Race is at the forefront

Teaching CRT ‘and all that stuff’

If you doubt that the Woke Wobblies have taken over Madison’s public schools, we submit the following: School board president Ali Muldrow and immediate past member Ananda Mirilli are accusing Ismael Ozanne, a black man, of racism most foul.

They want him to resign (!!!) because police arrested Freedom Inc. spokesperson Jessica Williams for threatening the district attorney during a courtroom trial. (Freedom Inc. apologists at The Capital Times have more.) Freedom Inc. is the BLM affiliate that harassed parents, taxpayers, and (ultimately) elected officials to expel school resource officers on the grounds that the four minority-race police were racist. Ironically, minority students are disproportionately victims of the resultant classroom chaos.

Two summers ago, the Freedom Inc. mob hit the school board president at the time, Gloria Reyes — an hispanic, at her residence, in late evening. Bullhorns blasted F-bombs; her yard was littered with F-bombed signage. One’s home should be off-limits. Holds for abortion protesters, as well. So, good on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing legislation prohibiting the practice. The Werkes makes its living off the First Amendment, but protestors do not lack for public venues, physical and virtual. One more point: physical threats are not protest.

You are a victim!

Once again, [Madison school] district officials
are putting race at the forefront

That’s how Channel 3000, hardly a right-wing news site, starts off its news story on yet another Madison public school exercise in Wokeness.

The Anti-Racist Learning Laboratory … is a pilot program that recruits black, indigenous, Latinx (sic) and/or Asian/Asian-American middle schoolers who feel like school isn’t for them and want a say in what they learn.

They teach us about racial profiling and basically racial discrimination and all that stuff,” says student Nykong Riek. “I’ve learned about how black people are mostly the target of racial profiling,” she says.

One teacher.  Four Students. The district is using federal COVID relief funding to pay for the program. It’s a pilot program, so expect more. The Wisconsin State Journal must have a WordPerfect macro that it hits every time it addresses critical race theory. A “news” story defending the new UW-Madison chancellor hire today reads:

Critical race theory is a decades-old academic framework used to understand how racism has affected laws and institutions. The concept has become a primary campaign talking point among conservatives trying to galvanize their base and drive school board recalls.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Teaching young Nykong that she is a victim does not prevent future Payton S. Gendrons.

What galvanizes YOUR base?

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Will Hunter Biden teach drug policy at UW-Madison?

He knows the subject
and the new chancellor!

Something tells the Werkes that the new UW-Madison chancellor won’t be restoring the good name of Academy Award-winnning actor Fredric March any time soon. That big rock ain’t coming back, either.

The University of Wisconsin regents have picked as the next UW-Madison campus chancellor Jennifer Mnookin, currently dean of the law school at UCLA. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos don’t like it and neither do the untenured lab coats at the Werkes.

Mnookin “wholeheartedly supports critical race theory being taught on campus, is in favor of widespread vaccine mandates,” Vos charges. Worse: Mnookin “met with Hunter Biden in 2019 to entertain a proposal that he join the UCLA faculty to teach drug policy.”

Hunter Biden all drugged out in bath tub

‘Exciting possibilities’!

From the Daily Caller: Former Vice President Joe Biden said in October 2019 that Hunter was “gonna be teaching at law school next year.

Mnookin, the UCLA law school dean, indicated in her email that she met with Biden and his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden. “It was great to meet you and Melissa last month, and I very much appreciate your following up and sending along the attached syllabus,” she wrote in an Aug. 9, 2019, email. “I think this offers some very exciting possibilities, and I look forward to seeing what we may be able to do.

Speaker Vos continued: “We deserve campus leaders who will encourage healthy debate, diverse thoughts and freedom of expression. Given her obvious viewpoints and political donations, Dr. Mnookin needs to prove she supports free speech on campus and not politically correct ideologies.

“After all the work of Tommy Thompson and Rebecca Blank that attempted to strengthen relationships between the university and the Legislature, this is a step backwards. I strongly hope the Board of Regents will reconsider their selection.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: This is what you get from four years of Tony Evers appointing university regents.

How likely is it that the Regents recant?

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How would end of Roe hurt Queer folk the most?

Where’s OUR $1,000? and other impertinences!

It’s entirely performative but maddening, just the same. The Dane County Board of Supervisors is poised Thursday 05-19-22 to support abortion on demand. It’s a reaction to the Supreme Court’s anticipated decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Org. The ordinance urges the repeal of state law (held in abeyance) banning abortion. The resolution states: “Abortion care is health care.” If that is the case, so is assisted suicide.

Siding with Elizabeth Warren isn’t Woke enough for Dane County’s electeds. They’re upping the ante. The resolution (found here) genuflects at the holy trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusion. (Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!)

Should Roe v. Wade be overturned, communities of color, low-income communities, people who are disabled, immigrants, young people, and members of the LGBTQ+ community will be among the most disproportionately affected populations.

Nothing a good progressive loathes more than disparate impact!

