Ald. Hall is trying to remain patient and focused amid the flying bullets

… but she’s pretty steamed!


Amanda Hall


“Neighbors, I am trying so hard to be patient. What’s been going on in our city has me pretty steamed. While the further east side of Madison is by far the safest residential area in the city, the rest of the city is contending with way more gun violence than we’ve dealt with in recent memory. I’m pretty fearless but I get that the general sense of peace and security that most Madisonians have felt their entire lives here is falling away. As one of our city’s many leaders, I’m feel strongly protective of that sense of peace, and I’m starting to feel pretty angry.”

So writes Madison Ald. Amanda Hall who:

  • Voted to spend $400,000 to investigate the Madison police for signs of racism.
  • Voted to deny recompensing Police Chief Koval for defending himself against spurious charges made to the PFC.
  • Who signed a letter damning the police for restraining Genele Laird after she threatened East Towne Mall employees with a knife.
  • When Chief Koval called for more help after a night with six shootings, Hall kvetched: “Instead of doing his job and administering our Police Department, [Koval] was trying to score political points not only for his department’s budget but also for his current personal legal battle with regards to his professional conduct.”

Let Amanda Hall know you’re steamed, too! E-mail the alder and don’t forget to add steam!

‘Gunfire is becoming commonplace in Madison’

That’s the lede sentence in the Madison newspapers about yet another shooting today.  This is not the Squire’s first rodeo. You don’t need to read tea leaves to discern that Hall is attempting to mollify a constituency increasingly fed up with the Madison shooting gallery. How? By pretending she is concerned, as well.

The far-Eastside alder is trying to remember other things, too. (Perhaps consuming fish oil would help?)

I’m trying to remember the basic logic that people with the economic opportunity for family-supporting jobs and wages don’t just decide that robbing someone else would be a lot more fun.

Now that is an elected city official going on full-bore Little Miss Buttercup! Plus some fractured English. Ald. Hall seems to be saying that the shooters aren’t shooting out the windows of passing motorists for the fun of it. The gang that vowed “Dude gotta wait, I’m getting that money” isn’t holding a gun to an honest workman’s head at the hamburger stand for kicks. They gotta have that money because … what? Because they don’t have family supporting jobs? In Dane County, with a practical rate of full employment? In Madison, where Now Hiring signs are more ubiquitous than orange traffic cones in July?

Or maybe (just maybe) Crime Causes Poverty! I.E., people who make poor choices get poor results.

I’m also trying to remember that it’s not the government’s or anyone’s place to demean anyone with labels or pity in the process of understanding individual actions.

No, Amanda, that’s our job here at the Blaska Policy Werkes. Don’t demean the gang bangers or the thugs with labels. We’re not Raging Lunatics here at the Asylum. But pardon us all to hell, we’re trying to remember something ourselves, like: What kind of anti-police message has the Madison Common Council been sending these past few years?


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Name something after that President!

We understand the bid to name something in the Emerald City — anything, apparently — after the recent president.

Nothing salves the guilty white liberal more than naming a building after America’s first black president, which is why those proposing to rename the City-County Building after Barack Obama were white liberals named Al Matano, county supervisor, and Joe Parisi, county executive. Bonus: It’s a slap at the current incumbent.

But Madison’s African-American population ain’t buying in. How embarrassing.

Why, because the CCB contains jail cells!

“The building is symbolic of the extreme racial disparities evident in the treatment of African Americans by the criminal justice system of the United States,” pronounced the local NAACP.

Now, no one is proposing that the state penitentiary at Waupun be named for President Obama. The City-County building houses Madison police, offices of the mayor and county executive, common council/county board chambers, civil rights, the parks department, municipal court, the assessor, city and county clerks — in other words, the full panopoly of government.

In any event, Martin Luther King Jr. famously endured his own personal Gethsemane in the Birmingham Jail. It is part of his passion and suffering for a great cause.

But it is an article of the One True Faith in the Church of Liberal Victimology that the justice system is stacked against People of Color — even in liberal-progressive-socialist Dane County. The judges, racist. District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, himself a person of color, registered Democrat and originally a Jim Doyle appointee — racist.

Are there racial disparities in the treatment of African Americans by the criminal justice system? Probably, in the U.S. Probably not in Madison, WI. Are there racial disparities in the commission of crime? Yes and overwhelmingly, according to the data.

The hard truth is that African-Americans account for 7% of Madison’s population but 43% of its arrests for crime, according to 2016 Madison PD statistics. That is one helluva lot of “disparity” to be explained by the supposed Klan membership of Madison’s men and women in blue.

How about not break lawThe more whacked-out of our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances (a-Bob? Baldy?) would have to argue that the wealthy white folks of Nakoma and University Heights are shooting each other but just aren’t being arrested. How laughable. (Incidentally, zero arrests for loitering, curfew, or public drunkenness. Drug arrests? Whites were arrested  by a greater margin: 532 to 296.)

It’s why a 39-year-old black man named Richard Harris, coordinator of veterans services at UW-Whitewater, reached out to Your Humble Squire last week. Holder of a master’s degree in social work, Harris told me “liberalism can kill you.”

Madison is full of well intentioned white liberals and black extortionists, Harris told me over cofveve at Barrique’s on Monroe Street. Civil rights leaders who aim their fire at the criminal justice system really don’t care about black lives.

“We tell Moslems to call out the extremists but we won’t do that in our own community.”


