What shame? Disrupters are proud of F-bombing the school board

Dispatches from the War on Cops / the Madison front

Today we’re picking some of the better representative comments from seven sources to the Chaos in the Classroom and Cops Out of School nonsense of the past week.

Ann of Althouse1) At Ann’s Althouse:  About Blaska being shouted down at a school board committee meeting, one of Ann’s readers suggested “Somebody set up a database where people doing this type of protesting are recorded with video. Basically public shaming.” Another reader named “Rick” countered:

How could this be effective? You can’t rely on their personal shame because they’re proud of this behavior. You can’t use public displeasure because they live and work in institutions (academia, government, NGOs) which value and support this behavior. In fact for many this activity is essentially a job interview. The most radical left wingers get the plum jobs. 

Bill Ayers didn’t get a job high in the Illinois education bureaucracy despite being a left-wing terrorist, he got it because he is a left-wing terrorist.

Duerst Wuerst2) We thank Duerst the Wuerst for recording video of Wednesday’s disruption. At Duerst’s site, gurugeorge asks, “Why isn’t security just throwing out these disruptive hooligans?” Your very own Squire responded: 

“What Security? The school board is trying to get rid of security. That is the purpose of this committee!”

Miss Vicki3) Our Ms Vicki McKenna was clearly outraged Thursday on ClearChannel 1310’s AM airwaves — and showed it. By the heckling and chanting, sure, but more by the deference chairman Dean Loumos showed to the disrupters. So were her call-ins. Access the podcast here.

4) On frustrated teacher Karen Vieth’s blog,  Patrick Loudoun comments: 

I would love to offer you a solution, but given that the district is in Madison, I might as well address a gathering of squirrels.

I know you would like to think you are good teachers. You aren’t. I know you say the kids come first. They clearly don’t. I’m not exactly sure how adults could fall for this liberal claptrap, but you have.

Every one of you went through Middle School. Every one of you knows what needs to be done. And none of you will do it? “Restorative circles”? Are you kidding? Kids that age are natural agitators. They can smell fear. They know they are in charge, and you let it happen.

Facebook logo5) On Facebook, unreconstructed liberal Ken Carson taunts the police failure at Parkland, Florida: “so much for good guys with guns …when the going gets tough they hide.”

Blaska countered with “School Resource Officer Stopped School Shooting, Authorities Say” at Dixon, Illinois, and “Maryland school officer stops armed student who shot 2 others,” in Maryland. All just this spring semester.

Carson countered:

“Would you like me to post all the links where additional guns didn’t work? There will be a lot more.”

David Blaska responded:

“Only if I can post all the times Ted Williams didn’t get a hit in 1941.”


6) At the Stately Manor, Gary Kriewald observed:

Any rational person would be embarrassed by the antics of the BLM thugs and their SJW comrades, but given the masochistic mentality of the guilty white liberals on the Madison school board, I suspect they welcomed the turmoil. Being the brunt of these folks’ rage is what they feel they deserve for being in charge of a system riddled with institutionalized racism. If anything, the experience probably gave them the sort of psycho-sexual thrill they can’t get any other way.


Nino Rodriguez

Nino R.

7) Live and in the moment Wednesday evening at the Madison School Board’s Get the Cops Out committee: Blaska was recounting how 18 police responded to a brawl February at La Follette H.S. that injured two students and a teacher. Anti-cop activist Nino Rodriquez shouted out: “Why didn’t they prevent it?”


Undaunted, Blaska related the police officer who disarmed a student carrying a loaded handgun February 21, also at La Follette.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: “Why didn’t they prevent it?”!!! One may as well ask how much influenza does vaccination prevent? Is this the kind of logic the school board will swallow? And does the Madison school board really want this issue facing them at a full board meeting in the auditorium at Doyle Admin Bldg.?

Tell our Madison school board to stop the nonsense!

Have a sunny weekend!