Pardon our ignorance, but why would an LGBTQ+ person have more to fear from an end to abortion than any pregnant woman, exactly? (BTW: we love the plus + sign.) Are we doing medical science here or auditioning for Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC?

• Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a big waste of campus money, The Heritage Foundation finds. Promoting DEI has become a primary function of higher education, with DEI staff making up an average 3.4 positions for every 100 tenured faculty.

• The Kiel school district accuses three 8th graders of using incorrect pronouns. WILL is on the case. Law prof Jonathan Turley weighs in.

• A state judge struck down a 2018 California law requiring corporations doing business in the state have at least two women on their board of directors. Another California judge struck down a similar law last month that mandated ethnic or sexual-orientation diversity on boards.

• The slaughter in Buffalo NY proves that racial hate exists. The overwhelming outrage and sympathy for the victims proves that such hate is vestigial.

Include us taxpayers in!

Dane County’s 37 supes will also vote on County Exec Joe Parisi’s  $1,000 inflation giveaway to county employees. IRONY ALERT! That $3 million ticket item is the dog chasing its tail; it will use money from Joe Biden’s stimulus plan to offset the inflation that stimulus plan caused. If you’re a county employee, that is.

The Werkes does support expanding the expanding the Dane County landfill to the other side of U.S. Highway 12 & 18 on part of the Yahara Hills golf course. The city-owned, 36-hole course loses money and garbage has to go somewhere. The county runs a clean operation out there; the landfill even produces energy that goes back into the grid.

→ Thursday’s agenda here.

→ Register to spout off here.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We didn’t start the culture wars. We’re just responding to them.

Didn’t Billy Joel sing about that?

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WI Democrats go slumming in farm country

Rural voters don’t want more free stuff

It was the moment the lifeless body of a 1,500-pound steer was hoisted in the air, blood pouring from its neck, that Mandela Barnes knew he was a long way from his comfort zone. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Barnes’ political upbringing is intertwined with Wisconsin’s urban heart, a place that could not have been more different to the scene at Hoesly’s Meats here in rural New Glarus.

A great lede, as we say in the journalism business, this news report from CNN on Democrats’ hopes to win back rural voters. Give Barnes, a black man venturing into the transplanted Swiss canton south of Madison, credit for trying. CNN quotes all four Democrats seeking to unseat Sen. Ron Johnson as promising to “listen” to rural voters.

Listening flatters the listened. At some point, unfortunately for the would-be’s, they must speak. Question is whether they will sound like Elizabeth Warren — more unlikable than even the Hildabeast, more shrill than an overheated tea pot — or Joe Manchin?

Separated at birth?

How does candidate Sarah Godlewski justify paying off the critical race student’s college debt to the retirees coffee klatsching in Sparta? What headway on shutting down the XL pipeline will Alex Lasry make with the corn grower in Lafayette County who is paying more for his diesel fuel and anyhdrous ammonia? Will the farm equipment dealer in Monticello say “Right On!” to candidate Tom Nelson for picketing the tractor factory in Racine? Blanchardville will be reminded of Lt. Gov. Barnes sympathy for an attempted kidnapper in Kenosha. (Defund the Police advocates Ananda Mirilli, Savion Castro, and Ali Muldrow endorse Barnes. Elizabeth Warren, too!)

The Catholic congregation in Baraboo will take note of the atheists supporting abortion pictured in the Wisconsin State Journal. Whereupon we again quote that former Madison mayor, now reduced to blogging. “No longer “safe, legal, and rare,”

… the new chant seems to be “free abortion on demand without apologies.” If your goal was to come up with a phrase that produced maximum damage to your movement, well, I suppose “defund the police” might have been worse, but not by much.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: What abortion restrictions DO the gang of 4 support? In response to the 21 injured in Milwaukee shootings after the Bucks game Friday (and we’re not talking about 3-pointers) will the four Democrats demand more police or more gun laws? How will more gun restrictions sit with Grant County turkey hunters?

How much does culture matter?

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The Republican swamp is getting crowded

Who ya’ calling a weasel?

Virtually every Republican on the ballot is running against Washington or, if they’re a candidate for state office here in Wisconsin, they’re running against Madison. Which is shorthand for running against the Establishment.

Superseding MAGA, the new Republican battle cry is “Drain the Swamp!

Drain the Madison swamp not just of Tony Evers and its infamous Woke Wobblies, but “establishment” Republicans! They’re snakes and weasels! Which should make next weekend’s state party convention interesting (The Head Groundskeeper is a delegate), because it’s in Middleton — which is almost Madison, right?

Pogo "The enemy is us"One such anti-Madison swamp drainer is Wauwautosa blogger and party activist Paris Procopis. He levels the toxic epithet “establishment” against Rebecca Kleefisch, the acknowledged front-runner for the party’s gubernatorial nomination. Procopis asks,How can she be against the very Madison ‘snakes and weasels’ who are trying to change the rules and working to clear the field for her … when they endorse her campaign?

