Witness intimidation? How about Democrats boycotting Sondland’s hotels?

How Democrats flip an impeachment witness

‘Welcome to the Resistance’

If your Squire is ever called to testify before Congress, he promises to sweat profusely (unlike Prince Andrew), mop his brow obsessively, and shield the microphone as he consults with his mobbed up lawyer. The Fifth Amendment would be invoked, White Privilege blamed. He would also say something about Epstein not off-ing himself.

Adam Schiff concludes the examination of European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland today by asserting that he never wanted it to come to this — that being impeachment. That is a Whopper made of over-processed soybean meal. Schiff has been looking for a crime to fit the verdict for the last couple of years. Where, indeed, is the beef?

Sondland boycott

The real whopper is that a Democratic congressman from Sondland’s home state of Oregon, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, has called for a boycott has organized pickets and a boycott against Sondland’s hotels. Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, asked Sondland if he’d received “threats and reprisals” since his name hit the news.

“Many,” Sondland replied. “We have countless e-mails, apparently, to my wife. Our properties are being picketed and boycotted.” Rep. Conaway commented:

Mr. Blumenauer should not be using the vast influences that we have to bully you (Sondland) and your businesses into harm — the hundreds or thousands of employees that operate your business — by trying take business away from you to force you into doing something that they wanted you to do. That’s a shame. I’m hopeful that my colleagues will join me in saying, ‘Mr. Blumenauer, you really shouldn’t be using your congressional influence to try to bully and threaten a witness before these proceedings.’

And you wondered why Sondland flipped from having Trump’s back to being an accuser!

‘Welcome to the Resistance’

Meanwhile, Blumenauer was apparently pleased with Sondland’s testimony on Wednesday, tweeting “Gordon Sondland, welcome to the Resistance,” according to the Seattle Times.

Gordon Sondland reminds us of Wallace Shawn in the movies My Dinner with Andre and Princess Bride. Nice guy, means well.

But talk about two-sided! Sondland’s opening statement said Quid Pro Quo, fo’ sho’. Only deep into the daylong testimony did Sondland quote the President as saying, in a direct face-to-face meeting: “I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky — President Zelensky to do the right thing.”

“You can’t find the time to fit that in a 23-page opening statement?” Jim Jordan (the man in shirt sleeves) marveled.

Even the Bidens?

Comment, respond, what do you think

Should the Bidens be exempt from investigation?

Democrats are fond of saying no one is above the law. Would that include Joe and Hunter Biden? Even Sondland had to admit that Hunter’s $50,000 monthly stipend while his daddy was Veep had at least the appearance of a conflict of interest. And why did the Obama administration brief a previous ambassador on how to handle the Biden conflict of interest?

Finally, who sets administration foreign policy? The Constitution offers a clue. It’s not the foreign policy establishment. It is an elected President who is skeptical of pouring taxpayer dollars in foreign aid to kleptocracies that — in the case of Ukraine — campaigned for his election opponent.

The Capital Times wants Sen. Ron Johnson to recuse himself in any impeachment trial. Why? Because the senator took his oversight responsibilities seriously, because he was boots on the ground, and because he defeated Capital Times favorite Russ Feingold. Twice. In any event, the Constitution makes no such demands.

Sen. Ron Johnson explores the Deep State

Ron JohnsonThe New York Times reports: As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and a leader of the Senate Ukraine Caucus, Mr. Johnson has for years traveled to Ukraine and worked to build a relationship with the nation’s officials. Now considered a witness with firsthand information, he is prepared to use the newfound spotlight to defend the president.

Sen. Johnson’s letter to the House is a must read. 

The Senator called the Democrats impeachment inquiry “a concerted, and possibly coordinated effort to sabotage the Trump administration that probably began in earnest the day after the 2016 presidential election.”

He singled out Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman as part of the Deep State:

Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony, together with other witnesses use of similar terms such as “our policy,” “stated policy,” and “long-standing policy” lend further credence to the point I’m making. Whether you agree with President Trump or not, it should be acknowledged that the Constitution vests the power of conducting foreign policy with the duly elected president. … not what the “consensus” of unelected foreign policy bureaucrats wants it to be.”

