Lighten up, guilty white liberal

The joke is on you!

Heard that canard about our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances having no sense of humor. That canard happens to be true. As proof, we present Carousel Andrea Bayrd, county supervisor from Madison’s West side and aggrieved white liberal. Sees everything through the “lens of racial equity.” (Official policy of the Dane County Board. No kidding! When all you look for is race, race is all you will ever see.) Hostage to identity politics. Scourge of presumptive white privilege. A walking, voting magnet of micro-aggressions.

Madame Bayrd, keep your race card in your wallet; it has been declined for insufficient funds.

Carousel Bayrd

Supervisor Bayrd, have you never caught Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy?

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[UPDATE] Jeff Simpson says he doesn’t get the reference to Messieurs Pryor, Rock, or Murphy. Shall we help the poor, confused liberal-progressive-socialist to understand? Yeah. O.K. Here is the late, great Richard Pryor. After visiting Arizona state penitentiary, Mr. Pryor exclaims “Thank God we got penitentiaries!”

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Liberal mom hates school vouchers, wants to use them, feels guilty

Ask a guilty liberal advice columnist

The Policy Werkes subscribes to the New York Times and other liberal-progressive-socialist agitprop on the principle that forewarned is forearmed. Plus, we enjoy a good laugh at other people’s expense.

Karl Marx

A column in the Sunday Times magazine rarely disappoints. It’s called “The Ethicist.” Guilty white liberals write to the Ethicist, all tied up in knots of their own knitting. They are conflicted about just about everything. Some of them can’t take a dump without worrying about the effect on the ivory trade in Rwanda, seemingly.

But Sunday’s (04-15-18) Ethicist was especially rewarding: “I disapprove of school vouchers, can I still apply for them?” 

Ha! Ha! It is to laugh. Mom writes that she sends her kid to a private school. Kid is doing well in the school. Mom doubts the quality of the public schools in her area. Her state provides vouchers for low-income families. (Might live in Wisconsin.) She qualifies. 

Problem is, “I believe free public education is an important aspect of our society. … Given my beliefs, may I apply for a school voucher?” Continue reading

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NY Times makes sow’s ear out of Diamond and Silk

Always hostile to conservatives, the New York Times is so besotted with Trump hate that it is resorts to reverse racism. How then, to treat the Facebook censorship of two conservative black women who support Trump? With disdain, of course.

Ann of Althouse (go there, she needs the traffic), neatly encapsulates something that leapt from the pages of Sunday’s Times:

The NYT explains Diamond and Silk to its readers as “a modern-day minstrel show” aimed at “white conservatives”…

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Liberal Oregon prioritizes government workers, suffers consequences

The thorough skunking Dane County conservatives took this month in the Spring elections is the direct result of Act 10, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump. 

Trump only upped the ante. The bull was already enraged. Act 10 and its pension and health insurance reforms seven years ago is what salted the earth for conservatives in Dane County, perhaps for a generation.  

tumblr_namg87xiph1t8enq1o1_500Madison’s liberal-progressive-socialist hegemony might want to look to the state of Oregon and its principal city, Portland. The New York Times reports that Oregon’s public sector pension system is devouring funds that once went to public services like street repairs, teachers, and police. “Essential services are slashed” while local governments cannot raise taxes fast enough to keep up.

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Two Union veterans unveiled the Confederates Rest cenotaph

David Muskat over at Historic Madison has uncovered the newspaper story advancing the June 15, 1906 unveiling of the cenotaph (or monument) at Confederate Rest.

You will note that two Union veterans unveiled the cenotaph, Captain Hugh Lewis (whom we know lost an arm in the Civil War) and Captain Frank W. Oakley. The guardian angel of Confederates Rest, Alice Whiting Waterman, lived with the Oakley family at 524 N. Carroll Street until her death in 1897. Both veterans lobbied their former adversaries for funds to place a lasting memorial to Mrs. Waterman and “her boys” (as she called them), the 140 Confederate prisoners of war who perished at Madison’s Camp Randall after their capture in 1862.

Oakley served as national adjutant general of the Grand Army of the Republic under national commander Lucius Fairchild, a general in Wisconsin’s famed Iron Brigade, governor of Wisconsin, and minister to Spain.

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Veteran of Wisconsin’s Iron Brigade asked former Confederates to fund monument at Forest Hills

After the death of Alice Whiting Waterman in 1897, Madison resident Hugh M. Lewis, who had been a captain in Company A of Wisconsin’s famed Iron Brigade, appealed to his Southern counterparts in Washington D.C., to raise money for a lasting memorial to the selfless lady and “her boys,” the southern soldiers who died as POWs at Madison’s Camp Randall.

Tell Mayor Soglin to veto the Common Council’s action Tuesday (04-10-18) to erase the monument erected in 1906 to selfless Madison volunteer Alice Whiting Waterman and “her boys.” As our friend, city Landmarks Commissioner Stu Levitan noted, “We found that the structure does not extol the Confederacy or Secession, but functions as a grave marker.” Continue reading

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