Abortion is on the WI ballot

Pro-life and pro-child 

The Head Groundskeeper is one of those worry warts convinced that Republicans will blow their electoral advantage come November.

Wisconsin does appears safe from nominating a full-out nut job like Eric Greitens in Missouri. The misogynist candidate for U.S. Senate cut a campaign ad depicting an armed raid on the home of a supposed RINO — those being defined as Republicans who believe Trump did more than throw his plate of spaghetti on the wall. (As Oscar Madison told Felix Ungar, “Now it’s garbage.”)

Scarred by Uvalde TX and trying to blame the insurrection of January 6, 2021 on Nancy Pelosi, Greitens’ appeal to hate and division won’t work even in red-state Missouri and sure as hell won’t sell moderates in battleground Wisconsin. Timothy Ramthun, the most full-on Always Trumper seeking the Republican endorsement for Wisconsin governor, is running a distant fourth.

Not that the others didn’t seek Trump’s endorsement. Tim Michels came away with the prize and now must live with that white elephant. As Sen. Ron Johnson points out, Trump lost Wisconsin by 22,000 votes when 55,000 Republican voters left the presidential ballot line blank. If he turned off that many voters in November 2020 …

Trump is not the issue

The gray lab coats at the Werkes say the big state issues are crime, Woke schools, the economy, and abortion. Abortion IS on the ballot — as it should be. The victor will come down to who is perceived is the least crazy. (That the Wisconsin ban dates to 1849 — before the Republican party was even founded — validates Justice Alito’s observation that the Constitution never guaranteed abortion.)

It’s early, but the issue is crazing Democrats. Their leading candidate for Senate and backed by A.O.C., Mandela Barnes, says he supports placing term limits on U.S. Supreme Court justices and would consider packing the court. A tacit admission that Barnes despairs of ever convincing a majority of Americans.

Wisconsin is in the middle — or muddle — on the issue. Only 27% of respondents told the Marquette Law School poll that abortion should be legal in all cases. On the flip side, only 11% say it should be illegal in all cases — 24% in most cases. Which seems like adopting a ban after 15 weeks might be a reasonable compromise — not that any Republicans candidates are saying so.

Putting Tony Evers on the spot

Wisconsin Republicans are, nonetheless, playing it smart. In the Assembly, 38 Republicans are asking Democrat Gov. Tony Evers to allocate $10 million for pregnancy resource centers. It’s not only good politics — it’s the moral thing to do.

“Pro-life is far more than just pro-birth,” says State. Rep. Barbara Dittrich of Oconomowoc. “These pregnancy resource centers do a phenomenal job of helping women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy.” The Republican letter argues:

Pregnancy resource centers help women navigate through a pregnancy, whether it’s through medical services, bettering their economic circumstances, pregnancy/parental support, or adoption assistance, rather than resorting to killing their child. If a woman isn’t ready to be a mother or thinks she can’t afford a child, there are other options without ending a life.

Try getting that from Planned Parenthood!

Blaska’s Bottom LineRepublicans will want to paint Democrats as taxpayer-funded abortion up to the delivery room. A.O.C. is helping; she wants abortion clinics at the entrances to federal land. “Baby steps,” she says, ignorant of the irony.

What’s YOUR prediction?

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We want the movie rights

Back to the future?

It’s a mash-up of our favorite movies, a little Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and that Henry Fonda movie, The Ox-Bow Incident. At the head of a citizens’ army, Donald J. Trump marches into the chamber of the House of Representatives to confront Mike Pence, who did not have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and the Constitution.

Nor does the Secret Service. They yank the spark plugs from The Beast in a futile bid to prevent Trump from driving himself to the nation’s Capitol. No worries. The 45th President hitches a ride with a not-too Proud Boy from Shiocton, graciously agreeing to ride in the bed of the pickup truck with Zed and The Gimp, last seen in that pawn shop in Pulp Fiction. (Zed wasn’t dead after all!)

The fighting at the barricades is fierce but over-matched police — modern-day Redcoats — retreat at the sight of the 45th President — blue-faced like Mel Gibson in Braveheart — courageously ramming the staff of Old Glory through the Capitol’s windows. (Note to Ben Mankiewicz: it’s a metaphor for the screwing America was getting.) “Fight like hell,” the President shouts. “You’ll never win by being weak!”

