May the crisis be ever with you!

Is it time to panic yet?

Failed regimes need enemies, the better to offload domestic discontent to The Man Behind the Tree. Distracted by a constant state of war, the populace of Oceana overlooked the oppression of Big Brother.  Progressives feed on victims; victims require crises.

Word search “Crisis” in any Leftist publication and be gobsmacked by the deluge of hits. (One such: “Crisis is opportunity,” by Chris Hayes in The Nation.)

Beetlejuice shrunken head Lori *

If our progressive … acquaintances had their druthers (never enough druthers to go around), the CDC’s tenant eviction moratorium would extend well beyond October 3. It would be permanent. Helzz bellzz, landlords would be rounded up and their properties nationalized. 

If it wasn’t the Delta variant it would be Global Warming or Systemic Racism or Sexual Harassment or Unequal Distribution of Wealth or Russian Hacking or January 6. 

Faced with the clear unconstitutionality of the CDC’s continued eviction moratorium, the CDC “targeted” 80% of the counties in the USA for crisis treatment. Unilaterally, because not even Pelosi’s Democrats could be bothered to enact the legislative authority.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste

The on-line Dispatch explicates:  

In most people’s imagination, the affected landlords are likely large banks or real estate corporations — but that is hardly the case across the board. A May 2021 Washington Post article by Eli Saslow cited U.S. Census data showing that 8 million rental properties were an average of $5,600 behind on rent and that about half of those 8 million are owned by “small landlords” who “manage their own rentals and depend on them for basic income.”

“According to government estimates,” Saslow wrote, “a third of small landlords are at risk of bankruptcy or foreclosure as the pandemic continues into its second year.” 

For 42% of landlords, day-to-day management of the property was performed by either the owner or an unpaid agent, according to the Wall Street Journal. In a regime that divides by race, class, and gender, landlords are disfavored because they own property. I.E., they are not socialists. 

Blaska’s Second Law of Progressives is that
their appetites are never satisfied.

Free college and free health care are just the first course. They’re after free housing and a guaranteed income. Where all this comes from is not their worry. Mindless that wherever housing is heavily regulated — as in New York City’s rent price controls — housing is in short supply. (Read & Weep: “Rent control does not make housing more affordable.”) 

Blaska’s Bottom LineIf one must monger crises (plural) can we declare a crisis in crime in 80% of our larger cities? (See sidebar on the right side of screen.) If during this Crime and Covid Crisis everyone must re-mask up and show proof of vaccination regardless of race can we also mandate they pull up their pants? Just for starters. For sanitary reasons, of course.

What is YOUR crisis?

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Madison’s Left turned former mayor Dave into a raving moderate

Excerpted from Dave Cieslewicz’s blog today:

Just a sample of Max’s brand of gentle persuasion in response to a piece I wrote last week:

“Your views on race are just a few steps to the left of Tucker Carlson, this should tell you something about yourself you are too chicken sh*t to admit to yourself. When you look around and most of the people who would be willing to publicly agree with your views on race and racism are white, male, and conservative maybe it is you who has the problem.”

Now, I’m not sure who Max is, but I suspect he’s a young former Madison alder. In any event, Max’s comments are spirited. …  I am no longer a revolutionary. What made me a moderate, more than anything else, was eight years as mayor of one of the most liberal places in America.

For one thing, mayor is the most hands on, practical of political jobs. People want you to collect the garbage, plow the snow, fix the streets and mow the grass in the parks and medians. And then, in Madison, they’d also like it if you could tidy up 400 years of racial politics.

And it was the left, my own people at the time, who drove me most to distraction. They were constitutionally incapable of being happy. They saw a compromise in which they got 75% of what they wanted not just as 25% short of their goal, but as a 100% sell out.

Because their identity was so steeped in victimhood they could not get their heads around being “the man.” The ability to actually govern — and the compromise and nuance that that requires — was just not in their DNA. After awhile I came to the realization that the biggest thing that stood in the way of the policy goals we shared was the left itself. They tripped over their own rhetoric.

I entered office in 2003 as idealistic and liberal as I ever was. I left in 2011 a moderate who wanted to figure out a better way to get the snow plowed.

Source: Max and Me – Yellow Stripes & Dead Armadillos

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Portland OR police: Take this job and …

 Couldn’t happen to a nicer city

Adapted from the Wall Street Journal:

Although 14 openings have been posted since May, only four candidates have applied to work with the new version of Portland Oregon’s gun violence reduction team. It was shut down last year amid long-running protests seeking racial justice and an overhaul of police practices. 

Portland officers say such positions, once considered prestigious, are now less desirable, given the increased scrutiny that accompanies them. The new unit has its own citizen-advisory board [as does Madison WI for its entire police department], instituted after the old unit was criticized by city leaders for racial profiling. A job description says qualifications include the ability to fight systemic racism.

They’re demonizing and vilifying you, and then they want to put you in a unit where you’re under an even bigger microscope,” said the head of the Portland police officers union. …

Madison WI June 2020

“Martin Luther King couldn’t dismantle systematic racism. Now you want a cop to do it?”

a veteran Portland officer said of the new unit

With 53 homicides so far this year, Portland is on pace to surpass its all-time high. … the Portland City Council last summer voted to cut $15 million from the police department, including the 38-person gun-violence team.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Progressivism is fatal.