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Amelia Earhart photo hoax revealed

Christie in Marshall Islands

The white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) put the supposed photo of Amelia Earhart and her navigator — allegedly taken after their plane went down — under the microscope.  After a scheduled maintenance oil change, we fed the results to our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, Ol’ Sparky. With 95% confidence we can report that the photo is not Amelia Earhart or that Fred guy due to the presence, standing in the middle background, of Barack Obama who wasn’t even born in 1937, as far as we know. Plus, this is supposed to be the Marshall Islands, not Kenya.

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This blue life mattered to her kids and her elderly mother

A single mother who cares for her three young children and her elderly mother is shot point blank as she sits in her car.

The woman — to satisfy a-Bob, Baldy, and their fellow wallowers in the politics of identity — is black and hispanic.

I would say for no reason was she killed but there is a reason. It’s not robbery or a drug deal gone bad. The reason is she was wearing a blue uniform, the uniform of the New York city police department. Which is also the reason that the Black Lives Matter cynics have remained silent, if they’re not silently rejoicing.

“Where are the demonstrations?” asked NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill at her funeral. The divine Peggy Noonan elaborates:

Unnamed but a clear focus of Mr. O’Neill’s remarks was the radicalism and rage of the Black Lives Matter movement, coupled with a national media too often willing to paint the police, in any given incident, as guilty until proven innocent. This sets a mood that both excites and inspires the unsteady and unstable.  

Dateline: the No Man’s Land of Chicago

A neighborhood activist, age 58, trying to quell the gang banging and offering hope and jobs — is shot dead on the streets of Chicago. Now that is bad to the bone. Kill the good guy because he is doing good. Depraved.

“People are so cold-hearted. How could you take somebody’s life? He helped everybody. I just don’t understand,” Patricia Carter, the victim’s niece, said. (Read & Weep) Continue reading

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Brewers, motorcycles, trains, and an historic rural church — all in one weekend!

No rest for the wicked.

Saturday was the Harley Davidson of Madison run for muscular dystrophy. It took us down to Argyle in Lafayette County via some delicious back roads on a picture perfect day. Our group of four consumed justly praised hamburgers at Good Fellas tavern, washed down with some barley pops with the blue ribbon on the label.

One of the poker run stops was the Toy Train Barn, W9141 Highway 81, Argyle. Incredible! Well worth the $5 admission.

Several tableaus of trains of all gauges running over rivers and through mountains, past picturesque general stores and houses. The attention to detail is incredible. At one of the tables, a figure is polishing his classic car at an auto show, next to an car race and a circus in progress. A block away, firefighters are pouring water on a house afire and yes, smoke is billowing into the sky above this miniature city. To the east, cars are watching an outdoor movie that is actually playing. I joked to cousin Johan that the only thing missing was a car rocking so don’t come knocking. We looked closer. Yep, one car is rocking ever so slightly!

Buck, the owner, said he comes by his love of trains naturally, having been a railroad engineer some 30 years. His wife Jan showed us some of the mechanicals underlaying the display, many of them adapted from household items. You can ride an outdoor train on the farm. What a great find!


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Will City of Madison help Culver’s robbery victim? Could be …

Where angels fear to tread, Squire Blaska rushes in with a list of impertinent questions. Two weeks ago, upon the death of a contractor named Chris Kneubuehl during an armed robbery at a Culver’s restaurant, we asked this question:

Madison’s elected alders recently awarded $75,000 to address “racial disparities, violence, and division between communities.” The money was ear-marked for funeral arrangements, temporary housing, bus passes, food cards, smartphones and counseling. Will the Kneubuehl family be the first to benefit? Or don’t they qualify?

We posed that question to Madison’s elected leaders. Instead of responding, they organized a stonewall. Ald. McKinney told her fellow alders:

Email from David Blaska: So it begins!!! This was not unexpected. I ask that if any response comes forth that it is coordinated so as not to further divide our community.

Evidently, the alders decided on No Response. Don’t want to “divide the community.” Not when everyone who counts agrees.

In the meantime, I sat down with Michael Johnson of the Boys and Girls Clubs and Anthony Cooper of Focused Interruption. Their hearts are in the right place and they may even do some good. Still digesting our conversation but I can pass along that Michael Johnson says his group did reach out to help the Kneubuehl family but that Culver’s is doing its own thing. Which is this:

On Saturday, July 15, these Culver’s restaurants will donate 100% of their sales to the Kneubuehl family.

  • 2102 W. Beltline Hwy. (Todd Drive), Madison
  • 4401 Cottage Grove Rd., Madison
  • 4700 Farwell St., McFarland

The intrepid Paula Fitzsimmons — a major force in the police support movement — pressed the issue with Mayor Soglin. She wrote this on July 10:

 … I’m requesting that the city match the amount Culver’s raises that day. We have money for police “studies,” a 15-point plan, and to compensate the family of someone who attacked a police officer and was tragically, albeit consequently shot. The least we can do is to compensate the family of someone who was killed, through no fault of his own (while providing for his family) in our city.

I’d like to know your plans for doing this, including possible compensation for  the other victims from that evening. If you don’t plan to compensate, I’d like to know why not.

Lo (and behold!) Paula was copied in this e-mail today:

From: Soglin, Paul []
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2017 3:03 PM
To: ‘Paula Fitzsimmons’ <xxxxx>
Subject: RE: Compensating the Culver Victim’s Family

Gloria…lets discuss

Paul R. Soglin, Mayor
City of Madison

“Gloria” would be Gloria Reyes, deputy mayor for public safety, civil rights, and community services.

It would be the smart move but (as the former FBI director would say) Lordy, does it open Pandora’s Box! Every one whose smart phone was ever snatched is going to line up. But then, that box was opened when the city committed money to Focused Interruption.

Add your voices. Tell Hizzoner to start paying attention to the victims of crime.

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