If ever an environment was target rich, it is today’s Woke progressive agenda. In this episode, Maher takes off after trans-genderism — the latest trendy crusade of the New York Times and culture warriors. Humor is his scalpel:

“If you’re a man who wants to experience life without a pair of balls, you do not have to get surgery. You can get married.” 

Werkes laugh track: 

Maher notes that the ACLU frets that the impending overturn of Roe v Wade would disproportionately affect … gay people. “Women aren’t even listed.” We note the Dane County Board followed suit.

“If we can’t admit that in certain enclaves there was some level of trendiness to the idea of being anything other than straight, then this is not a serious, science-based discussion. It’s a blow being struck in the culture wars using children as cannon fodder.”

“I understand being trans is different. It’s innate. But kids do also have phases. They’re kids, it’s all phases. The dinosaur phase, the Hello Kitty phase. One day they want to be an astronaut, the next day you can’t get them to leave their room. ‘Gender-fluid!’ Kids are fluid about everything. If kids knew what they wanted to be at age 8, then the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses.”

As a kid, Maher wanted to be a pirate. He’s glad no one took the scalpel to his foot or poked out an eye.

Maher puts WILL’s lawsuit against the Madison school district’s “No tell” policy into perspective.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The Werkes is adding Bill Maher to its Profiles in Courage roster in the sidebar at right (it’s at left for our dyslexic platinum subscribers).


Who else dare speak out?

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Sure, ‘Something must be done!’ But what?

A cliché more worthless than ‘thoughts and prayers’

Nineteen children, little innocents ages 7 to 10 — many still believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy — gunned down 05-24-22 in Uvalde, Texas. And two adults. Dammit to hell!

UPDATE: The shooter targeted a fourth grade classroom. 

The President says something must be done. We agree. But what? The right to bear arms is as much a right as the First Amendment that guarantees free speech. But crying fire in a crowded theater is not protected, nor is libel or lying on a FISA application (we think). Guns are regulated in the United States. Even in Texas. The question is to what degree.

Most of the school shooters are young

    • The Uvalde shooter bought an AR-15 style firearm on or just after his 18th birthday.
    • Earlier this May 2022, a 17-year-old killed 10 in a Houston TX area high school.
    • The shooter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas H.S. in Florida was 20 when he killed 14 students and three school staff.
    • The Sandy Hook elementary school shooter was 19 when he killed 20 first graders and 6 educators in December 2012 in Connecticut.
    • Columbine high school in April 1999 was the grandaddy of school shootings. The two shooters were aged 17 and 18.

Where and how, for that matter, did Khari Sanford — at age 18 — get the gun he used to kill Dr. Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre, execution-style? That’s never been explored but how would you prevent it? The perp had no criminal record, was not adjudged mentally ill. Hell, he even served an internship with Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway.

Wisconsin already outlaws firearms on school grounds as a Class I felony. Must be 21 year old to carry a concealed firearm. But open carry is legal at age 18. Certainly, that could be increased to age 21. But does anyone really think those laws will stop the next school shooter?

Go ahead: require fingerprints, a background check (as is required by Wisconsin for concealed carry), hours of training, a written exam, a shooting proficiency test. Restore the five-day waiting period. (The Uvalde shooter waited until he was 18.) Throw in a mental health exam. Require liability insurance. (If only we could get automobile drivers to do the same!) To date, 76 people have been killed by gunfire in Milwaukee, alone. Six of them children. Anyone think the murderers would obey more gun laws?

Red flag laws might help but they require extensive court proceedings that put the burden of proof on the petitioner.

Cowards choose soft targets

Think the shooters don’t recognize that schools represent soft targets? Where most of the occupants, being children, are defenseless. Places where guns are banned. Does America suffer a plague of shootings at police stations? Gun shows? Cabela and Bass Pro shops?

The teen years are when mental health issues seem to manifest; perhaps we can do more. But the National Association of Mental Illness says, “Less than 10% of shootings nationwide involve people with mental illness.”

UPDATE: Robb elementary school had a school resource officer on site, thanks to state funding. That official “encountered” the killer, causing him to drop a bag of ammo. UPDATE #2: CNN Reports Nobody confronted the shooter from the time he left his grandmother’s house to the time he entered the school. The shooter, [authorities] said, “walked in unobstructed, initially.”

Yes, harden school buildings against unauthorized individuals. Much of that has already been done here in Madison. Restore school resource police officers to Madison’s high schools; add them to our middle schools, even if on a part-time basis. We repeat this bold proposal (Texas already does it):

Allow licensed school staff proving special competence
to carry weapons in all our schools. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe do believe a good man with a gun is the surest protection against a bad man with a gun. That is how the shooting at Uvalde stopped — but not until those good guys arrived at the scene.

Do you have a better idea?

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Are Madison schools deceiving parents?

In the pronoun wars?

“Parents have the right to make important health care decisions on their children’s behalf.” That’s the position of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. We suspect most parents would agree but majority or not, a right is a right. Just not in Madison’s publlic schools.

