Or we could boycott the N.Y. Times

More than mere opinion,
the NY Times espouses political action for partisan gain

without having to report their in-kind political campaign contribution!

Bullhorn Man as photographed by the Venerable Meade

If there’s one thing the mainstream news media fears more than paying news paper deliverers a living wage, it is the threat of an economic boycott. 

But that doesn’t stop the New York Times from urging an economic boycott of their political enemies adversaries. No, “enemies” is the right word after all. For the Times of New York has given up on reporting the news; even editorial opinionating is passé. The Times these days lurches into outright, Capital “R” Resistance advocacy — like John Nichols at the ramparts of the Act 10 Capitol Occupation, only with a bigger bullhorn. And without Antifa’s black masks.

Naming names to the committee

NY Times columnist David Leonhardt lauds two companies — Walgreens and Microsoft — for having “spoken out” against Republicans for passing legislation in special session after Tony Evers defeated Scott Walker November 6. Because, you know, he told them to in a previous jeremiad to do so … or else!

But “neither is asking for the return of past political donations,” Leonhardt gripes. “Their current strategy seems like a middle ground designed, above all, to avoid bad publicity.” Bad publicity, if you haven’t noticed, that liberal Leonhardt is only too thrilled to generate. But wait! There’s more!

The partisan political propagandist (no campaign contribution report required) ups the ante but listing more “companies that supported the Wisconsin Republicans and haven’t yet taken a stand — like Dr Pepper Snapple, J.P. Morgan Chase or Humana.

This past summer, Microsoft also donated $1,000 to Roger Roth, the Republican president of the Wisconsin Senate.

The Times man justifies his partisanship with overheated hyperbole: “Because the Wisconsin Republicans are engaged in an anti-democratic effort to undermine the results of an election. It’s dangerous stuff.”

Not to be outdone, former Enron adviser Paul Krugman shrieks that Wisconsin “is turning into Hungary on the Great Lakes.”

‘Was it worth it?’

Now, the Blaska Policy Werkes also criticized Republican legislators — not because the legislation is not sound, for the most part.

Snap Quiz: recite the legislation they passed. None comes to mind? That’s because most of the package was so anodyne — so much inside baseball. Like confining early voting to two weeks before an election so that Wisconsin would enjoy uniform election laws. Hardly a putsch to “undermine an election.” (Although preventing new attorney general Josh Kaul from withdrawing from the multi-state Obamacare lawsuit without legislative approval is a slight power shift.)

In any event, Scott Walker remains the governor until January 7, as does the Legislature — which won’t change that much after January 7. But this kind of stuff could have been — and really should have been — enacted on November 5, the day before the election. Walker himself warned the election would be tight; the Marquette poll showed it even-steven.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Was the policy prize worth the political price? Act 10 was worth the fight. The special session goodies, hardly.

Sad news: Multiple sources (including this one) say the The Weekly Standard — a favorite here at the Policy Werkes and Manor — is folding. A bright and lively opinion weekly with superlative coverage of the arts. Damn and heck.

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Gifts for the 12 days of Blaska Christmas

If you’re like me (God help you), it’s not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi tower. 

Hans Gruber

In that spirit, the Policy Werkes is field-testing holiday gifts to place under the highly flammable sapling at Stately Blaska Manor. There’s something for everyone under our recycled tree. (We never thought it was such a bad tree. Should be good for a few more years.)

Freddie Mercury.pngIs anyone hotter right now than Freddie Mercury? We are the champions, my friends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You Beatles fans will want a T-shirt commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of their landmark White Album. Sizes S to XXXL. Colors: White.

Speaking of Icons, how about an (In)Action figure of The Notorious RBG. (“Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” monitor sold separately.)

Grievance-mongers of the world unite! Keep track of May Day, Red Army Day, and October Revolution Day and other subversive holidays with this calendar from The Nation. For the professional victim only. 

For a more constructive gift, help Donald Build the Wall only $30 (not $5 billion!) 

It’s visiting day every day when you Send Hillary to Prison for only $15. Lock her up!

Pop open that cold bottle of brew. When you’re done, signal your significant other it’s time to “Beer Me!” (Brew not included.)

For Christmas, more than your toes will twinkle when you light up your life with these beard ornaments. (Beard not included.)

Don’t forget our friends at Freedom Inc.! They’ll love these F-bombing lights. All 10 of them!

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But wait, there’s more!

Ladies! Are you lonely tonight? Warm up with Ryan Gosling’s husband pillow. (Specify snoring or non-snoring.)

For the relative who has everything: a yodeling pickle. (Ages 3 and up.)

Over-indulge the wassail bowl? Glow Bowl is the coolest NEW way to safely navigate the bathroom at night and stop those messy toilet misses forever!

