Brandi Grayson will determine your degree of racism

‘Hire parents to direct her children’

If they’re not doing the job, can we fire them?

Because if they were doing the job,
might we not need school resource officers in the first place?

I do pity Jennifer Cheatham, superintendent of Madison schools. Try as she might, she will never be able to bow and scrape low enough to satisfy the social justice warriors.

In the wake of a disciplinary incident at Whitehorse middle school that may well have gotten out of hand, Ms. Cheatham announced a new round of racism re-education camps and a report-your-teacher racism hotline, among other burnt offerings to the goddesses of identity politics.

Not enough for Brandi Grayson, the community organizer who shut down traffic over the Tony Robinson Jr. case, thereby diverting an ambulance on call. Last week Monday (02-25-19) Ms. Grayson’s Young Gifted and Black joined forces with the Freedom Inc. Youth Brigade to drive the Madison school board off the stage to seek refuge in the catacombs of the Doyle administration building.

Because, to these folks, everything is racism. Ms. Grayson is up on Brenda Konkel’s Progressive Dane website (where else?) with an absurdly long (3,569-word) farrago of grievances and virtue posturing. (Read it here if you’re a masochist.) Continue reading

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Blaska to be run out of town

Ultra-woke progressive issues fatwa

Could it at least be to somewhere warm?

The election for Madison school board, mayor, and alders on April 2 is over four weeks off. But this candidate for Seat #4 on the Madison Board of Education (visit my website, please) is counting down to March 12 when early voting begins. And doing so nervously. 

(Who is that that just pulled up in front of the Stately Manor? Who could that be now?)


Because a Madison progressive has vowed to run Blaska out of town!

Furthermore, this threat was posted on social media, which suggests that a posse is being recruited for this vigilante action. One Robert Lynn shared this post:

So, who else is getting David Blaska-sponsored propaganda? Notice at the end where our all [ sic ] comes back to “The Incident!” Where Mr. Blaska had his PRIVILEGES challenged? … It’s time we start running folks out of town again. I got a list, Blaska’s on it.

Robert Lynn

Robert Lynn run folks out


Oddly (and apparently without irony) Robert Lynn objects to my suggestion that “The Incident” at Whitehorse middle school may be more about behavior than race — bad behavior either on the part of the faculty member or on the 11-year-old student, or on BOTH. (Because we do NOT have all the facts.)

In a subsequent post, Mr. Lynn called Blaska a “jerk.” Even if true, does that warrant being driven from hearth and home to the gulag of, say, Waunakee? Where Blaska would no longer be eligible to serve on the Madison school board? (Although I could still sign Torianna Pettaway’s nomination petition for mayor of Madison, apparently.)

Before you run me out of town, Robert Lynn, I’d like to know who you have run out of town previously? Because you did write “It’s time we start running folks out of town AGAIN.” Is this like Argentina under the junta? A class of people known as “The Disappeared”?

You also write that you have “a list.” Who else is on it? Police Chief Koval? The remaining conservative professor at the University of Wisconsin? Practicing Catholics?

Does Blaska have pride of first place on your list? Or is he — more insult to injury — well down the list?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

This is what happens when you run for elective office here in The Emerald City. People with the “Everyone Is Welcome Here” signs on their front lawn (in multiple languages!) threaten to run you out of town unless you swear allegiance to the One True Party line. Diversity, for the good Madison progressive, is only skin deep.

Robert Lynn, you identify yourself as president, board of directors of Mach OneHealth, which gets grant money from the City of Madison. Since you propose to make my housing “insecure,” Mr. Lynn, would Blaska be eligible for your health services “to people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in the Madison Area.”

More questions, would Blaska actually have to RUN out of town? Snow is pretty deep out there. Might I be allowed call Uber? Or must it be Union Cab? One way, of course.

Finally, are pitchforks involved? At least, Blaska need not worry about hot tar. Carbon-based, doncha know.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In my upcoming exile, if you can’t visit me personally you can still see me on Facebook.

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Got racism? Operators are standing by

The Whitehorse case is in the District attorney’s lap
but Madison schools have already vilified the teacher 

Operators standing byPaddling furiously, Madison Metropolitan School District superintendent Jennifer Cheatham intends to start up a hotline for staff, students, and families to report racism, personal slights, micro-aggressions, and onerous homework assignments.

