Down with Equity!

When do we want it? Never!

The gray lab coats here at the Werkes have isolated a contagion infecting the bloodstream of a once-healthy body politic. This toxin is called “Equity.

Call 911 if you find Equity in your neighborhood. Lock your doors, seal your windows, for the corrosive effects of Equity is rotting the foundations of a free society. Fight Equity with all your might! Seek medical attention if you come down with the symptoms of Equity. Left untreated, it is fatal to the body politic. It is the bedrock principle of modern progressivism. (See “The Grinch that stole Equity.”)

No, we did NOT write “Equality.” We said “Equity.” (Pay attention, people!) Equity is the boss buzz word in enlightened sectors like Madison WI. Charles Lipson, emeritus professor at the University of Chicago, explicates:

It’s the difference between equal treatment and equal outcomes. Equality means equal treatment, unbiased competition and impartially judged outcomes.

Equity means equal outcomes, achieved if necessary by unequal treatment, biased competition and preferential judging.

His essay in the Wall Street Journal is headlined: “‘Equity’ is a mandate to discriminate.”

Leave no stone un-moved

  • It is why discrimination against races is evil, unless the discrimination targets the right villains, like over-achieving Asians.
  • Justice is blind unless, silly rabbit, this group or that commits crime disproportionately — in which case, change the rules, not the behaviorr. Voila! Equity!
  • Equity means this group or that can’t be expected to (for example) prove their identity at the polling place because (although it is never stated) they believed too stupid.
  • Equity means level the playing field — which is always leveled down, never up. No more college placement tests! 
  • A citizen committee created to second-guess police is only equitable when a majority are mandated to be the right color — or claim to be.
  • Equity is removing a 70-ton boulder that a glacier dumped millennia ago on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Why? because someone in 1920 referred to it by a bad name.
  • Equity is not triggering Matthew Braunginn’s hyper-sensitive social justice fuse. (“Apologize, White Liberal!“)
  • Equity is why much of downtown Madison remains boarded up today (03-05-21); because the victims of last summer’s riots and looting were the wrong minorities. Just ask Ald.Rebecca Kemble.

Professor Potato Head

“Those who push for equity have hidden these crucial differences for a reason,” Professor Lipson writes. “They aren’t merely unpopular; they challenge America’s bedrock principle that people should be treated equally and judged as individuals, not as members of groups.”

The demand for equal outcomes contradicts a millennium of Anglo-Saxon law and political evolution. It undermines the Enlightenment principle of equal treatment for individuals of different social rank and religion. America’s Founders drew on those roots when they declared independence, saying it was “self-evident” that “all men are created equal.” …

The Bottom Line goes to Professor Lipson: “Instead of making their case openly and honestly, advocates of equity twist and turn to avoid revealing their radical goal of re-engineering society through coercion. If the results fall short, as they inevitably [do], the remedy is obvious: more money, more rules and more indoctrination.”

Have YOU been re-educated?

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Your dumb Democrats at work

I can handle things! I’m smart — not like everyone says —
not dumb! I’m smart and I want respect! — Joe Biden

Stately Blaska Manor has reopened after pulling up its drawbridge due to internet chatter of possible terrorist action by Trump supporters disguised as Brandi Grayson campaign workers. 

Our credo at the Policy Werkes (located in a spare bedroom) is that Republicans would be their own worst enemy if we don’t permit Democrats to have the honor. 

Case in point #1: WI State Sen. Janet Bewley, a Democrat, called voters “dumb” for not voting to increase their taxes. (Actual Quote: “Perhaps that means that they’re not smart.”)  A reaction to Gov. Tony Evers’ not-smart proposal to let municipalities tack on another 5% sales tax. Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz has become a must-read:

Calling their opponents dumb is a long and senseless Democratic tradition. Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Tommy Thompson, and Scott Walker were all dumb as a brick according to Democrats. Combined, that’s 38 years of dumb guys leading the state and the nation. ….

Liberal Democrats have long had a problem with condescension. If you don’t agree with them, well, you’re just not understanding your own best interests. You really should just leave decisions about your life to those smart people in the Democratic Party.”

Janet Bewley, D-WI

Case #2: Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats voted last night 03-03-21 in favor of Squad Member Ayanna Pressley’s bill to lower the voting age to sweet 16 (125 to 93, including Mark Pocan, D-Dane County). Fortunately, Republicans sent it down to defeat 302-125.

Case #3: Soft on Crime! Pelosi’s Place voted 220-212 in favor of the so-called “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.” It would eviscerate qualified immunity for law enforcement, making it easier for prosecutors with months of hindsight to convict police with seconds to react. The wide-ranging legislation would also  mandate data collection on police encounters, prohibit racial and religious profiling, and redirect funding to community-based policing programs like Freedom Inc. and Urban Triage.

