Sennett’s principal does not need re-education

Jeffrey Copeland needs to be promoted to district superintendent!

Riddle me this: What black educator would take a job with the Madison Metropolitan School District after it dragged Jeffrey Copeland through the muck? Why would any disciplinarian remain at MMSD?

Are we supposed to rejoice that the board of education 12-02-22 unfired the principal of Sennett middle school? How generous! What tender mercies! After three months of banishment and besmirched reputation, Principal Copeland must endure further punishment.

• A letter of reprimand in his P file.
• Docked three weeks pay.
• And most humiliating of all — forced to endure re-education camp. Or, as the district calls it, “undergo professional development.”

Who administers this “professional development”? Probably some recent critical race theory graduate. And for what? For questioning whether the district hires based on superficial identity characteristics rather than teaching competency. That is what it comes down to: identity politics. Jeffrey Copeland called them on it and he is being punished for it.

Re-education? For an educator who, for 27 years, served as interim principal, lead administrator, leadership support specialist, instructional leader, asst. principal, and educator in an urban K-12 environment. A doctorate in education.

Copeland had backbone

The teachers at Sennett spent all summer coming up with policies to improve behavior at the school. But Copeland had the “backbone” to enforce them, [the teacher] said. He commanded respect from students when they talked with both staff and parents. … He enforced a bathroom escort policy and the school’s dress code. … Copeland was also firm on the school’s cellphone policy, even though parents didn’t like it.

“It’s just been many years since we had an administrator who was willing to take on that fight.”

Wisconsin State Journal

Blaska’s Bottom Line: As with Mr. Rob at Whitehorse, as with the black security guard fired at West high school (even the singer Cher thought it was ridiculous): Message Sent and Received. Accost the wrong student in the hallway, say the wrong thing — you better post your resumé online because the Board of Inquisition will ruin you if it can.

Like Andy Dufresne at Shawshank,
should Dr. Copeland play that country hit over the Sennett school intercom:
“Take this job and shove it”?

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Can Jeffrey Copeland reform Madison public schools?

Can his case defeat the cancel culture?

THIS JUST IN AT 7:25 P.M.: After two hours in closed session, the Madison Board of Education restored Jeffrey Copeland’s job BUT with a reprimand and three weeks lost pay and “undergo professional development.” A travesty!

We hope Madison public schools still teach George Orwell’s dystopic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four because Big Brother’s show trial is being played out at the school board level today.

The Ministry of Love, headed by Ali Muldrow, is scheduled to try their Winston Smith, sacked Sennett middle school principal  Jeffrey Copeland, for the thought crime of suggesting that a job applicant who might be of minority race (not even certain of that) may not be qualified to teach our children due to lack of communication skills.

That Jeffrey Copeland’s epidermis skews to the darker shade of the color spectrum does not immunize the educator from paranoid Woke doublethink. Today’s Madison lesson plan is that everyone — even a black man — can be a closet racist because Amerikkka, founded by racism in 1619, is itself institutionally racist, doncha know.

(Today’s New York Times: “Herschel Walker is part of a long tradition of black people willing to distance themselves from their community for white praise and white power.” Get the point: there is no free thought, only race-based absolutes.)

Also caught up in MMSD’s virtue signaling was the black security guard three years ago for telling a black student at West high school not to use the N-word. Except that the employee uttered the actual, forbidden word for the shock value. Matters not that the word was use to educate rather than fulminate. When it comes to forbidden thoughtcrime, the Ministry of Woke Truth admits no exceptions. 

Madison schools don’t teach critical race theory?

“As part of our US history curriculum, we are learning about slavery, racism, and antiracism for the next couple of weeks. Students will be learning about African emprires (sic), how slavery started, what life was like for Black people, and what is antiracism and racism, how it impacts us today, and what we can do. The quote grounding our work is ‘The first step to building an antiracist American is acknowledging America’s racist past. By acknowledging America’s racist past, we can acknowledge America’s racist present In acknowledging America’s racist present, we can work toward building an antiracist America.’”

— 8th grade social studies teacher at one of Madison’s middle schools, who specifies the use of she/her/hers pronouns.

Public hearing on renaming Jefferson middle school is Tuesday 12-06-22.  