Would you be a cop today?

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Beware of Democrats teaching civics

Take action against ‘action civics’

We are not surprised that “Wisconsin gets an F in civics and history,” in the words of a headline in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal. But the op ed never really explains why, except that standards are too vague. Um, guys, so is your essay. (See me after class.)

The gray labcoats at the Werkes get their hackles up (and we have beaucoup de hackles) when we encounter soft-serve agitprop like: “It’s time to quit arguing over things like critical race theory and focus on areas where we can all agree.” Stop arguing is a strange thing to say about history and civics (aka: government) since a concern of both overlapping disciplines is the resolution of disputes. We take the pooh-poohing of CRT as “Move along, nothing to see here. Let the experts handle this.”

Which is what Democrats — that captive nation of progressives, socialists, and BLM —  want you to think. We know that from several bills now before the Congress of the USA.

Chinese re-education camp

It’s an indoctrination scheme

The indispensable National Review calls it “action civics:” “President Biden and congressional Democrats are pulling out the stops to force critical race theory (CRT) … because it trains students to be leftist protesters — onto every school in the country.”

The Democrats’ strategy mimics Obama’s imposition of Common Core. The feds will dangle massive education grants before the states, attaching strings that force the new protest civics and CRT onto schools. Biden has already issued priority criteria for awarding history and civics grants. Those criteria hold up the 1619 Project and CRT as models of what to support.

Biden is also encouraging schools receiving federal COVID-19 relief funds to conduct “antiracist” (i.e., racist) “therapy” for teachers afflicted by “Whiteness.”

Four such bills are now in the hopper. One of which, the Civics Learning Act, is sponsored by 51 Democrats and no Republicans. Another is the Civics Secures Democracy Act, the big bill that appropriates $1 billion a year for six years to fund leftist civics.

National Review’s Bottom Line: Action civics is better called “protest civics.”

What is YOUR school teaching?

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Let’s hear it for rust!

Summer of car shows

Feel sorry for guys who feel they must dye their hair black. The Head Groundskeeper at Stately Blaska Manor has earned his touch of gray the hard way — through sustained substance abuse!

Social media recommended keeping our 1949 (or is it a 1951) Allis Chalmers model G tractor as is. Display its hard-won, in the sun, working battle scars. Clear-coat the thing and leave it. We ignored this good advice and spray painted single-stage urethane sealer and Persian Orange #1 anyhoo and are happy with the results. The majority of car restorers, judging by the car shows we’ve visited and the Mecum etc. car auctions on cable TV, want that new showroom look.

Some vehicle restorers even fake the patina. Seems to go good with pick-up trucks, especially. Given the human proclivity for argumentation, there’s a tastes great, less filling debate on this weighty subject:

It’s a badge of sorts — a battle-weathered scar bearing testimony to all the lives an object has lived. And as simple-minded humans obsessed with our own mortality, we are downright fascinated by old things.

So much so, that we put them on dainty white pedestals under mood lighting in multi-million-dollar museums and charge people money to look at them, while simultaneously forbidding them from speaking above a whisper. We snatch them up at yard sales and flea markets, treat them to some upcycling or restoration and then coin terms like “shabby chic” and “antique primitives” to justify their new, inflated pricing.

— “The patina fad has been a polarizing trend

“How to create believable patina”

But we do appreciate all-natural rust. Arrested at a certain point, it provides character. British classic car aficionados demand patina. Tells a story. It’s called “provenance.” Here’s a sampling from this weekend’s car show in Mount Vernon WI (south of Madison). It’s a great drive there.

Upcoming car shows and more car shows. For tractors, mark the Rock River Thresheree Sept. 3-6 outside Edgerton WI.

How did you get YOUR patina?

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NPR OKs biased journalists

Approves social justice warfare among its reporters

Jonathan Turley writes:

It was perhaps inevitable that the embrace of advocacy journalism (and rejection of objectivity in journalism) would eventually dispense with the pretense of the journalism part.  The point was reached by National Public Radio which took the controversial step this week to announce that its journalists can engage in protests and advocacy — the abandonment of a long-standing rule for reporters to avoid such causes or demonstrations.

Old-school reporter typing The announcement comes on the heels of the Justice reporter for the New York Times calling all Trump supporters “enemies of the state.”

New York Times reporter Nikole Hanna-Jones recently declared “all journalism is advocacy.” So that simplifies matters wonderfully for the woke. After all, why have advocacy journalism when you can simply have advocacy?

NPR announced Thursday that reporters could participate in activities that advocate for “freedom and dignity of human beings” on social media and in real life.  … NPR does not try to define what causes constitute advocacy for the “freedom and dignity of human beings.” How about climate change and environmental protection? … NPR seems to intentionally keep such questions vague while only citing such good causes as Black Lives Matter and gay rights:“

Source: Why Have Advocacy Journalism When You Can Have Just Advocacy? – JONATHAN TURLEY

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