Hey white boy, admit your guilt if you want to pass this course

Girls just want to have fun but conservatives just want to
disrupt public universities and create tension on campus.

If you wonder why conservative speakers get shouted down at university campuses — putatively places where inquiry should be free and open to all ideas — consider that students are force-fed a steady diet of Leftist agit-prop.

LaughingLenin SMALL

Free speech? Yeah, right!

Our public universities (and most of the privates) teach identity politics. They grade you on your awareness of victimization. They test your Marxist/Leninist acumen. And when you’re done with all that you still can’t write a proper English sentence — much less defend your tiresome cant and piffle — because you’ve never been confronted with a contrary notion.

The good folks at the MacIver Institute are doing the journalism that the mainstream institutions fear. Criticizing — indeed, merely questioning the university is more declassé than swilling beer with the Deplorables at the monster truck show. Insisting that all voices be heard is doing the work of the Koch Brothers. (Today’s assignment: walk up the hill to Bascom Hall wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.)

MacIver presents actual syllabi from The Top Five Wasteful UW Classes.

Considering the UW System’s never-ending cycle of demands for more state funding, one would hope that they are responsibly spending your tax dollars before they ask for more.


Uttering the phrase “Make America Great Again” is a transgression akin to police brutality and “not believing the experiences of POC (people of color).”

The favorite among the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes is Exploring White Privilege. It’s taught at UW-Platteville to the factory farm operators of tomorrow. This tendentious consciousness-raiser is a doppelganger for UW-Madison’s The Problem with Whiteness. “It operates under the assumption that all white people are racist, but most just haven’t realized it yet.”

Required and recommended readings include “White Man’s Guilt,” “Overt vs. Covert White Supremacy Pyramid,” “Hey White Guys,” and “Conservative Money Front is Behind Princeton’s ‘White Privilege’ Guy.”

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Today’s Trump dump, live and in color

Go Pro TrumpWhy can’t Republicans suck it up and defend their man like Democrats lined up behind the Clintons after Monica Lewinski and Benghazi?

Could it be because we have a truer moral compass? Because we believe in good government? Besides which, how is blind partisanship working for Democrats these days?

David French at National Review is always worth reading. He writes in the current issue:

The [Democrat(ic)] party is at its lowest ebb in generations. It doesn’t hold any branch of the federal government, and it’s being routed at the state level at a historic rate. Its success in short-term scandal management has arguably blinded it to its own trust problem. It nominated one of the least-liked, least-trusted Americans in modern political history (a Clinton, no less) and then was gobsmacked not only when she lost but also when it suffered crushing defeats up and down the ballot. It turns out that there is a difference between short-term wins and long-term fortunes.

… A Republican party that mimics Democratic scandal management is a party that would forfeit its principles for the sake of adopting the tactics of the losing political side. And it would do so in a way that harms its credibility in the longer and far more important cultural fight. The moment when social-justice hysteria and radical intolerance are causing millions of citizens to shake their heads is not the time to adopt fact-free brawling and blind loyalty as the signature styles of the American conservative movement.

That said, this Never Trumper sees no impeachable offense. Did the President share useful information with the Russians regarding our common fight against ISIS? Good for him, it is his right and duty.

Did he ask if FBI Director Comey could go easy on General Flynn because he’s a good guy? Probably. Why wouldn’t he? That hardly represents obstruction of justice. Rachel Maddow need not approve.

Live streaming the presidency

What is disturbing is that Trump keeps throwing so much cheap chum at the flesh-eaters on the Left — principally by hanging his staff out to dry. Spicer confronts the microphone to offer one explanation, then gets the rug pulled out from under him by The Boss the next day. Reince Preibus is going to get fired, just you wait and see.

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Dave Cieslewicz may yet reform Dane County Democrats, but don’t count on it

They are still fighting the police, not crime

What does it tell you that a recent ABC/Washington Post public opinion poll has Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in the popular vote?!

Don’t under-estimate The Donald. He may yet prove to be the best thing to happen to Democrats since Watergate. But it doesn’t change the Democrats’ dynamics (or lack, thereof): their cupboard is empty.

  • Wisconsin went Republican in a presidential year for the first time in 32 years.
  • It voted Republican for U.S. senator in a presidential year for the first time since 1980 — the exceptionally vulnerable, given-up-for-dead Ron Johnson.
  • Republicans added to their already formidable majorities in the state legislature.
  • Democrats did not challenge a conservative state supreme court justice in the spring elections.
  • One prominent Democrat after another is saying ‘no thanks’ to opposing Scott Walker.

See if Democrats don’t re-elect Martha Laning as their state chairman, anyway, the first weekend in June at their state convention in Middleton. Democrats sayt it can’t be them, right? It’s got to be those Deplorables.

What exactly, is the state party’s message? For Chris Taylor, who represents Madison’s isthmus in the state assembly, it is police bashing. That is so-o-oo Madison!

To our Democrat(ic) acquaintances, it is always “hands up, don’t shoot,” even though that meme from Ferguson was conclusively debunked as total fiction.

