Blaska is voting for that bastard, Trump

And you don’t have to like it!

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He steps on his applause lines, he gets in the way of his message. He is a classic narcissist. His tank of human empathy reads “empty.” He’s that co-worker you avoid: never wrong and blaming everyone around him when things don’t go right. He lies like a bad toupee. The best leaders can laugh at themselves (“I forgot to duck.”) and show a little humility — even if it is faked. Not this guy. 

The head groundskeeper hereabouts does not know if he can take another four years of The Donald’s needy preening. Four years ago we were Never Trump despite being an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Good times!)

This time around, we’re voting Trump/Pence, anyway!

Joe Biden is only a placeholder for Kamala, Corey, and crew. Bernie, A.O.C., Ilhan, and Pocan are not your father’s Democrats. Blaska knew (about) JFK growing up. Today’s Dems are no JFK, who was pro-growth, low-tax, anti-communist. (The economic tide rose under Donald Trump; it lifted all boats; Black unemployment was the lowest on record before the pandemic; America exports energy; 401(k)s are fat and sassy.)

Biden would cede sovereignty to unelected “experts” who would leverage the environment to determine economic, political, and social policy aka the Green New Deal. Rule by expert (they’re never wrong, right?) is the essence of progressivism.

Democrats’ platform boils down to more free stuff — some form of reparations, “free” college, and nationalized medicine. Speaking of Castro’s Cuba, we’re still waiting for the first liberal to call out the cancel culture. Invite Condoleezza Rice to your commencement exercise and then we’ll talk.

Margaret Thatcher said “democratic” socialism had a smell, that of uncollected garbage by striking workers. Today, it smells like fire-bombed dumpsters. You can also see socialism; it’s boarded up like State Street, Madison WI. It has a sound, F-bombers drowning out dissent.

The cult of victimhood

The Left is Portland, Baltimore, and Kenosha. It is blame, resentment, and grievance. Defund the cops, Derail the jail. Destroy the culture. Lock black kids in failing schools to placate the teachers union. The progressive project feeds on victimhood, like a wonkish Nosferatu. Blacks, women, even taxpayer-subsidized college students — all are victims of oppression! Aspiring martyrs like Jussie Smollett and Madison’s own Althea Bernstein fake victimhood to become heroes. What a twisted value system!

Foreign policy? Trump/Pence extinguished ISIS, rubbed out terrorists like Soleimani and al-Baghdadi (to the shrieks of MSNBC and the NY Times), recognized Jerusalem, brought Arab countries and Israel together, started no new wars, withdrew from old ones, and is holding China and Iran to account.

Democrats’ have politicized Covid-19. But while Trump was sealing off Wuhan’s contagion from the U.S., Democrats played the race card. Nancy Pelosi was walking arm in arm with Democrats into San Francisco’s Chinatown. No face masks, no social distancing.

You want irony?

Donald Trump is a tribune of the downtrodden working man — “the Deplorables” once claimed by the likes of Wm Jennings Bryan and Woody Guthrie. Trump is the antidote to the twisted histories of the professoriate, the sneering hubris of Hollywood, and virtue-signaling mainstream media elites who:

  • Defenestrated venial sinners like Al Franken in the #MeToo frenzy.
  • Crucified that kid from Covington Catholic high school for being White, Christian, and MAGA.
  • Promote drag queen story hour at the elementary school.

If you don’t agree, you’re a racist! We will not reward what David Harsanyi in National Review calls “the American Left’s extraordinary four-year descent into insanity.”

I’m sorry, I have a hard time taking etiquette lessons from people who can’t raise any ire over the Virginia governor’s casual description of euthanizing infants.

Will Donald Trump accept the results of next week’s election? Maybe when Democrats respect the results of 2016. How can Robert Mueller conclude “Russian Collusion” was a hoax and not be the least bit curious about who hoaxed? Unless his team was riven with Obama/Clinton deep-state holdovers like Peter Strzok. (“We’ll stop Trump.”) Impeach over a telephone call? Are you kidding! 

Democrats who put the electron microscope to Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook pretend — with the connivance of a curiously un-curious news media — there’s nothing to see on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Now they will pack the court to get what they cannot legislate.

Blaska’s Bottom LineMaybe this time the arrogant Left will learn its lesson.

For whom are YOU voting?

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The Werkes is ‘goin’ up the country’

Canned Heat for breakfast:  

‘I’m gonna leave this city, got to get away
All this fussin’ and fightin’ man, you know I sure can’t stay’

Blaska Policy Werkes has relocated its world headquarters from Stately Blaska Manor in stolen-car, woke-out-of-its-mind Madison WI to new digs, far outside the corrupting influence of the progressive Gomorrah. Besides, we’re fresh out of plywood.

Figured we’d ride out Election 2020 in the safety of the verdant Wisconsin countryside where our Second Amendment freedom is embossed on every stop sign. Also until our dispute with City of Madison zoning plays out. (Why would a deer tree stand be illegal in town?)

Complete with Alf Landon for President banner! Like a certain soft drink, so misunderstood! H/T Steve Witherspoon.