I raise this point because I believe that a significant number of bureaucrats and staff … have never accepted President Trump as legitimate and resent his unorthodox style and his intrusion onto their “turf.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Folks, if Donald Trump wanted his pound of flesh, Ukraine would have conducted an investigation and found the Bidens guilty in absentia. Instead, that troubled country did not even promise a cursory look-see. And they still got the money! Our money. Americans’ money. No one stole it from Ukraine. Nor were they entitled to it.

What do YOU think?

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Social justice warriors are killing our kids

… and encouraging car jackings

What is this ‘personal responsibility’ of which you speak?

Shake your soft little fists all you want at the Mexican cartels who slaughtered three women and their children pleading for their lives in Sonora state.

But “Similarly brutal crimes frequently occur among black Americans in our own cities, generating much less coverage,” warns the essential Robert L. Woodson. The renowned social scientist lays it on the line in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“As activists smear and hinder police,
will the nation surrender to the forces of lawlessness?”

In more than 40 years of working with local anticrime groups and documenting their solutions to youth violence, I have never witnessed the depravity that is occurring today on the streets of black neighborhoods around America.

Robert L Woodson

Robert L Woodson

Mr. Woodson, a MacArthur genius award winner, writes about “pockets of impunity” where homicide is common but arrests are rare due to the street code of omertà — 14 children and teenagers shot dead in three months this past summer in St. Louis — resulting in, one month later, exactly one arrest.

“In Chicago, gang members recently kidnapped and shot a 9-year-old brother of a rival in an execution-style retaliatory strike. These thugs consider the deaths of innocent toddler sand children to be collateral damage of street warfare.”

Blame the police

Comment, respond, what do you think

What are our schools doing to instill personal responsibility?

Incongruous though it may be, as in Madison WI, social justice warriors and grievance mongers blame police. Instead of asking for more police, Madison’s Progressive Dane mayor throws $200,000 at a full-time police monitor/critic/inquisitor. The school board lowers school behavior standards in a futile attempt to make the race numbers look better. And we’re surprised at the epidemic of teenaged car thefts, home invasions, and gunplay? Woodson will have none of it.

Low-income black neighborhoods throughout the U.S. are becoming more isolated and more dangerous in part because of the efforts of self-proclaimed social-justice warriors, including members of Black Lives Matter. These activists demonize law enforcement, making it harder for police to gain residents’ trust.

Madison police officer Nicholas Cleary:
“No one should feel hostage in their own city. Yet my wife, the wife of a police officer, doesn’t always feel comfortable taking her two daughters out in public. She has a fear of getting her purse stolen, her car taken, or even having our vehicle crashed into by careless or reckless drivers. These concerns aren’t confined to our own family.”

That is what Madison police officer Nicholas Cleary told the Madison Common Council at its budget meeting last week (11-12-19). Ask Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl and his predecessor, Mike Koval: veteran cops will tough it out until they reach retirement age. But idealistic younger police are increasingly disillusioned. Woodson again:


“These attacks on law enforcement have caused a sharp drop in police recruitment. According to one survey, 62% of police departments nationally have reported decreases in recruiting in recent years.” 


No Cops Feb. 25

Freedom Inc. is still playing the “blame-the-police” game. They’re supported by The Capital Times, Progressive Dane, many city alders, Madison Urban Ministry, Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice & Sustainability — among many others.

“These attacks on law enforcement have caused a sharp drop in police recruitment. According to one survey, 62% of police departments nationally have reported decreases in recruiting in recent years.” 

Is Woodson describing Madison’s Woke elite?

Pundits and professors articulate a message of despair, victimhood and conflict. They tell people trapped in these inner-city killing fields that regardless of what blacks are doing to one another, it isn’t their fault. For them, blames lies only with the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. … Police and prosecutors, they say, are merely enforcers of white-supremacist culture that pervades society. 

