You, too, can be Wisconsin treasurer!

No heavy lifting, no duties, no responsibilities
Salary: $69,936/year, state retirement system bennies
Answerable to no one
Don’t pay no union dues!

sign-up sheet

The first day to circulate nomination papers is April 15, 2018. You need 2,000 to 4,000 signatures by the filing deadline of 5 p.m. June 1, 2018. Primary election is August 14; general election is November 6. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Rev. King: ‘We can’t keep blaming the white man’

Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. in that annus horribilis, 1968. It is a sad holiday, not just for his murder but for the tragic detour civil rights has taken since.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-contentIn the last several decades, too many mistake rights with responsibilities. Equality of opportunity has been turned upside down to mean equal results discounted for the disparate impact of implicit bias due to white privilege.

But who are we, with our accursed middle class values, to judge others? And do not use the word “thug” to described gang bangers. It is racist.

Tthe Rev. King himself told a black congregation in St. Louis, “We’ve got to do something about our moral standards … We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves.”

Or keep blaming the police, lack of “family supporting” jobs (neighborhood centers, etc.), or “The Problem of Whiteness.” Bless the essential Jason T. Riley in the Wall Street Journal for uncovering that quote. Riley explicates:

Racial gaps that were steadily narrowing in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s would expand in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, which suggests that the disparities that continue today aren’t being driven by racism, notwithstanding claims to the contrary from liberals and their allies in the media. It also suggests that attitudes toward marriage, education, work and the rule of law play a much larger role than the left wants to acknowledge. More marches won’t address out-of-wedlock childbearing. More sit-ins won’t lower black crime rates or narrow the school achievement gap.

Black mayors, police chiefs and school superintendents have been commonplace since the 1970s … [yet] Even the election of a black president — twice — failed to close the divide in many key measures. Black-white differences in poverty, homeownership, and incomes all grew wider under President Obama.

For extra credit: Can we start teaching discipline and responsibility in the schools?

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WI Republicans got their faces slapped

Is Brookfield in yet?

Let the recriminations begin! Fingers, start pointing! Time to scorch some earth! Let’s all play the blame game after Tuesday’s crushing defeat. Because there’s plenty to go around.


Our newest activist Justice

Not even close. Rebecca Dallet 56% to 44% for Michael Screnock in the state supreme court race. The unabashed, activist San Francisco-style liberal defeated, dispatched, destroyed the NRA-backed conservative in a state that, just 18 months ago, went for Donald Trump.

The special 10th District Senate race that flipped Democrat earlier this year was no fluke. It was, indeed, the canary in the coal mine. R.I.P. little canary.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The wind is in their sails. Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances (for they ARE our …) are feeling the Bern. They’ve had a taste of blood and they are after Bigger Game.

Unless I am very mistaken, Scott Walker is confabbing with his tiny circle of advisers this very cold morning. Paul Ryan is updating his LinkedIn résumé. Democrats from San Francisco to Georgetown and Manhattan are writing checks with many zeroes.

Round up the usual suspects

Some Republican friends are blaming turnout. Indeed, bellweather Waukesha County gave Screnock a margin of a tad under 26,000 votes — nowhere near the 72,000-vote head of steam Dane County gave Dallet. Indeed, 43.5% [corrected] of those eligible voted in Dane County compared to a 21% average turnout statewide. The question is, why did the Right sit on its hands, if they did?

Complacency, perhaps? Things have been too good for too long?

Others are blaming the candidate. Mike Screnock was a little short on judicial experience compared to his opponent. I got to say, it does not help to be the NRA candidate in today’s environment, fair or unfair. That our candidate defended Act 10 in private practice tied him irrevocably to Walker.

It’s an old tactic: If you can’t beat your opponent, get a new opponent. Dallet turned Screnock into Scott Walker and Donald Trump. Neither is especially popular. The Squire gives Walker credit for pushing the envelope. But the old adage goes something like “friends come and go while enemies accumulate.”

