My interview with Ali Muldrow on Far-Left radio

Blaska accused of flattening a relationship

‘Why don’t you believe women?’

Friends and the morbidly curious asked why the parking lot attendant here at Blaska Policy Werkes would subject himself to a grilling at the hands of his school board election opponent on notoriously progressive WORT-FM 89.9 here in Madison WI. Why do missionaries, he retorted, preach to the heathens?

Aside from politics, Ali Muldrow can be a very pleasant person. For a progressive, she is intellectually curious — and some of her beliefs are very curious, although (unfortunately) mainstream in Madison. Ali hosts the community radio station’s noon-hour A Public Affair program on Wednesdays. She does a good job, we must admit. Headphones in place, rap music introduced the program. Blaska convulsed as if he were being electrocuted. Ali, on the other side of the broadcast table, smiled.

WORT-fm logo

That’s one of the things she says she likes about me, my sense of humor. (Do I amuse you?) Before we went on the air, Ali asked if I was “carrying.” Our standard answer is that I might be but this time we answered no. Curious, that she should ask.

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What do I expect? Public safety

Madison Common Council adds 3 extra police officers

Spurns extra firefighters and ambulance 

A downtown resident and business owner gave compelling testimony Tuesday night (11-12-19) urging the Madison Common Council to add more police officers. Her name is Saundra Meuer and she grew up in this town and also works at a downtown senior adult center. She was among the many who spoke Tuesday night urging more police, including Yours Truly, two students living on Langdon Street — now bereft of a Madison police officer — and a wonderful police officer named Nick Cleary, who said his family is considering moving out of the city:

Nobody should feel hostage in own city but my wife, the wife of a police officer, doesn’t always not feel comfortable taking our two daughters out in public. She has a fear of having purse taken from her shoulder, her car taken or even having our vehicle crashed into by reckless or impaired drivers. ... On a daily basis at work I am told how I am told by general public how unsettling basic errands have become in our city. 

But Saundra’s Meuer’s testimony was the most compelling. This is a partial transcription: Continue reading

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Progressivism triumphs in America’s Haiti

If you’re going … to San Francisco.
Be sure to watch/ the sidewalk where you step.

San Francisco is what Madison WI would like to be if we had a bridge over Lake Mendota.

They are two of my favorite cities: eclectic, picturesque, vibrant street scene. Coffee houses, eclectic bistros, farmers markets, festivals, electric music and arts. Both as progressive as Evo Morales in exile and as kooky as A.O.C. on a unicycle.

Both, unfortunately, have branded law enforcement as public enemy #1.  Disregarding public demand, Madison’s mayor wants to hire a $200,000 full-time watchdog over those troublesome police while freezing their number — all the while appointing cop haters like Brenda Konkel to sensitive safety posts.

Poopy streets of San Francisco

Madison has a ways to go to match San Francisco, which last Saturday (11-09-19) elected the son of two former Weather Underground murderers to serve as their District Attorney, as TownHall writes it.  Continue reading

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Anti-cop rhetoric is claiming casualties on both sides

This, that and the other thing

Now we know why Virginia is solid Democrat: Citing ‘gun violence,’ University of Virginia cancels 21-gun salute portion of Veterans Day ceremony.” (Source here.)

What are the odds that both the Packers and the UW Badgers would win by stuffing late-game scoring drives at home games in the same weekend? (Lesson for both coaches in Sunday’s game at Lambeau: Take the points.)

The unlettered field hands at Blaska Experimental Work Farm (and Penal Colony) raided the neighbors’ curbsides for suitably macerated leaves Sunday, with which they mulched the asparagus fields and fall-tilled gardens. Singing the Cole Porter songbook as they labored. They worked one step ahead of the busy City street crews, who were working a Sunday, perhaps in anticipation of today’s (11-11-19) snow.

Blaska Stately Manor has hardened its target with a motion detector flood light. Saturday night it captured the first interloper: a big-ass raccoon standing on its hind legs surveying the newly illuminated scene. Continue reading

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Trump defeated Tony Ever’s ag secretary (somehow)


Can a dog hear Eric Ciaramella’s whistle?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the more deranged Trump haters practices his drive-by journalism at Esquire magazine under the byline of Charles Pierce. His printed form of scream therapy earns him a recurring seat at Pajama Boy’s All In Democrat(ic) infomercial weeknights on MSNBC.

Pierce’s piece of merde is headlined: The Authoritarian Rot that Produced this President* is present in the Republican Party at All Levels. Need proof? Look at Kentucky and Wisconsin.”

The snarky asterisk, stuck like a Lyme-disease tick to the word “President*,” is Pierce’s way of refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the man who defeated the Hildabeast. This, he has in common with Hillary, Antifa, Schiff, Comey, the New York Times and other warriors of The Resistance. “Authoritarian Rot” is chockablock with the internal contradictions and non-sequiturs so loved by our … acquaintances. Continue reading

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‘Feeling safe is a basic need’

Even TV-3’s Neil Heinen gets it!

Why isn’t WI State Journal weighing in?

WISC TV-3 did great job reporting the Orchard Ridge neighborhood association’s call for more public safety by adding more police officers to the Madison city budget.

⇒ That budget will be debated next Tuesday, November 12, in the City-Council chambers. The meeting starts at 5:30 — one hour earlier than normal. Please sign up before hand, in person, to testify or (at least) register your support for more police officers and deleting the $200,000 police critic. In the meantime, e-mail your alders now.

UPDATE: More police and fire fighters, kill the police auditor/monitor. Those are among the amendments being offered. — WI State Journal

TV-3 interviewed my neighbor Theresa Drinka whose home was shot at by a drive-by shooter while she was at home. She shows interviewer Amy Reid where the bullet entered her home.

Theresa Drinka

‘Feeling safe is a basic need’:
Neighborhood association wants funding for more police officers

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