What could be more soothing than a Bob Ross coffee mug? Well, perhaps a healthy dose of rum in the toddy. Pour in anything hot — a beautiful Bob Ross painting will appear behind Bob and his paint brush. Another triumph of capitalism!

Now, for real and serious

Help those who need our help the most. No, not with More Free Stuff but with help that will give a lifetime: the gift of literacy! Help tutor a neighborhood kid. 

Think of the value a one-on-one tutor could mean for a child. Think of an adult mentoring and instructing a child. Promoting the success and self-esteem of students has proven critically important in achieving better outcomes for kids living on the margins.

The Madison Community Policing Foundation is accepting donations online and by mail for a newly created “community reading fund.” You can donate at madisoncommunitypolicingfoundation.org. Or label your check “Community Read” and send it to the Madison Community Policing Foundation at P.O. Box 44246, Madison, WI 53744. 

Speaking of reading: 

• Stu Levitan is a hopeless old-school liberal but the man can write. Madison in the Sixties. 

• Struggling young writer Christian Schneider has an alternative book of history: 1916: The Blog.

• You want non-P.C.? Then you want Mike Baron’s Not Fade Away: Bad Road Rising Book 3 

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Hip hop, hijackers and other turkeys

Time to catch up with the hip hoppers in Madison city government. A task force on “Equity in Music and Entertainment” composed of (what else is new?) — advocates — proposed taxpayer subsidies to rescue a form of music known as hip hop, of which gangsta rap is a constituent. That includes a $60,000-a-year administrator of hip hop.

As with everything in Madison these days, the task force fingered Racism as “the Number One barrier to maintain diverse entertainment catering to patrons of color.” 

The Council kicked this hot potato up to its Executive Committee where, one hopes, it will languish due to an attack of common sense brought on by impending council elections. Why form these task forces in the first place?

Which reminds us: the Council still has not adopted a single one of the 146 recommendations proffered by the policy boutique paid $372,000 of taxpayer money to ferret out evidence of racism in the Madison police department. A report that came out 11 months ago.

But Madison city government is digging its hole even deeper. Its MPD policy & procedure review ad hoc committee sent out letters to 22 individuals and groups soliciting still more comment. And got nothing back. So the deadline has been extended to December 20. Use Paula’s form to weigh in. They need to hear from someone other than the usual social justice warriors.

As Paula Fitzsimmons observes, “the list of recipients, much like the Committee, is mostly comprised of those who are, how shall I put this, Not crazy about cops.” Like Freedom Inc., Young Gifted & Black, Justified Anger, State Rep. Chris Taylor, etc. (Full list at sidebar.)

Can we get one in Madison?

Overly Woke support group, UK chapter


Cover me, I’m picking up our little one at the daycare!

Sign of the time: Madison Police now offer useful tips on How to Avoid Car Jacking. 

We hate to say it, but they missed one tip: Don’t park your kids at a Madison daycare center. (After two cars were jacked on the west side last week in front of daycare centers. With deadly firearms.)

What to do after an attack:

If you are threatened with a weapon, give up your car – your life is worth more than it is. Try to note as many physical characteristics of the carjacker as possible so that you can provide a detailed report when you call the police. But as always, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation is the best way to prevent an attack. Always carry a cell phone with you when you exit your vehicle and use your best judgment when driving and parking in unfamiliar areas.

France goes Green, red in the face, and yellow: Is anyone getting this? France’s “gilets jaunes” are protesting a fuel tax President Macron imposed to fight global warming. Motorists in France already pay $4 in taxes for every $2 of gasoline. 

Social media we are following: “Segway Boy Exposed.”

Beware the Ashwaubenon turkey. It’s coming for you.

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Baby it is cold outside!

And now, for a little Christmas cheer:

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‘Sonny’ Pence gives away the game in summit with Pelosi crime family

Don’t stop at the toll booth!

Redacted audio from the Trump meeting (12-11-18) with Democrats Pelosi and Schumer:


Trump summit

Click all you want, it’s been redacted

DON (Vito) TRUMP to Signora Pelosi: Why do you come to me? Why do I deserve this generosity?

PELOSI: If you consider a billion dollars in cash just finance, te salute, Don Vito Trump. Continue reading

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Scott Walker will sign special session bills

Will Gov. Walker veto the “power grab” legislation enacted last week by the Republican legislature. No. That was never going to happen.

We said that the optics of that legislation was horrible. The national liberal news media got way out ahead of the Republicans with accusations of “anti-democratic power grab,” “lame duck” and other epithets. What else is new?

For what it’s worth, here is Scott Walker’s response today (only slightly abridged). (And he really IS a lame duck, given that Republicans will control the legislature for the next two years.) Continue reading

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