Is Kleefisch insufficiently pro-cop? Most of the county sheriffs endorse Kleefisch. Those “snakes and weasels”? U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany? Not business friendly? Then why does the WMC endorse? Not pro-life? Go tell WI Right to Life.)

There IS the sense that Republican party leadership favors Kleefisch, who has labored in the vineyards (or is it “swamps”) in the last four years since her eight years as lieutenant governor to Scott Walker, who also endorses Becky. (His boy Matt is Becky’s campaign political director.) The Werkes does not leave Becky off the hook. She’s out with her own “Drain the Swamp” meme:

With the power of the grassroots, we can truly drain the Madison swamp.

The Lost Cause myth?

The Werkes suspects insufficient Trumpiness is the source of all this snake and weasel talk. Republicans running for Congress seem to loathe Mitch McConnell almost as much as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The Republican Senate leader is a “back stabber” for not parroting Donald Trump’s stolen election myth. Many state Republicans are after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos for “handcuffing” Mike Gableman’s snipe hunt for fraudulent votes, as this social media meme suggests. That’s the Procopis line:

Where has she been since November 2020? … she should have been screaming it from the mountain tops  … about how the 2020 election was rigged.

If it was. The latest “proof” of a stolen election is that thoroughly debunked 2000 Mules propaganda video. The My Pillow guy now accuses Ukraine and Alito of conspiring to draw attention away from the stolen election myth.

To which, we can only add: given all the conspiracy theories: the bamboo ballots, voting machines jiggered by Hugo Chavez, and now the geo-tracking of supposed ballot harvesters — don’t you think some conspirator, somewhere, would be caught boasting — to co-workers, on social media, somewhere?! — how they helped steal the election for Sleepy Joe?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Yes, everyone is an outsider who, when you think about it, wants very much to become an insider. If a stolen election is your theme, you’ll be crying about your own stolen election after November.

Are you swamped?

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Intimidation ain’t free speech

Reaping the whirlwind

The high-powered political listening devices here at the Werkes detect alarming degrees of intolerance. If you’re not on board with Trump and the insurrectionists, you’re a RINO. Works that way on the other side of the fence, too.

The Woke Left has no patience with Joe Biden, a cafeteria Catholic who can barely utter the progressive blessing: the word “Abortion.” Madison’s Democratic Socialists are blasting the Democratic Party for “putting forward dead-end ‘solutions’ … while they continue to support the anti-abortion members of their party in Congress” Near as Ol’ Sparky (our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer) can figure, that’s just one guy: Joe Manchin, D-WV.

Never mind, even Nancy Pelosi’s mansion is being picketed.

Guess that’s what Chuck Schumer meant about “reaping the whirlwind.” Twisters are not terribly selective about what they damage, because the Senate majority leader blesses the same tactic against the justices.

“Insofar as public officials are the proper object of protest,” Michael Brendan Dougherty writes at National Review, they should be protested at their public offices, or at their public appearances as the holders of those offices, not at the place where they put these roles down to be fathers, mothers, spouses, friends, and neighbors.”

→ ‘The mob at Justice Alito’s home is there for one purpose — to intimidate the court.’ — National Review.

That’s how Madison’s Hard Left defunded school resource police officers. Freedom Inc. F-bombed then-school board president Gloria Reyes’ home with bullhorns at evening time. (BTW: Reyes is considering running for mayor.) Now they’re after Dane County’s district attorney for … enforcing the law.

The socialists are agitating for high school kids to walk out at 2 p.m. Friday 05-13-22 to protest the Supreme Court’s expected decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health. Rally on UW-Madison library mall at 3:30 then march to Capitol.

When did Ismael Ozanne turn racist? After prosecuting black people, according to our adversaries at Freedom Inc. One of their “activists” was arrested for threatening the  district attorney with physical harm. Following the Saul Alinsky playbook, Freedom Inc. is demanding charges against Jessica Williams to be dropped, “for all Black survivors of domestic violence and abuse to be released from the Dane County Jail, and for District Attorney Ismael Ozanne to resign immediately.”

Williams was nabbed as she entered the courthouse on the morning of Friday 05-06-22 to attend a sentencing hearing for Kenyairra Gadson. Williams, the Tone Madison publication reports, has been leading Freedom Inc.’s campaign to spring Gadson, convicted in January of reckless homicide. In the courtroom, William apparently called out “Ismael Ozanne, we’re coming for you! You better be ready!

Freedom Inc. calls this “political advocacy.” (For readers in Ulan Bator, activist Williams and criminal Gadson identify as black. But so does D.A. Ozanne, a progressive empty-the-jail Democrat in good standing.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Abortion advocates have no lack of venues to express their opinions. They have reserved parking spaces at the New York Times, MSNBC, and NPR — for just three. Shouting “You better be ready,” F-bombing mom at her house, and spray painting threats on the pro-life building is not protected speech any more than a ransom note.

What would you do if they came to YOUR home?

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