Who is the racist now?

Quiz time on this beautiful summer day to start the Memorial Day weekend.

Who is the racist?

rachel-dolezalIs it Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who posed as black and even scored a post as an NAACP official — to the wonderment of her red-haired parents? We thought she had enjoyed her 15 minutes of shame but now this poster child for identity politics has been charged with criminal welfare fraud.

Dolezal legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016. Now she (gender legally not changed, apparently) is accused of stealing $8,847 in food and child care assistance dating back to August 2015. More here.

Ms. Whatever her name, race or serial number said she “identifies” as black, which is as good a reason as any to discontinue any and all designations of race on all official and unofficial forms. Meaningless at best, harmful more likely.

Trump signOr is our racist of the day Mr. Donald Trump? The liberal illuminati assure us the President is a secret Klansman with bespoke white sheets and monogrammed hoods.

Thursday 05-24-18, Trump pardons the first black heavyweight boxing champ, Jack Johnson, convicted by an all-white jury in the Jim Crow era (1913) for transporting a (white) woman across state lines for “immoral purposes.” Here is the line in today’s Wall Street Journal report that struck me:

Congress had moved previously to pardon but that no president had ever signed it, and [Trump] was eager to do so.

Not Barack Obama in eight years? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Killer quote of the day: “The president credited Sylvester Stallone for bringing the Johnson pardon to his attention. Members of Congress including John McCain have been pushing for the move for years and lobbied then-President Barack Obama when he was in office.” Attending the ceremony in addition to Rocky I through VIII were Jack Johnson’s descendants and two recent boxing champions, Lennox Lewis and Deontay Wilder.

It’s a chess match, not a drag race

KimJong-unGreat minds think alike but Ann of Althouse beat us to it. Morning headlines read that the Trump/Lil’ Kim parlay is off. Ann notes that “Trump’s antagonists are enjoying themselves over the break in the momentum toward a North Korean deal.” Her blog reproduces a spate of gleeful Washington Post headlines depicting the cessation of negotiations. The New York Times is no better. Get a load of this hyperbole:

• “Trump’s Relationship with North Korea Just Got More Dangerous”
• “How Trump Got Outplayed on North Korea”
• Think Military Strikes Could Stop North Korea? Try It and See
• “The Off-Again Meeting with North Korea,” by The Editorial Board. “President Trump now needs to corral his renegade advisers and resist the name-calling to get diplomacy back on track.” If you say so, liberals. But probably not.

This is Trump Derangement Syndrome in its hospice phase. Ann observes:

The process isn’t over, and I assume it’s a deal-making dance in which breaks like this a part of the process. Isn’t that what Trump wrote in The Art of the Deal and has talked about innumerable times? Trump haters shouldn’t exult over his failure until they see how this ends. And maybe even then, they shouldn’t exult. Don’t we all want a better, safer world? Or is seeing Trump fail better?

Probably the latter, according to the Eisenhower-era mainframe here at the Werkes. The Resistance, which includes the Times and the Post, have too much invested in overthrowing the President. But we thought the same thing, Ann: Lil’ Kim moved his bishop a while back and now Trump has moved his knight. International negotiations don’t start at the table! They start with the size, shape and location of the table! History, people! Indeed, this morning the Wall Street Journal advises:

“Trump, Shifting Tone, Tweets Hopefully about North Korea.
Tweet marks another reversal in tenor of rhetoric as two countries move
toward possible nuclear summit.”

Speaking of the Trump-deranged news media, how is it that they give a pass to prosecutors? Why is it impossible that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign, as Trump insists? Wisconsin knows how rogue prosecutors operating in secret can abuse civil liberties. Rousting private citizens in pre-dawn raids on their homes for the supposed crime of “colluding” with their elected government officials in furtherance of their shared political beliefs. That is a crime?

Turns out that LBJ (why are we not surprised?) sicced the CIA and the FBI on Barry Goldwater in the 1964 campaign, with spies and wiretaps, according to the Wall Street Journal.

rubenmamouliancleanBlaska’s Bottom LineThe indentured servants here at the Manor identify as Bokonoists, the unlettered field hands as Ruritanians, and the white lab coats at the Policy Werkes are ENIACs, version 1.2.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember the fallen who preserved our freedoms.