Reinstatement is only a start

The Werkes suspects the seven members of the Ministry of Love will reinstate principal Copeland after its closed 5 p.m. meeting this afternoon. The Wisconsin State Journal has commendably girded its loins. “The board should keep Copeland tonight and make this a teaching — other than a gotcha — moment.” (Embarrassed silence from the Woke warriors at The Capital Times, of course.)

Reinstatement is not enough. This twice-defeated school board candidate demands:

A hefty dollar settlement in Mr. Copeland’s favor.
That Supt. Carleton Jenkins read a groveling public apology into the camera and post it on the district website and throughout Sennett middle school and all other district schools.
• Discharge the growing bureaucracy of race police at Ruth Doyle administration building. 
• Discard the Behavior Education Plan. As Copeland’s firing shows, the BEP is about race, not behavior. 
• Reinstate Rob Mueller-Owens at Whitehorse middle school.
• Replace in the April election the two school board members whose terms expire: Nicki Vander Meulen and Christina Gomez-Schmidt. (Circulate papers now!)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: E-mail these points to the school board today.

Should the school board hire Jeffrey Copeland
as superintendent, instead?

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Democrats may yet prove they can run a big city

If they get control of the streets!

With the election of Karen Bass in Los Angeles, black mayors run our four largest cities. Big deal. Eventually, everyone but the New York Times will quit playing identity politics. (Actual headline: “For Ghana’s only openly transgender musician, ‘Every day is dangerous’”)

What IS relevant, Jason Riley in the Wall Street Journal concludes, is that all are Democrats. Liberal black mayors have done an excellent job screwing up our big cities for the last 50 years. Take Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. (As Henny Youngman used to say, “Please!”) 

Black elected officials were liberal Democrats who enacted policies — higher taxes, more government spending, a larger welfare state — similar to their white counterparts. 

In Coleman Young’s Detroit, the focus was on securing federal grants to provide government jobs for black supporters. Meanwhile, crime rates exploded, the tax base fled the city, and Detroit’s population fell from about 1.5 million to less than one million on Young’s watch. … Marion Barry’s Washington in the 1980s likewise featured government preferences for minorities, bloated city payrolls, high crime, and a declining population.

Jason Riley

New York’s mayor may break the mold

On Tuesday 11-29-22, NYC Mayor Eric Adams issued an order expanding law enforcement officers’ authority to take mentally ill New Yorkers into custody and bring them to a psychiatric hospital for an evaluationwith or without their consent! 

The Dispatch reports that Adams’ order will extend that power to anyone who “appears to have a mental illness and cannot support their basic human needs” to an extent that causes them harm. 

Let’s do the same for youth in trouble

Can’t we also use the same thinking to take the young gang bangers and car thieves off the streets and out of our public schools? The Werkes is looking for a mayoral candidate who will advocate something truly transformative, sans the kind of content-free, Woke buzz words that substitute for real reform. (Looking at you, Gloria Reyes. Quit “reimagining” public safety and start providing it!)

The Werkes renews its proposal to re-purpose the vacant Oscar Mayer plant on Madison’s east side to a secure, residential youth rehabilitation center. 

Just half of the 72-acre site could serve as a middle- and high school for troubled boys. Tear up some of the asphalt for growing produce and flowers. Support a small livestock operation. Teach welding, automotive repair, electronics, food preparation, the building trades. (MATC is nearby.) Participants would cook their own food, bus their own tables, scrub halls, do the laundry. They would also have organized sports — even compete with some of the smaller schools in the area. Wear blazers for special occasions.

A Republican legislature should have no trouble enacting the enabling legislation:

  • Overhaul state law regarding adjudication of minors — something like 5 contacts with law enforcement triggers involuntary commitment.
  • Amend criminal law to automatically charge parent(s) or guardians every time their child is arrested.
  • Offer voluntary commitment as an option to such parents and others.
  • Dane County’s would be one of several around the state operated by county consortiums under state authority to replace Lincoln Hills. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We quote once again southside police Captain Mike Hanson: “We have a problem that we’re arresting a 14-year-old for his fifth time stealing a car. We have a problem where these youth are committing shootings where innocent people are struck or even killed. Until that message resonates at higher levels than I — in the state legislature and the state government — we’re going to still be here at Groundhog’s Day.”

What mayoral candidate will advocate for real change?

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Who will be the last Republican Baghdad Bob?

To excuse Florida Man’s toxicity?

