Magazine retracts claim that Dominion voting machines were crooked

This Statement from American Thinker magazine:

These pieces relied on discredited sources who have peddled debunked theories about Dominion’s supposed ties to Venezuela, fraud on Dominion’s machines that resulted in massive vote switching or weighted votes, and other claims falsely stating that there is credible evidence that Dominion acted fraudulently.

These statements are completely false and have no basis in fact. Industry experts and public officials alike have confirmed that Dominion conducted itself appropriately and that there is simply no evidence to support these claims.

It was wrong for us to publish these false statements.

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Graham releases docs; ‘Russia probe one of the most incompetent, corrupt’ in FBI, DOJ history

Crossfire Hurricane was one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ,” U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham said today 01-15-21,

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes,” Graham said. “The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in and this never happens again in America.”

Graham slammed the leadership of the FBI under former Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, saying it was “either grossly incompetent” or said  “they knowingly allowed tremendous misdeeds.”

Source: Graham releases Russia probe docs, slams probe as ‘one of the most incompetent, corrupt’ in FBI, DOJ history | Fox News

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Hoist the white flag over Madison schools

Did you screw up? Blame the pandemic!

It’s the all-purpose scapegoat. Some blame coronavirus for the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol 01-06-21.

Madison’s school board president blames the Wuhan woo woo for the “dearth of candidates” running in this spring’s school board election. (Story here.)  Blaska Policy Werkes blames the school board president, Gloria Reyes. The two seats up for election this spring have attracted a grand total of two candidates — one for each position. That includes an appointee, Savion Castro, seeking to return for another three years. The other is Ms. Reyes’ seat; she is not not seeking re-election — thus assuring that more “Cops Out of Schools” public sector activists will join Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli to run our public schools.

“It could be that people are just consumed with how Covid is impacting their own lives,” Ms. Reyes proffers.

Or could it be that Madison is just consumed with admitting its public schools are a lost cause? Washing their hands. SURRENDER DOROTHY! Covid? Schools are reopening across America and the rest of Wisconsin. Even in NYC! Private schools across Dane County have been open for months. Not Madison public schools, by order of the teachers union.

Gloria Reyes

It could be that Madison has given up on its public schools because its schools have given up on keeping everyone safe in an increasingly dangerous city and world? Ms. Reyes, a former police officer herself, was the fourth vote out of seven members to retain police school resource officers. That is, until she was mau-maued at her home by menacing, F-bombing social justice warriors. They littered her lawn with defaced American flags and blasted obscene insults and DEMANDS through bullhorns. (“They’re in front of my house!”)  The harassment achieved its desired end. Five days later, thoroughly intimidated, Reyes capitulated. Cops were out and so was Gloria Reyes. And still more parents and their kids.

Did police force them to steal?

Today’s headline: Seven young black men — all but one of them teenagers — face 78 criminal counts in a months-long home burglary / vehicle theft ring. One of them, Treveon Thurman, age 19, faces 7 counts, 4 of them felonies, on top of 24 other open felony cases pending in Dane County. No wonder some kids are afraid of cops in the schools!

Go ahead, blame the police, not the schools, not Mayor Satya or the Madison Common Council, the latter three dominated by Progressive Dane. The city is investing half a million dollars annually for “victims” of policing to sit in judgment of the beat cop. Under terms of the enabling ordinance, the seven young men arrested would qualify based on two of the qualifications required by ordinance: race and criminal involvement and conceivably a third: substance abuse. (The potential lawsuit.)

Covid? While the school board can show only two candidates for two seats, 39 candidates seek 20 seats on Madison’s Common Council. Aldermanic candidates go door-to-door, not citywide school board candidates. (Ask Blaska sometime.) As to whether Madison will give up on city government, talk to us after the April 3 municipal election.

Headline: “Jacob Blake says he was ready to surrender.” Too bad he did not.

None dare call them Proud Boys

Tony Evers and local officials are encouraging folks to stay away from the Wisconsin State Capitol this weekend, given FBI reports of trouble linked to the assault on the nation’s Capitol 01-06-21. So how does BLM operative Brandi Grayson react? The candidate for Common Council (!!!) is planning a rally Sunday 01-17-21 “in opposition to the fascist presence in our local community and across the country.”