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On Starbucks and Meadowood Library

The Stately Manor is open to customers only

A few years back, drunken bums set up housekeeping at a Brittingham Park shelter. Comfy on sofas discarded on curbside, they blasted tunes on boom boxes as they got their jones on by mid-day. Homeless advocates celebrated the squalid squatters as if they were integrating the neighborhood. Of course, said advocates did not live in the neighborhood. Unenlightened souls who disagreed were castigated for their intolerance and lack of social consciousness.

Finally, the city parks director made a cogent observation. There was something wrong when mothers no longer pushed baby strollers through the park. Brittingham Park got cleaned up. 

Later, the same miserables camped out at the entrance to the City-County Building, pooped in the hallways, and fought for primacy on the generous benches inside. Took local government forever to clear them out. If memory serves, the benches were removed before the homeless and their piles of junk.

Try to rest your weary dogs at the CCB today. That public space has been permanently degraded. Not a bench in sight.

This recent history came to mind after a fight between two boys broke out Tuesday 05-22-18 at the Meadowood Public Library in Ald. Matt Phair’s district. Fighting in a library? Got to admit, that’s a new one. (No fighting in the war room.) Police responded after the fisticuffs moved to the strip mall parking lot outside. Perhaps the library was not posted against fighting.

I prefer to think these young ruffians, ages 12 and 13, were debating Nietzsche’s view that the death of God caused the absurdity of life versus Kierkegaard’s opinion that one must make a leap of faith in God to find meaning and properly balance us as human beings and things just got out of hand. In any event, the combatants were taken to juvie. No doubt some stern restorative justice awaits!

No shirt, no shoes … no offense! Just kidding!

We should, one supposes, be grateful that the lads were in the library at all and not at some drug house. But Tuesday’s disruption was not all that isolated nor, does it appear to this observer, that “library voices” and behavior are enforced.

How many fewer mothers with strollers will curl up with a book at this library in future? Tuesday’s small degradation of that public space expressed itself on the national level at that Starbucks coffee shop in Philadelphia last month when two black men — not exactly customers — were forcibly removed after refusing to leave. They said they were waiting for Godot.

Starbucks shut down the entire chain for re-education camp even though its barristas do not strike one as Bubba and Billy Ray. New policy: bathrooms are open for all!

Then the customers rebelled. The hipsters who congregate at coffee shops were not keen on sharing with their laptops and latte with the street people and drug users.

Earlier this week, Starbucks revised its Open for All policy. Talking too loudly, playing loud music, watching porn on the mobile device, using and selling drugs. In other words, no disruptive behavior. Seems reasonable — until the next social justice warrior pulls out his/her smartphone camera.

Blaska’s Bottom LineFor some time now, Downtown Madison establishments have been finding junkies passed out in the bathrooms. Some of those places even have signs advising “Restrooms For Customers Only.” Who knew they were practicing Jim Crow?

• Daniel Henninger in the Wall St. Journal on Starbucks’ Homeless problem.

• Mixed reactions to Starbucks policy in Los Angeles.

Platinum subscriber bonus effluvium: Re: the NFL kneeling ban; these guys are on the job at the workplace. Insulting their customers is not good business. 

Congratulations to Mark Hanson who retires June 15 as Madison city assessor. A good guy and a great leader.

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Brave cops stepped up to the plate at Texas school shooting

Puts crimp in Madison’s ‘Cops Out of Our Schools’ movement

51qqgbyu13l-_ac_us218_Police advocates last week presented each of 20 alders and Mayor Soglin with copies of Heather Mac Donald’s book, War on Cops. The gift is intended as a corrective to the Blame the Police movement that has taken city government hostage for the last three years.

It is somewhat surprising, therefore, that only two alders refused their copies. They would be Ledell Zellers and Matt Phair. Do not confuse them with facts, their minds are made up.

Even more surprising and certainly very welcome is the reaction of Ald. Denise DeMarb, District 16. She actually thanked the donors for her copy:

Denise DeMarb

Ald. DeMarb

“I appreciate the exchange of ideas and opportunities to understand other perspectives. In the spirit of an open exchange of idas I am sending along The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein. …. Our exchange of ideas an information is vital to continuing our efforts to improve our community. I encourage you to read this book and share your thoughts on it with others.”

Over at her website, Paula Fitzsimmons reacts:

I’m hoping that this can be the start of productive dialog. … This beats the response I received from Alders Phair (who’s also a teacher and should, I think, be open to new ideas) and Zellers, both of whom refused the books. How much more blatant can they have been? By doing this, they have shut down the possibility of communication. This, to me, is not appropriate behavior from elected officials.

