Communique’ just received from anti-cop social justice terrorists

This communiqué from Freedom Inc., organizer of Wednesday’s school board committee beat-down, has been intercepted by the Stately Manor’s sophisticated cyber detectives:
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Guys, we’re not seeing any children



The ERO ad hoc committee continuously confirms that they do not care about the safety and well being of Black and Brown children. They allow vile and outright racist adults, like David Blaska and others, to attack our children and dismiss their racism as “conservative views” and “free speech.”

They allow these people to video record our children and post it on racist blogs, publishing their names and addresses.

They allow our children to be pushed and shoved by grown people without consequence, but we are supposed to trust them with the the task of recommending policies around police safety and violence? We know that our Black children make up 18% of the high school student population, but over 70% of the people on or near school grounds are arrested. What does it mean to have 20 officers assigned to police schools? It means that our students will continue to be targets and the number of arrests and citations will increase and the harm done to our youth will increase. It is clear that they don’t think our kids are worth protecting. This is white supremacy. This is Madison, WI. This is America.

Please come out to support us at the Board of Education meeting on July 30 at 6 pm in the Doyle Administration Building, 545 W. Dayton St.

Wait, we’ve got a better idea! Come to the meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, July 30, at the Doyle Administration Building, 545 W. Dayton St., to support the safety and security of all our students, faculty, and staff so that Madison schools can excel once again! Word of caution: hang on tight to your smart phones.

Do we need say that there is no video of children, no names or addresses, no children “pushed and shoved by grown people.” The only ones “pushed and shoved” were those of us with the temerity to speak out for cops in schools. Typical agitprop (agitation propaganda) from the social justice terrorists.

Wednesday night’s meeting ‘Made me cringe’

Liberal Madison isthmus resident Greg Humphrey blogs this at Caffeinated Politics:

It is concerning to me that citizens would attempt to deny the right of another to record and make evidence of an effort to lobby a public committee over a policy proposal.  … To think that anyone who comes before a public hearing should in some way be shielded or denied access for all to hear or see is ludicrous.

What the boorish members of that audience failed to grasp is that the process of governing allows for openness and transparency. That means what happens in a public meeting is allowed to be reported and blogged about by folks such as myself. This is all part of the First Amendment

For the record I know Blaska. He is a conservative Republican. But I do not find him, as some charged at the meeting, to be a racist. I also know that if one takes the time to talk with him — as I have been able to do — one finds an informed guy with a knack for making a point.

… The irony of what happened last night during a school committee meeting about why police officers might be needed in schools to calm troublemakers could not have been lost on readers.

I think the troubling ones in the audience at the meeting made the best case as to why the police need to remain in Madison schools.

e-mail icon  Tell the Madison school board you want cops in our high schools AND our middle schools! For that matter, we want cops at our School Board meetings!

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School committee member tells Madison parent: ‘You got to get out of here’

… for her own safety

Faye Wollaeger writes: This was the meeting that I attended to show my support for educational resource officers remaining in the Madison Wi public high schools. I filed this to show the treatment that David Blaska endured throughout the meeting. After speaking in support of the police, I was surrounded by anti-police demonstrators and had my phone ripped from my hand and thrown to the ground. The person who damaged my phone appears for a brief second near the end of the video.

The mob violence done to Madison parent Faye Wollaeger and her son was worse than we thought. (“Left’s anti-cop thuggery gets physical“)

While this bloggeur was hemmed in by Freedom Inc.’s social justice terrorists in the front of the auditorium he could see another group swarming Mrs. Wollaeger.

That frightening scene is pictured on Page One of Thursday’s WI State Journal.

Mrs. W. told this Blogge that she was using her smart phone to record my predicament when five or six “activists” (as The Capital Times calls them) surrounded her and smacked the phone from her hands. She tells us that the screen of her $1,000 device is cracked and is difficult to operate.

“I’m going to have to get a new phone.” But worse is the terror she felt. Does she exaggerate?