Ms. Taylor, who basically wrote most of Madison Ald. Marsha Rummel’s 13 points of micro-management, has proposed similar legislation on a statewide basis. The usual suspects stood with Rep. Taylor at the requisite press conference: a gaggle of Milwaukee Democrats and Madison’s race hustlers — those being Rev. Alex Gee, Dane County Boys & Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson, and Dane County NAACP president Greg Jones. No cops, of course. The Capital Times (who else?) was all over it.

Madison and Milwaukee are in the midst of street shoot-outs and car jackings; mothers and their children are playing duck and cover, and Rep. Taylor is focused on handcuffing the police! Continue reading

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Madison residents appreciate their police as shootings proliferate, Council dawdles

“These acts of graciousness go a very long way of giving us a booster shot
and we certainly need it.” — Police Chief Mike Koval

photos and video by Norm Sannes

You know, when we sit at the greeting table and shake hands with each of the officers
and thank them, they — to a person — say how much it means to them to hear that
they are appreciated.  …  They are the one barrier between us and chaos.
— Patricia Rogeberg, west side resident

One alder attended Madison Police Appreciation Day Tuesday (05-16-2017) at the West precinct station on McKenna Blvd. It was Ald. Paul Skidmore. No Mo Cheeks. No Barbara McKinney. But plenty of community members, some from the far east side. As they say, a good time was had by all.

The precinct had just worked a mid-day shooting on N. Wickham Court and MPD, Monday night, on Beld and Bram Streets on the near south side. Tuesday night, MPD would respond to another E. Washington Ave. gas station shooting, where one was injured. On top of one, two, three armed robberies.

… stray bullets hitting at least one vehicle and three Beld St. homes. A mother, who is pregnant, her husband, and toddler daughter were out back of their house when shots rang out. After hearing the reports, they ran inside to get to safety. The mom and dad discovered a bullet had gone through their daughter’s bedroom window. It traveled a couple of feet above her crib before ending up lodged in the wall of the parents’ bedroom.

Paula Fitzsimmons put Tuesday’s police appreciation event (the second annual) together with the help of many volunteers. She, with husband Steve Fitzsimmons, are active in the Midvale neighborhood crime watch. It was good to see some TV news crews there, as well. WMTV-15. Madison’s elected need to know that the community supports its police. I’ll turn the mic over to Paula Fitzsimmons, who made these remarks: Continue reading

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Classified info must be shared with those who can help us or what good is it?

Fake news? It’s real. I mean, there really is such a thing as fake news.
So why not some fake commentary? And your Squire just the man for the job!

Acceding to the wishes of the indentured servants here at The Stately Manor, we fired up the old Philco Monday and endured an orgy of cable TV talking heads, panelists, and bloviators. Hey, if The Capital Times can claim that it is their opinion that various and sundry Koch Brothers have been silencing free speech on our college campuses than the proprietor of the Policy Werkes (express drive-thru windows are open) can conjure his.

fdr_stalinThe fake news of the day is that Donald Trump gave Alaska back to the Russians.

No? What? Oh, sorry. The fake news was that the President gave Natasha and Boris the Colonel’s secret recipe, along with a cereal box decoder ring.

Apparently something to do with how ISIS brought down a Russian plane over Chaldea. Not how we got the info or from whom but newsy bits that might help Russia beat back ISIS, which might also help the U.S. and the people of Chaldea.

That such information is and remains classified does not mean it cannot be shared, only that it cannot be shared indiscriminately. That Russia and the U.S. might have common interests was broached during the late election campaign. Donald Trump won. He is the President, despite your Squire’s efforts for Evan (Who?) McMullen.

He is the decider.

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It’s the Deplorables, stupid

Debated my old county board colleague Brett Hulsey Friday on Mitch Henck’s show. He’s actually a pretty good guy. But he fell back on the usual explanation of the Democrats’ electoral distress — that it was all economics. That’s about what one would expect from the neo-Marxist party, for whom everything is economics. (The podcast here.)

I made the point that 2016 was as much cultural as economic. JFK put a man on the moon, Barack Obama put a man in the ladies’ room. Hillary’s “basket of Deplorables.” Sneering those who cling to their guns and religion. Drum circles in the State Capitol. Cop-hating, speech stifling window-smashers. Hollywood elite … flyover country — underscored by Hillary’s spurning of Wisconsin and her overweening concern for the environment at the expense of jobs.

Lo (and behold), a new analysis of post-election survey data conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic confirms your Squire’s insight:

Evidence suggests financially troubled voters in the white working class were more likely to prefer Clinton over Trump. Besides partisan affiliation, it was cultural anxiety — feeling like a stranger in America, supporting the deportation of immigrants, and hesitating about educational investment — that best predicted support for Trump … [that was] — especially powerful in the Midwest. — as reported in The Atlantic.

At the end of the broadcast, Mitch asked if Trump would finish out his term. Good question. If anyone can revive the spirits of Democrats, it is Donald Trump. It certainly isn’t Martha Laning. Who? Exactly! Continue reading

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