Near as we can figure, Muḥammad Saʿīd Al-Ṣaḥḥāf is a youthful 85 — not too old to become Florida Man’s spokesman for a second term. Who better to justify another attempted putsch after the ‘Dem-o-RATS’ steal the next presidential election?!

Fondly do we remember Baghdad Bob. He was the PR flack for Saddam Hussein who insisted that Iraq was turning back George W. Bush’s coalition forces even as his boss was burying himself in that upright bolt hole in the sand.

When your job is to spin the truth, Baghdad Bob was a one-man uranium-enriching centrifuge!

We’ve got our own B-Bobs in the Republican party. No one spins like Florida Man’s hard-core base. Call them Timothy Ramthun’s 6 percenters. One even defended their hero’s supper with Kan-YE (of little faith) West and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes as “reaching out.” These are the same people who believe Hugo Chavez jiggered our voting machines, that John “Fifth Amendment” Eastman is another Justice John Marshall, that January 6 is all Nancy Pelosi’s fault, that Mike Pence betrayed America, and that the My Pillow Guy got it all figured out. Anyone who disagrees is a RINO!

They’re parroting Florida Man’s Dog-Ate-the-Homework excuse. Fuentes was just some guy who came to dinner with Kanye West — as if THAT invite could be excused!

“Enough with the Jim Crow stuff. Who cares? Oh, they had to drink out of a different water fountain, big f***ing deal. Oh no, they had to go to a different school,” Fuentes said in one video. “It’s better for them, it’s better for us.”

“I’m getting really sick of world Jewry — that’s what it is! what it is! — running the show, and we can’t talk about it,” he said in another video

John McCormack quoting Nick Fuentes in National Review

Roster of RINOs keeps growing!

Like Baghdad Bob, we suspect Florida Man’s bitter enders know, in the reptilian corners of their cerebral cortexes, that it’s over for their side. It is just that — like Saddam in his bolt hole — they’re in too deep to admit it. In the meantime, they will turn the centrifuge up to warp speed 11 to slander these Republican RINOs:

Gov. Brian Kemp: “Racism, antisemitism and denial of the Holocaust have no place in the Republican Party and are completely un-American.”

Mike Pence: “President Trump was wrong to give a white nationalist, an anti-Semite, and a Holocaust denier, a seat at the table and I think he should apologize for it.”

Sen. Marco Rubio told reporters … that Fuentes is an “evil . . . assclown” who was “legitimized” by Trump’s meeting.

As well as Florida Sen. Rick Scott, Montana Sen. Steve Daines, former Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Former NJ governor Chris Christie, Arkansas GOP governor Asa Hutchinson.

→ Even Herschel Walker is keeping his distance from Florida Man. — Read it in Politico

Hosting racists at Mar-a-Lago is Trump's equivalent of Mandela Barnes hoisting that 'Defund I.C.E' T-shirt.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Our Christmas wish is that platinum subscribers like Mark Lemberger and Fred Milverstedt, and opinion leaders like Ron Johnson, Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker, (and yes) Vicki McKenna and Mark Belling, will finally say they’re tired of cleaning up behind the politically incontinent loser.

Who will be the next big name to turn RINO?

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Will we see Reagan’s like again?

Don’t overthink it!

Let’s face it, with 6,000 years of recorded history, every day is an anniversary of something. But pause a moment to reflect that the last great President of the United States of America left office 34 long years ago next January 20.

That would be Ronald Reagan, still reviled to this day by progressives in Madison WI and Manhattan, which is more evidence of the man’s towering stature. It’s worth remembering the indignant sniffery of the Left, who derided Reagan for Bedtime for Bonzo. (“Who’s his vice president? Jerry Lewis?” — Doc Brown in Back to the Future.) Cowardly peaceniks preached co-existence with a soul killing, expansionist regime that did not believe in co-existence. Some of us in Madison in the 1980s remember the idiocies of the New Parable Dancers — Blame America Firsters who invaded shopping malls with their songs of defeat. They even took the field at a Badger football game, where they were  deliciously booed! 

At The Capital Times, we quoted Bob Kastenmeier as saying Reagan’s foreign policy was “clearly unsettling.” You betcha it was unsettling!