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‘Silence white supremacy!’ Part #2

‘Get him out’

That was what the anti-police rowdies — about 50 of them — chanted Wednesday evening at the Madison school board ad hoc committee on “educational resource officers.” For the last year and one-half they have been browbeating the school board to expel the cops, not troublemakers, from Madison’s public schools. We described that chaotic meeting in Part #1.

This video was recorded by DuersttheWuerst who captions it “Silence White Supremacy! Chants triggered BLM SJWs (social justice warriors?).” [[ UPDATE: Great comments here. A sample: “This is political terrorism. Don’t laugh about it. This is what fascism looks like early on.” Thanks to Ann of Althouse for picking this up. And to Instapundit (H/T Da Judge) ]]

From the psychotic Madison school board meeting concerning getting cops outta schools. These people are ideologically possessed children who are incapable of rational discussion.

I’ll second that motion. In the video, I point out that this is the same Derail the Jail crew that disrupted the Dane County Board. At which point someone shouted that I had “attacked” the family of the sainted drug abuser and convicted felon Tony T. Robinson Jr., who attacked a police officer whom Tony’s friends had summoned for help. (Tony was attacking people, including complete strangers, at random.) At that county board meeting in question, I suggested that had Tony T. been committed to the new jail Sheriff Mahoney is building, the one that will treat mental illness and substance abuse, the young man might be alive today. Instead, he was given probation. In addition to lots of psilocybin and prescription Xanax by his _________. Now he is dead.

Now, this small, non-representative and self-referential group of F-bombers is trying to drive school policy. By shouting down speakers and disrupting a public meeting and brandishing race as if it were an AR-15. You can hear me comment during the video that the chaos in Room 103 of the Doyle Administration Bldg Wednesday resembles too many Madison classrooms. You see several members leaving, including school board member T.J. Mertz. A few of them did return.

The video does not capture Dean Loumos apologizing to the speech bullies for allowing me to speak.


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One citizen speaks for keeping cops in schools, gets race-baited by school board member; Part #1

Blaska survives a chaotic meeting in a chaotic school district

I spoke before the Madison School Board’s ad hoc committee on police in the schools late Monday afternoon. Or tried to.

No Cops in SchoolsRoom 103 of the Doyle administration bldg was packed with the usual suspects, a term I used in my remarks. There were about 50 of the Derail the Jail crowd, assorted socialists and others. They sprayed the F-bomb liberally and insulted the committee members at will. They brandished the usual posters, including “Expel Cops, Not Kids.” They’ve been bird-dogging this committee for the past year and a half, virtually uncontradicted. Their message is pure identity blame gaming: the white power structure is keeping them down.

The four Madison high school educational resource (police) officers:


When at last Blaska’s turn came (and it came toward the last) he asked whether police in the four Madison high schools are really the problem. Continue reading

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Gerrymander THIS, losers!

We note that some of ankle-biters “infesting” (to use a presidential term) our beloved Stately Blaska Manor are clamoring for the Squire redirect his lethal gaze away from the liberal policies laying waste to the Madison public schools. Please change the subject, they beg. Why aren’t you writing about infants at the border? they wail. 
Because it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. That’s why. (You would now, too, if it happened to you.)
But O.K., here goes. Send more adjudicators down to the border. Bus them in, drop ‘em in like paratroopers hitting the beach. Process the refugees in the drive-through lane. Same-day service. One-Hour Martinizing. Let them through or turn them back as a family. Do not pass Go. No fuss, no muss.
Donald Trump drives the Good Humor ice cream truck blaring Guantanamera from its one tinny speaker. (Over and over and …) Dispensing Dream(er)sickles to the little terrorists. Great optics.
Satisfied, ankle biters? No? Back to Detention Camp with you. Or Room 120 for some restorative justice.

Thinking outside the Square

Now, onto something that interests The Squire: legislative redistricting.

