Senator Susan Collins delivers speech for the ages

One of the classic speeches from the floor of the U.S. Senate, the world’s greatest deliberative body, delivered by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, Friday, October 5, 2018. A speech that should shame Tammy Baldwin, Diane Feinstein, Kamela Harris, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and (for good measure) Rachel Maddow and social justice warriors everywhere.
Seated behind Sen. Collins are Sens. Shelley Moore Capito, R-West Virginia and Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Mississippi.

The fact remains, Mr. President, someone leaked this letter against Professor Ford’s express wishes. I suspect, regrettably, that we will never know for certain who did it. To that leaker who I hope is listening now, let me say that what you did was unconscionable. You have taken a survivor who was not only entitled to your respect but also trusted you to protect her and you have sacrificed her well being in a misguided attempt to win whatever political crusade you think you are fighting. My only hope is that your callous act has turned this process into such a dysfunctional circus that it will cause the Senate and indeed all Americans to reconsider how we evaluate Supreme Court nominees. If that happens, then the appalling lack of compassion you afforded Professor Ford will at least have some unintended positive consequences.

In addition to the lack of corroborating evidence, we also learned some facts that raised more questions. For instance, since these allegations have become public, Professor Ford testified that not a single person has contacted her to say I was at the party that night. Furthermore, the professor testified that although she does not remember how she got home that evening, she knew that because of the distance she would have needed a ride, yet not a single person has come forward to say that they were the one who drove her home or were in the car with her that night. And Professor Ford also indicated that, even though she left that small gathering of six or so people abruptly and without saying good-bye, and distraught, none of them called her the next day or ever to ask why she left, is she okay, not even her closest friend Ms. Keyser.

… Fairness would dictate that the claims at least should meet a threshold of more likely than not as our standard. The facts presented do not mean that Professor Ford was not sexually assaulted that night or at some other time, but they do lead me to conclude that the allegations fail to meet the more likely than not standard. Therefore, I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court.

I could not help but feel that some people who wanted to engineer the defeat of this nomination cared little, if at all, for her well-being.– Complete transcript here.

Tony Evers aligns with extreme left wing

If there was any doubt whether Tony Evers is a moderate Democrat, he cast those aside with a social media ad from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who marched with the Kavanaugh street protestors who shut down Washington D.C. streets and are said to be planning to occupy the nation’s Capitol.

Tony Evers, Eliz Warren

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Anti-Kavanaugh mob intimidation tactics too familiar here in Madison WI

Win at any cost

Destroy what you cannot defeat

Will the mob and its cheerleaders in the news media prove victorious? That is what U.S. Senators will decide when they vote tomorrow, Saturday. Madison, WI has been wrestling with that question for several years now.

Fight Dirty

On the Capital Times’ bookshelf

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell this morning (10-05-18) condemned the mob (aka: “the Resistance”) and its enablers in the news media and the Democrat(ic) party. 

Failing to defeat the nominee on the issues, they have conspired to assassinate the character of Brett Kavanaugh. Throughout last week’s hearings on the accusations of sexual misconduct, Democrats insisted that the FBI reopen its background investigation to assess those last-minute (and increasingly desperate) charges.

After the FBI could not verify the accusations, Sen. Diane Feinstein complained, however lamely, “the most important part of the report is what’s not in it.” Conclusion first, facts later if at all. Continue reading

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‘My mom works at La Follette H.S. and I fear for her every day’ 


Today in Kids Do the Darnedest Things:

Stolen Auto – 12:03 p.m. OnStar contacted dispatch to report that they were tracking a stolen auto around Turner Ave/Hob St.  The vehicle was slowed down by OnStar and it eventually stopped on the Beltline Ramp at Rimrock Road.  Two AAM juveniles fled on foot and have not been located.  The vehicle’s registered owner was contacted.  Investigation continuing.

EAST: Information/Disturbance – 12:59 p.m. Officers responded to concerns over a potential fight at La Follette High School due to ongoing disputes between two groups of female juveniles. One of the groups was contacted by officers. — from the police chief’s daily log.

Sound the klaxons! Alert the social justice warriors! Convene the Common Council. Play the race card!

White Parents are organizing! 

So advises one JT Jenkins, who advises his social media followers:

Heads up: the white parents at this meeting are gearing up to go to school board mtgs pushing for EROs. 

This comes after a slew of neighborhood meetings earlier this week in the La Follette high school attendance area. Parents and neighbors are reeling from two school-related shootings in the span of a week in which three young people were injured. (“Two charged with attempted homicide.”)

Continue reading

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Kavanaugh attacks backfire on Democrats

UPDATE: FBI clears Kavanaugh as predicted.

Expect Madison’s State Street to erupt this afternoon.

Women in swing-states don’t believe his accusers

For $100 Alex, what is a boomerang?

It is an axiom here at the Blaska Policy Werkes (and tanning salon) that Republicans would be doggie doo were it not for Democrats. Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances always over-reach. With Democrats, more is always less.


