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“That is a very hard thing to watch.” Here is roughly two hours of news coverage in real time, as we heard it on the morning of September 11, 2001 — in Madison WI as in New York City, a … Continue reading

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Madison needs Oh-DUH!

and a cheeky police union!

John Bercow for superintendent of schools …
or mayor of Madison … or school board president …
high school principal … 

John Bercow is leaving his post as Speaker of the British House of Commons. He is the guy who keeps shouting Order! at the unruly members of Parliament. Only with a British accent. It comes out oh-DUH!


Speaker Bercow spares no one. Even the prime minister, he warned Boris Johnson, must obey the rules. No name calling, although he does chastise one member as “a cheeky chappie” and “an exceptionally noisy one.”

Someone who enforces the rules of civil discourse? Imagine John Bercow running a Madison school board meeting! He’s free because he has announced that he is stepping down as Speaker and Member of Parliament at the next election or on October 31, whichever comes first. Madison’s Board of Education has hired a headhunting firm to choose a successor to the Guilty White Privileged Woman. They should reach across the pond to Speaker Bercow.

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Visit the historic Island Church Sunday Sept 22 in Waterloo WI

St. Wenceslaus

Visit our website



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If the city won’t act, will property owners patrol violent State Street? 

… Because the mayor proposes more free stuff

Maria Milsted has had enough. Which means the bums, druggies, and shake-down thugs infesting upper State Street — just one block from the state Capitol — are on notice. One week ago (09-02-19) Maria issued this four-alarm alert:

Ok!  Done! No more!  I am going to the media. This is not a threat, it is a promise! They will listen. It’s time we support our police who have their hands tied and all of this. No more empty promises. NO MORE!

Those of us who treasure this native of Madison’s Greenbush neighborhood know Maria Milsted turns words into action. The result was the Page One, top-line headline in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal: 

Despite efforts, ‘party’ hasn’t ended.

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Some Americans are never grateful …

… because ‘America was never great’

If only the high commissioner of lucky breaks had placed these ingrates in Burkino Faso, South Sudan, Myanmar, Togo, Guyana, Belize, the Seychelles, Kyrgyzstan, Papua New Guinea, Kirabati, Lesotho, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Moldova, Mali … Greenland, even …
some place where they could have dreamed big dreams
and achieved greatness

The Babylon Bee is replacing The Onion as the go-to source for humor here at Blaska Policy Werkes. We suspect that is because the conservative humor site has more batshit craziness to work with than the Onion. A.O.C. is practically its own laugh line.

The Bee’s latest scoop:

“Everything is Bad, the World is Ending
and You Shouldn’t Have Kids,
Says Party of Progress.”

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Ali is right to apologize but not just to the Jews

Madison police and teachers are still waiting

Muldrow just got her racist memes mixed

My alma mater, The Capital Times, says it was “glad when Madison School Board member Ali Muldrow apologized last week for a Facebook post in which she compared Madison police officers to Nazis.”

That’s nice. Warm fuzzies all around.

Because “debates about policing are too important to be derailed by ill-chosen words,” says Dane County’s Progressive Voice. 

Apology accepted. You can keep on calling Madison police and public school teachers racist — just quit race-baiting the Jews. Bad politics. Godwins’ Law and all that. Continue reading

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