Winner in Florida recount declared!

Good news, Democrats! Voting in Florida predicted to end soon!

Al Gore

Al Gore named as 43rd President; George W. Bush’s records will be expunged

Here were “Videos You Should See” this Saturday morning (11-10-18) on CNN, the Jim Acosta network:

  • Wolf Blitzer: Disgusting how Trump treats journalists
  • Don Lemon: Here is what has Trump rattled
  • Sen.Blumenthal: Trump did commit a crime
  • Trump calls George Conway ‘Mr. Kellyanne’
  • Kate Bolduan: Trump’s convenient memory lapse
  • Pelosi discusses if Democrats will impeach Trump
  • Late Night reacts to Jeff Sessions’ firing
  • Flight crew fired over ‘fake’ sleeping video
  • Chilling video filmed inside bar during shooting

Seven out of nine!

The undoctored video of Jim Acosta v. White House intern, best two out of three
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Go big or go home; Tuesday election autopsy Part #2

Scott Walker could have learned from Frank Costanza

No ‘Let’s rumble!’

We’ve strapped on the plastic apron, we’re working the bone saw here at the Policy Werkes to figger out Wha’ Happened? We know Republicans under-performed. (See Part #1) But why?

Quincy medical examinerEvers attracted 44,000 more votes Dane County than Madison’s own Mary Burke four years ago. We’ll credit the ground game for which NextGen America takes credit. (More here.) But Evers also claimed 18,000 more votes in Republican fortress Waukesha County than did our Ms. Burke in the last governor’s race.

That would play into the national narrative that Trump was a big turn-off to affluent, well educated women in the suburbs. (Married suburban women voted 54-44% Democrat, according to Politico.) That’s precisely where Democrats picked up their margin in House seats. Continue reading

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Let’s autopsy Tuesday’s Republican corpse, Part #1

Republicans turned off or Democrats turned on?

Let the post-mortems proceed! Get our elbows deep into the bloody cadaver!

Donald Trump talks about pulling Ron DeSantis for governor and Rick Scott for senate across the line in Florida and he has a case. Most first-term presidents lose seats in their first mid-term elections. Obama’s Democrats in 2010 lost 66 House seats and 9 senators; Trump’s Republicans lost 26 in the house and actually gained 3 in the Senate.  

Quincy medical examinerTrump stumped for the Wisconsin ticket up in Mosinee. How much did he help? Would it have been worse had he not? Or did he hurt? Wisconsin was never North Dakota strong for Trump. He took the state two years ago by only 23,000 votes.

Vicki McKenna* argues that Republicans sat on their hands in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. Typically, Dane County accounts for 6% of the state’s total Republican vote. Yes, Dane County, because it is the second Continue reading

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Post election: So much for civility

Antifa attacks home of conservative

Don’t expect MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times, or The Capital Times to denounce

Tucker Carlson’s wife locks herself in pantry as mob tries to break down door. (More here.)

Speaking (as we were) of civility: Reporters should ask the tough questions. Like to think your blogguer did so in his benighted newspaper career. Sam Donaldson used to bedevil Ronald Reagan who, we must say, handled his interrogators with more aplomb than the current occupant of the White House.

That said, the institutional news media was almost reverential with President Obama, enduring his long and pointless soliloquys. Obama even wiretapped some reporters. Continue reading

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La plus ca change, Tony Evers …

Le plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Now that the balloons have popped and the keg drained, we must caution our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances here in Wisconsin to temper their expectations after Tuesday’s changing of the guard. Because Wisconsin ain’t gonna change all that much, folks.

Tony Evers loves his schools

Tony Evers

Government employees will be sorely disappointed when they realize that Tony Evers will not abolish Act 10 because he does not have the votes in the legislature. The Assembly remains overwhelmingly Republican and the State Senate is now 19-14 Republican, a pick-up of one.

Scott Walker will relinquish office after the turn of the year but his tax cuts are safe. Speaker Robin Vos and Senate president Scott Fitzgerald will not raise taxes.

Tony Evers can not pull 28,000 poor and largely minority-race kids in Milwaukee out of their chosen private schools, although he — and his teachers union donors — would dearly love to. School choice is the law and that ain’t gonna change.

Gov.-elect Evers will not abolish Right to Work. It will remain law. Voter I.D. will survive as well. Democrats proved they were able to properly identify themselves when they voted Evers-Mandela into office. 

The new administration will not go on a road-building binge, though Speaker Vos may wish it, unless Fitzgerald’s Senate has a change of heart. Gov. Evers will not kick the DNR secretary out of his cabinet and restore that important agency to the direction of an unelected and largely anonymous board of directors. 

Ever’s DNR will hassle large dairy farms and vegetable growers. He’ll rattle FoxConn’s cage in public but assure CEO Terry Gou that it’s just chum to fire up his base. Tony Evers is not going to chase thousands of good-paying, high-tech jobs out of Wisconsin. Those agreements have already been signed.

Here is a wild prediction: Tony Evers, coming into office as an independently elected superintendent of public instruction, could actually argue for making the position an appointive cabinet secretary. As it stands now, education travels in its own elliptical orbit instead of sitting at the governor’s table. Requires a constitutional change but the Republican legislature would jump at approving the required binding statewide referendum. Well, it could happen.

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We lost and we will conduct ourselves with honor because we are Republicans

Funny thing about us Wisconsin Republicans. We respect the democratic process. 

We campaigned hard, we made our arguments and we prayed for the best. The  votes were counted; we lost the key statewide races. That’s how it works in a democratic republic. Sometimes you win; this time we lost. We will abide by the will of the people and try to figure what went wrong as we  prepare for the next election.

state-capitol.jpgMost of us went to work this morning as usual. Fed the kids their dinner,  helped with their homework, and paid the bills. We retirees raked the leaves, did our civic volunteer work, and fixed that leaking faucet. Maybe poured a glass of wine.

We won’t blame ballot security measures, redistricting, campaign finance laws, Tom Steyer, George Soros, Rachel Maddow or Big Bird.

We got a new governor here in Wisconsin named Tony Evers. Tammy Baldwin is still U.S. Senator. A damn good attorney general went down. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco looks to be speaker of the House of Reps to replace Paul Ryan of Janesville.

We will not attend their inaugurations in order to disrupt the proceedings. We’ll just stay home. We won’t occupy the state capitol, heckle their speakers, shout epithets, draw swastikas on their photographs, spit at their supporters, or hassle them at restaurants. No sad songs sung noons in the Capitol rotunda.

We wear baseball caps or farm seed caps instead of those funny pink unmentionable hats. No chanting allowed.

We don’t smash windows, spray graffiti, or cry Racism (reverse or otherwise). We pick up after ourselves. We thank the police officer as we pass. The world is not ending. (It’s more like Pause mode.) 

We don’t call our political opponents deplorable, nor do we mock their religious faith. Because we are Wisconsin Republicans and we have our pride.


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