The Werkes surrenders

Can’t argue with hate and idiocy!

It may well be true what they say. That Blaska can’t handle things and he’s not smart. Perhaps he really is dumb, like everyone says, and does not deserve respect. (I was the older brother and I got passed over!) 

We are beat like a rented mule; defeated like a conservative for Madison WI school board. The tattered white flag of surrender flies over the Stately Manor. The RITOs* will take our party down with them rather than admit they’ve been hoaxed. Fox News hosts can admit they don’t believe the stolen election myth and it doesn’t matter. Nothing will dissuade Republicans In Tr•mp Only*. Mike Pence observing that “Tourists don’t injure 140 police officers by sightseeing” only proves he is a “trader,” as one Trump intellectual called the former veep. A “trader.

"It's morning in America." — Ronald Reagan
"Isn't it great to be a Republican!" — Tommy Thompson
"I am your retribution." — Donald Trump.

Blaska remembers Republicans who got elected and re-elected — good conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Tommy Thompson. Plenty of room in their big tent. But no more. Too many Republicans remain in purge mode. Joe Stalin would be envious. Like these Facebook “friends:”

Nancy Pelosi planned January 6, according to Bill Elmhorst

Bill Elmhorst:

Trump has made it clear that he will expose and destroy the RINOs in the Party. Those who hate him are in league with the RINO Oligarchy. It’s time to purge the GOP of the treasonous fat cats who only run to line their pockets and stroke their egos. Faith, family and freedom are the foundational values of the historical GOP.

N.c. Bill Gillette: Blaskass– Here’s your actual “Armed Insurectionists and Murderers.” No, not the Patriotic Citizens who, for the most part, were peacefully seeking redress for the stolen election, but some few, who were led to violence by the undercover FBI Instigators. You have never responded once, to where you stand on an unarmed, 5’/110lb Female, Eleven year Air Force Veteran getting shot in the throat by an incompetent Capitol police officer and then left to bleed out, right in front of that Bastard. You avoid answering it, truth be known – you could care less, because you’re on the Pelosi team. You happily wallow in the Madison Uniparty Septic tank… grotesque Loser, that you are.

Keith Best : Pence was ushered to a holding area. He doesn’t have an idea of half of what happened. One side of the building a riot was going on. Another side of the building and Capitol Police were steering people into the building. It sounds like you only have learned the side of Democrats and the media. See the movie by Nick Searcey…..”Capitol Punishment”.

David Blaska: Only Keith Best knows what went on that day because he saw this one movie. Who was doing the rioting?

[We await Keith’s response; but this guy knows:]

David Bornick: disguised antifa and FBI initially.

David Blaska: And yet, about 50 rioters/insurrectionists have been convicted. One would think if they were FBI they would walk.

Tom Arliskas: Not convicted– CONFESSED most of them– either CONFESS or warned/ threatened if they went to Court they could get 10 to 20 years– So I would confess to to this Commie Fascist Kabal they call a Government. I am guessing most of them will be out in a few months with all the new footage available to the general public– hidden by the Dems since 2020.

David Blaska: Where is Donald Tr•mp with his billions of dollars for defense attorneys?

N.c. Bill Gillette: when they get out, shortly… we will make sure they see your commentary.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Please do, I could use the eyeballs. But they weren’t violent, Right N.c. Bill? All those FBI agents being released from prison?

How does purge politics win elections?

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‘History will hold Donald Trump accountable’

— Mike Pence 03-11-23

Even if Tucker Carlson won’t. At the annual Gridiron Dinner Saturday in Washington DC, Mike Pence said this:

President Trump was wrong. I had no right to overturn the election and his reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day, and I know that history will hold Donald Trump accountable,” Pence said.

“Tourists don’t injure 140 police officers by sightseeing.” — Mike Pence

Pence scolded those who have downplayed the people who entered the Capitol on January 6 as tourists. ““January 6 was a tragic day for [Tr•mp]. I was there at the Capitol, and let me assure you it was not, as some would have us believe, a matter of tourists peacefully enjoying our Capitol. Tourists don’t break down doors to get to the Speaker of the House or voice threats against public officials.”

Posted BEFORE January 6 on social media

Pence chastised Republicans who minimized the insurrection, days after Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired new security footage from inside the Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to defend the mob.

“Make no mistake about it, what happened that day was a disgrace, and it mocks decency to portray it in any other way,” Pence said at the dinner.

More at Deadline.

An insurrection need not be successful to qualify as an insurrection. Just ask Jefferson Davis. But J/6 DID succeed for about 12 hours. It WAS organized, however shambolically. It was more than a riot. Aimlessly smashing windows on State Street and toppling statues at the Capitol in Madison WI in 2020 — THAT was a riot.

J/6 was an insurrection. It had a purpose: to overturn the Constitution. The insurgents battled and battered police in Trump’s name. They followed his marching orders: to “Stop the Steal.” They vowed to hang Mike Pence. Over 1,000 of them broke down doors and smashed windows so they could (chillingly) sing, “Where’s Nancy?”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Mike Pence just opened the floodgates. It’s all over for Tr•mp now.

