A father’s advice: ‘School is free — get some education’

We yield the floor here at Blaska Policy Werkes to Mr. C. Watson, who tells Blaska for Safer Schools: “As a black man and a father I try to get them to understand school is free — get some education and learn how to become a citizen not just someone black being told by friends that the wrong way is the right way! Keep in touch! ✌🏾 

By C. Watson:

C Watson

C. Watson

So I drive for the city in different capacities and find myself reaching out to children on a daily basis. First things first. My 12- and 21-year old daughters have never had anyone repeat this about them at any time. IT IS YOUR JOB AS A PARENT TO MAKE SURE OF IT!

Teachers come to school to help your children to learn with the tools YOU’RE supposed to give them at home.

Easy to start a career in Madison

Here’s my problem with Madison: black people like myself have come here for whatever reason, your children are very well taken care of, women are very well taken care of, it’s is so easy to get a job or start a career here that going back to Chicago or raising my children there wasn’t an option. I read a couple comments about people not knowing what these kids go thru, but that doesn’t define you just like people swear cops are killing black people in Madison when 1 in 20 years fighting with the police [that] has happened. There are plenty of places to live … only those who will remain blind [will] make it a racial issue.

So I also work with the MMSD and I one day I witnessed a group of girls by a library walk past every business, open every door, yell and throw things into each door. I watched boys stand at a light and throw things at cars and so much more. I won’t even point out race, but I’ll say these kids were probably middle school and there’s a fight at the library almost every week.

‘Parents, take responsibility’

Instead of some of the rhetoric here…it would be nice to see parents take responsibility, and if your child’s not acting out this way don’t take up for kids because they’re black and make excuses…this is why the problem exists because you’re telling them it’s ok with your words and actions.

I can’t tell we have black leaders because you can ignore what’s really going on and blame others because of race. I’m not rich and I’m not poor, but I’m not going to allow my children or any children I come in contact believe that there’s no success because you’re black, most of you are teaching hopelessness and don’t even realize it.

There’s nothing we can’t achieve

Since you think it’s ok to give children excuses, be my guest; it’s just more examples for to teach my girls how not to be. Why is the boys and girls club just a hangout spot? If children were taught things other that throwing them a ball because you are just there to collect a paycheck isn’t helping not one of these children!

There’s not one thing a black man or woman can’t do in Dane county. For me personally there’s nothing you’re going to stop me from doing!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Thank you, sir. There are many folks like C. Watson here in Madison. We could hear them if others weren’t making so much commotion.

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Madison’s school super cried today

I feel sorry for the lady, I really do. It’s tough to see someone’s closely held belief system come crashing down all around them.

Madison’s school superintendent broke down in tears today (03-20-19) addressing Madison Downtown Rotary. 

God knows, Jennifer Cheatham has walked through the valley of disruption. Three of the last six monthly school board meetings have broken down in chaos — the school board and its administrators driven from the meeting auditorium by raucous social justice warriors wielding the race card. Again this Monday (03-18-19), school district leadership retreated behind closed doors. Main topic on the agenda (irony alert): the overly legalistic behavior education plan — a plan that is more cause than symptom.

The school board that can’t keep order at its own meetings? No wonder the school classrooms erupt in chaos. Then again, when you throw your specially trained “positive behavior coach” under the school bus when he tries to restore order, what do you expect? (Reaction to the Whitehorse middle school incident.)

Which must just tear at Dr. Cheatham’s heart because the lady lives and breathes identity politics, repents her white privilege, and focuses Madison’s taxpayer-supported education through the refractive prism of racial equity. As opposed to more productive goals such as personal responsibility and individual achievement.

This noon at Rotary (Blaska and the other school board candidates were invited guests), Jen told how her Chicago-born father “came from nothing.” How her parents instilled in her a love for reading, how she drove 2,000 miles cross country to take her first teaching job in the racially mixed East Bay area of California. Inspiring stuff, and I can believe Jen Cheatham was a wonderful teacher. She is a great speaker, with a sprinkling of humor.

Then she spoiled it. Supt. Cheatham attributed her success to “white privilege.” Not “hard work” or “perseverance”? Not grit and determination? Did her working class parents pay off an admissions coach to get her into college? No. Then why the guilt?

It’s behavior, not race

The Super checked off the appropriate touchy feelies. My notes of her speech show the term “micro-aggressions.” 

She told of an African-American mentor at Harvard who told her that female white teachers were “a dime a dozen.” The doctoral candidate apparently internalized that to prove to the professor who controlled her advanced degree that the quaking white girl was as “woke” as any professional grievance monger. (Think Brandi Grayson and Bianca Gomez.)

Dr. Cheatham noted that April 1 marks the sixth anniversary of her hiring here in Madison. The mention had a sense of a valedictory to it. 

“This school year has been trying,” she told about 200 Rotarians. “Testing our core values and our commitment.” She confided that she tells her staff at Doyle Administration “It’s been a rough few weeks … it is an honor and a privilege to work with you, especially when the boat is rocking.”

Jen Cheatham broke down a little bit, as she warned her audience she would. Like I say, I do have sympathy. But the lady confuses discipline for racial injustice and our schools are reaping the whirlwind and not from the Orange Man in the White House but from Madison’s perpetually aggrieved agitators.

At the candidate debate 

Tuesday evening (03-19-19) Blaska participated in a school board candidate forum sponsored by The Capital Times and the Simpson Street Free Press. It was easily the most professionally run forum we’ve participated in.