[UPDATE: EVEN Walker’s pick for Waukesha County judge lost! (Story here.) ]

Walker is tethered to Donald Trump like a monkey to an organ grinder. What can we say about this President that we haven’t said before? Let’s just abbreviate to: Needlessly antagonistic. Gratuitously offensive. Off-putting. Folks, when you have to make excuses for your president, when you  retreat to “Bill Clinton was worse,” you have lost the argument.

Politics is a game of addition, not subtraction. Ronald Reagan and Tommy Thompson understood that. Trump does not.

Dane County put up Putin-like numbers

crazy-ladyDane County went 81% to 19% for Dallet, compared to 64% to 36% for Screnock in Waukesha County. And Dane County’s turnout was half-again larger.

Act 10 has irradiated the ground here in Dane County for what looks like a generation. The last two remaining reliable conservatives on the Dane County Board retired; they being Mike Willett and Ronn Ferrell. Both were first elected before Act 10, so voters were accustomed to them. Their would-be replacements, Jake Luginbuhl and Brent Renteria, lost to no-name Leftists big-time (64% to 36% and 68% to 32%, respectively).

Almost worse, Lukas Diaz is the new mayor of Verona. Diaz is Progressive Dane! An ally of Brenda Konkel!

The one bright spot from Tuesday’s spring election is very bright. Gloria Reyes emphasized school safety to unseat teachers union apologist Anna Moffit. Moffit was a prime motivator of the Cops out of the Schools push. Reyes, by contrast, is a former cop.

Reyes’ 53% to 47% victory makes it a three-fer: the cop bashers now have been defeated at the city council, county board, and Madison school board. And eight-term supv. Al Matano, who voted against a new jail, was defeated by Kelly Danner, who one day will be a state rep.

[UPDATE: Indeed, 2016 is shaping up to be the Year of the Identity-as-Female. Which may help Leah Vukmir defeat Tammy Baldwin this November. ]

As for your Squire? He’s going to run for state treasurer. $74 Grand for a do-nothing job? I’m your man!

Todays’ Bottom Line comes from Scott Walker, who warns there’s a “blue wave coming.” — The Daily Beast

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Vote today for less government

a Donte DiVincenzo wink to all you voters on this Election Day

The white lab coats of the Blaska Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) resurrect a dictum that even the AnonyBobbers among us can agree on. That being, that the Left is the party of government while the Right is the party of individualism.

Courtroom proof of same is John Nichols’ piece in The Nation, wherein our Comrade urges voters to retain the state treasurer’s position. Yes, it’s on today’s ballot. Knowing his audience, John spikes the punch with some 100-proof Scott Walker bashing.

Incredible! Now Scott Walker Wants to Abolish a Statewide Elected Office
The anti-democratic governor wants to eliminate the office of state treasurer,
and with it another potential check and balance on his authority

Incredible, indeed! Putin and Egypt’s el-Sisi have nothing on this Walker character!

Vote iconThe governor may very well favor eliminating the office but he has hardly been fronting the effort. The article never does make the case how a statewide referendum is “anti-democratic.” But Nichols needed a dog whistle and the name “Scott Walker” sets our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances to barking mad.

Open up the comment section of the Nation article and you’ll find one Walter Pewen who pronounces, on Nichols’ slanted evidence, “It’s clear that what Walker is up to is sociopathy, pure and simple.” Down boy! Down!

The big hedge in the magazine’s headline is “potential” because there is no getting around the reality that state treasurer is a vestigial position, at best, with few duties and zero staff. The incumbent treasurer actually ran on a platform of “please eliminate my job.”

For the last 20 years, governors and legislators of both parties have whittled away the treasurer’s duties until it’s down to the nub. Wisconsin Assembly Democrat Leader Gordon Hinz, D-Oshkosh, and former Democrat leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, voted to eliminate the office.

It is worth noting that U.S. News & World Report ranks Wisconsin state government #12 best in longterm fiscal stability and California, which has a fully functioning treasurer, at only #43. 

Elect the dog catcher

Then again, The Capital Times, where Mr. Nichols moonlights, also supports electing the city attorney! Why stop there? Citizens could elect the park commissioner, the street superintendent, and the power plant manager.