Chuck Schumer warned, from the floor of the Senate, no less, that Dems would use “all means to defeat this nominee.” He wasn’t kidding. So they spring a woman with long-term memory loss as a last-minute grenade at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, throw in accusations of gang rape, and then carp that the nominee is infuriated at the trashing of his reputation. Wrong judicial temperament, doncha know.  Continue reading

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Madison council rewrites history

Descendants of Confederate Rest dead would have a strong legal claim to contest removal of grave marker they paid for
and was accepted by the City of Madison

Forest Hill Cemetery is a National Historical site. Landmark Commission chairman Stuart Levitan acknowledged that “five of the nine Secretary [of U.S. Department of the Interior] standards would be violated by removing the marker. Our ordinance … incorporates those federal standards. Does the Secretary of the Interior have jurisdiction? I don’t know the answer.” City attorney May countered the only appeal would be to circuit court.

We have no doubt that the United Daughters of the Confederacy whitewashed the horrors of slavery almost up to the present day. 

When Rhett Butler returns from his midnight ride without Scarlet O’Hara’s unfortunate husband, killed by occupying Union soldiers, it is unspoken that they had been on a midnight Klan ride.

It is also possible that the aging Union veterans who shed blood to end slavery and who dedicated the gravestone at Madison’s Confederate Rest back in 1906 were ignorant — or perhaps indifferent if they did know — of the lynchings and systematic apartheid oppressing the South in those terrible days. Some of the best and brightest of the liberal-progressive movement, people like Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger, and UW president Charles Van Hise, were overtly racist. (Unlike Porter Butts and Fredric March.)

They subscribed to or helped perpetuate the false narrative of the contented slave, the wise mammy, and the benevolent aristocrat in the big house up the hill.

WSJ at Confederates Rest

Madison WI: 140 names and “Erected in loving memory by United Daughters of the Confederacy to Alice Whiting Waterman and ‘her boys'” The big stone preceded the individual markers

Whatever the sins of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the grave marker at the quiet corner of Forest Hill Cemetery rewrites no history, whitewashes no evil, justifies no lost cause. It depicts no triumphant general astride a noble horse, extols no “unsung hero,” claims no “valor.”

Continue reading

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Who’s going to protect school cops from the kids?

Kids do the darndest things!

Madison west high ERO and school staffer injured
breaking up student fight

Here are eight nominees that Madison school board member Dean Loumos can appoint to his proposed school cop review committee. His ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) recommended that young troublemakers sit in judgment of school cops, or EROs. (More here.)

The cop review committee would have up to 20 members “with an emphasis on representing youth who are the most cited, suspended or expelled or otherwise are / have been involved with the juvenile justice system.”

We lift this straight from Police Chief Mike Koval’s daily police log:

1) Officers responded to West High School for a report of multiple juveniles fighting.  Principal combatants were identified as a 16-year-old AAF, 17-year-old AAF and a 15-year-old AAF.  A school employee was battered during the altercation. A MPD officer sustained a broken hand as well during his attempt to break up the fight. The 16-year-old and 17-year-old juveniles were charged with disorderly conduct.  The 15-year-old juvenile was charged with battery to a school official.  Additional charges may be forthcoming.

School board member Dean Loumos, injured West high ERO Justin Creech, and anti-cop propaganda from Freedom Inc.

The WI State Journal reports: “The fight was one of several disturbances reported at the school around 8:30 a.m., with school staff trying to restore order after loud outbursts and disruptive behavior, Madison police said.”

“Numerous officers were called to West to back up the educational resource officer,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

2) Weapons Offense – 2:41 p.m.  Officers responded to O’Keefe Middle School after that a student/victim (12-year-old WM) notified school officials that another student/suspect (12-year-old WM) pulled a knife on him and threatened him.  A knife was not located.  No charges have been substantiated at this time.

3) Weapons Offense – 3:19 p.m.  Officers responded to Balsam Rd for a report of a male making “threats with a gun.”  Officers arrived in the area and observed two subjects (later identified to be suspects) fleeing from the area on foot.  The two suspects (16-year-old AAM and 18-year-old AAM) were apprehended.  Investigation revealed that an on-going dispute occurred between the two suspects identified and a third suspect (24-year-old AAM).  The 16-year-old was cited for resisting and released from the scene.  The two other suspects were arrested for multiple charges, including battery, bail jumping, disorderly conduct and resisting.

4) Sexual Assault of a Child – 4:06 p.m.  Officers met with a victim (14-year-old HF) who reported being physically and sexually assaulted by a classmate/suspect (14-year-old UM).  Child Protective Services notified.  Investigation continuing.

Yet, Dean Loumos and his ad hoc committee on EROs “learned that the presence of EROs can needlessly contribute to the criminalization of student behavior and negatively affect students’ sense of safety and belonging.”

So much so that, last week, Loumos proposed banning EROs from parking their police squad cars on school grounds! (“Let police do their jobs in Madison schools.”)

Blaska’s Bottom Line Question: Dean, did the EROs “criminalize” the six juveniles in today’s police report?

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