Straight White Man gets religion

Now that the April election is over and
the Madison school 
board is more liberal than ever


Straight, White AND Male! That’s three strikes!

Glory, glory halleluja! A mere two days after Blaska called him out for ignoring THE central issue in the local Spring elections, former mayor Dave Cieslewicz has come to Jesus.

“Keep cops in high schools,” Citizen Dave writes in his most recent column in Isthmus, a publication where liberal-progressive-socialists go to feel good about themselves.

Educational Resource Officers have been in Madison high schools since 1997 and there’s no reason to remove them now.

Especially, Dave, when you read the daily crime report!

“Why is this even an issue?” Cieslewicz asks. “Because a small group of vocal activists in an organization called Freedom Inc. have been disrupting school board meetings calling for an end to the contract,” he answers.

School board has anti-cop majority

But it’s more than a small group. Judging from the April 2 election, it may well be a majority of Madison voters — 85% of whom have no children in Madison’s public schools. As Citizen Dave himself notes, “There may be a majority [on Madison’s Board of Education] in favor of ending a contract with the city of Madison to place one police officer in each of the district’s four high schools.” Continue reading

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Paging Mr. Rob! Fracas in Room 120! Please respond! Mr. Rob …?

‘We don’t have to listen to the police
and you can’t touch us,’ part 2

Out lunchWhat? a 12-year-old middle-school girl injured two police officers?

Good thing Mike Koval is not Jen Cheatham or those two cops would be O.U.T.!  Their careers OVER! like Mr. Rob, the positive behavior coach at another middle school who tried to neutralize an out-of-control student and paid the price — namely, with his career. (More here.)

Who is going to protect the police from the students? Maybe the police union should descend on next Monday’s school board meeting (6 p.m. 04-29-19 at Chavez elementary school) with their own “Cops Out of Schools” banner.

The unlettered field hands here at the Experimental Work Farm have stored the powerful Ariens snowblower in the garden shed next to Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. StaBil-ized the gasoline. We are NOT bringing it back out Saturday come what may. (Dammit!) Let’s move on … Continue reading

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‘No surprise the school behavior plan failed’

A young man reached out to the Policy Werkes to relate his involvement in crafting the Madison school district’s Behavioral Education Plan. He asked that his name not be published as he wishes to have a career someday in Madison. This is his story:

As a Memorial high school student in the summer of 2015, I was approached to join an advisory committee on the Behavioral Education Plan’s classroom implementation plan. There were four meetings on the issue.The meetings’ goals were to simplify the BEP’s 20-something pages and nuances into something easy to adhere to by teachers and faculty whilst making decisions on the fly in the classroom. …

At one of the four meetings, there were was another student present although he was quiet and did not really share insight. One teacher was present for about 30 minutes at one of the meetings, but that was the only time an educator was ever present. Myself (a student in the district) and “community stakeholders” were the people who really were making up this committee.

… They were all lovely people to share insight with and they were generally interested in what I had to say. However, it became readily apparent that many of them had not had an honest view of a high school since the days when they themselves were students.

Playing hide and seek with school security

Continue reading

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Cap Times demands more school security while getting rid of cops!

Only in Madison!

If The Squire’s forehead is reddened, it is because I have been smacking it all morning. 

The object of Blaska’s pique: a Capital Times editorial headlined “Madison schools need to get serious about school safety.”

Head smack

Of the six candidates on the ballot this Spring election, only one candidate talked about school safety. (You get one guess.) The Capital Times endorsed his opponent, who wrote Progressive Dane’s “cops out of school” manifesto.


The CT is riffing off the rape reported at Madison East high school allegedly committed by two 15-year-old boys. 

School board members and administrators need to recommit to a basic premise that underpins public education. The premise is that students, teachers, and staffers in public schools have a right to expect that every school will be safe for every student at every time.

Wait a minute! Is this the same Capital Times that sides with the Freedom Inc. F-bombers to demand Cops OUT of Schools? It is, indeed.