Org chartA good conservative objects to turning the ballot into an oriental restaurant menu because of a little thing called “accountability.” Like Tommy Thompson said when he folded the DNR into his appointive cabinet, people call me, he said, and not Trygve Solberg (who was then chairman of the DNR board). The buck, Harry Truman said, stopped at his desk.

You don’t think government has burrowed deeply into our lives? The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled, 5 to 4, in a case called Encino Motorcars LLC v. Navarro, that a service adviser at a car dealer — the guy you first talk to when you take your auto in for repairs — is a “salesman.” Therefore, the guy who does this job cannot demand overtime pay. That is according to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. (Wall Street Journal editorial here.) It went all the way to the United States Supreme Court!

Visualize the army of bureaucrats (17,347 of them) required to separate that pepper from them fly specks!

The Policy Werkes is throwing long here: why do we need government to decide who gets overtime and who does not? If the service adviser is unhappy at Encino Motorcars, maybe the dealership in Bakersfield will offer a cushier deal.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Get out and vote today for less government and be nice to your auto dealer service manager.

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Dallet is running for governor, not for supreme court justice

Make no mistake about it. In Tuesday’s state supreme court race, Michael Screnock is the conservative and Rebecca Dallet is the liberal.


Rebecca Dallet campaigns for gun control legislation

The difference between the two is whether one interprets the law as written (Screnock) or as one would wish the law to be written (Dallet).

That is why the Left is pulling out all the stops in this campaign and the right is countering. Failing to persuade the people of Wisconsin through the ballot box, our acquaintances on the Left have resorted to the courts to write policy. They’ve appealed to the courts to overturn Act 10 after voters reaffirmed their support, and failed. They’ve asked the courts to strike down Right to Work, without success. They cry “gerrymandering” after each lost election, even though a Democrat won the Trump-voting 10th Senate District in a special election this year.

That is what the Rebecca Dallet campaign for state Supreme Court is all about. You don’t go to San Francisco, to Nancy Pelosi’s backyard, groveling for cash without promising to be a social justice warrior in robes. Dallet has San Francisco values; Screnock played the tuba in the University of Wisconsin-Madison marching band.

ACLU backs abortion, race-based justice, and Dallet

Lens of equityIf there was ever any doubt of its partisan nature, the ACLU dropped a campaign card in the Stately Manor’s postal box. Dallet, the ACLU brags, supports LGBT rights, is opposed to Voter I.D. laws, and is pro-abortion without restriction. (Planned Parenthood endorses Dallet.)

On what it calls “criminal justice reform,” the ACLU quotes Dallet thusly:

“There is clearly a problem with mass incarceration and the racial bias that permeates the system. Wisconsin should be especially ashamed that we incarcerate African-Americans at a vastly higher rate than other racial groups.”

Your Squire has elucidated on the phenomenon of disparate impact, wherein identity-blind policies nonetheless result in different outcomes among demographic groups — as conclusive proof of discrimination. Dallet would lift the blindfold off of Lady Justice so as to promote separate but unequal application of the law. No wonder the police officers union, 44 circuit court judges, 54 sheriffs (active and retired), and 23 district attorneys have endorsed Screnock.

Yes, Screnock has been endorsed by the NRA, which hopes he will interpret the law as written. We say again, state supreme court justices should be appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the legislature. That’s how federal judges are named.

Dallet has an agenda

But there’s a difference between accepting an endorsement from an interest group, as Screnock has done, and actively campaigning on behalf of an interest group, as Dallet does. Her participation in a gun control demonstration earlier this year is proof. Dallet apologists, answer this question: How many other judges are taking to the streets to campaign on legislative issues?

Dallet left the courtroom to joust in the legislative arena with partisan campaign ads attacking Donald Trump. Attorney Rick Esenberg writes at RightWisconsin that Dallet celebrates a Democrat(ic) congressional victory in Pennsylvania, claiming that Wisconsin is “next.” He writes:

Her judicial values include “a strong public education system, clean air and water, the rights of working people to organize” and taking on “vestiges” the “racial and patriarchal system.” … How to achieve them are, for the most part, policy choices for the legislature and governor.  To suggest that they ought to inform judicial decision-making is to suggest a significant expansion of the role of the courts.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Dallet is seeking the wrong office. After she loses Tuesday, she can still file for governor.

