Democrats look for clean sweep on Dane County Board

Brave cold to find last-minute liberal challenger for Ferrell’s seat

You got to hand it to our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances. For they ARE our acquaintances.

There is a reason they rule the roost in Madison and Dane County. They are organized, they are dedicated, they have a deep bench, and they go out in zero-degree weather to come up with a candidate to succeed Ronn Ferrell in the 15th county board district.

Ferrell pulled what the county clerk called “the old switcheroo” by not filing his statement of non-candidacy by the December 22 deadline. Instead, he declared that he would be a candidate only three days earlier.

Meanwhile, Brent Renteria, who is also a Town of Middleton supervisor, filed the necessary papers to get on the county board ballot. Only when Ferrell had not filed nomination papers by the deadline this Tuesday (01-2-18) was it apparent the incumbent was not running. By state law, the filing deadline was extended another three days, until 5 this afternoon.

The Left mobilized. They were not about to allow Renteria to run unopposed. He’s not the right politics. If they take Ferrell’s old seat and that of Mike Willett in nearby Verona, the Left will have dispatched the only two consistent conservative-moderates on the county board.

An echo chamber

County Board chair Sharon Corrigan and her state rep, Dianne Hesselbein, D-Middleton, scrambled to find a liberal candidate. This is where the deep bench comes in. Dane County’s legislative delegation is large and overwhelmingly Democrat(ic). They asked around the Capitol. A Democrat(ic) state representative from Green Bay has on his staff a resident of the 15th district, comprised of far southwest Madison and a portion of the Town of Middleton. Guy named Steven Peters, who lives on Wild Prairie Trail. That makes Peters a professional Democrat.

Then they needed signatures. Only 50. On Thursday, at least eight sitting county supervisors went canvassing for nomination signatures. Door-to-door in single-digit temperatures. “We really, really don’t want the other guy!!” (meaning Renteria) exclaimed one of them, Dorothy Krause, who represents Fitchburg. They filed 99 signatures yesterday.

Today (01-05-18), a third candidate has filed, one Joseph Ryan. He lives on West Valhalla Way and is active in that neighborhood association. That’s all I know.

Instead of a walk-in for Renteria, he’ll now have to survive a primary on February 20.

That makes five contested county board districts out of 37. (More here.)

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Has #MeToo become the Great Terror?

‘What happened to women’s agency?’

Your Squire is a guilty white male. I blame my parents.

And there you have it! The liberal-progressive-socialist Trifecta! Identity politics + victimhood + blame-shifting. I broke bad but it ain’t my fault. It’s Da System! Your Squire is not an agent of his own life. He is a victim of a white, patriarchal socio-economic construct. (And violent, 1950s TV kiddie cartoons.)

Make a sandwichThe evil partisan side of the Squire delights as the #MeToo conflagration brings down another liberal politician or media star after a spate of conservatives. But his better angel (back from disciplinary leave) whispers that there is a scent of McCarthyism to the movement, an indiscriminate mania. No one said politics was fair but maybe Al Franken got jobbed for some bad jokes.

The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes have detected a new meme on social media: Franken photoshopped with hands placed on boob-endowed Facebook friends, acquaintances, and luminaries. Politically incorrect? Sure. Funny? We only report, you decide. Continue reading

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Capital Times quotes Trotsky to urge Scott Walker’s defeat

What was your New Year’s resolution? More civility toward those with opposing views? Reaching across the aisle to find common ground? Not if you are the hyper-partisan Capital Times.

The CT takes as its sacred mission to “consign Scott Walker to the dustbin of history.”


Trotsky marches for social justice

The Blaska Policy Werkes gets policy differences. We understand rough and tumble. But The Capital Times is drowning in its own hateful bile. Its editorial today will persuade no one not already convinced that Walker drowns little puppy dogs.

Listen to this hyperbole: “There is no way that Wisconsin’s 2018 could be worse than 2017.” Continue reading

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Madison spends $400,000 to study police, gets ‘few answers’ — while bullets fly

‘Few answers in report on police’

Good on Chris Rickert. I’m sure he misses his opinion column on Page 2 of the Wisconsin State Journal but, given the contracting news business, at least he is doing honest labor as the Madison city hall reporter. Mostly indoor work. No heavy lifting.

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Tell Madison to hire more police!

Chris has come over to the dark side here at The Stately Manor with his report today (01-02-18) on the Madison police proctology, aka the search for implicit bias, latent racism, white privilege, white-robed night riding, and general loucheness. The headline over his story in this morning’s print edition sums up what the Blaska Policy Werkes concluded six weeks ago: “Few answers in report on police.” (Find the on-line story here.)

For $400,000 the Madison Common Council purchased a report from a Berkeley, California boutique that:

  • Says nothing about how many more police should be hired, if any. Because the City didn’t ask whether staffing levels were adequate. Can you believe it!
  • Makes no recommendation on police body cameras. A major policy question, unanswered.
  • Reaches no conclusion on whether the racial disparity in criminal arrests is due to police racism or a racial disparity in the number and severity of crimes committed. Which, one might think, was the purpose of the study to begin with.

Continue reading

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Dane County Board election promises more of the same

Candidates are final except for District 15; only 4 contested

Some familiar faces are leaving the Dane County Board of Supervisors but don’t expect its far-Left tilt to level out. Conservatives and moderates remain in the wilderness here in Dane County.


Ronn Ferrell

Today, the second of only two reliable conservatives on the 37-member county board announced his retirement; that would be Ronn Ferrell in District 15. (And just when I was learning to spell his name!)

Ronn got on the board from the far southwest corner of the city of Madison 10 years ago. He has been the fiscal watchdog of the board.

The only declared candidate to succeed Ronn is Brent Renteria, who is also a Town of Middleton trustee. A good man. The county clerk’s door closed on candidacies at 5 this afternoon (01-02-18). But because Ferrell announced his non-candidacy only today, the deadline will be extended another three days until Friday at 5 p.m.

All 37 seats are up for the April 4 election. But only four seats are contested, a real shame. Four (4) out of 37 (unless someone else files in District 15). Continue reading

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Happy New Year from the Manor!


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