Mr. President! Mr. President, over here! Mike McCarthy a goner?

You want due process? I got some due process for you!


The You Tube-accredited lawyers here at Blaska Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) despair of new “rights” created out of various penumbras. 

A judge this morning ordered the President to restore the White House “hard pass” press credential of CNN  bad boy Jim Acosta. On what grounds? According to Breitbart:

CNN Justice Department correspondent Jessica Schneider reports the judge said the White House did not provide Acosta “due process” in revoking the pass.

The CNN lawsuit called the revocation “an unabashed attempt to censor the press and exclude reporters from the White House who challenge and dispute the President’s point of view.”

Justice Department lawyer James Burnham argued that Acosta was guilty of “inappropriate grandstanding” and deserved to lose his access over “his refusal to comply with the general standards of a press conference.” Burnham said that the White House is essentially President Trump’s home and office and that he has some right to decide who can and can’t be there. “There’s no First Amendment right to access the White House grounds,” Burnham said. Further, Burnham also pointed out that CNN has dozens of other staffers with White House credentials, so excluding Acosta would not harm the network’s coverage.

What’s next? A judge will order Trump to call on Acosta at the next press conference? The judiciary will order the chief executive to answer his questions? In full and in complete sentences?

CNN had something like 50 accreditations to the White House. Further, Jim Acosta’s First Amendment rights have not been denied. He remained free to spout whatever nonsense he wanted. If Jim Acosta has a constitutional or property right to a hard pass to the White House, so does our team of crack reporters and opinion bullshitters here at Blaska Policy Werkes. We want in!

Quit wasting Aaron Rodgers

Is Mike McCarthy about to be fired? Fourth and 2 on your own 33 yard line? Normally, you punt. But with under 4 ½ minutes in the game and down 3 points, you gotta go for it. And for Gawd’s sakes, run Aaron Jones!

Growing sense McCarthy to be fired

People ready to see McCarthy fired

Packers can’t keep letting McCarthy waste Aaron Rodgers

McCarthy should be fired

Growing sense Packers will replace McCarthy.


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Would even more gun laws help?

Clearing off the roll-top desk here at the Policy Werkes

Bartleby_scrivener_2“California may have the toughest gun control laws in the nation,” The New York Times reports. “But that did not prevent the latest mass killing — a shooting on Wednesday that left 12 people dead at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks.”

California already:

  • Bans so-called assault weapons;
  • Outlaws expanded magazines for guns;
  • Requires background checks to buy ammunition;
  • Allows police and family to get restraining orders to seize guns from troubled people. 

Maybe more laws would help. States are the laboratories of democracy. Let’s see how it works out.

Who wants to be a cop any more? Safe neighborhoods advocate Paula Fitzsimmons says Madison Police applicant pool is at record low. 

Factors like an improved economy aside, the War on Cops is working and has taken its toll. It’s one thing to knowingly put yourself in harm’s way, increase your risk for conditions like PTSD & cardiovascular disease, and statistically speaking, experience a lowered life expectancy.

I see All-White people! — The erase all history curse is migrating from Madison to my old stomping grounds in Sun Prairie. Some residents have already begun griping that the historical society is planning a Civil War re-enactment next July 26, 27, 28. 

Worse, “It’s being planned by All-white people.”

Will free speech be allowed? Ben Shapiro is coming to UW-Milwaukee 7 p.m. Monday, November 12. The mob tried to shut him down a couple years ago here at UW-Madison. More info here.

Madison Police Department: Why hasn’t the ring leader been arrested for shutting down the October 29 budget meeting of the Madison Board of Education? You’ve got four complainants, citizens of good standing. Bianca Gomez works at Freedom Inc. on Park Street. Should be easy to find. Serve the summons!

So they ARE illegals?


Illegal Americans, but still …

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Update on the wilding at West Towne Mall, city buses

‘Many shoppers clapped their hands’

Arrested: Seven kids ages 12, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, and 15! Gang members!

More true stories from the school to prison pipeline


Cover me, I’m going to the mall.

Gender-neutral violence, straight and unexpurgated from the Madison Police report:

Incident Type: Battery

Incident Date: 11/10/2018 – 6:40 PM

Address: West Towne Mall


Male, age 13, Madison


Male, age 12, Madison
Male, age 13, Madison
Male, age 13, Madison
Male, age 13, Madison
Male, age 13, Madison
Female, age 15, Madison
Female, age 13, Madison
All arrested for disorderly conduct. Some also were tentatively charged with battery.