Robert L. Woodson’s bottom line: “The most dangerous thing about this message is that it exempts inner-city blacks from personal responsibility.”

What do YOU think?

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Madison schools, teach Restorative Driver’s Ed at age 14

If kids are going to steal cars,
could they at least be taught how to drive safe?

Someone is going to get killed, yet

From the Madison Police log:

A car, stolen after its owner left it warming up, crashed Saturday afternoon 11-16-29 on Interstate 94 in the Town of Medina. Dane County Sheriff’s deputies chased down the occupants, two 15-year-old Madison girls, after they ran into nearby fields. Both were taken to the Juvenile Reception Center.

The Audi A5 was taken from the 5100 block of Golden Leaf Trail around 5:35 a.m. last Thursday. Witnesses saw it heading westbound on I-94 when it spun out of control, went across a median, and ended up in the eastbound lanes. The MPD thanks the Dane County Sheriff’s Office for taking suspects into custody.

Driver's ed 1950

Five teens crash into a tree

Witnesses saw four teens running from a stolen Acura MDX Sunday night 11-17-19 after it crashed into a tree on Frisch Rd. around 6:40 p.m. The damaged Acura was driven for about a block before the teens left it running and abandoned in the roadway. The car had been stolen Saturday night from a Corry Street driveway after its owner inadvertently left it unlocked with keys inside.

The MPD has now taken three of five suspects into custody after identifying several teens through surveillance images. All are 14-years-old. One was arrested last Friday morning after being chased down by the MPD following a car theft. Two others were located inside West Towne Mall late Friday afternoon. All were taken to the Juvenile Reception Center on tentative charges of carjacking, attempted carjacking, and operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent.

Knives, cars and 14 year olds

At 8:49 PM Wednesday 11-13-19, MPD officers were dispatched to a carjacking in a parking lot in the 400 block of S. High Point Rd. on Madison’s west side. While the 60 year old male victim was sitting in his vehicle he was approached by a total of four teenaged males.  One of those males threatened the man with a knife and then stole his car.  The victim in this incident was unharmed and his vehicle was located unoccupied a few blocks away.  A Madison police K9 unit attempted to track the suspects but no suspects were located.

Comment, respond, what do you think

Is it fair to ask: What are the Madison schools doing to instill  civic virtue?

It’s strongly believed that this incident is related to another attempted carjacking that took place roughly nine minutes earlier at the KFC located in the 7500 block of Mineral Point Rd.  In that incident two teenaged male suspects displayed a knife to a man in a vehicle while he was waiting in the drive through.  The potential victim in that incident remained in his vehicle, was unharmed, and the suspects fled the area.

Updated this morning 11-18-19: The MPD has now taken three of five suspects into custody after identifying several teens through surveillance images. All are 14-years-old. One was arrested last Friday morning after being chased down by the MPD following a car theft. Two others were located inside West Towne Mall late Friday afternoon. All were taken to the Juvenile Reception Center on tentative charges of carjacking, attempted carjacking, and operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent.

Kids 10 & 12 years old at 1:49 a.m.: ‘Hook us up’

Early this morning (11/18/2019 – 1:49 a.m.) two boys walked into the Hy-Vee, 675 S. Whitney Way, with the oldest walking behind the tobacco product sales counter. A 68-year-old clerk estimated one child was about 12, with the other being around 10.

“Come on, hook us up,” said one boy. The employee told the children they were much too young to purchase nicotine products. With that, the older boy grabbed four boxes of JUUL products. He pushed the clerk to the floor, causing her to injure her wrist. The boys ran off. MPD will be reviewing store surveillance video with hopes of identifying them. There is probable cause to arrest the older one for strong armed robbery and battery to an elderly person

Attempted car burglary

In the Westmoreland neighborhood, via NextDoor: Someone tried to break into our car last night [this morning 11-18-19] around 1 am. Fortunately, they were unable to get in. Their getaway car drove away slowly which made it appear that they may have been trying other vehicles down the street. Our home was burglarized by forced entry about a month ago, which is why we decided to put up cameras and install an alarm system.  