For one thing, each of the six candidates got his/her own microphones.  The questions were pertinent and unbiased. We got a chance to rebut. We were also asked some personal questions, such as our political heroes: I listed Tommy Thompson and brother Mike Blaska. (If I had more time would have added Winston Churchill, journalist and politician.) The audience was on the small side, about 80 to 100, but very respectful.

Here’s the news story.

We were asked if we would retain Jennifer Cheatham. Blaska responded that the superintendent is only doing the current school board’s bidding. But the noon Rotary meeting made it clear that Jennifer Cheatham is a true believer despite all evidence that Madison schools are teetering on the precipice. 

Here’s some clips of Blaska’s comments.

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More chaos at the school board

Go figure. The Madison school board ONCE AGAIN retreats behind locked doors. Because it cannot keep order at its own meetings

To do what? To fine-tune its cadaverous Behavior Education Plan! Oh, the irony!

The school board can’t even control its own meetings! No wonder it cannot keep the classrooms from erupting in chaos. (More here.)

Come out to East high school, 2222 E. Washington Ave., tonight at 7 p.m. (03-19-19) for a school board candidate debate.

You’re going to be hearing more from Blaska.

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Some great people endorse my campaign


‘David, while working for me, helped on countless efforts that empowered parents and improved our economy.
Be it improving school or workforce opportunities,
building a first-rate University system,
or the infrastructure necessary to support
our growing economy, David demonstrated
an ability to both communicate and listen
while seeking common ground.’

— Tommy G. Thompson

“We don’t have to listen to the police and you can’t touch us!”

If anything betrays the crisis in Madison schools, it’s this kid who — along with 15 or so of his friends — trashed a free after-school library and disrespected their classmates, their community, and themselves.

Blaska sat before the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board Thursday afternoon. So did Kaleem Caire, Ananda Mirilli, and Ali Muldrow. We faced editor John Smalley, editorial page editor Scott Milfred, cartoonist Phil Hands, and reporter Logan Wroge.

Only Blaska was firm on keeping one police officer each in Madison’s four main high schools. Kaleem equivocated, saying that he hoped one day we wouldn’t need police in our schools. Well, yeah, when the lion lays down with the lamb.

Ali Muldrow defended the social justice warriors who drove the Madison school board to shelter behind closed doors at its Feb. 25 meeting. “Civil disobedience,” she said. Yes, they were exercised by the behavior incident at Whitehorse middle school, having received only half the story.

Defending classroom chaos, Ali said she wanted students to be able to think for themselves. Hmm, seems to ol’ Blaska before kids can think they have to learn. Learning that there are consequences to bad decisions is a pretty good lesson.

Ali told the WI State Journal edit board she wanted more dance classes in our schools. Ananda Mirilli talked about dentistry for kids. Kaleem wants to reform the entire State of Wisconsin educational funding system. Blaska said he just wanted classrooms that respected their teachers, regardless of race. A good teacher is a good teacher. Listen and you might learn.

Blaska concluded by saying he would not leave the WI State Journal conference room at 1901 Fish Hatchery Road until he received their endorsement. Milfred offered to get a sleeping cot.

While I’ve got you here, see what my old boss (and a great man) Tommy G. Thompson has to say about our campaign.


Thanks also for the support of (among many others) Mitch Henck, Patty Shabaz, housing provider Dave Keller,  Ald.Paul Skidmore; former alders Thuy Pham-Remmele, Jed Sanborn and Dorothy Borchardt; former  WHEDA CEO Brian Schimming;  former Madison school board members Nancy Mistele and Earl Kielley; blogger Greg Humphrey; former Dane County circuit judge James R. Troupis, and Richard V. Brown Sr., former county supervisor & mayoral candidate.


Richard Brown says:

  • Just to let you know I have been coaching high school football at Madison East and at Memorial for the past 6 years. We need school safety!!
  • Stop by the Big Candidate Debate Tuesday, March 19 — 7 p.m. at East High School auditorium. I could use your support!
  • Do check out my Facebook page.


Help me get this message out! Contribute online at www.blaskaforsaferschools.org


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Mother of disruptive library kids vows to sue for $$$

Some people have no shame

The false sense of entitlement is strong with this one

The doddering old fool who operates the Policy Werkes out of his garden shed remembers a time when a parent would be aghast that sonny boy or darlin’ daughter screwed up at school. Back in the day, teach could threaten to call your old man and the entire classroom sat up like 30 straight-edged rulers.

Times have changed, as Cole Porter once sang. Now a glimpse of stocking is no longer shocking. We speak of the aggrieved mother of one of the gaggle of middle school students who turned Lakeview Library into a free-fire zone Monday (03-11-19) after school. (Background here.) Surely, she is in the running for Madison’s Mother of the Year 2019.

Behold the lady’s integrity, her righteous sense of purpose, the command of language, via her own social media posts. Continue reading

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Pre-teenaged chaos at the Library: ‘We don’t have to listen to police’

Girl kicks policeman in the groin

15 to 20 kids ages 11 and 12

Bookshelf topped, garbage strewn

From the Madison Police Department report:

Madison police were called to the Madison Public Library’s Lakeview Branch, 28455 North Sherman Ave., at 4:58 p.m. Monday after a group of loud juveniles refused a librarian’s request to leave the building. 

The librarian later told police some in the group have caused issues several times, over the past week, inside the normally quiet branch. When officers arrived the juveniles, who numbered between 15 and 20, announced they did not have to leave, that they did not have to listen to police, and that police could not touch them. 

Despite protestations, officers spent 10 minutes trying to dialogue with the young people, until trying to escort some out. During the process, one girl kicked over a trash can sending refuse materials across the library floor.  Continue reading

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