Once inside, there is no stopping the patriots (except for Rudy, who had discovered Nancy Pelosi’s cache of cabernet sauvignon). Maniacally arching his eyebrows and bugging his eyes, Trump drives an axe into the mahogany doors of the House chamber. “Here’s Johnny!” he announces.

Smelling of bear piss, patriots clad in body armor and camo follow their Dear Leader into the House chamber. The QAnon shaman dangles a taunting noose. He cackles like Virgil Tibbs’ factory floor antagonists in In the Heat of the Night. (Trump will later name him attorney general.) Mitch McConnell retreats into his protective carapace. One of the good ol’ boys orders Adam Schiff to make noises like a pig. Soo-EEE! The camera averts its gaze.

Trump grabs Mike Pence, kisses him full on the mouth. “You broke my heart. You broke my heart.” Pence breaks away, Trump cries after him, “You’re still my vice president.” The veep is believed to be somewhere in New York City, very afraid.

Blaska’s Closing Credits: Indicate open-ended pardons were issued for everyone — for a small donation.

Who would YOU cast as Trump?

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Do kids today have a prayer?

God only knows!

After the horror of Uvalde TX and, here in Madison, cafeteria brawls, 12-year-olds stealing cars, and teenage shoot-em-ups, this headline in this morning’s Wall Street Journal seems almost quaint:

“Supreme Court rules coach can pray on field after game.”

Is America great, or what!

The administrators of the coach’s Bremerton WA school district are standard-issue School of Education graduates — patrolling the watchtower for the stray appeal to a higher power but scheduling drag queen story hour for class assembly. Progressives say “Build The Wall!” if it separates church and state. Dishing a little back-atcha,  Justice Gorsuch writes, if the coach’s prayer can be considered government speech,

“Then a school could fire a Muslim teacher for wearing a headscarf in the classroom or prohibit a Christian aide from praying quietly over her lunch in the cafeteria.  … Learning how to tolerate speech or prayer of all kinds is ‘part of learning how to live in a pluralistic society,’ a trait of character essential to a tolerant citizenry.”

This retired altar boy is out of practice but we respect those who pray as being hopeful creatures appealing to (as Father Abraham once said) our better angels. Has to be an improvement over CRT’s divisive insistence on oppressor vs. victim and its preoccupation with litigating blame for long-ago wrongs.

Tales told out of church

Well before Vatican 2, we began the school day at Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary at holy Mass. Not high Mass, but low Mass (a distinction since lost).

One poor kid suffered from a nervous stomach or, perhaps, a bad breakfast. Every other week, it seems, the young sufferer bolted from his seat up by the altar where the littlest kids sat. His bid to make it out of the church before emptying the fermenting contents of his stomach were hindered by a) his short legs and b) decision to take the long way out to the main entrance. Vomit tracked this pilgrim’s progress the length of the nave.

Perhaps, despite his Irish last name, he was an embryonic Methodist.

In time, young Blaska was drafted into the corps of altar boys serving Mass. We memorized the Latin responses; the more curious among us looked up the English translation of our incantations. The altar boy kneeling next to me kept up a running monolog on forgotten subjects. This acolyte offered a silent prayer (in English) that his partner would shut the hell up, being we were in the middle of holy Mass.

The Rev. Father Herbert Waldkirch wheeled around and threw the gem-studded chalice in our direction. “Would you two shut up?!” The consecrated goblet banged off the marble floor and (I cannot swear to this) bounced over the communion rail (later removed on order of Vatican 2) and into the pews. It is possible that a first-grader got an impromptu baptism in the Blood of Christ that morning.

Looking back on that long-ago episode recalls Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple. O.K., it’s a stretch, but even the Son of God could get his dander up but don’t try it if you are a government school teacher awaiting contract renewal.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Put the fear of God into the wrong kid today at any Madison WI public school and you’ll wind up like Mr. Rob at Whitehorse middle school — cashing unemployment checks. Madison’s public schools won’t even ban smart phones in the classroom.

What is YOUR prayer?