O.K., no pizza delivery but meat raffles every Saturday at the saloon down the road. Instead of 5G connectivity we settled for 1½ G (love the discount!) and a weekly column in the local Shopper Stopper (“Blaska Vents.”) No cable, but we can still get Miz Vicki on the wireless, so we got that going for us.

Our new site, at least, was not stolen from the Ho-Chunk people, unlike greater Madison. Although, as it turns out, it was stolen from some Norwegian (or so he claims in his property title dispute). 

We want to thank Chip and Joanna Gaines for the amazing make-over. We spit beer out through our nose when the Fixer-Uppers pulled aside those panels for the big reveal. Shiplap made out of particle board! Who knew? Had been a Kodak photo kiosk at East Towne Mall.

Ol’ Sparky (our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer) is finally out of the garden shed and in the main building for easier access! It sits on wood pallets scrounged from Menards to protect it from the periodic flooding in the basement. (The mice out here in corn and soybean country must eat well. Gosh, they’re big!)

We’re renting to own from a guy in blue overalls and a white T-shirt — damned if he doesn’t look like Dick Cheney! The gray lab coats live upstairs when they’re on duty and, like the Ghostbusters, slide down the pole when a policy needs writing or a wrong needs righting. (Tanning booths while you wait.)

The indentured servants are roasting a pig with its head still on. (Shaddap, PETA, the damn thing is dead.) The unlettered field hands are fertilizing the creeping charlie for next Spring as they sing their simple folk songs from the Dead Kennedys song book.

For the head groundskeeper, the board of directors set up a cozy trailer out back, next to the stand-alone lavatory. At least until he recovers from the fevers, body aches, and general fatigue. (“I can’t taste my beer!”)

Let us know when it’s safe to return to the Peoples’ Republic. Until then, stop on out. We’re off the main highway, back of the gun range, downwind from the confined animal feeding operation. Drop off a used tire to show your support. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: ‘I’m goin’ to some place, I’ve never been before.’

How are YOU riding this thing out?

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Days of Rage ahead, Joe Biden or not

The only thing we have to fear is … November 3.

Republican presidential candidate Dwight Eisenhower said he would go to Korea. The old general did, resolving that unpopular war. Joe Biden should go to Portland and demand “Clean up that wall.” He won’t, he can’t, and Donald Trump was right to call him on it during the first debate.

November 4Because the crazies don’t care about elections, your property, or our rights as citizens. They want Revolution and they mean to get it. Yes, the right-wing militias have guns and their aim is true. But they’re not the ones busting up our cities. The social justice warriors boarded up State Street and Madison’s Capitol Square, not the Boogaloo Bois or Covid-19.  

It won’t matter if Uncle Joe and Kamala Harris succeed to the White House. BLM, Antifa, and the white grievance studies majors will never be satisfied. No amount of kowtowing, rending of garments, or self-abasement will satisfy the haters. No legislation, no “police citizens review board” will placate the hard-line Marxists.

“Police are terrorizing our community. We must tear down this unjust world,”  said one of the revolutionaries berating the Madison Common Council 10-20-20. Judging by the looks of Downtown Madison, they’re off to a good start.


Freedom Inc. and Democratic Socialists position

America knows it. More than one-third of the nation is expecting the election in 10 days to create “anarchy and chaos” resulting in potentially lethal violence, says an opinion poll cited by the Washington Examiner.

Protests already planned for Nov. 4

Uncle Joe is only “the lesser of two evils,” according to Allies for Black Lives – Madison and Democratic Socialists of America – Madison.

“We know that no matter the outcome November 3, we’ll have our work cut out for us. While our hopes may be with the lesser of two evils, we know that a corporate-controlled political party can never represent the interests of the people.”

The Wobblies are promoting one of their traffic-blocking car caravans for 4:30 p.m. November 4 “in solidarity with people who are organizing all over the country.”

We will let our elected officials know that we will not be fooled. We will stand against fascism and racism in all their forms and we will continue to uplift the demands of the Movement for Black Lives, as we have been doing for months, not only to ensure Trump’s departure from the White House but to DEFUND THE POLICE and INVEST IN BLACK PEOPLE.” … We will not be satisfied playing defense … We’re creating a new world, and we will win.

The Madison protest is part of a nationwide strategy. PJ Media quotes the organizers: “Be ready to block a highway (or all the highways in your town), shut down a port, occupy your state capitol, do whatever it takes!”

No one on the Left has called out Derail the Jail, Defund the Police, or Cops out of Schools. Not Mayor Satya of Madison, not the city’s Democrat(ic) legislative delegation, not county exec Joe Parisi, not congressman Mark Pocan, not Sen. Tammy Baldwin. The Democrat(ic) establishment tiptoes past the graveyard. BLM, Antifa, Freedom Inc., et cetera are their people. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: President-elect Joe Biden isn’t going to tamp down that kind of hate. It’s just not in him and they won’t let him.

How are YOU preparing for November 4?

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Madison alders propose no more cop cuts

Further cuts can still be proposed from the floor

Color us surprised. Madison alders’ operating budget amendments were due today and none proposed cutting the police department’s budget beyond Mayor Satya’s $2 million.