She says a member of the ad hoc committee on EROs rushed down from the stage to rescue her. That would be Greg Rossetti, a Madison police officer who worked as an ERO at La Follette High School.

Rosetti, she says, told her: “Come with me; you got to get out of here.” Continue reading

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Police Chief Koval: ‘Last night was like watching a circus’

‘Their choreographed and orchestrated show of force is daunting
and meant to intimidate.’

Our Ms. Vicki McKenna interviewed Madison Police Chief Mike Koval today (07-19-18) and it was a scorcher! As the straight-talking chief said at the end of the interview, “I’m hot.”

Chief Koval denounced the social justice terrorists who disrupted yet another meeting Wednesday, this time a school board committee. (“Anti-cop social justice warriors physically intimidated“) The chief expressed frustration with the general lack of decorum at local governmental meetings. He warned that parents would accelerate their flight to the suburbs if in-school police are expelled.

Highlights from Vicki’s interview with the Chief: Continue reading

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Mayor Soglin and Chief Koval deep-six school ‘liaison’ proposal

Welcome aboard, Mayor Paul Soglin!



Thank your for speaking out forcefully for the police. Thank you for using the bully pulpit to read out the social justice warriors and their nihilistic war on cops. Now that you are not seeking re-election for mayor and your bid for governor is crapping out, you can go bold.

WI State Journal reporter Logan Wroge rang up the Stately Manor today to say that the mayor has taken a forceful position supporting cops in Madison schools. Finally, after 16 months!

Hizzoner joined Police Chief Mike Koval to denounce the school board committee’s proposal to replace in-school police officers with a nebulous on-call “liaison” concept. (The story here.) Continue reading

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The Left’s anti-cop thuggery got physical at Madison school district hdq

Instead of the heckler’s veto, the anti-cop social justice warriors employed physical intimidation Wednesday at Madison Metro School District headquarters.

“I hope you made it out safely,” one citizen e-mailed me after he fled McDaniel Auditorium as the chaos escalated into pushing and shoving. A Hillary Clinton Democrat, Larry intended to speak in favor of retaining cops in Madison’s public high schools. He never did get to speak, which was the idea.

Meeting heats up

It’s called ‘swarming’

The same crew that disrupted the June meeting of the school board’s ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) escalated their well rehearsed disruptive tactics Wednesday. This time they surrounded those who disagreed with five or six bodies. They stood menacing close, subtly pushing and shoving, to prevent us from recording the chaos with our smart phones. First Blaska, then others.

“I didn’t really figure out what was happening for a bit when the big guy stood up in front of us,” Larry reported. “Eventually I moved since I couldn’t see.  I was concerned about the woman in the back that looked like they were getting physical. Hoping she did not get hurt. I took one picture and they started to block me. I just took one pic.” Continue reading

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Why did Cops Out of Schools committee ignore its own safety expert?

Exactly who is asking for cops out of schools
aside from the same small gaggle of anti-cop social justice warriors
who have disrupted the city council and county board?

No Cops in SchoolsColor us astounded. A committee of the Madison school board is poised today to recommend that cops be expelled from its four troubled high schools. This committee has been meeting for 16 months. During that time it has never consulted the school district’s coordinator of safety and security. He would be Joe Balles, a retired and much respected captain of Madison police. Joe is the school district administrator who works directly with the four EROs and with emergency responders “and any other threats that have the potential to impact school safety.”


Joe Balles in his cop days (what a scary guy!)

Joe Balles confirmed to this blog that he was never contacted; never asked for his expertise. Not once! What does that tell you except that the fix was in.

The ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) meets at 4 p.m. today (Wednesday, July 18) in the auditorium of Doyle Administration Building, 545 West Dayton St. The committee is poised to recommend that four police assigned to each of the high schools be kicked out after the coming, contractually obligated school year. They would be replaced by 20 (pick a number!) “liaisons” who would somehow train with the school district but would be on call from outside the school campus. This is their proposal. Continue reading

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