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What’s with all those Catholics on the bench?

Smell the incense!

Blaska’s response to objections over Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health posted by his friendly liberal acquaintances.

This poor sinner attended Catholic grade school (where he was an unsuccessful altar boy) and weekly Chi Rho religious classes outside of Sun Prairie public high school. The Lovely Lisa is a graduate of Pius XI high school in Milwaukee. (The girls’ sport teams were called the Lady Popes! 🤪)

Neither of us recall ever hearing the word “abortion” during our religious education. It went without saying, apparently. So no, I don’t need Jesus to append abortion to his Sermon on the Mount. My challenge to you is to quote where Jesus condemns murder (or insider stock trading, for that matter). The New Testament does not replace the Old Testament, where Thou Shalt Not Kill is enumerated among the first “10 amendments,” but builds upon it.

Both Testaments celebrate childbirth, from Abraham and the supposedly barren Sarah (at age 90!) to the angel Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary the Virgin. If you want to believe Jesus ignored, tolerated, or sanctified abortion, have at it!

Imposing views?

As for imposing my “personal views,” those are the only ones I have! (Barry Goldwater wrote Conscience of a Conservative, proving we do have one! I personally believe storming the Capitol to prevent the orderly transfer of power is wrong but that’s just me! 🤪) Did Justice Blackmun impose HIS personal views, given that the Constitution — like Jesus — is silent on the subject? He found the right in the “penumbra” of the Constitution.* (Talk about virgin birth!) (* formulated by Justice Douglas in Griswold 1965.)

Reaffirming Roe in Planned Parenthood v Casey 1992, the court implored “the contending sides” in the controversy “to end their national division.” Obviously, that entreaty failed; 26 states petitioned the court in Dobbs to overturn Roe. That is the major difference between abortion and same-sex marriage, miscegenation, and contraception, [the last three between consenting adults]. After 49 years, Roe has not been well tolerated. 

Even Bill Clinton wanted abortion to be legal, safe, and rare. To which Bill Buckley rejoined, “Why rare?” (We don’t say that about tonsillectomies.)

I have a poll up asking if Dobbs will hurt Republicans come November. I believe it will. At some point, it sez here, Wisconsin will compromise with something akin to Mississippi’s law. How one enforces 15 weeks or 18 etc., I don’t know. It would help if the City of Madison were not so hostile to those who choose life. (Read & weep.)

Blaska’s 1st Bottom Line: The Supreme Court has NOT outlawed abortion! It put the matter to the people!

Missive #2

[Self-professed atheist friend], your treatise arrived as the magic genies were delivering my response to [Friend #1]. I will only say that you impose an unconstitutional religious test on the justices. If you blame [their Catholic] religion; you may as well fault morality, conscience, and values. You demand that the Justices repudiate all — in essence, become content-free. [For, what is religion?]

You may believe Blaska thinks abortion a grievous wrong because he is/was Catholic. But it is possible to reverse your equation: that one is Catholic because he finds abortion abhorrent. [Just as you are a Democrat because you are pro-abortion.] In any event, I trace my own position to the previously recounted episode in college where the Lovely Lisa, having returned from accompanying a friend who aborted, exclaimed: “David, it was a BABY” (Not a toe nail or “a collection of cells,” as you aver.) Trying to tease out when does life begin, I had to conclude: at the beginning. (Must I really defend innocent life in the womb from murderers like Stalin and Pol Pot?)

Blaska’s 2nd Bottom LineAnd yes, I like my holy ghosts along with an occasional whiff of incense! Our cathedrals are so much prettier, too.

Do you hate Catholics, too?

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Brace yourselves for more hate, pro-lifers

Who really cares about children?

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v Wade, desperate abortion apologists will attempt to mitigate the immorality of their cause by accusing pro-life folk of not caring about babies after birth. As if red states and counties are awash in ragged waifs wailing for another spoonful of porridge while Mumsy and Pops play nine at the country club.

An example is this recent headline out of the progressive on-line publication Salon:  “Republicans don’t care about kids — just imaginary children.”

The author of this imaginative fiction is one Amanda Marcotte, defined as “a senior politics writer at Salon and the author of Troll Nation: How the Right became Trump-worshipping monsters set on rat-f*cking liberals, America, and truth Itself.” Now THERE is a citation for Justice Alito!