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Afflicting the comfortable, Roseanne is cackling all the way to the White House

Who says the culture wars are dead?

The indentured servants at the Stately Manor were given the hour off their menial labors Tuesday night to watch the reboot of Roseanne, once the technicians got the vertical hold fixed on the 12-inch b&w Philco.


Where else have you seen the anti-Trump Women’s March played for laughs?

It’s not every comedy program that elicits laughter from these hardened reprobates but they guffawed when Trump supporter Roseanne Barr, in character, forgave her Pussy-hatted sister, played by the wonderful Laurie Metcalfe, for voting Jill Stein.

“I know that must have been hard for you,” Aunt Jackie sputtered, thoroughly confused.

Tuesday’s premier episode, 21 years after the last episode in its first nine-year run, set ratings records for any network show in six years. Quite an accomplishment in today’s fractured media scene. (Is any media “mass” these days?) ABC got the message; today the network ordered a full season of shows.

The decidedly non-PC sitcom is a welcome goosing of Hollywood liberal group-think, typified by the holier-than-thou Academy Awards show. 

Hollywood is now faced with indisputable evidence that there’s a huge potential audience out there for programs that don’t actively insult 63 million Trump voters. — Jon Podhoretz in the New York Post.

Charleton Heston was once liberal, too

Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel, we were unaware that Ms. Barr had given him the figurative finger on his late-night show a week earlier until alerted by the New York Post.

The host complained that she had once been so liberal. Barr, who remains among the most confrontational people on earth, was having none of it.

“I’m still the same,” she shouted. “You all moved!”

Roseanne and the wonderful John Goodman (looking slimmer than we remember him) say grace before dinner and conclude by thanking the almighty for “making America great again.”

NANCY TRAVIS, TIM ALLENWhich puts us in mind of another program where grace was said before meals and church-going figured in several plot lines. Thanks to re-runs, the unschooled field hands at the Experimental Work Farm have been catching up on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

Playing the likable father of three willful daughters, with a strong, working wife, his character never apologizes for being a man or for liking the things a man likes. (Cars, guns, and hints of an active sex life, among them.) When things go awry, the last man standing blames Hillary.

Trump supporters cried foul when ABC canceled the show a year ago despite achieving the second best ratings in its comedy lineup.

Not equal time, just a little time

For all that, the Squire does not need to agree with an entertainer’s politics, he just does not want to be insulted. (We find Stephen Colbert insufferable. How about one — ONE— conservative late-night, network talk show host? Dennis Miller would be great. He is ranked the best of the SNL Weekend Update hosts.)

We still find Alec Baldwin humorous. We’ll watch Robert DeNiro opening his mail. Conservatives we know can laugh at themselves, most of us. We do not attempt to expunge academia or mass media of contrary opinions; we just want a little proportionality. Thank you, best movie actor Gary Oldfield, for thanking America on the Academy Awards show. You were an oasis amid identity politics run amok.

An example of narrow-minded orthodoxy is one Roxanne Gay in the N.Y. Times (of course):

I wasn’t going to watch the reboot because I find Ms. Barr noxious, transphobic, racist, and small-minded. … She is a supporter of Donald Trump, vocalizing her thoughts about making America great, claiming that with her vote, she was trying to shake things up. She tweets conspiracy theories, rails against feminism and shares Islamophobic opinions.

Where once she was edgy and provocative, she is now absurd and offensive. Her views are muddled and incoherent. She is more invested in banal and shallow provocation than engaging with socio-political issues in a thoughtful manner. No amount of mental gymnastics can make what Roseanne Barr has said and done in recent years palatable.

In other words, Ms. Gay disagrees with Ms. Barr’s politics. Not that Ms. Gay attempts to refute Ms. Barr’s political positions; the writer finds it sufficient to recite a string of psycho-babbled pejoratives. Vilification, not edification.

Blaska’s Bottom LineI can hear Roseanne’s classic cackle now. What you wanna bet Trump makes a guest appearance on her show?

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