Chief Koval: Finally!

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval:

Last night (07-02-19), the Common Council voted to approve a contract to keep police officers in our four main high schools. [More here.] I think this is a win for public safety and I am relieved that this process has come to its conclusion.

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Over the 2018-19 school year:

  • Citations fell over 66% from the previous year and are almost 70% down from the 2015-2016 school year
  • EVERY juvenile issued a municipal citation through age 16, regardless of offense, is offered restorative justice.
  • Truancy accounted for 43% of all the citations issued at our high schools over the past four school years. The school directs the officer to issue a citation.
  • Only 0.5% of high school students were arrested on campus.
  • Twenty-five (25) individuals accounted for one-third of all citations and arrests.
  • Four of every five arrests involved a student identifying as African-American in a school district  population in which they number one of five.

Chief Koval:

Clearly, there is still much to be done with respect to exploring additional options in addressing the disparities that we see in our schools. Through deeper analysis and the new quarterly data meetings with MMSD staff that are required under the new contract, I am convinced that real opportunities will emerge for collaborative problem solving and proactive intervention efforts.

View the document here for the full report: MMSD Arrest and Citation Report 

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Strange new respect for Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway

She gets the job done and can run a meeting

I did not appreciate until Tuesday’s Common Council meeting (07-02-19) that it was Barzini all along — I mean, Madison’s new mayor — who broke the impasse between the school board and the city over cops in schools, although it was there for all to see.

The Madison school board had insisted it could reassign school resource officers at will; the police chief insisted that is his prerogative, alone. There it stood for six months under Mayor Soglin. Then Satya Rhodes-Conway got elected.

It was “Mayor Satya” who broke the imbroglio. Drop the reassignment clause; replace it with the option to remove a cop entirely from one of the high schools, with advance notice. That was a fig leaf for board members eager to keep their social justice card current without forfeiting their progressive frequent-flier miles.

She has done it before. During the very meeting in April in which she was sworn in as Madison’s mayor she announced the city and county had reached a compromise on maintenance for the reconstruction of Buckeye and Cottage Grove roads. Soglin had dug in his heels.

Where were the crazies?

Almost as impressive is that last night’s meeting was fairly civil. No chanting, no disruptions. Rhodes-Conway began the meeting by firmly stating that everyone would get their three minutes and no more and that she was running the show. It also helped, however, that Freedom Inc. did not flood the meeting with protestors. In fact, their turnout was anemic. Was their some back-channel communication with the social justice disrupters? That’s the rumor but the Policy Werkes cannot confirm.

Blaska chose not to attend Tuesday night’s Common Council meeting. He watched it on cable (in between catching Our Milwaukee Brewers). Kudos to James Mand, Duane Steinhauer, and Bob Schaefer for attending and speaking out. 

It also helped that it was widely known that alders overwhelmingly supported SROs. The final vote was 15-4-1. (Voting no: Foster, Kemble, Reddy, and Rummel.)

The great abstainer and paradigm shifter

Tag Evers was the abstention. The new alder represents the Bay Creek/Vilas-Monroe Street area, Madison’s heart of high-income, establishment progressivism. He is a music concert promoter in his day job. The man speaks well. Watch him.

Evers admitted that teachers begged him to vote for the contract.  Moreover, they are the right kind of teachers: “without exception, progressive, good-hearted individuals.”

But Evers sided with Freedom Inc. (They are “right on!”) He demanded a “paradigm shift” to combat the racism he knows must exist in Madison schools or what else explains the racial disparity in school discipline? (See the follow-up from Chief Koval.)

Which raises these questions:

  • The teachers in your district, are they racists?
  • How about the school nurses who demanded the SROs be retained? Racist?
  • How about the principals at the four main high schools — two of whom are minority?
  • The kids at West high school, who voted overwhelmingly for SROs? 
  • You alders who represent that attendance area, are their parents racist? 
  • The four school resource officers — three black cops and one hispanic female cop — Seriously?
  • For that matter, alders, how about yourselves? Racists?

Or maybe it is not race but behavior.

Yes, our black and brown children (but not yellow) have disproportionate behavior issues. (Blaska is not the one making this about race.) While you progressives are curing poverty and racism, young people need to know they are accountable for their actions in the meantime. If not in high school, then on the job — or in the courtroom.

Memo to Evers: We are all very impressed how “woke” you are. But you do not abstain from a vote unless you have a direct financial interest in the question. Alders vote; that is what they are elected to do. Abstaining is dereliction of duty and cowardly, to boot.

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Dare I attend the ‘Cops in schools’ Common Council meeting tonight?

Blaska is torn twixt and ‘tween

Still undecided whether to attend and/or speak at Madison Common Council meeting tonight (07-02-19).  On the Council’s agenda is Cops in Schools. It’s Item 37.  Wondering whether any other pro-cop citizen will dare to speak. Otherwise, will watch on cable or on-line here.

Witch Trial

Madison Common Council meeting

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Shooting at Madison’s Shake the Lake? It’s Scott Walker’s fault

… and his darn CCW criminal background checks!

Shake the Lake was even posted with ‘No Firearms!’ signs

Say this about Pete Buttigieg at last week’s Democrat(ic) presidential debate: at least he took responsibility. “I didn’t get it done,” the candidate said about not getting more racial diversity in the police force as mayor of his small town in Indiana. Didn’t blame Donald Trump.

There is a shooting Saturday night at Shake the Lake, Madison’s downtown Independence Day fireworks celebration. The miracle is only one person was shot in the midst of scores of people at Monona Terrace, Madison’s civic gathering place and prized jewel. (A policeman was also injured when he fell in the clean-up operation.)

Our new mayor, Satya Conway-Rhodes, vowed more security at future events, then pivoted to blame Republicans for crime in her city — A city that was too liberal, progressive, and socialist for Paul Soglin! Her Honor said: Continue reading

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Biden, Booker, Bernie, Beto, Kamala et al: ‘Vote for Trump’

They’re making Hillary look good

We said last time that Democrats’ time may be up (Joe Biden, Joe Biden) sooner than they think. The Democrats’ presidential debates Wednesday and Thursday (06-26/27-2019) constituted an audition for that new talent contest show, America’s Got Crazy.

Perhaps it is Trump Derangement Syndrome; This most unusual President is driving Democrats nuttier than a Payday candy bar.

What the debates did “was pick up the entire [Democrat(ic) party and put it down outside the mainstream and apart from the center,” Peggy Noonan observes in today’s (06-29-18) Wall Street Journal. The newspaper’s lead editorial chimed in with:

“Donald Trump is a lucky man.”

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Hey Democrats, your time may be up sooner than you think

How much more ‘free stuff’ before we become Venezuela?

The thousand clowns are making even Donald Trump look good

Who wants to lose?

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