Tenth DistrictOur … acquaintances express frustration that the U.S. Supreme Court Monday did not strike down Wisconsin’s supposedly gerrymandered legislative districts. They should be frustrated because that map likely will remain in force for the 2020 election, which will elect the legislature that will draw the new map following that year’s Census.

The Democrats’ case rested on a supposed formula measuring something they call the “efficiency gap,” which measures the number of “wasted votes” that do not contribute to winning a legislative seat. Democrats settled on an arbitrary number — 7% — as being unacceptably “inefficient.” 

The wasted votes were achieved, they allege, by packing all the Democrats into a few districts and “cracking” other liberal strongholds among several districts so as to render the Democrats as minorities.

We discussed all this in “Why the Democrats’ ‘efficiency gap’ is a crock.” (Pay attention, people!)  → For Extra Credit, see Judge Jim Troupis’ take on Gill v Whitford.

What our liberal-preogressive-socialist acquaintances cannot grasp is that a properly functioning court does not act as a super legislature. It apples the law as written against constitutional principles. 

“This Court is not responsible for vindicating generalized partisan preferences,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in a 9-0 decision. Instead, the court asked what harm was incurred by the named complainant, emeritus UW Law School prof Bill Whitford. The Democrat resides in Madison’s 76th Assembly District on the isthmus. Represented by, in reverse order, ultra-liberal Democrats Chris Taylor, Mark Pocan, and Tammy Baldwin. It votes 82% for Democrats. Under the Democrats’ alternative and “fairer” map it would vote — get ready for it -— 82% for Democrats!

Vote iconNow, we have no doubt that the Republican legislature gave endangered incumbents the benefit of the doubt with a tweak here and a tug there. But your perspicacious Squire reminds the lip movers that Two Men and a Truck did most of the packing. 

“The Gill v Whitford  plaintiffs would have judges determine whether an electoral map has the “right” number of Democrats or Republicans,” Attorney Katherine L. McKnight writes in today’s Wall Street Journal.

“The Supreme Court is right to press plaintiffs on harm: What kind of harm does a conservative Democratic voter endure when the district elects a moderate Republican?” McKnight asks, rhetorically.

Seeking court protection for Democrats and Republicans as such [is] more protection than is afforded historically protected classes including racial minorities. 

In any event, some vote Republican in one election and Democrat in another, often on the same ballot. Wisconsin is celebrated and notorious for split-ticket voting. These people are called “independents.” McKnight notes that one-third of Wisconsin’s counties voted for Barack Obama twice and then for Donald Trump. (Those racists!) No packing or cracking necessary.

Consider that in January’s special election, northwestern Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District went 54-44% Democrat after being Republican for 17 years and carried for Trump 55% to 38%.

The same thing occurred pretty much in the First Senate District in last week’s special election. That both flips occurred in Senate districts may be no accident. 

Wisconsin is carved into 33 senate districts, each of which comprises 3 Assembly districts for 99 state reps. The Senate districts, therefore, are three times larger than Assembly districts and more susceptible to political churning. 

Ranked choice and proportional representation

Ranked choiceTwo deep thinkers* propose a combination of ranked choice voting with a form of proportional representation; that is, each district would elect multiple legislators.  

In “ranked choice voting,” a voter indicates his top 3 (or pick a number) choices among, let’s say, 6 candidates. The last-place finisher is eliminated and his voters are apportioned to whomever they picked as second or third choices. And so on until one candidate attains a majority.

Some non-partisan municipal elections here in Wisconsin already elect multiple office holders for the same jurisdiction as, say, the top three vote-getters for alderman or town supervisor. That could work independently of ranked choice voting or with it. Cumulative votingUntil 1980 Illinois did something of the same thing. Each legislative district elected three members at large. Each voter got three votes that could be distributed to either one, two, or three candidates who survived as the two top vote-getters in each party’s primary. That system is known as “cumulative voting.”

That system would lend itself to ganging up in favor of one candidate. A fairer system might be to limit the voter to one vote per candidate; the voter could vote for one, two, or three different candidates but not all three votes for a single candidate.

