Antifa is real and highly organized

Even the New York Times admits:
The riots aren’t just happenstance!

Antifa: the organization Joe Biden refuses to condemn.

Many have observed the handy supply of just-in-time delivered bricks strategically placed on shopping streets, ready for the riots. The backpacks loaded with flammables, anti-tear gas agents, and other riot gear. The U-Haul trailers ready for serious looting. Now the New York Times — albeit, on the opinion page (?!) — confirms that the riots in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha and Madison WI are not spontaneous but expertly planned and executed by organized, anti-capitalist Marxists. The op ed is headlined:

‘The truth about today’s anarchists’

“Insurrectionary anarchists” have been protesting for racial justice all summer.
Some Black leaders wish they would go home.

It relates that a furloughed photographer named Quinn

… took pictures of another store being looted. Again, he noticed something strange. A white man, clad in black, had broken the window with a crowbar, but walked away without taking a thing.

Mr. Quinn began studying footage of looting from around the country and saw the same black outfits and, in some cases, the same masks. He decided to go to a protest dressed like that himself, to figure out what was really going on.

He expected to find white supremacists who wanted to help re-elect President Trump by stoking fear of Black people. What he discovered instead were true believers in “insurrectionary anarchism.” 

In Portland, Ore., he marched with people who shot fireworks at the federal court building. In Washington, he marched with protesters who harassed diners. … Mr. Quinn discovered a thorny truth about the mayhem that unfolded in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man in Minneapolis. It wasn’t mayhem at all.

‘It’s not really about George Floyd or Black lives, but insurrection for insurrection’s sake.’

Notice how these ‘peaceful protestors’ carry fully equipped backpacks last month (09-2020) on University Avenue?

The NY Times article continues:

While talking heads on television routinely described it as a spontaneous eruption of anger at racial injustice, it was strategically planned, facilitated and advertised on social media by anarchists …

Anarchists themselves … lay out the strategy in Crimethinc: Black-clad figures break windows, set fires, vandalize police cars, then melt back into the crowd of peaceful protesters. …

An anarchist podcast called “The Ex-Worker” explains that while some anarchists believe in pacifist civil disobedience inspired by Mohandas Gandhi, others advocate using crimes like arson and shoplifting to wear down the capitalist system.

Blaska’s Bottom Line — Brenda Konkel, Mayor Satya, Mad Max Prestigiacomo, and the Progressive Dane cabal (Freedom Inc., etc.) are — knowingly or not — doing the political work of Antifa much as Sinn Féin was the political arm of the terrorist Irish Republican Army. Demonizing Ald. Paul Skidmore is part of their plan as is their quest to defund, disarm, and demoralize Madison police.

Are YOU going to let them?


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Look who is running the show!

Madison mom urges more citizen involvement 

You may have read that UW-Madison’s student government voted “no-confidence” in the university’s police force because the department helped city police fight the rioters and looters this summer.

Worth noting that the vote Tuesday was 9-5, with 9 abstentions. Also worth noting that student government would not allow UW-Madison Police Chief Kristen Roman to speak to the council.

Matthew Mitnick

The student government president is one Matthew Mitnick. Young Matthew also serves on Brenda Konkel’s city Public Safety Review Committee. 

Neighbor Bonnie Roe tells the Werkes that she virtually attended the meeting Tuesday of its budget subcommittee of three, consisting of Konkel, Alder Patrick Heck (also Progressive Dane), and chaired by young Mitnick but could not speak because she had not registered. 

“I am incredibly heartbroken at how far down the road we are on de-funding the police. … the disdain for the police in this meeting is shocking,” Mrs. Roe says.

As seen on-line, Jeremy Ryan (aka: “Segway Boy”) urged the Konkel-Mitnick committee to defund police.

‘We have a crisis’

Bonnie Roe says she was moved to action by the tragic death of honors student Anthony Chung 09-17-2020 when his car was broad-sided by one driven at 91-mph on a city street by Maurice M. Chandler, 18, possibly in a stolen car. Anthony’s girl friend of six years —also an honor student at her college and Memorial high school — was critically injured. She is expected to spend months in the hospital. Bonnie is the mother of a Memorial High student. She asks: 

Does it matter to us that Chandler has been bailed out multiple times, mostly for $100? Or that he was supposed to have been, by court order, contained to his parent’s home on the East side, except for medical reasons? Or that multiple court dates have passed, he hasn’t bothered to show up to his hearings, and just goes on to commit more and more crimes, arrested, jailed, out on bail again…

It sounds familiar, like the case of Anisa Scott, killed in the crossfire while riding in a car in daylight hours on a major city street, allegedly by three teens (16, 17 and 19) who also had criminal histories …

These are the tip of the iceberg of what we are going to see in our community. We cannot stand by and watch this happen. We need to demand justice for these innocent victims and see to it that those who are recklessly endangering others are not just released back out on the streets to commit more crimes, get arrested and then released by the courts to do more harm.