Case #4: Buyer’s remorse. Los Angeles elected one of those Soft on Crime guys. Now they’re trying to recall district attorney George Gascón. Black and majority-Latino precincts, which Gascón won by margins of 16 and 10 percentage points … have borne the brunt of the city’s spikes in shootings (40%) and homicides (25%). Blacks and Latinos constituted 85% of 2020 homicide victims. Recent polling suggests that Democrats are most likely to throw their support behind candidates “with conservative views on crime, policing, and public safety.” (More here.)

Case #5 Election chicanery: U.S. House Democrats by 220-210 (Pocan again) enshrined the chaos of the 2020 election into law (which, optimistically, will be deep-sixed by the U.S. Senate). (More here.) Democrats would nationalize elections with:

  • Mail-in voting for all voters in all states, no question asked.
  • 15 days of early voting.
  • Online voter registration up to and including on election day.
  • Third-party ballot harvesting.
  • Taxpayer campaign financing.
  • No voter ID.
  • No updating voter lists.
  • No signature matching for mail-in ballots.

Case #6: Village of the Damned: “Woke excess causes minority voters to flee the Democrat(ic) party. The cultural views of elite white liberals are not popular with many minorities.” — Reason magazine.

Case #7: The sell-by date.

•  “Trump didn’t lose because voters wanted higher taxes, more regulation or open borders. He lost because he drove away millions of voters who approve of his policies but did not approve of him.” — conservative columnist Mark Thiessen.

•   Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Trump’s insistence that he is the personification of Trumpism maybe an impediment to achieving Trumpism’s goals.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We can continue to play Pelosi’s game and make Trump the issue or we can move forward and make Nancy, the Squad, and Mark Pocan the issue.

Your choice?


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Madison teachers go to the mattresses

‘We need to stop this’

Teachers to protest Madison school return plan. A growing group of teachers and staff in the Madison Metropolitan School District are organizing a “teach out”, to stand up against MMSD’s plan to phase back to in-person learning at some schools this month.

Third-party report finds MMSD COVID-19 mitigation measures ‘meet or exceed’ recommendations. Read & weep.

65% of Madison School District kindergartners plan to return for in-person learning. Story here.


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Brandi Grayson goes Native (American)

Makes ‘F Troop’ look like a Rick Burns documentary

The received progressive wisdom (pardon the contradiction) is that racial minorities can’t be racists because they are not in a position of power. Except that, more and more, they ARE in power (Read Vernon Jordan’s obituary. Barack Obama, anyone?). As for the first assertion, we present for your consideration: Brandi Grayson.

Grayson is what the publication Madison365 chastely describes as a “longtime community activist and leader.” The lady first made her mark by shutting down Madison streets during rush hour to (somehow) prove her contention that Madison law enforcement is institutionally racist. (SNARK ALERT: What isn’t?) Yet, she was never arrested for her urban terrorism, disproving her theory. If you thought race could not be more trivialized, read on!

Princess Summerfallwinterspring

We had a little-boy crush on Howdy Doody’s Princess Summerfallwinterspring before we realized how politically incorrect we were. Actual Mongolia postage stamp, 1999.

Grayson is running for alder against Common Council President Sheri Carter, who is also Black — but not angry enough. Ald. Carter is not a Black supremacist. Brandi Grayson is.

And a real kook! QAnon has nothing on this bully with a bullhorn.

Q. Who are America’s indigenous people? Who are the western hemisphere’s Native Americans? 

A. Black folk, according to Brandi Grayson. For serious!

Q. Who built the mounds of Cahokia east of present-day St. Louis?

A. Grayson misinforms: “It was Blk natives.”

‘Black people are the original inhabitants of the land known as America.’ — Brandi Grayson, candidate for Madison Common Council, District 14.

They came here 50,000 to 100,000 years ago, Grayson says, not in 1619! 

We get this from Madison365, which reports the race beat more closely than Hoard’s Dairyman covers lactation. The publication reports that when her erasure of Native American history drew objections, Grayson made a Facebook Live video expressing the problematic nature of white “allies” policing the speech of Black and Brown people. (That video has been scrubbed, apparently, or we would present it to you.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In other words, if you’re White, you’re not right. Madison progs are frequent passengers on the guilt trip, which is why they grovel in the gravel when lectured by People of Color. Just ask Denise DeMarb. (“Apologize, White liberal!“) Or Dr. Seuss.

How crazy does one need be to get elected in Madison WI?

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The Grinch that stole Equity

Do you like cancel culture?

I do not like them, Sam you am.
I do not like cancel culture.

Would you like them here or there?

I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere, Samantha you are. — The Dr. Seuss chronicles.

Sam I amThe crablike gnomes at the Werkes are clacking their pincers in approval of Epic Systems Corp’s refusal to allow the search for Equity — surely the equivalent of Spin & Marty’s Snipe Hunts — to interfere with business. 