Council President Sheri Carter, a good moderate, actually moved to accept a $230,528 grant to create a downtown entertainment zone police team, which would add four police officers. Alder Zach Henak co-sponsored. The amendment would basically restore Mayor Satya’s cuts to the police head count.

Madison alders’ salaries would be cut 5% from the 3.25% increase in pay built into Mayor Satya’s budget if a budget amendment proposed today is adopted. That results in a 1.75% decrease in current pay. The council president was scheduled for $17,470, the vice president $15, 448, other alders $14,357. Instead, the new salaries would be $16,597, $14,714, and $13,640. 

Total savings, a grand total of $16,193. Not much, but symbolic. The amendment was proposed by Council president Sheri Carter and co-sponsored by Alders Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Zach Henak, and Paul Skidmore.

Good move, but why not cut the mayor’s scheduled pay  increase while you’re at it? After all, she wants the police to cut theirs. 

Alders Keith Furman and Rebecca Kemble (Progressive Dane) want to create an “Office of Community Engagement” and eliminate the council’s chief of staff position. Its incumbent is quitting anyway, fed up by the antics of this council.

Blaska’s Bottom LineThe city’s finance committee meets Monday, October 26 at 4:30 p.m. Demand a reduction in the mayor’s salary and restoration of the police departments budget. Links here.

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Democrats walk out on ACB because she is not partisan

 Here’s what you won’t see on the networks tonight.

Democrats walked out on democracy today (10-22-20). They left empty chairs at the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on recommending the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the full Senate. What a lame stunt! At least they smashed no windows.

If you love democracy and reverse the Constitution, listen to Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, one of America’s sharpest legal minds, call Democrats out on their goal to make the courts an unelected legislature to enact laws that they cannot. The video is 17 minutes.

A must see; Sen. Mike Lee on Democrats objective to politicize the Supreme Court.


A partial transcription:

[Democrats] killed Miquel Estrada’s nomination [to the D.C. Appellate Court], for partisan reasons. They slandered Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, and Justice Kavanaugh. They nuked the filibuster for partisan reasons. Now they are trying to scuttle this vote for partisan political reasons. When it comes to the judiciary, abuse of power is their agenda.

Now, the left seems to think the Supreme Court exists to impose their very worst ideas onto those recalcitrant members of the public … citizens that refuse blindly to go along with their entitled extremism. They want the court to empower abortion activists, … to tell everyone how to live without votes, without accountability, and without debate. Putting debatable matters beyond debate seems to be their formula. They don’t want democracy.

Amy Coney Barrett will not politicize the Supreme Court. She is going to turn back policy decisions and political debate back to the people and their elected, accountable representatives where they belong. Judge Barrettt understands under our Constitution policy is supposed to be determined by the priorities of the people, not editorial boards, or twitter posts, or school faculty senates. That is why the left is so furious about this nomination.

For all the pious pablum you hear on MSNBC and all the networks tonight, understand they are not angry because this process is unfair. They are angry because it is fair. Not because they think Amy Coney Barrett is going to be a partisan justice, but because they know she will not be. 

They are not afraid Judge Barrett will legislate from the bench, but [that] she will force Democrats and Republicans to legislate from legislatures! — as the Constitution itself requires. Judge Barrett threatens their power — not because she has a hidden agenda or hidden powers but because they do and she won’t enact those powers or exercise them by judicial fiat.

That is exactly why we need to have Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court of the United States. not to avenge Bork, Thomas, Estrada, Alito, or Kavanaugh— but to return integrity to the Supreme Court and the senate, and all the institutions left is judicial abuse has twisted and desecrated for two generations. We need to confirm Amy Coney Barrett not to give political power to conservatives or Republicans but to finally give it back to the American people from whom it was stolen.

Worth watching the entire Judiciary Committee hearing. It is 1:12 hours long. Chairman Lindsay Graham is properly indignant, but restrained. Sen. Cruz is, as usual, wonderful. Sen. Cornyn is worthwhile, too.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Democrats can keep walking, far as we are concerned. (And that’s pretty far!)

Anyone doubt that Joe Biden and his A.O.C. Democrats will pack the court?

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Biden laptop was subpoenaed by FBI in 2019 in a money laundering probe– JONATHAN TURLEY

Last night 10-21-20, Fox News reported that the laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden was subpoenaed last year by the FBI in a money laundering investigation. While the status and the targets of the investigations are unknown, the subpoena would appear to support the fact that these emails are authentic and that the laptop was Biden’s. While House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and roughly 50 “intelligence experts” have assured the public that this is just Russian disinformation, both the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence have now confirmed that they do not believe the laptop and its contents are Russian disinformation.

Now it appears that the laptop was viewed as sufficiently connected to possible federal crimes to be subpoenaed as evidence by the FBI a year ago. These disclosures continue to make a mockery of the effective news blackout imposed by virtually every major news organization on the story. Notably, for years the media and legal experts have cited the fact of a secret FISA surveillance order as proof that the Russian investigation was legitimate even though allegations of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign were discredited.

Source: Biden Laptop Was Subpoenaed By The FBI in 2019 As Part Of A Money Laundering Investigation – JONATHAN TURLEY

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