Were the police foolish for evacuating members of Congress?
What would the mob have done with Mike Pence had they found him?
Shaken his hand? 


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Don’t come knocking at the Werkes!

We’re busy watching hoops!

Should we cut Greg Gard some slack? (We still have a few inches remaining.) The Werkes went molten over the Wisconsin Badger blaskaball loss to Ohio State  Wednesday 03-08-23. During the first half, looked like his players were staging a labor dispute — a work slow down, teaching to the contract, like the teachers union.

Bobby Knight would have hurled a folding chair at that first-half team.

But we see 13th-seeded The Ohio State edged #5 Iowa yesterday 03-09-23 by a score of 73-69. Wish we could have seen Fran McCaffery’s meltdown over that one! His face turns redder than a fire alarm at a May Day parade.

UPDATE: The Buckeyes, the #13 seed in a 14-team conference, beats #4 Michigan State 68-58 to go to the semi-finals in the BIG tournament.

Got some snow ‘here’

Facebook feed here at the Werkes is replete with weather reports this snowed-in Friday morning. They read something like: We got 5, 6, 7.5, 8¼  inches of snow here. HERE! We have a coupla thousand Facebook “friends.” Some of whom are actually friendly. Blaska asks “Where, pray tell, is HERE? (!!!)”

One lady answers: “My back yard.” Now that’s the Spirit of ’76!

Underdogs won in five of the first six games played in the Big 14 tournament. Even last-seeded Minnesota (albeit over almost-as-lowly Nebraska)! We also tend to forget that Bucky Buckets was a pre-season consensus pick to finish ninth. That’s not far off our ultimate 11th place finish.

The one really bad team is Minnesota. Canaries died in a thousand coal mines on March 5 when the Badgers struggled to put the Gophers away 71 – 67. Only three days earlier, we almost beat Purdue! (Now ranked 5th in the nation.) How did Bucky ever beat Marquette (now ranked 6th nationally) 80 – 77 back in December? But December was a different season.

Badgers were 11 – 2 and nationally ranked on January 3, having just defeated Minnesota (but only by 3 points). Thereupon lost six of seven in the Big 14. Will the Badgers be “up” for the NIT? (Back in the day, the National Invitational Tournament was THE big dance.)

The 24/7 Sports pre-season media poll:

  1. Indiana
  2. Illinois
  3. Michigan
  4. Michigan State
  5. Purdue
  6. Ohio State
  7. Iowa
  8. Rutgers
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Maryland
  11. Penn State
  12. Minnesota
  13. Northwestern
  14. Nebraska

The actual regular season finish (all-season win-loss totals):

  1. Purdue 26-5
  2. Indiana 21-10
  3. Northwestern 21-10
  4. Michigan State 19-11
  5. Maryland 21-11
  6. Illinois 20-12
  7. Iowa 19-13
  8. Michigan 17-15
  9. Penn State 20-12
  10. Rutgers 19-13
  11. Wisconsin 17-14
  12. Nebraska 16-16
  13. Ohio State 15-18
  14. Minnesota 9-22

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We armchair coaches tend to forget that Bucky Buckets was a pre-season consensus pick to finish ninth. (CBS and Sports Illustrated also picked us 9th.) That’s not far off our ultimate 11th place finish.

Who do YOU like in the NCAAs?

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‘We’re coming for you, f-ing traitor’

You might know them as Mike Pence & Nancy Pelosi

As supporters of President Donald Trump took part in a violent riot at the Capitol, users of the social media service Parler posted videos of themselves and others joining the fray. ProPublica posts more than 500 videos that taken during on January 6 by the insurrectionists themselves. Some of the videos display breaking through windows and doors.

More videos here.

“Where are the f * * * ing traitors? Drag them out by the f * * * -ing hair.”

Can I speak to Pelosi? We’re coming, bitch. Mike Pence, we’re coming for you, too, f * * * ing traitor.”

The insurrection DID succeed — for about 10 hours. Not as long as the Confederacy, which also failed. J/6-2021 was more than a riot. Hooligans broke windows, looted and burned downtown Madison twice during June 2020. That was a riot. But they never attempted to stop an official, constitutionally required transfer of governmental power. However stupidly and poorly executed, J/6 was an insurrection.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: To our Platinum+ subscribers who insist there was no threat to the orderly transfer of power, tell us what you might have thought had you found yourself responsible for the safety of members of Congress.

Would you have told Pelosi and Pence,
‘Not to worry. They’re just blowing off steam.’?

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ChatGPT did not write this blogge

but may have coached the Badger basketball team last night!

Wednesday night’s 03-08-23 one-and-done in the Big Fourteen tournament proves that the Badger men’s basketball team is only as good as Tyler Wahl. Sometimes he plays like a man carrying his team, as he did in the second half of the game against pitiful Ohio State. Sometimes he don’t. Like the first half and beginning of the second half, when he scored but one point and Wisconsin found itself down by 27! 