I have reported this information to the police.

Only 14 on a school morning

Friday 11-15-19  A woman started her car before work this morning, leaving it unlocked and running in the driveway of her Hammersley Rd. home. A 14-year-old thief got in and took off. A MPD officer soon spotted the stolen car operating recklessly and in tandem with a second stolen car (it was taken yesterday morning after its owner also left it unlocked and running on Westbrook Lane). The officer did not chase the cars, but he did follow them, and watched as young drivers nearly caused crashes.

Both cars pulled into the parking lot behind Jefferson Middle School, 101 S. Gammon Rd. Three teens jumped out of the two stolen cars and took off running. The officer drove onto athletic fields, behind the school, and successfully apprehended the suspect from today’s car theft. The early investigation suggests he also attempted to steal a car on Tree Lane this morning, prior to being dropped off on Hammersley Rd. The arrested teen appears to have been traveling in one stolen car while he and his friends trolled neighborhoods looking for another to steal.

What do YOU think?


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Judicial activism: judge lets defendant make a run for it

Our theme today is moral relativism

Trump has unemployment so low, he even got
Colin Kaepernick an interview

You saw what happened to Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa. May be a Bo Jackson kind of career-ending injury. Could have happened on any play. The Packers have a promising season ahead of them that all goes kerflooie if Aaron Rodgers goes down. Should sign Colin Kaepernick, who has actual NFL experience. Yes, I know. But they can get him cheap. If he takes a knee, toss him out on Lombardi Avenue. Write it into his contract.

BTW, Mr. Kaepernick: white people did not oppress you; they raised you.


Brigitte Buchmeier

Home vandalized on Madison’s E. Washington Ave. for expressing the wrong political opinion

The horror! A cancelled subscription

In today’s WI State Journal (11-18-19) Leonard Pitts Jr. frets about the White House canceling its subscription to the New York Times and a fellow in Idaho who misfiles library books critical of Republicans. Hardly a book burning. Continue reading

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Dismantling the system for ‘folks with oppressed identities’

Jargon 101

Madison school board member Ananda Mirilli’s platform
to help Jalen & Jasmine learn to read

⇒ Blaska Theorem #62: If a community is home to any five progressives, four of them will find their way onto the school board.

Wisconsin has the widest achievement gap between black and white students of any state, according to the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress, WI Public Radio reported.

So the question was put to Madison school board member Ananda Mirilli: What is she doing to change that? A fair question, especially given her day job at Gov. Tony Evers’ old shop, the WI Department of Public Instruction. Ah-NAHN-duh’s response, via social media, is to play the race card as if it were your lottery ticket to Heaven. The following is Ms. Mirilli’s response (identity politics buzz words highlighted): Continue reading

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Alds. Henak, Skidmore, and Tierney fight the good fight

Three key roll call votes from Tuesday’s
Madison Common Council budget meeting

Involved citizens, whether driven by fear or not, deserve to know how their alders voted on public safety 11-12-19. Here are three key roll call votes on public safety in the City of Madison 2020 annual budget.

More firefighters, kill the police auditor/monitor

Zach Henak #10


Ald. Zach Henak, District 10 (Orchard Ridge, Midvale Heights, Nakoma) moves “Substitute 1a” to add 10 firefighters to staff a 9th ambulance housed at Station 14. Pay for it by eliminating the $200,000 police auditor, rolling back the $115,000 increase in” Community Building & Engagement,” reduce Obrich Garden additional staff position to half a year, eliminate “Digital Equity.”

Aye: Skidmore, Tierney, Abbas, Baldeh, Henak — 5
Nay: Moreland, Rohrer, Rummel, Verveer, Albouras, Bidar, Carter, Evers, Foster, Furman, Harrington-McKinney, Heck, Kemble, Lemmer, Martin — 15 Continue reading

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