Abortion-only need apply

Then how does one explain Madison’s progressive city government? Some nine years ago the pro-life CareNet Pregnancy Center of Dane County sought a low-interest loan of $550,000 from Madison’s federally funded affordable housing trust to help finance a 36-unit apartment building to house impoverished single mothers bringing their pregnancies to term.

A city committee rebuffed the request by a 5-2 vote on 01-17-13. Alders overrode the civil servants who supported the project and ignored a tongue-lashing from then-legal counsel Michael May. The attorney reminded that “federal regulations provide that religious or faith-based organizations are eligible to receive [these] funds like any other entity and bar the city from discriminating against such organizations.”

“I must state it is difficult to determine the basis on which the CDBG committee determined not to support the application.” (Attorney May’s 01-28-13 letter.)

“We’re disappointed the decision was made not on the merits but on ideology,” CareNet Center Director Julie Bennett told this blogger at the time.

UPDATED: Alds. Tim Bruer and Matt Phair (who is back on the Common Council) cast the two alders’ no votes on the committee plus citizen members Monya Choudhury, Liz Dannenbaum, and Russ Whitesel. (Citation here.)

We reported then that Lisa Subeck (then an alder and now a Democrat in the state legislature) charged that pregnancy counseling centers engaged in bait and switch, gulling unsuspecting abortion customers into having unwanted babies. Subeck was the former director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin. Ironic for one who professes to be pro-choice! Another alder at the time, Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, moved to deep-six the request at the Council’s Board of Estimates. She now earns six figures operating the racial justice stand at one of the UW’s schools.

Real concern for the pre-born 

Contrast their progressive disdain for non-imaginary babies with the love shown by Diocese of Madison Bishop Donald Hying:

[The] Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision  … offers the Catholic Church in the United States, and all those of good will who stand with us in upholding the sanctity of human life, the opportunity and privilege to redouble our efforts to accompany women and couples facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies, as well as supporting parents in their care for their sons and daughters.

We will continue to welcome all those in need of assistance and offer to them the best we have to give, with sensitivity and compassion, so that children born in crisis situations have what they need to truly grow and flourish.

A brief list of institutions and programs in the immediate area for individuals or couples struggling with an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, those struggling with caring for their children, as well those suffering the pain and loss of abortion include: CareNet, Elizabeth House, Our Lady of Hope Clinic, Pregnancy Helpline, Project Rachel, Rachel’s Vineyard, Saint Vincent de Paul Societies, Walking with Moms in Need, and the Women’s Care Center, as well as many others throughout the diocese and state.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Now THERE is some real health care!

Is there something self-centered about the abortion movement?

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Has the abortion whirlwind been unleashed?

Was Chuck Schumer right?

We would only point out today that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization affirmed the right of the State of Mississippi to prevent abortion only after the 15th week of pregnancy. The converse is that abortion remains legal in Mississippi for the first 15 months.

It is fair to ask: Can one decide by the third month whether you want that child? Or do our liberal acquaintances really want abortion up to the moment of birth?

The other question is how many pro-life offices and crisis pregnancy centers will be fire bombed in the coming days. And to what extent is the liberal news media liable. Take this front-page incitement at CNN: “The audacious tone of the Supreme Court’s Roe ruling is breathtaking.”

abortion bans

Wisconsin is one of only eight statees to toally ban abortion. Except that WI Attorney General Rob Kaul won’t prosecute, neither will Dane County D.A. Ismael Ozanne. Even Tony Evers’s appointed sheriff Kalvin Barrett is opting out.

As your Dane County Sheriff, I have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and enforce laws in a fair and impartial manner. I do have to prioritize my limited resources to focus on crimes that most directly affect the people I serve. These crimes include, gun violence, homicides, sexual assaults, vehicle thefts, human trafficking, impaired driving, and domestic violence to name a few. The Dane County Sheriff’s Office does not have the resources nor expertise to investigate medical professionals conducting medical procedures in medical facilities.

So we must defer to our Platinum Subscribers:

Does abortion trump (!) inflation?

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