Male, age 28, Madison
Female, age 32, Madison


Many shoppers clapped their hands and praised police as multiple officers were sent into West Towne Mall Saturday afternoon to successfully stop an attack on a Madison couple.

Earlier, suspects had harassed victims on a Madison Metro bus. One teen threw candy at the male victim and later dumped a slushy drink on the couple. In the chaos of the moment, the male victim realized his brand new cell phone was missing.

The couple pursued the suspects into West Towne Mall with hopes of getting it returned. Instead, several teens encircled the male victim. As police arrived, the suspects were in boxer stances, jumping around in the middle of the mall throwing punches as the victim rope-a-doped and tried to protect himself from injury.

A teenage girl also slapped and punched the man’s girlfriend.

The young people all ran as police arrived, but officers were able to corral all but one. Several teens are well known to the MPD and are members of a gang. Much of the violence was captured on surveillance video.

Now THERE is some must-watch TV!  (An update of “Still want to take Madison Metro bus?
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WW1 — They were also the Greatest Generation

Poland says thank you

Emmanuel Schuster

Emmanuel Schuster, son of Frank Sr., served in US Navy during WW1

Great-uncle Charles Schuster (brother of my grandmother Rose Schuster Blaska) and his cousins Frank Jr. and Emmanuel served in World War 1 so, for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, we picture them here. Somewhere, the Stately Manor’s Research Library has a letter from Charles Schuster but cannot find.

If you’re driving WI Hwy 19 from Sun Prairie to Marshall, look to the left and you’ll see a barn with a cow mural painted by Charles Schuster’s grand-daughter. That’s their farm still today.


Charles Schuster, brother of my grandmother, served in France in WW1

Did watch C-Span3 Sunday instead of most of the Packer football game to catch up. A segment on the small French town where Teddy Roosevelt’s youngest son Quentin crashed his biplane. The family put up a fountain there in his memory. (Teddy Junior would die shortly after D-Day.) The beautiful but somber Meuse-Argonne U.S. military cemetery 14,246 Americans are buried — only a third of Americans killed in that war. The aerial view of that cemetery, arranged in quadrants separated by rows of poplar trees, is breath-taking. (That video here.)

A segment on the real-life exploits of Sgt. Alvin York. A good panel discussion by two historians with nice stills. Another on silent (of course) film footage compiled by the U.S. Army in 1918. Continue reading

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Dems blame poor legislative showing on those damn maps

Here there be dragons!

After last week’s election, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are pouting. They finally unseated that Republican golem, Scott Walker, but still lost the state legislature to Republicans. Got to be cheating! What else would explain the imbalance except that ol’ devil Gerry Mander?

How can Democrats sweep the statewide offices but lose 63 of the 99 state Assembly districts? 

“Mostly the Republicans’ big advantage in the Legislature is the result of cheating,” the Wisconsin State Journal whines. They wuz robbed!


Let’s take a deep breath and crunch a few numbers. Yes, Republicans retained control of the State Assembly, where all 99 members were on the ballot (unlike the upper house).

In the first place, Tony Evers won Wisconsin’s governorship by a hair’s breadth — less than 31,000 votes or 1.1 percentage points. Not a lot of coattail. Continue reading

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Still want to take the Madison Metro bus?

Only if you want a drink poured over your head and your smart phone stolen! Not good for business.

Kids these days! Time to blame the police again?

6:41 p.m. Saturday 11-10-18 — An officer working at West Towne Mall asked for additional officers for a fight in the food court. One complainant advised that 20 people were fighting. A 28-year-old WM and a 32-year-old WF were on a Metro bus when they were harassed by a group of juveniles.  One of the juveniles poured a slush beverage on the female victim’s head. 

The bus stopped at West Towne Mall and the driver ejected everyone from the bus. The male victim realized that the cell phone he had just purchased was missing. Both victims pursued the juveniles into West Towne Mall. The group turned on the victims and surrounded them. Punches ensued and seven juveniles were detained, AAMs and AAFs ranging in ages from 12 to 15.  The victim’s phone was not located. 

Four juveniles were arrested and transported to JRC for disorderly conduct.  One juvenile was cited and released. Probable cause exists to arrest one additional juvenile. — from MPD.

Today’s head-scratcher: Public transit and shopping at the malls? Or shop on-line and drive our personal vehicles? We report, you decide.

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