Smack!CT East High rape

The CT attempts to cover its tracks with this bit of rhetorical gymnastics: 

This goes far beyond debates about school resource officers. Though we respect the views of those who say that the officers should remain in the schools, we do not presume for a moment that they can or should be expected to provide the level of security that is required.


No, it STARTS with school resource officers. You want MORE security in the schools so you start by kicking uniformed police officers OUT of the schools because — SMACK! — they cannot be expected “to provide the level of security that is required”???

What, pray, tell, would provide the level of security that is required? The Capital Times never says. 

Classic Face Palm!

Head in HandsHow does removing police officers increase security? SMACK! (Is this the new math?) Some of us might suggest if one police officer in each of the four main high schools aren’t enough, a second should be added. Blaska advocated police also patrol the middle schools. The school district already employs a small army of security people who are not sworn police officers. They will tell you they can’t lay a finger on the kids.

The CT pontificates that “What is needed now is a top-to-bottom commitment … to ensure that public schools will be safe spaces … Because it is absurd to imagine that children will get the education they need in an insecure of unsafe environment.”

No Schick, Sherlock. 

Welcome to the party

February 6 — David Blaska: “Return discipline for safer schools
and a safer community.”

Some of us have been saying that for over a year now. Might we suggest that the alleged rape at East High is the predictable result of the general chaos in the classroom. Haven’t we been saying that a school board that cannot maintain order at its own meetings — to the point that they have to flee their own meeting chambers (detailed here) — invites chaos in the classroom?!

It is the broken windows theory of law enforcement: F-bombing, kids wilding in the hallways, popping in and out of class, cafeteria brawls — even gunfire. What did you expect?

When anything goes, nothing is prohibited.

A Behavior Education Plan based on improving identity politics numbers not on securing a safe learning environment. A positive behavior coach (that there is such a job title is Smack-worthy in itself) is forced out by the district superintendent and the school board president for trying to enforce positive behavior.

It is a school district that race-shamed award-winning teacher Karen Vieth when she quit the profession (after 16 years) after complaining that Sherman middle school was out of control.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Liberals, progressives and socialists run this school district, Capital Times. You endorsed them. You own this mess. Now go smack your own foreheads.


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Freedom Inc. will ride the crazy bus to Chavez elementary school

You can run, Madison school board; but can you hide?

We see that the Madison Board of Education is going to take its show on the road next Monday, April 29, in a desperate attempt to evade the F-bombing mob that disrupts their every meeting. 

They’re hoping that the race-baiters can’t find Chavez school, 3502 Maple Grove Drive, Madison, WI 53719. (Starting with a “meet and greet” at 5:15 p.m.) That’s on the outskirts of Verona! About as far as one can get from Doyle Administration on W. Dayton Street and still be in the MMSD!

xxozu0rf4ji11Maybe Freedom Inc. and Young, Gifted & Stupid don’t have GPS. Or that they won’t rent a bus to get there. If they did, would it be the crazy bus? After all, why should they obey the rules of the road? The crazy bus will lurch all over the road, the sidewalks, and front lawns of the white supremacists and their “Everyone is Welcome” signs in three languages. The crazy bus will break the speed limit, then block traffic at will.

The cops won’t stop them because Monica Adams, Bianca Gomez, Brandi Grayson, Nino Rodriguez, Amelia Royko-Maurer et al don’t trust the police.

Here’s an idea: camouflage Chavez elementary school! Put up a sign that says “Police Station.” Park a couple squad cars out in front. Continue reading

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Greg Humphrey, man of courage

Even school nurses want cops in schools!
So why isn’t it happening? We explain

Last week on her show, Our Ms. Vicki McKenna credited Blaska for possessing at least a pico-curie of courage in running for political office in the Emerald City. 

What can one say but, Aw Shucks!? Which is what Blaska did say as producer Dave McCann cued up the exit music.

It continues to amaze the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes that this old conservative war horse got 21,230 votes in a city that can’t even elect Kaleem Caire to the Madison school board. Remarkable that this admitted Republican got 30% of the vote in a town that turned out Paul Soglin in favor of a Progressive Dane candidate that checked off scads of boxes on the identity politics checklist.  Continue reading

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