Gee, wonder what Mrs. Clinton (Bill’s wife) thinks about the Kavanaugh charges

Denounce your husband before you pronounce judgment on others

old PhilcoThe Squire spent Tuesday night flipping the chunky dial on the Stately Manor’s Philco between the Brewers (why can’t that line-up HIT?!) and the cable talking-head shows. Even stopped in at Hannity (aka: Trumpitty) before twirling the dial to Rachel Maddow, who was plumping for Hillary Clinton’s revised post-campaign book, What Happened. (No question mark.) That was the price Rachel had to pay for getting what is still a good TV “get,” that being the defeated author her ownself. She has a book to sell or, at most, a new chapter on last year’s tell-little-if-anything book.

Hillary had to be ruing her bad timing that her promo appearance coincided with national headlines on the topic she’d most like to avoid — that being sexual misconduct. L’affaire Kavanaugh, doncha know. 

(The Squire doth believe and hope he was groped most degradingly at a drunken party he did not attend somewhere and some time in 1969.)

Should the FBI reopen its background investigation into the 36-year-old charges against a boy of 17, Ms. Maddow asked?

Ann of Althouse was on the same frequency. “Hillary, I will accept your good faith on this subject if you will do just one thing first: Denounce your husbandAnn demands.

    Let’s play word association, Hillary. I say “Nice blue dress” you say …?

Instead, Madame Secretary served up a high-minded word salad of incomplete sentences, feigned outrage, and lawyerly locutions. Need we say, Rachel never pressed her guest on Democrats’ hypocrisy, none more naked than Hillary’s. Makes one wonder if the Enabler In Chief imposes pre-conditions on her appearances. The “No Black Jelly Beans” in the dressing room bowl and No Monica, Juanita or those other trailer trash queens. Except that no one on MSNBC would be so rude as to commit, y’know, actual journalism! by asking a tough question.

Preceding Madame Maddow on our 13-inch low-def screen was the Pajama Boy. We do give Chris Hayes some credit for including a one-time George W. Bush cabinet nominee, Linda Chavez, among his usual line-up of partisan guests. “I don’t think it is fair to assume Brett Kavanaugh is guilty just because an accusation has been made,” Ms. Chavez reminded. “We do live in a country where there is a presumption of innocence.”

Let’s also understand that the Senate Judiciary Committee is not a criminal court jury. It is a function of the legislative branch of our political system. Christine Blasey Ford’s charges can never be proved or disproved. (There being no blue dress, et cetera.) The one eye-witness witness supports Kavanaugh’s uncategorical denial. But even if it did occur as described, it would be a misdemeanor under Wisconsin law committed by a rambunctious 17-year-old who, as a first offender, even if not adjudicated as a minor, would have his record expunged.

Hardly rises to the level of a sitting governor and president having his way with a poorly educated underling. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Hey Hillary, does this ring a bell: “Better put some ice on that.”

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The Left is not listening because they don’t want to know


In case anyone thought the Left was interested in the facts, here is The Nation to set you straight.

Come to Monday’s U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Not to hear the charges against Brett Kavanaugh and his defense. Come to the hearing to disrupt it.

… Engage in non-violent civil disobedience on Monday

To stop Kavanaugh, you need to come to the Senate this Monday and engage in nonviolent civil disobedience with us. …

Imagine what will happen when hundreds of people descend upon the Senate at 9 am on Monday for that hearing. Imagine if wave upon wave of protesters say “no” to sexual violence, “no” to corporate control of the economy, and “no” to Kavanaugh. Imagine if the hallways overflow with nonviolent resistance fighters. They will not be able to overcome the moral force of our voices. …

Civil disobedience is an invigorating and liberating experience … There will be singing and laughing … [and] powerful stories and inspiring speeches. You will be safe. The Capitol Police may even whisper in your ear, “I support you,” as they place the handcuffs on your wrists. … You will probably not go to jail. If you do, we will have lawyers there waiting for you. — published Monday (9-17-18) in The Nation

Also today, President Trump ordered materials relating to the Russian collusion investigation to be declassified. Some publications (the Wall Street Journal is one) have been clamoring for this transparency. But liberals are aghast. When do journalists plead for government secrecy? When the unveiling of those secrets might not fit their agenda.

Here is Comrade Nichols at The Nation (when he’s not moonlighting at The Capital Times):

Donald Trump is actively obstructing justice

Donald Trump has just meddled in an ongoing investigation—seeking to force the declassification of documents and text messages that are relevant to the inquiry into Russian influence on his campaign and his presidency. The president has ordered the Justice Department and Office of the Director of National Intelligence to begin the “immediate declassification” of key sections of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application for Carter Page … [ etc. ] — published today (9-18-18) in The Nation

It’s not just The Nation, although that publication is often on the bleeding edge of the liberal-progressive-socialist vanguard. Over at MSNBC, “Senator Richard Blumenthal talks with Rachel Maddow about the threat to U.S. intelligence sources and methods posed by President Trump’s declassifying documents in the ongoing Trump Russia investigation.” Of course, Adam Schiff is on with the ever-brittle Lawrence O’Donnell.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: It’s why the Cops Out of School/Derail the Jail crowd disrupts local government meetings here in Madison. They can’t win the argument so they try to drown it out. 