The afore-mentioned * deep thinkers are the executive editor of National Review. and executive director of FairVote, a nonpartisan electoral reform organization. The contend their system would elect Democrat(ic) congressmen in Oklahoma and Republicans in Connecticut.

“That would replace winner-take-all voting — whereby up to 49.9 percent of the voters win nothing — with fair representation where the majority elects the most seats, but everyone gains the power to elect their fair share,” National Review and FairVote contend.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWisconsin could easily elect three state reps from each Senate district; say, from among the top five vote getters in the primary elections regardless of party, including independents. That would allow the occasional Democrat in a Waukesha County district and the occasional Republican in Dane County. But probably not in the 76th District.

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Jeff Simpson yells ‘racist’ in a crowded blog but can’t back it up; Part #5

Jeff Simpson


[ UPDATE: DAY 2 — still no response from this race-baiter. ]

Jeff Simpson, I am calling you out. 

Jeff Simpson, you are an elected member of a school board (Monona Grove, what were you thinking?), and an active Democrat. You are a public figure.

Jeff Simpson, you accused me, David Blaska, of racism — now back it up. What have I written that qualifies as racist?

I reported that a 17-year-veteran teacher in the Madison Metropolitan School District quit the teaching profession in despair. She described the “positive behavior coach” being hospitalized after breaking up a student fight. She described that and more in a heartfelt on-line blog on June 11 titled “Closing the Door on the Madison Metropolitan School District.” 

“I am leaving this district, because I cannot serve the children I love in the current climate,” teacher Karen Vieth blogged.  

I have never seen a building as deeply in crisis as Sherman Middle School, yet my cries for help went unanswered for three years.  … Nobody seems to be steering the ship.

Continue reading

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Dane County Historical Society: let the memorial remain at Confederate Rest

Removing it would be ‘an injustice to history’

Historic Society Banner

June 18, 2018

Dear Members of the City of Madison Common Council,

The Board of Directors for the Dane County Historical Society is opposed to the removal of the stone cenotaph erected at Forest Hill Cemetery in 1906 which lists the names of the 140 Confederate soldiers who are buried at Confederate Rest. We are writing in support of local efforts to preserve this monument, and the story of those interred in that specific section of the cemetery.

The mission of the Dane County Historical Society is to preserve and disseminate the history of the county through its Otto Schroeder Records Center, events, and also its wide-ranging historical marker program. Forest Hill Cemetery and its role in Civil War history falls within the scope of the history which we wish to see interpreted and highlighted for the public. One of the more unique pieces of the history of the men buried at Confederate Rest, is that they would have been held at a prisoner-of-war camp at Camp Randall, a former training ground for Union troops, where several of those POW’s died from disease.

Our board of directors feels it is essential to history that this stone cenotaph, dedicated to those buried in the cemetery, remain where it stands. The most important element of the cenotaph is that it lists the names of the soldiers buried in that section of the cemetery in a unique burial ground for the remains of the men who fought for the Confederacy. Despite being born in states which seceded from the Union, the names of those soldiers should not be removed nor hidden. They should not be forgotten, as those men lived and died and were interred in Madison, Wisconsin. All of these are inarguable facts.

Should the decision be made to remove the cenotaph, our Board of Directors for the Dane County Historical Society strongly feels that a new interpretive sign needs to be erected in its place. A new sign would need to list the names of those buried at Confederate Rest, and explain the history as to why they were interred in the Forest Hill Cemetery, how their graves were cared for throughout the years, and acknowledge that it is the Northernmost burial ground for Confederate soldiers.

The Dane County Historical Society contacted several of our sister societies in the county boundaries, and among them there was a general consensus that to remove this stone would be an injustice to history. Taking away the stone and not replacing it with a plaque or monument would be an attempt to exclude an important part of the Civil War history which took place in Madison, Wisconsin.

Hist Soc signatur

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