BTW: Anyone seen Chucky Hepburn? The indentured servants sat close to the b&w rabbit-eared Philco and could’t make him out.

As we predicted, even Tammy Baldwin voted to overturn the City of Washington’s soft-on-crime legislation. The lady is up for re-election next year. As did Ron Johnson for a total of 81-14. All 14 no votes were Democrats including Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Elizabeth Warren, Maisie Hirono, and Bernie Sanders (independent).

Thirteen years old with a loaded handgun in his waistband! That kid and a 15-year-old arrested by Madison police for a string of auto thefts and burglaries. You may remember a stolen car crashing on the Beltline last summer and kids running into a movie theater off D’Onofrio Drive. The 15-year-old was one of them. That was only 9 months ago.

The City of Madison suing Kia and Hydundai for car theft, Dave Mays tells us, is like suing Culver’s because your wife is fat.

Did Andy Griffith in the movie “A Face in the Crowd” anticipate Tucker Carlson?

You said you was high class

But that was just a lie. When Dominion first brought lawsuit against Fox News, RITOs exulted that the truth about the crooked voting machines would at last be revealed. The truth about crookedness has been revealed — text messages within Fox News have pulled back the curtain on their own duplicity.

Tucker Carlson two days before J/6 2021: We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truly can’t wait. I hate him passionately.

Carlson texting Laura Ingraham about Sidney Powell: I had to try to make the WH disavow her, which they obviously should have done long before.

Laura Ingraham: No serious lawyer could believe what they were saying.

Carlson: But they said nothing in public. Pretty disgusting. And now Trump, I learned this morning, is sitting back and letting them lose the senate. He doesn’t care. I care.

“To this day,” Carlson said, “there is dispute over how QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley got into the Capitol Building.” But by whom? They would have to contend with footage already made public showing Chansley entering the building after a fellow rioter shattered and crawled through a window. Chansley testified to that. … 

National Review

Blaska’s Bottom Line: How do you not get your team up for a game that you need to get into the Big Dance? Greg Gard has to be dreading that phone call from athletic director Chris McIntosh. 

If you’re the AD, what do you tell him?

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Hitler was kind to his dog

Proves there was no Holocaust!

In tonight’s thrilling episode, Tucker Carlson will show security video from a camera on the south side of Chicago that picked up images of shoppers paying for their merchandise. It proves there is no crime in Chicago! Lori Lightfoot was robbed by the Deep State!

Hidden video shows the real story!

‘Nothing exculpatory’

About Tucker Carlson’s whitewash of January 6, Fox contributor and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy in National Review writes:

As for the videos thus far published, which focus on Jacob Chansley, the so-called “QAnon shaman,”… we should be mindful that what is new to us is not necessarily new to him. 

Knowing what the proof against him showed, Chansley, represented by experienced defense counsel, voluntarily pled guilty to obstructing a congressional proceeding. His lawyers would have insisted on being shown any potentially exculpatory evidence prior to the guilty plea, and the prosecutors would have been obliged to produce it. I presume Chansley knew about this video, or at least images just like it; after all, he was in the Capitol and knew what he experienced there, including his interactions with the police.

And he pled guilty anyway, because there is nothing exculpatory on the video clips that Carlson has published. …

Tucker Carlson cherry picked January 6 tapes

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-North Carolina, said Carlson’s depiction was as “inexcusable” and compared it to those who downplayed the firesand “devastation” during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020 following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

“I was down there and I saw maybe a few tourists, a few people who got caught up in things. But when you see police barricades breached, when you see police officers assaulted, all of that.”

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer, North Dakota, said he was in the Capitol on Jan. 6 and firmly rejected Carlson’s portrayal of that day as “some rowdy peaceful protest of Boy Scouts.”

Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., also rejected Carlson’s comments that the day was peaceful. “I was there on Jan. 6. I saw what happened. I saw the aftermath. There was violence on Jan. 6,” Rounds told reporters.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. “I’m not interested in whitewashing January 6.”

Republican Sen.  John Thune (SD) also rejected Carlson’s narrative, with Thune telling CNN: “There were a lot of people in the Capitol at that time that were scared for their lives.”

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger Carlson’s show was “filled with offensive and misleading conclusions about the January 6th attack.”

It was not peaceful. It was an abomination,”

— Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

Why didn’t capitol police tackle the Shaman?

Andrew McCarthy answers:

Tucker Carlson and others who sympathize with the rioters and nonviolent demonstrators make much of Chansley’s being “escorted” by police in the video images.

You’d almost think Chansley was the only demonstrator wandering around the Capitol. Of course, we know he was one of hundreds. Police are trained to de-escalate violent or potentially violent situations when doing so is practicable. When they are grossly outnumbered in powder-keg situations, they are trained not to provoke people who are not menacing them, lest they needlessly ignite mob violence. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Most of the BLM protesters in Kenosha 2020 really were peaceful — most of the time.

What do YOU think they would have done had they found Pelosi?

because they did find her husband!

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