Three years ago, the Madison Metropolitan School District began allowing children of any age to transition to a different gender identity without parental consent. WILL contends the school district actually instructed district employees to deceive parents. On behalf of an anonymous group of parents, WILL and the Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit: Doe v. Madison Metropolitan School DistrictThe court today will review a September 2020 partial injunction against the MMSD policy and to what extent the parents can remain anonymous.

→ Watch the oral arguments today 11 a.m. 05-24-22 on Wisconsin Eye.

The progressive pronoun police come for middle schoolers

A Wisconsin school district opened a Title IX sexual-harassment investigation against 8th graders for calling a student ‘her’ instead of ‘them.’ — Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty in the Wall Street Journal. 

According to WILL, the Madison school district in April 2018 issued a document titled “Guidance and policies to support transgender, non-binary & gender-expansive students.” It provides that:

  • Children of any age can transition to a different gender identity at school, by changing their name and pronouns, without parental notice or consent.
  • District employees are prohibited from notifying parents, without the child’s consent, that their child has or wants to change gender identity at school, or that their child may be dealing with gender dysphoria.
  • District employees are even instructed to deceive parents by using the child’s legal name and pronouns with family, while using the different name and pronouns adopted by the child in the school setting.

WILL’s Bottom Line“Transitioning to a different gender identity is a significant psycho-therapeutic intervention that requires parental notice or consent. Public school districts like Madison do not have the right to make those decisions for parents.”

Did you trust YOUR parents? 

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WI Republicans move on from Trump

Losing the stolen election lost cause!

In a previous thrilling episode of your favorite blogge, the Werkes predicted that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos would be greeted by a raucous round of booing from delegates at the Wisconsin Republican convention.

Yet, his on-stage panel discussion last weekend was greeted by the 1,450 delegates with nary a discouraging word that we could hear from our vantage point at the Marriott convention center in Middleton. Until, that is, the Speaker volunteered, unbidden, that he “was going to say what some of you don’t want to hear: The legislature has no ability to decertify an election.”

Indeed, delegates rejected resolutions calling for the decertification of the 2020 election results and removing Vos (R-Rochester) as Assembly speaker.  (More here.)

A salutary exercise in political courage! The boo birds were loud, but few in number. We note that only 5.1% of delegates endorsed Timothy Ramthun, the most MAGA of the party’s five governor candidates. We did hear “election integrity.” But that amounts to cleaning up practices slipped in under the cover of the Covid pandemic.

Party resolutions demanded an end to ballot harvesting, slipped into the process under cover of the Covid pandemic. Less defensibly, delegates also demanded dissolution of the Elections Commission, which Republican legislators created. Delegates want “Zuckerbucks” prohibited. Those are private donations to fund government election machinery. Does Madison really want its elections sponsored by, say, Elon Musk?

We note Republicans Tuesday 05-23-2022 are about to renominate Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia despite his refusal to throw the election to Trump and the Sore Loser’s spiteful endorsement of his opponent (more here). You may recall that Trump’s endorsement helped David Perdue lose re-election to the U.S. Senate two years ago.

A touching moment when the WI convention honored our friend Nancy Bartlett — Mrs. Dane County Republican — with its very top award. Nancy left us 05-07-2022. Second District chairman Kim Babler presented the Terry Kohler Award to her husband Richard, of Verona — a kind and wonderful man in his own right.

Congrats also to Dane County party chairman Scott Grabins as one of only eight winners of the Bovay Award. Somehow, Scott manages to lead this fractious herd of cats. 

WisPolitics reports results of its straw presidential poll taken at the GOP state convention:

Ron DeSantis 38%
Donald Trump 32%
Nikki Haley 7%

The other 21 names listed weren’t even in the same room.

There was one vote for Liz Cheney. No, it wasn’t Blaska

Joe McCarthy would be proud

Ordinarily, we would say Sen. Ron Johnson spent too much of his address Saturday morning 05-21-22 bemoaning his bad press — except that he is entirely justified in doing so. Take the Sunday WI State Journal editorial. (Please!) It calls on the Senator to renounce replacement conspiracy theory — thereby dishonestly trying to connect RoJo to the slaughter in Buffalo!

The newspaper’s evidence? “Johnson falsely claims President Joe Biden ‘wants complete open borders.’ and that Johnson said he believes Democrats want to change the makeup of the electorate.” That’s a far cry from encouraging mass murder! The facts: neither Joe Biden nor his vice president have ever so much as visited the border. That illegal immigration has more than doubled under Biden. That many Democrats do, indeed, want to grant the vote to illegal immigrants. (As confirmed here.)

Yes, America needs more workers. Legally. How about recognizing RoJo for the Joseph Project to bring troubled minorities to the workforce?

Watch Ron Johnson’s speech (starts at the 36:00 mark)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: As for the Trump memorabilia table in the hallway of the convention center — the Maytag repairman did more business.

When will the WI State Journal renounce illegal immigration?

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