Policing in Madison & nationally is bucking fierce headwinds

We publish this in recognition of national police week, May 14-20.
At noon on Friday, May 19, the 27th Annual Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony will take place on the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial site at the State Capitol grounds, corner of Pinckney and Mifflin Streets. 


WI Dept of Justice photo

The Squire of All That is Holy made the point at the May 2 session of the Madison UnCommon Council that many people could be blamed for the death of Tony T. Robinson Jr., including the  supplier of his drugs. Including the three young men with whom he partook the night of March 6, 2015. There were many enablers, including his dysfunctional parents, including Madison’s liberal-progressive-socialist excuse makers. But probably the least culpable was the officer who drew the short straw and responded to the urgent call of his three accomplices. Despite being in the prime of manhood, those three could not control Tony T.’s violence, could not stop his random attacks on complete strangers.

The officer could have stayed in his squad car while hearing a commotion at the top of the stairs. Was it another victim, perhaps to be hurtled down the stairs? Gotta wait in my nice and warm squad car. Gotta wait for back-up. Or do should I save a life potentially in mortal danger?

The officer braved the situation alone when, emerging from the shadows like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, an enraged man fueled by psychedelics attacked him. One thing a police officer cannot allow is for a crazy man prone to violence to take control of his service weapon.

Madison, teach your children well. Many can be blamed, but none more than Tony T. Robinson Jr. The Madison police officer is lucky to be alive.

Not so lucky were 64 other police officers around the nation last year. The FBI analyzed most of those incidents “to determine what may have influenced the assailants and contributed to the attacks.”

What follows is an excerpt from that FBI Assailant Study. Tell me if it doesn’t remind you of a certain Madison miscreant and a city government that has turned him into a Leftist hero. Continue reading

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Place more conservatives at the campus lecture podium

The idiot savants at the Stately Manor yip like maddened dogs when our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances accuse us of hearing conservative dog whistles. Why? Because they’ve got their own.

However specious their argument, however bereft of fact or anemic in logic, our adversaries need only spit out the term “Koch Brothers” and their fellow Lefties howl like the Hounds of Baskerville. Know when our acquaintances have lost the argument? It’s when they litter their discourse with catch phrases like “Fox News,” “Bradley Foundation,” “ALEC,” and “talking points.”  And of course, the race card.

They really believe that conservatism, as the Hildabeast once fantasized, is One Big Conspiracy — a monstrous plot devised in gold-plated catacombs deep beneath the earth’s crust. When Scott Walker speaks, you can see Diane Hendrick’s tonsils. Kochs and Bradleys are pulling invisible strings to make small-town Wisconsin Republicans — farmers, real estate agents, insurance salesmen — dance like sideshow marionettes.

Their conspiracy mongering sure beats coming up with an actual message. Or, for that matter, candidates who resonate off the university campus. The topper was the Voice of Progressivism claiming the debate over conservative speakers was going just fine until, somehow, the Kochs and Bradleys entered the conversation. The First Amendment puts no quota on speech, although our Leftist acquaintances would like to enact one.

If conservative organizations came to the rescue of free speech, it is because liberals countenanced — when they did not actively encourage — repressing free speech. That’s no exaggeration. Here is The Nation (John Nichols’ day job) encouraging the black-shrouded antifa terrorists. Continue reading

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Update on Chief Koval’s reimbursement

Ald. Marsha Rummel caved to the campaign waged by the Royko-Mauers, Brenda Konkel, Greg Gobbledygook, and Tony Robinson’s family to reconsider her vote to compensate Police Chief Mike Koval for defending himself against their frivolous claim. (It ain’t over till the leftist ladies sing.)

But, TOO LATE. Too bad, so sad.

Mike Koval has already cashed the city’s check for $21,953, which was issued after the Council narrowly approved payment at its May 2 meeting. You want that money back, Marsha Rummel, hire a lawyer. On your own dime.

There will be no reconsideration.

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Conservatives defending free speech? It must be a conspiracy!

So say Madison’s Leftists to cover for their complicity
in harassing conservative speakers

I am going to be sick all over my morning fishwrap. Who is threatening free speech on the University of Wisconsin’s flagship Madison campus? Who else but those all-purpose boogeymen the Koch Brothers and the Bradley Foundation?

That is if you believe The Capital Times, which was silent when Donna Shalala instituted her draconian speech codes, which acquiesced in the anonymous complaint drop boxes, which said nary a discouraging word when a phalanx of protestors interrupted conservative writer Ben Shapiro last November.

shapiro protesters-cropped-proto-custom_4-thumb-618xauto-9541

That’s speaker Shapiro in blue shirt; photo courtesy of MacIver Institute

Let us ask this question: How many liberal speakers have been disrupted by conservatives on our campuses? Multiple choice answers, take your pick: a) Zero b) None c) Are you kidding?

For that matter, how many conservative speakers are invited to campus? That one’s easy. You hear about it because it makes the news.

The whole exercise is The Capital Times doing its usual partisan politicking. The Republican state legislature is trying to protect free speech and free inquiry on campus while those who make their living off the First Amendment, namely both Madison newspapers, have been complacent or complicit in Leftist attacks on conservative speakers.

