They’re not bad people, they just shoot each other; give them jobs

This is what liberal entitlement looks like, my friends.

A large group of men in the 20s shoot each other up in the wee hours of Sunday morning morning at a gas station near East Towne Mall. Four men are hit. Police find more than 20 shell casings from at least three different weapons.

The dispute began in Dodge County, we are told, but found its way to Madison. Madison Police suspect the shootings are gang related. The gas station, the State Journal reports, was “overwhelmed” with up to 70 people at once. Three of the shooting victims are Madison residents. Not known if they were also the shooters. The Werkes never presumes race or motive.

But the usual special pleaders are out in force today. It’s the cops’ fault. The shooters? They’re victims! We S*** you not. (Our official motto here at the Werkes.)

“Community members” held a press conference at UW Hospital. (Always a bad sign.) Their message is familiar:

• How dare the police and the news media draw connections to gang violence!

• Police did not do enough to assist families of victims.

• The City of Madison hasn’t spent enough money. Hasn’t built enough neighborhood centers. Hasn’t implemented enough programs.

• We’ve got to give these people jobs.

“You wanna take guns off the streets? Give these young men jobs,” said Michael Johnson of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. (WKOW-TV 27 reports.)

Never mind the plethora of Help Wanted/Now Hiring! signs on nearly every retail store and restaurant in town. Continue reading

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The GOP forced Democrats to live in Madison, says a man from Evansville

UPDATED As the party that practices the cult of victimhood, it is not surprising that Wisconsin Democrats play the victim themselves.


All but 13 of our 72 counties went red or pink for Trump

Democrats — as they never tire of pleading — are victims of Republican gerrymandering most foul. That can be the only explanation why once bright-blue Wisconsin has turned deep red in the span of six years. Can’t be anything wrong with the liberal-progressive-socialist message.

The Wisconsin State Journal, which seems to get bluer with every State Street protest march, is all in on the We Wuz Robbed narrative. Columnist Chris Rickert repeated John Nichols’ talking point — that voters got the shaft because Democrats got 174,000 more votes than Republicans in 2012 — the first election after redistricting — but won only 39 of the 99 seats in the State Assembly.

Your Humble Squire thanks the State Journal for printing his postulation (“Don’t blame the maps“) that Republicans aggrandized fewer overall votes because they made the race in only 78 Assembly districts— meaning they received zero votes in 21 districts.

That prompted this response from one William Hartje of Evansville: Pshaw and harrumph! Of course Republicans didn’t contest those 21 districts, he writes:

That is how gerrymandering works. They had constructed districts with as many Democratic-leaning voters as possible in just a few areas. And don’t blame this on Democrats living in cities, as he tried to do.

An arguable point but not dispositive. Democrats make the race in 95 of 99 districts — even in deep red Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee Counties. They’re just a different breed of cat. Government is their life. Republicans tend to wear the green eye shade — unless they have a reasonable chance of winning, they’ve got better things to do than run for office.

Stung by the Policy Werkes’ incontrovertible evidence, Sunday (02-19-17) Mr. Rickert works his abacus to conjecture what might have happened if as many Democrats stayed out of the same number of Assembly races in 2012 as the 21 districts Republicans left uncontested. He finds that Republicans would have garnered up to 2.5% more votes than Democrats in the statewide aggregate. But, Mr. Rickert cavils, that doesn’t account for the 60-39 edge Republicans enjoyed.

The point, Chris, is that Wisconsin does not elect its representatives proportionately but by district. Every state does that. So does Congress. Otherwise, we’d have a multi-party system like Italy and changes of government every 16 months or so.

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More free stuff, mean Mr. Mustard, and a driver!

We’re sorry, but admission to Stately Blaska Manor is closed until further notice. The gracious home and imposing grounds (including the Experimental Work Farm) are under strict quarantine. The Squire and his Doyenne have taken ill with a malady known as The Creeping Crud!

Any reports that Blaska has gone totally KoKo Puffs is Fake News! But he is in an especially bad mood. Worse than normal. I blame the mainstream news media.

While he recovers, the white lab coats at the Policy Werkes and Tanning Salon issue these communiqués in his name.

Madison police — That a federal judge dropped the City of Madison from the lawsuit filed by the mother of Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. is huge. It means that the $400,000 study the Madison Common Council farmed out to a Berkeley head shop in response to his shooting (after he attacked a police officer) is so much incense and peppermints.

Why? Because the lawsuit didn’t even make the case that, in the words of U.S. Circuit Judge James Petersen, “the city turned a blind eye to obvious problems with the police department’s investigation or response to officer-involved shootings.” In other words: the Madison police department itself is not deficient.