Gov. Evers, for once, has called up the National Guard proactively. Ironic how the Left now embraces boots on the ground, facial recognition, robust policing, tear gas, social media censorship, and tough sentencing. In certain circumstances, anyway.

⇒ “Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it.” Act 10 Madison 2011 anyone?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’ll say it again, the Proud Boys didn’t smash the statues, fire bomb city hall, or smash and grab State Street in downtown Madison last summer. All of which occurred after “mostly peaceful” BLM rallies.

What’s YOUR situational ethics?

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Sorry, no good news today, either

We have a few theories

We remain intrigued by the Far Left’s challenge against incumbent Ald. Sheri Carter in District 14 on the city’s south side. They’re putting up Brandi Grayson, the cop-hater with a bullhorn.

Madison progressives define “insurrection” depending on who is doing the insurrection-ing. Fire bombing the city-county building isn’t sedition? Wrecking the Capitol grounds? Chasing the elected school board into the night?

⇒ “Brandi Grayson will determine your degree of racism.” (While you wait? Does she have no-contact drive-through?)

Grayson belongs on the Common Council because her “theoretical foundation is centered on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” Or so we are told by a supporter in the 01-14-21 WI State Journal. This supporter is no doubt suffering from Post-Traumatic Glacial Erratic Rock Syndrome.

Blaska wonders if he has a theoretical foundation. If we ever had a mantra we’ve forgotten it. Still trying to figure out Facebook. We did have a slogan, stolen from the great stage actress Lynn Fontaine: “I can be bought, but I cannot be bored.” We’ve replaced it with: “Don’t piss me off!” 

  • We hear that Ald. Barbara McKinney Harrington suffered a medical incident last night 01-13-21. Undergoing heart surgery today. A speedy recovery is in order.
  • About Covid-19, we’re at the stage where if you’ve got an arm, hold it out and get the shot. Enough wasting time on who should stand where in line.
  • About that Impeachment, Part 2. It is never going to be sent over to the Senate. Pelosi has made her point. Trump and his hardcore couldn’t resist feeding ammunition.
  • Do watch Disney/Pixar’s movie Soul. Heart-warming, funny, futuristic, and lovable animation. An uplifting, It’s a Wonderful Life kind of message. That’s our good news for the day.

What is YOUR theoretical foundation?

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They are coming for us

Keyboard bravado or more incitement?

Nothing succeeds like excess. In two years, if Joe Biden is inaugurated, we’ll all be speaking Chinese. The hammer and sickle will replace the State of Liberty. Abortion will be mandatory. Some of our … friends would rather believe Lin Wood and their cult leader than Bill Barr, Mike Pence, every court in the land, Republican leaders in Congress, and the Joint Chiefs.

Must Defeat Biden by any means necessary. Social media poster Bill Elmhorst: “Biden going to put us under (his) martial law. He intends to disarm the American people by force.”

“This is why Trump supporters need to either kick the RINOs out or take up secession as a topic because communism is what we are faced with in the Democratic Party and their supporters,” one Kenneth Hammond affirms.


Cindy Mocha on Facebook: “We don’t need a revote…we need Biden and Harris ARRESTED and hung.”

A sampling of my social media feed:

Blaska posted House GOP leader McCarthy’s debunking of the urban legend that it was Antifa all along. That spurred one Thomas Funk to damn the messenger:

David you are like an apologist for Antifa, and it’s weird you know more about that day than the eye witnesses that were there. … you are an ObamaCrat! Stop pretending to be an American.

Before we could remind Mr. Funk that he wasn’t in the Capitol building that day, Kevin McCarthy was, Myra McQueen doubled down: “George Soros paid them to riot.”

Nancy Pelosi was in on it! Sandy Hufton wants to know: “What did Pelosi know?”

We posted the a link to Joint Chief of Staff condemnation of the attempted putsch in the U.S. Capitol and vowed to follow the Constitution. Unforced error — we linked to CNN.

“Since when do Republicans in good standing (as he claims to be, Haha) quote CNN?” Arnold Harris parried, before turning on the Pentagon.