We need more funding and human resources directed to our hurting youth from their earliest years, and we need more funding for the law enforcement officers who are left to deal with all of the pieces falling in this present moment. In my opinion, we cannot afford to defund the police in any way.

Tell the alders “No cuts to Madison police.” Tell the mayor, too!

Many called, few were chosen

Blaska is still trying to make something of himself but his hopes for appointment to the Police Citizens Oversight Board have been cruelly dashed. (Must we resort to outright bribery? Can you Go Fund me?) The Council will appoint two more; not holding our collective breaths. Here are the 76 who applied ( * indicates those selected):

Nominating organization
Shyra Adams
David Aguayo
David Bartel
Colin Barushok
Tyrone Bell
Brian Benford
Ankita Bharadwaj * OutReach LGBTQ+ Community
Anthony Black
David Blaska
Alex Booker
Tom Brown
Keetra Burnette * United Way Leaders of Color
Carlotta Calmese
Chris Carlsen
Justice Castañeda
Charles Clarke
Anthony Cooper
Ananda Deacon * Freedom, Inc.
Gene Delcourt
Jonathan Delgado
Eros Dialogos
Sita Diehl
Joan Duerst
Keith Findley * UW Innocence Project
Shia Fisher
Sirena Flores
Gregory Gelembiuk
Alex Gillis
Claude Gilmore
LaToya Greer
Jason Hagenow
Joshua Hargrove * JustDane
Russ Hinkel
Janet House
James Howard
Alice Howard
Jacquelyn Hunt * YWCA
Zach Jensen
Jacob Jokisch
Gregory Jones
Debra Julian
Chuck Kamp
April Kigeya
Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores * Community Response Team
Brent Kimbel
Rachel Kincade * Nat’l Association of Mentally Ill
Isadore Knox, Jr
Robert Lewin
Juan Jose Lopez
Bethany Matson
Nikyra McCann
James Morgan
Sedric Morris
Robert Myatt
Ayomi Obuseh
Ian Olson
Seep Paliwal
Maia Pearson * Urban Triage
Al Rickey
Alan Robinson
Larissa Rojas
Tim Saubers
Rance Schwichtenberg
Gerald Sternberg
Ron Trachtenberg
Charlie Tucker
John Tuten
Luis Velasquez
Kathryn Vellon
Yesenia Villalpando-Torres * UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence
Tyson Vitale
Sheray Wallace
Michael Waupoose
Krista Wise
Steven Wright
Jason Yackee
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Shut up, he explained

Trump won on the issues …

… but lost the debate. The President was petulant, angry, and unlikeable. Unpresidential after all these four years.

Second takeaway: Joe Biden is not senile — the desperate line of attack that Tucker Carlson (in particular) has been pushing for months. The former veep was sharp, stayed on message, looked voters in the eye and spoke to them. Trump, despite innumerable interruptions, could not rattle him. Anyways, Biden did not pee himself, insofar as we know.

Doesn’t mean Trump is wrong on the issues — he’s not. Biden could not/would not answer a key question — would he eschew packing the Supreme Court? Trump scored again when he pointed out that law enforcement endorses him, not the Democrat. He landed a haymaker when he pointed out that Biden had never used his influence with Democrats to restore order in dysfunctional Portland and other cities. The Hunter Biden card is potent. Keep playing it.

The Left is all a-twitter over Trump’s comment, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” The Left is always certain brown shirts are staging a putsch in a beer hall somewhere near you. A fair reading of the statement is “stand back and stand (aside).” It is the Left that is staging the kristallnacht, demanding the proper salute, and terrorizing neighborhoods. It is also fair to ask that if police are standing back and standing aside, who is left to defend life and property?

In any event, the indentured servants at Stately Blaska Manor backed away from the b&w Philco with 15 minutes left in the debate. Anyone know if it devolved into fisticuffs?

Biden’s best line, to Trump: “Shut up, man.”

Pundit quote of the Day: “Watching Trump was like being cornered by some over-sized, over-bearing drunk at a party who spills his beer on you while insisting that Lee Harvey Oswald is still alive.” — never-Trumper Bret Stephens, (failing) New York Times.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We do like a fighter but Trump could learn from The Greatest: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Instead, the President was a rhinoceros with a sledge hammer. ADDED: Chris Wallace was fair (the Far Left hated him as much as did my friends on the Right) but he could have just dropped the puck and let the two duke it out. Please do not censor debates!

What was YOUR favorite/worst moment of the debate?