What better way than to conjure some unholy conspiracy than to invoke the hated names of the nefarious Koch Brothers! (Sponsors of so many public television programs.) They and the Bradley Foundation “threaten UW free speech,” according to The Capital Times, “by “pour[ing] resources into putting a right-wing spin on the ongoing discussion about how to maintain a robust discourse on campuses that they see as too liberal.”

Let’s hurdle the bollixed syntax of that sentence to render it into plain English: according to The Capital Times, the Kochs and Bradleys are engaging in their own free speech from the conservative viewpoint. They are objecting to the Soros-driven bully-ragging of dissentersTHE HORROR!

As if the authors of the Campus Free Speech Act, Wisconsin legislators elected from their communities —  people like Jessse Kremer of Kewaskum, Dave Murphy of Greenville, Robin Vos of Rochester, Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls —  were helpless pawns inventing a problem that doesn’t exist. Continue reading

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A real crime plan: a big beautiful jail and a residential Madison Prep

Repurpose Mayor Soglin’s Public Market

Blaska’s Third Law of Government is this: If Moses could get by with only 10 commandments, your public policy proposal should be even shorter.

A few blogs ago, the idiot savants at the Stately Manor announced that the good news is that the Madison City Council has taken a temporary detour from bashing the police and is now studying crime. “The bad news is that the Madison City Council is now studying crime.” We said:

That is because Ald. McKinney wants to view crime as a public health issue, not a law enforcement issue. Read this report and tell me it doesn’t look like Hillary Clinton’s original health care flow chart from hell.

The record will show that Alders Matt Phair and Mo Cheeks also have been posing for holy pictures. It’s the two alders’ two-fer: Mollify constituents rightly concerned about the gun battles raging in their neighborhoods and keep your race cards up to date with the Blame the Police crowd.

Phair and Cheeks are the authors of a 15-point, $3 million plan to address “racial disparities, violence, recidivism.” Fifteen points! That’s not a plan, that’s a grocery list.

It is too big to get out of its own way. The two alders announced the plan a full year ago. Earlier this month, city bureaucrats told the Council it’s still not ready for prime time. Maybe sometime this fall? Requests for proposals. Bids. Staff review. That sort of thing.

There is also evidence that they looking at the wrong thing.

Cheeks and Phair emphasized that “root causes,” like housing, employment and education gaps. They were working off Michael Johnson’s Focused Interruption Coalition.

No housing? Young Madison men of color are shooting at each other because they’re homeless? The forest of “Now Hiring” signs in Madison are a Potemkin Village? People! The shooters aren’t looking for jobs, they’re looking for trouble. Education? Sure. Go to school, do your homework. Where does that get enforced? Madison’s left wants cops OUT of the schools!

Let us not forget “racial disparities in the justice system,” cited every time a Madison politician or community activist gets in front of a microphone. NOT disparities among the perpetrators but “in the justice system.”

This is based on crime data show that more young people of color are being arrested for gun crime. Somehow, the police are to blame for arresting the wrong people.

“It’s absolutely true that we’re living in a city where depending on where you grow up, your outcome could be predictably different,” Cheeks said a year ago in announcing the plan.

It is absolutely NOT true that WHERE you grew up is dispositive but HOW you grew up, Ald. Cheeks. Continue reading

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Today’s Left: crack down on speech, play the race card, cry fascism, bash economic choice, defend Venezuela

This has not been a good six months for our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances.

First Donald Trump and a Republican congress and state legislature here in Wisconsin. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Obamacare voted down in the House. Brexit abroad. Now France.

Sure, Macron’s victory is being heralded as a repudiation of Marine Le Pen. But France in the first round rejected the Leftist Mélenchon. Macron is a former socialist who quit the incumbent (and unpopular) socialist government to espouse cutting corporate taxes, kill the 35-hour work week, and shrink the bureaucracy to cure France’s sclerotic economy.

0522coverAnd then there is Venezuela, the drunk uncle of the Left who won’t leave the room. A nation in slow-motion implosion. Think the Twin Towers as an inside job.

Nicolas Maduro and Hugo Chavez are the poster boys for Hard Left “social justice.” They nationalized big business. They raised the minimum wage (seven times in the last 16 months). Maduro is rewriting the Constitution, as The Nation magazine urges here in the U.S. via rewriting the First Amendment.

(The Nation in 1997 argued that free speech must be curtailed because “the wrong side kept winding up with the First Amendment in its corner” to “thwart progressive reforms.” That sordid chapter is related in free speech crusader Floyd Abrams must-read new book, Speaking Freely.) Democrats even today defend the speech police raids on private citizens in their homes.

How is the socialist agenda working for Venezuela?

  • Unemployment is 25% and rising.
  • The economy shrank by 18% in its third year of recession. Inflation is 720% and expected to triple.
  • Looters target food stores because the country is starving. (The Wall Street Journal reports that three in four Venezuelans said they had lost weight last year, an average of 19 pounds.)
  • People are dying in street riots.

Eventually, even The Nation had to take notice. Mimicking the title of the infamous Lenin screed, The Nation asks (On May Day, no less): “What is to be done in Venezuela?” (Lenin argued for an avant garde of intellectual leaders to take over the movement because “the people” were too stupid to do it themselves.) Continue reading

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