“Just because they wear medals on their chests these are not good people. You are a fool for thinking that you can impress me, and people who think like me, with their opinions.”

We are, indeed, a fool for loving the Constitution. After trying to pawn the blame on Antifa, one Kevin Fischer gave away the game with this post:


Got to admit, Fischer has a way with words! and in ALL CAPS!

Trump is gonna take us down!

Dave Miller: “They want to invoke the 25th to prevent him from declassifying anything incriminating.”

Diane Berg Urie: “They’re all crapping their pants right now because he still has the power to take them down. All of them!

Scott Paykel: “They fear if another riot breaks out, President Trump can implement Martial Law. This could ruin the inauguration plans for the China Planted President!”

Richard Pierce: “I hope he does and declare[s] martial law.”

Ron Case: “They’re still scared. This ain’t over yet. 10 days …”

Rt Warrender: “The response will indeed be epic!”

Dana Starre: “They should be scared. Its not over by a long shot.”

“They seem to want a war they WILL NOT win. I will add no more,” Thomas Lochowicz posted, archly.

“Treason is exposed,” Chelle Renee warns. “Insurrection is upon us.”

Lin Wood

The great reckoning

Tim Weidner warns: “Any Republican who turns on Trump will not be forgotten.”

Dave Hinz addressed this author by name: “You didn’t have the balls to stand up for the truth, did you f-boming traitorist coward.”

But Blaska is in good company. Carolina Gentalman proclaims, “It’s over thanks to the back stabbing RHINOS [sic] and that C*CKSUCKER PENCE.”

Now that impeachment has been voted a second time, “Congress is the enemy,” says Karin Ann.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: That’s the kind of language that led to 01-06-21, Karin Ann. Thank God for those National Guardsmen. Pray for America.


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Clowns on the Left, jokers on the Right

Can’t we just agree to be disagreeable?

Stately Blaska Manor is boarded up. The Praetorian Guard is on alert, the unlettered field hands are sharpening their rakes and hoes, spam filters are in place in case of cyber attack. Atlas open to map of Paraguay, preparing for the junta to seize power.

The Werkes is expecting attack from both directions — a two-front war. We are encircled by totalitarians certain of the rightness of their cause, God-justified in whatever might they can bring to bear. 

Social  justice warriors have allied with the Cult of Trump to dumb democracy down. It is the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. Take down the republic then fight over whatever scraps remain. The Confederacy’s Lost Cause. Anti-popes at Avignon, anti-Presidents at Mar-a-Lago. Freedom Inc. shock troops holding Madison schools hostage. Kenosha is burning. Texas is seceding. Declare autonomous zones, impose “marshall” law.

Tell me what I want to hear, MSNBC and One America News. Ban me from Twitter, shout me down at commencement ceremonies if you don’t like what I say.

boarded up

Wisconsin state capitol 01-11-21

This is the War of the Roses, the Reds versus the Whites, the Cavaliers v. the Roundheads, Hatfields-McCoys. 

The Election Was Stolen. Germany Was Stabbed in the Back. America is racist to the core. Cops are modern-day slave catchers. You are a (pick one) racist, traitor, RINO, corporate stooge, Uncle Tom, communist …

“Trial by Combat!” — Rudy Giuliani
“If you don’t want your windows broken …” — M. Adams of Freedom Inc.
“We’re coming for you!” — Donald Trump Jr. 01-06-21.
“F-bomb S* * * Up!” — Madison Ald. Prestigiacomo.

Springtime for Trump, winter for the Constitution. As they said in the old Soviet Union, never before has our history been so unpredictable. After demolishing statues of abolitionists and suffragettes, all that’s left to obliterate in Madison is a huge rock deposited on the  campus — by a glacier 12,000 years ago. 

Once whetted, the mob’s appetite is never satiated until it consumes everything before it, like a plague of locusts. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette led to Danton to Robespierre. Off with their heads. Kidnap Pelosi! Hang Pence! Fire bomb Madison’s city hall. Mau mau Madison Police and Fire Commissioners with late night harassment.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWelcome to the Weimar Republic.

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What is YOUR excuse?


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