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Randy Bryce’s cop brother is voting Republican

This is a game changer

What is it about Democrats that they demonize the police, want to empty the prisons, and blame everyone but the miscreant?

That’s what is driving the police-officer brother of Democrat(ic) candidate Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce to cut a video ad supporting the Republican candidate, Bryan Steil, to succeed House Speaker Paul Ryan in the First Congressional District. The ad, put up by the super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund, displays a Twitter post by Randy Bryce calling police “terrorists.”

Randy Bryce’s own brother won’t vote for him! The text:

My name is James Bryce.

I’ve been a cop for over 23 years.

FBI statistics show that assaults against law enforcement have gone up in the last few years.

From my perspective, this has been motivated in part by cop-hating rhetoric.

I’ve been to three cops’ funerals in the last two years.

Two were shot while trying to protect people from violent criminals.

When people refer to police officers as terrorists, that hits a little close to home.

I don’t think people want to be represented by someone who’s shown contempt for those in law enforcement.

That’s one of the many reasons why I’m voting for Bryan Steil for Congress.

bryce-police-terrorists-768x371RightWisconsin notes:

Randy Bryce’s resentment towards the police may be the result of his being arrested nine times. The charges include Operating Under the Influence, not making court appearances, and driving without a license. Bryce has also been one of the Democratic candidates this year to call for the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a law enforcement agency.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Cop bashing wins Democrat(ic) primaries but not — outside the Emerald City — elections. Southeastern Wisconsin is culturally conservative.

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‘Madison police killers’ riot at Memorial high school football game

‘I’ll be out of here in no time’

From the Madison Police website:

Numerous officers were sent to help control an unruly group of teens following a Friday night football game at Mansfield Stadium, 6800 Mineral Point Rd. [ That’s Memorial high school. ] Officers reported several fights in the parking lot, with a large number of teens heading for other lots on nearby Odana Rd.

There, officers said more than 100 teens were “screaming and yelling at one another with multiple groups starting to fight,” according to one MPD report.

Several young people were yelling out gang names while making direct threats to officers by stating “M-P-K” which stands for Madison Police Killers.

At one point, a 15-year-old boy began to punch a girl. He was taken into custody for disorderly conduct. A crowd encircled two officers who were making the arrest “screaming different words of profanity while threatening to kill me,” said one of the officers, in his report.

The arrested teen continued to yell M-P-K at officers, and didn’t believe he would be in the Juvenile Reception Center long: “I’ll be out of here in no time,” an officer quoted him as saying.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhen will Madison’s elected (other than the stalwart Ald. Paul Skidmore) call for keeping police in our schools?

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#MeToo movement is groping for political retribution in the Kavanaugh case

He who is without sin … or was never young and stupid

Has it come to this? The #MeToo movement has gone from Harvey Weinstein, rape, harassment, and blacklisting to weaponizing teenage horseplay?

Like too much Hitler and Holocaust hyperbole, the charge against Brett Kavanaugh (if the word “charge” can even be merited) cheapens the issue.

Even if the 51-year-old liberal, Bernie Sanders donor has her story straight 36 years after the fact, what transpired at that house party would barely merit restorative justice in today’s Madison WI. (Why couldn’t Kavanaugh have been accused of car-jacking, instead?!)

According to her account, Kavanuagh and another 17-year-old boy pulled the 15-year-old girl into a bedroom. Young Kavanaugh pinned her down on the bed, groped her and attempted to remove her clothing. She “escaped” when the friend jumped on top of the bed and they all tumbled down.

That is what traumatizes Christine Blasey Ford all these years later? Exists there a heterosexual teenaged boy who hasn’t tried to cop a feel? Perhaps the old Squire is a Pleistocene-Age fossil. Perhaps the young lawyer-to-be  should have proffered a consent form, notarized and in triplicate. Sounds like alcohol was involved. Doesn’t make it right. Where was Uncle Buck when you needed him? Even if true, does it merit a lifetime scarlet letter?


Whirr, whirr, whirr

Can it be proven?

Continue reading

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You might be a racist if you signal you’re O.K.

We are most definitely not O.K.

Badgers pre-season dreams of glory crash and burn at Camp Randall. In their own house! Brewers lose two over the weekend. Can’t that line-up score any runs? Packers fit to be tied after Clay Matthews practically tucks Kirk Cousins into beddie bye and sings him a lullaby.

And now this exercise in race baiting from the ACLU:

ACLU hashtag


Here we thought they were flashing code for the Washington Post. Didn’t know it stood for “white power.” Because the Washington Post is all over it: Continue reading

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