Texas school shooting differs from Parkland, Florida

For one thing, no David Hogg.

After the school shootings in a suburb of Houston, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hugged parishioners as they arrived at a local church. Among them was Monica Bracknell, an 18-year-old senior who survived the shooting.  According to the New York Times, she stopped to tell the governor that the attack should not be turned into a political battle over gun control. 

“That kid was 17. He’s not able to buy a gun anyway. It’s not like a gun-law issue. This kid is obviously mentally unstable and he knew that there were flaws in the school system to get into the rooms.”

The shooter did not use a “military-style assault rifle.” More significantly, the two school resource officers (EROs) responded quickly and effectively, again, unlike Parkland, Florida.

Steven McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Friday that two “brave officers” from the school district “stepped up to the plate” and engaged the shooter, according to USA Today.  One of them, police officer John Barnes, was the first to confront the shooter. He remains in critical condition and in intensive care. 

Back in the Emerald City

No Cops in SchoolsPretty much demolishes the “Cops Out of Our Schools” argument here. The Madison school board committee that has been considering expelling EROs from school is strangely quiescent. Its chairman, Dean Loumos, had said the committee would will hold four listening sessions for public comment in April to respond to its final recommendations. April has come and gone and May is expiring and no public hearings? Nor do we see any future meetings scheduled.

Did former cop Gloria Reyes’ April 3 defeat of Anna Moffit, a proponent of getting EROs out of the schools, send a message? (Some background here.)

Coming full circle, the Madison Common Council’s police policy & procedure ad hoc review committee meets 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at the Madison Water Utility 119 E Olin Ave. It is still considering an independent police monitor, although illegal under Wisconsin law, and a police citizens’ advisory board. (The agenda here.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The police ad hoc group has been having trouble reaching a quorum, which is a good sign. Instead, how about an audit of all those deferred prosecution programs. Are they working?


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Socialism is on a winning streak!

The people living under it, not so much

The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.
— Margaret Thatcher.

Socialist electricityOver the weekend, Nicolás Maduro was reinstalled as the Cuban-style socialist president of Venezuela, a resource-rich country rapidly sliding into a hunter-gatherer  economy. Not that the election was free or fair, either. It was run on the Cuban model.

Which makes the headline in Friday’s The Nation magazine both prophetic and chillingly ironic. “Socialism Is on a Winning Streak,” declares socialist provocateur John Nichols. Comrade Nichols celebrates the primary election victories of a couple candidates for state legislature in Pittsburgh, PA. 

“We’re turning the state the right shade of red tonight,” declares the Pittsburgh chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. Heh heh.

Crime, indolence, drug abuse, truancy are not the issues in Steel City. It’s da system! “Capitalism works on the back of my community and communities of color and poor communities across this country,” one of the socialists says. Continue reading

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Traumatized by Trump, the Left says it’s time to fight dirty

The U.S. Constitution is fueling a fiery hellscape?

Democrats have their playbook. It is titled “It’s Time to Fight Dirty.” For real!

Fight DirtyWritten by an associate professor of poly sci at Roosevelt University (located in greater Chicago and “committed to social justice”), It’s Time to Fight Dirty argues, in the words of a reviewer, that “Democrats should immediately use every lever they have to gum up the works in Washington to ensure they win full control of government in 2020.

Yeah, that should do it. Sean Hannity could not have conjured a more damning indictment of the liberal-progressive-socialist enterprise. And we thought Kathy Griffin was paranoid!

Fight Dirty promises to claim pride of place on every social justice warrior’s faculty book shelf next to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Das Kapital. Continue reading

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Scott Walker, time to take over Milwaukee public schools

Send in the National Guard; Milwaukee schools are a disaster

Unemploy 2.8%The unemployment number for the month of April is out and it is an astoundingly low, can-you-believe it 2.8%. This is in territory called “full employment,” people. 

Democrats are no longer taunting “Where are the jobs?” Instead, they are reduced to trotting out the occasional statistic favoring Minnesota. They won’t tell you that both houses of that state’s legislature are Republican.

Even so, Republicans we know insist that Scott Walker cannot rest on his laurels. Elections are about “what are you going to do for me tomorrow?” more than “what did you do for me yesterday?” Continue reading

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