Ronald Reagan was the President who called the Soviet Union for what it was, an evil empire. Who was willing to walk out of the summit with the Soviet leader at Reykjavik empty handed rather than accede to a bad deal — knowing that he held the high cards. Then got Gorbachev to eliminate an entire class of nuclear weapons. When he next visited, Reagan sat with dissidents — in Moscow! Joe Biden won’t go to the Mexican border! Adults who have no memory of the great man walk among us.

"General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

More peaceful than the peaceniks

Which is why we plan to stock the Dan Quayle Memorial Reading Room here at the Stately Manor with a book just out called The Peacemaker; “Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the world on the brink.” Peacemaker? 

Reagan’s horror of nuclear war led him to envision a world where nuclear weapons would be obsolete. Woven into Mr. Inboden’s story are the many times that Reagan saw the potential for nuclear catastrophe.

“Some people say I’m very simplistic, but there’s a difference between being simplistic and simple,” Ronald Reagan told a visitor to his home in January 1977. “A lot of very complex things are very simple if you think them through.” A moment passed and Reagan continued: “Keeping that in mind, my theory of the Cold War is, we win and they lose. What do you think about that?”

Wall Street Journal book review

His visitor was Richard V. Allen, who then and there gave up plans to run for governor of New Jersey and signed on to Reagan’s 1980 campaign and later administration to serve as foreign policy adviser.

Book reviewer Matthew Continetti continues

Reagan’s confidence that the Cold War could be won made him unusual. At the time, both Republicans and Democrats believed that America was in decline. Communism was on the march … Jimmy Carter seemed hapless and ineffectual after he failed to rescue U.S. hostages in Iran. The CIA mistakenly believed that the Soviet economy was growing. … Détente — or [was] ascendant. 

Instead, Reagan became the “extraordinary President who established the conditions for the collapse of Soviet communism.” Reagan cutting taxes to unleash economic prosperity? Halting the kudzu creep of statism (forgiving college student loans)? Those are other books, entirely.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The next Reagan? Not anyone we can see on the horizon. Maybe DeSantis, but he lacks the Gipper’s genial, self-deprecating wit. As we’ve said, voters must LIKE their chosen candidate.

Who is YOUR next Reagan?

BONUS QUESTION: Would Ukraine even have freedom to protect, support from Poland, without Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, Pope John Paul 2, and Lech Welesa?

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No soup bowl for you!

Is it the Fickell finger of fate?

Let’s have a little pride, shall we Bucky? Your football team embarrassed itself. You lost, again, at home. At Camp Randall to a middling Big Ten West team. A team helmed by a freshman back-up who played Wisconsin like the Pinball Wizard.

Our own quarterback — a three-year starter — once again chokes in crunch time by throwing the pigskin directly into the hands of a defender. Almost mercifully (and we wish harm to none) Graham Mertz gets knocked out of the game. We play a back-up quarterback who should have been given some playing time during the season, especially given that Mertz was more erratic than a dumb blonde joke.

"Can't anybody here play this game?" — Casey Stengel of the Amazin' expansion team Mets.

Might it not be Jim Leonhard?

Wisconsin has targeted Luke Fickell to be the school’s next head coach, sources told ESPN. No deal is signed, but there’s a strong push by the Badgers to try and land Fickell in the next 48 hours. Fickell led Cincinnati to the College Football Playoff last season and has gone 57-18 in his six years there. Fickell’s 2021 Bearcat team went 13-0 before losing to Alabama in the College Football Playoff, becoming the first Group of Five team to reach the CFP.


Miraculously, the neglected senior gets his team to the Minnesota 5 yard line. Cue up the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup: Holding. False Start. Incomplete pass. False start. False Start. Second and goal at the 30-yard line. Two passes thrown out of the end zone, almost into the seats. (But no interceptions!)

Like most Badger fans, the indentured servants cursing their b&w Philco want Jim Leonhard to get the head coaching job on a permanent basis. A one-year contract should suffice. Would have helped if the regular season hadn’t ended a) in a loss at home. b) like a clown show. Maybe if Leonhard had benched Mertz once or twice in his seven games after Paul Chryst the poobahs at the UW would detect some toughness. (Do not resort to the standard excuse that Wisconsin academics are too rigorous for the average football brute; Michigan is considered a better school than UW.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: At a mediocre 6 and 6, the Wisconsin Badgers do not deserve a bowl game of any stripe, not even one named after mayonnaise or a garbage dumpster. Have some pride. Don’t subject any more eyeballs to your ineptitude. 

Is it time to take a knee?

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