It’s yet another panicked reaction following an incident at Whitehorse middle school involving a faculty member and an 11-year-old student. Because the school’s “positive behavior coach” is white (or, at least, identifies as such) and the child is black, the posse has declared the issue conclusive evidence of racism most foul.  Continue reading

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Sign up now for ‘White women facing their racism’

Sign up now, Jennifer Cheatham! And bring a notebook!

Another triumph of identify politics and race-shaming. Swear to God, this is so NOT the Onion.
White women

White Women facing their racism

It’s scheduled from 6 to 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, Friday 03-01-19
at the venue called Threshold, 2717 Atwood Ave., Madison WI

Join us for an intimate interview and facilitated discussion with Sara Alvarado and Tanya Geisler: white women facing their racism.

We can’t do better or be better until we go within and get truthful about whiteness. We are offering you a real and raw look at our own journeys and a facilitated discussion to help you deepen into your anti-racism journey.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at: Ticket fees are to offset hard costs and any profit will go to a local organization (to be determined soon).

Do you identify as white?

Guess that leaves out Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal.

The intentions of this exclusive event, which is for women who identify as white, is to provide a brave and reflective space for sharing our stories, challenging ourselves, and inspiring change as we put privilege into action in service of Black and Brown women and our desire for racial justice in the world.

We will use story, truth-telling, meditation, dance, mindfulness, and dialogue to encourage personal growth and a deeper commitment to our anti-racism work. Further discussion will focus on defining and acknowledging racism, whiteness as a social construct, and the white savior complex with the intention of addressing the fear, harm, and separation they cause.

Tanya Geisler’s website is:
Sara Alvarado’s website is:

Other special guests:

Lisa Baker will offer a grounding and reflective mindfulness practice.
Sarah Sadie will offer dance movement.
Journaling prompts from Desiree Lynn Adaway‘s “Dear Sister (not just cister)” deck.

Food and drink of some sort

There will be food and drink of some sort. More details available soon. Be comfy and bring a notebook.

There is limited seating.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Racist white women only? So much for inclusion! Friendly tip: Bring your own bacon rinds and Miller High Life.

Continue reading

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Madison school super apologizes, vows to reform ‘racist’ teachers

It’s about behavior, Jennifer. Not race!

Madison Metropolitan School District superintendent Jennifer Cheatham issued a mea culpa today for her racist teachers and principals and yet another “action plan.” That plan includes

• Mandatory staff re-education “on racial identity, implicit bias, and racial inequity in the United States.”

• A new hotline for staff, students, and families to report racism. 

• Keep looking at everything “through the lens of racial equity.”

• Doubling down on restorative justice.

But nothing about holding parents and students responsible for their actions. Nothing about requiring children to obey their teacher. Nothing about parents’ responsibility to read to their children and instruct them to be good citizens. Nothing about maintaining civility at school board meetings.

What is more, Cheatham appears to have thrown that vice principal at Whitehorse middle school under the bus. Perhaps the superintendent is in a position to know the whole story. Perhaps she is yielding to the strongest voices. Continue reading

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‘Blaska created a near riot’ at the Madison school board?

So claims an anonymous on-line poster

Actually, I  had left the building by the time the social justice warriors began their chanting that drove the school board to a locked room

And I asked for calm until all the facts were in!

14266870053_86d329a9f7_qAnn of Althouse is a Madison resident and retired UW law prof. She writes an eclectic and entertaining blog that has nationwide reach. Her commentary often makes the pages of the (failing) New York Times.

Ann has taken note of our travails here in the Madison school district because it resonates nationally. Madison is by no means the only town in thrall to identity politics and its culture of victimhood. But we’ve got an especially toxic case.

At roughly noon on Tuesday (02-26-19) she posted a blog titled: “As activists chanted, the Madison School Board left its usual meeting place in the auditorium of the Doyle Administration Building Monday night and finished the rest of its session in a conference room down the hall…”

As of this writing 24 hours later, Ann’s post had generated 149 comments. We excerpt from that commentary here:

Inga…Allie Oop said … What good did Blaska’s presence at the meeting do but create a near riot? As IF he had more to contribute than the people there. Condescending asshole. People in Madison know who he is and what he’s about. Continue reading

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