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Vandals deface Abe Lincoln billboard

Cancel culture strikes again

From the Dane County Republican Party:

Over the last weekend, protesters climbed a 30-foot billboard featuring a positive, anti-slavery message placed by the Republican Party of Dane County. The message said, “Thanks Republicans (for the) 13th Amendment, Emancipation, and Freedom.” It also featured an image of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

“I was a little shocked that people would choose to deface a sign celebrating the freeing of the slaves by Republican President Abraham Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation and the passage of the 13th Amendment ending slavery forever in the United States,” said Republican chair Scott Grabins.

“As much as the foundation of the Republican Party is rooted in fighting slavery, the Democratic Party’s foundation is rooted in fighting for the institution of slavery and promoting other, racist institutions like Planned Parenthood.”

Grabins said two of the three names spray painted on the sign — Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass — were Republicans. Douglass was a friend of President Lincoln and Tubman believed in the right of freed slaves to bear arms like the rest of their fellow Americans. Many early gun laws were aimed at preventing black Americans from owning guns.

Grabins said the defaced billboards will be replaced.

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Let the bloodbath begin!

You know, ‘the thing’

The indentured servants at the Stately Manor are wrapping fresh tin foil around the b&w Philco’s rabbit ears … they are so watching the debate tonight (09-29-2020). … Chris Wallace will ask the hard questions.

⇒ To Sleepy Joe: Is Amy Coney Barrett’s religious belief fair game?

⇒ To Trump: What is your net worth and — if the NY Times is wrong — how much taxes have you paid?

⇒ Trump to Biden: When do you have to be back at the home?

Babylon Bee predicts Trump’s winning strategy for the debates: allow Biden to talk for the full 90 minutes.

The case for accepting defeat on Roe

What has the Right been saying for the past 47 years? Faced with a sixth conservative justice in Amy Coney Barrett, our … acquaintances are forced to drop their face masks. “Maybe it is time to face the fact that abortion access will be fought for in legislatures, not courts,” writes a contributor to the (failing) New York Times.

Often forgotten is that R.B.G. herself had decided that Roe was a mistake. In 1992, she gave a lecture musing that the country might be better off if the Supreme Court had written a narrower decision and opened up a “dialogue” with state legislatures, which were trending “toward liberalization of abortion statutes” (to quote the Roe court).

Roe “halted a political process that was moving in a reform direction and thereby, I believe, prolonged divisiveness and deferred stable settlement of the issue,” Justice Ginsburg argued. In the process, “a well-organized and vocal right-to-life movement rallied and succeeded, for a considerable time, in turning the legislative tide in the opposite direction.”

What Ginsburg called Roe’s “divisiveness” was instrumental in the rise of the American right. — Law prof Joan C. Williams. 

Ann of Althouse on Trump’s taxes: 

“I read the whole [New York Times editorial], and here’s what bothers me. First, they suggest that there are too many loopholes in the tax code that rich people take advantage of. …”

It makes me think of my old law school tax professor who liked to say that a tax return is an offer and you see if the government accepts it or makes a counteroffer. Trump made his offer in 2010, and the government accepted it, and sent him $72.9 million refund but also kept investigating. It’s 10 years later, and they’re still hovering over him, threatening to take it back — with interest and penalties.

The NYT … speaks of “the profound inequities of the tax code,” but the editors never get around to proposing eliminating loopholes and complexity. Why not? Is it because what they want is to get Trump, and changing the law prospectively is irrelevant to that goal?

The dogma is strong with this one

Letter from Trump’s EPA to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who announced a ban on gasoline-powered vehicles in 15 years:

“California’s record of rolling blackouts — unprecedented in size and scope — coupled with recent requests to neighboring states for power begs the question of how you expect to run an electric car fleet that will come with significant increases in electricity demand when you can’t even keep the lights on today.”

Do YOU think Trump will go kinder and gentler tonightor loaded for bear Biden?

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A “culture of lawlessness” in D.A. offices | City Journal

Woke progressivism never quits

U.S. Attorney William McSwain of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania blames Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner for the rise in violence in the City of Brotherly Love. Krasner’s policies, McSwain announced, “create a culture of lawlessness; they leave criminals emboldened; and they have inevitable consequences.”

•   Since Krasner took office in 2018, homicides are up 49%  and shootings have climbed by 59%. … An analysis by my group, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, found that Krasner is failing to prosecute felony offenses. …

•   In Baltimore, America’s big-city murder capital, homicides have increased 65% under progressive prosecutor Marilyn Mosby. 

•   Progressive prosecutor Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis, who infamously charged a couple who brandished firearms at protesters threatening to invade their home, loses at trial or drops cases at an astounding rate. Trial conviction rates fell to approximately 53% under Gardner, from 72%  before her arrival. …

•   [In Chicago] Kim Foxx dismissed 35% more felony cases than her predecessor and dropped nearly 40% of all felony cases 2019. These offenses include serious and violent crimes like homicides, sex crimes, assaults by gun, and attacks on police officers.

Source: A “Culture of Lawlessness” in D.A. Offices | City Journal

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