Let that digest. Whatever claims the mother made that Madison Police treat officer shootings lightly were too unsubstantiated to be brought to trial. Unfortunately, Officer Kenny must stand trial — it’s a federal civil rights case, not a criminal case. The court has months of fact-finding, argument, case study, and deliberation — to second guess a decision that gave Officer Kenny mere seconds.

mmmHold the mustard — Can’t get a loan? Business model doesn’t cut the mustard? Spread too thin? We hear Dane County government is an easy touch. When did county government get into the loan business? Apparently eight years ago, which is when Dane County threw $200,000 at Barry Levinson for a mustard museum. A Mustard Museum! Guess what, mustard museums are not a big sell. A cute idea, maybe, but not $200,000 cute. So now taxpayers will have to eat $124,000 of the loan. Who made a mustard museum a priority? Continue reading

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And another thing, a ring

lost-my-ringI don’t know what to make of this except that it can’t be good. One day last week I awoke with a throbbing finger. The finger was badly swollen. The ring worn on that finger was cutting off circulation. I attempted to loosen the ring and it broke apart.

It was just a ring washer — the kind with an overlapping end designed to push back against the nut, pre-Loctite. I found it on a sidewalk in Oshkosh WI in September 1969 as I walked the night streets on my first date with the lovely girl who would become my wife. Stuck it on my finger then and had worn it ever since — 47 years for those of you keeping score at home.

Is this a signal? Some kind of message? Hoping it portends nothing.

But is it equitable?

Proving that nothing is beyond the reach of government fussbudgets, the People’s Republic is launching a full-scale investigation into music clubs. Dope, underage drinking?  Nope. What kind of music they’re playing.

As The Capital Times notes, “Madison’s local music scene may be vibrant for some, a new task force will set out to determine if it’s equitable.” Say hello to the ad hoc Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment. Oh, this important stuff. “Addressing equal access to hear and play music is important to make Madison a better music city.” Doing so will require addressing “stereotypes about specific music genres.”

That would be hip hop. Except that the stereotypes in this case are true. The article recites a litany of shootings and fights that have accompanied hip hop performances in a variety of venues. Besides life and limb, music club impresarios worry about a little thing called “liability.”

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Hey Trump resisters, catch your breath in Castro-land!

Try as they might, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances cannot organize enough marches to keep up with the Tweetstorm unleashed by Hurricane Donald. At this rate, the paving stones on the State Street Mall will need be replaced monthly.


Pay homage to terrorist and mass murder Che Guevara!

Many of our acquaintances are getting the vapors. I have counseled much-needed R & R for some of the more vexed. What did the boys in Animal House do when they were threatened with expulsion? Road trip! Someplace idyllic. Some place far from Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Reince Priebus. Someplace where a Leftist can be appreciated for his exquisite enlightenment, his sense of community, his share and share-alike unselfishness.

Someplace like Cuba. Would it surprise anyone The Nation is going there? On a guided tour? (Oh, you go to Cuba, you will be guided!)

Attend private seminars and concerts featuring prominent Cuban professors, urban planners, journalists, musicians, artists, dancers, and community activists; savor traditional Cuban food and spirits; and immerse yourself in the culture and spirit of this vibrant and beautiful Caribbean city.

What? Where’s the dancing girls? No live sex shows? Where’s the casinos? As Frankie Pentangeli groused in Godfather II in his feud with the Rosato brothers: “They leave the gambling to last.”

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Searching for its identity, Democrats should lose identity politics

Maybe, deep down, he’s still that ethnic Catholic-Polish kid who grew up on Milwaukee’s blue collar south side. Because every once in awhile, former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz makes a lot of sense.

How many Madison liberals, progressives, and socialists go gunning for Bambi in Wisconsin’s deep north woods? Mayor Dave does.


Bernie Sanders’ Madison, not Donald Trump’s Sawyer County

Now Cieslewicz (pronounced just like it is spelled) has gone hunting for that Democrat(ic) party that dominated our beloved Wisconsin from the death of Sen. Joe McCarthy in 1957 until the advent of Tommy Thompson in 1986 — coughed and sputtered through the Jim Doyle years (what WAS the point?) — then flickered out sometime during the Occupation of the State Capitol in 2011.

Today, Wisconsin Democrats are at their lowest ebb since, well, 1957. That’s 60 years, folks. In the special election to replace Tailgunner Joe, a Democrat named Bill Proxmire won on third try for statewide office. A year later, Gaylord Nelson became the first Democratic governor since one-term Al Schmedeman (a former Madison mayor, wouldn’t you know?) in 1932. The present Squire’s paterfamilias was elected to the Legislature as a Democrat the following year (1959) in the musical chairs to replace Nelson*. The Democratic resurgence was on.

After recounting how Republicans have turned Wisconsin dark red, Cieslewicz asks “How could it possibly have gotten this bad?” In the current Isthmus (“Lost in Wisconsin“) Cieslewicz “looks for a path to Democratic victory.”

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