The Verona WI-based electronic health-records behemoth told employees to stop holding discussion groups relating to diversity, equity and inclusion during company time; stop hosting what employees called a popular training session on identifying white privilege; and removed an employee from equity-related projects after the company said it detracted from her assigned duties.

That is (how shall we say it?) EPIC! Ya think if Epic wanted to succeed in its hyper-competitive marketplace it might hire and reward on the basis of (pardon the expression) ability and accomplishment instead of identity politics? Maybe?

Socialism comes to the schools

East side parents are seeking Equity, that magic elixir. Do not allow bake sales to benefit West High’s pottery classes without sharing the spoils with East high school. So much for individual initiative. The great leveling always levels down, not up. 

The diminishing power of MeToo

Notice how sexual harassment claims are now doubted and diminished when they are lodged against Democrats. Even though: “It seems obvious enough that Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York did what his former aide Charlotte Bennett said he did. Bennett, 25, told The New York Times that, among other things, Cuomo asked her if she ever had sex with older men, complained about being lonely and wanting a hug, and said he would date someone in her 20s.”

Michele Goldberg of the New York Times answers: No Biggie. Libs are sorry they defenestrated Al Franken. Maybe we went too far, after all. She does not mention the ridiculous smearing of Brett Kavanaugh as a serial rapist. Or apologize.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Epic located in Verona WI, not Madison, for a reason. (Although most of its employees live in the Emerald City.) You want to write software and cure disease or do you want to guilt-trip America? Your choice.

What does Equity mean to YOU?

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The shot heard round the Werkes

Got my sticker, got my card. Where’s my chip?

Springtime for Blaska

winter for COVID and shutdowns!

The indentured servants received their Fauci ouchie on February 17 at SSM headquarters off Madison’s Beltline. Went smooth as a baby’s bottom. No big lines, no waiting. Didn’t even feel it and your genial host is a big hypodermic-syringe baby. 

We’re old enough to remember doctors’ house calls. Dr. Behrend came out to our farm in rural Sun Prairie with his black leather doctor’s bag. To a 5-year-old, that needle looked big enough to darn socks. Doc yielded to the little coward’s shrieks and announced that his young patient was allergic to penicillin and administered a pill. To this day, Blaska’s medical charts read “Allergies: penicillin.”

We got the Moderna version, mint chocolate flavor. Due for the booster on March 17, St. Paddy’s Day. Green beer chaser. Even after one dose, the Pfizer vaccine is 85% effective (as opposed to 95% after two) and Moderna is 80% effective (as opposed to 94% after two). (Source here.)

So far, so good, although the head groundskeeper hereabouts still can’t play the piano. 

We are among the 16.4% of Wisconsin receiving the coronavirus vaccine (slightly better than the nation’s 15%) — half of which have had both doses.

Weird science

Viruses, New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer writes, “are deeply weird.” 

The coronavirus is so tiny that 10 trillion of them weigh less than a single raindrop. They are, best as we can understand, scraps of genetic information that invade cells and change their nature. Speaking of trillions, that’s how many viruses exist. They can invade plants, animals, even bacteria. When they do the latter they are called phages. 

“In the ocean, phages invade microbe hosts 100 billion trillion times a second. They killed to 40% of bacteria in the world’s oceans every day. Out of those shredded bacteria spill billions of tons of carbon for other marine creatures to feast on. — “Secret life of a coronavirus.”

In the human gut live 21,000 species of phages, Mr. Zimmer reports. Seems no limit to the infinitely small and the immeasurably huge. That mankind can engineer these things is mind-blowing.

Life is returning to normal

Today we have three kinds of dope going into arms — only one year after this nonsense began. They said it couldn’t be done. (You know who “they” are!) The seven-day rolling average of confirmed new COVID-19 cases dropped some 70% in the last six weeks.

The United States is vaccinating 1.8 million arms a day, now. We have inoculated 50.7 million people against COVID-19. Predictions are for 130 million by the end of this month (March 2021). Those vaccines are 95% effective at preventing symptomatic illness, and close to 100% against hospitalization and/or death.

Add to that the natural immunity acquired by 20 million recovered victims and we’re getting damned close to herd immunity. Says NY Times columnist Ross Douthat:

I am not vested with Biden’s authority or Fauci’s expertise, but I can read trend lines and vaccine studies, and at this moment both their takes look way too pessimistic. …  a combination of infections and vaccinations could deliver us into the herd-immunity range by July.

We’re having breakfast with old friends this week in person instead of via Zoom. But on-line will remain a greater part of our life, it says here. We’re going to continue meeting via Zoom every other week with friends who live farther out — even in other states. Would not surprise us if government and business continue some of their meetings virtually. Going forward, how many of us will agree to sit packed in small spaces with other potential disease carriers?

Blaska’s Bottom LineLet’s hear no more whining about “Big Pharma” from the likes of Elizabeth Warren. Let’s give some credit to Trump/Pence’s Warp Speed. And let’s enjoy life.

Can you see Spring from where you are standing?

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