Women are no longer victims but will they demand affirmative action?


Um, not this time, Harvey

To forgive is divine

We confess, the Indentured Servants tuned the Stately Manor’s 12-inch, b&w Philco to the 90th Academy Awards show Sunday night. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, my Deplorable friends. Consonant with today’s victim-as-hero mentality, we blame our parents.

[UPDATE: Apparently, most of you held fast and boycotted the telecast. A record low 26.5 million people watched, almost 20% fewer than last year. Four years ago, 43.7 million watched.]

Sunday night at Oscar’s was identity politics heaven. Frances McDormand its avenging angel of fire and fury. She’s comin’ at you, white man. You will burn for your sins and the sins of your fathers. Can reparations be far behind? With the many Hollywood actors, agents, and producers outed to the gulag, we half expected to see a section of empty seats at the theater. Call them the Hollywood Disappeared.

But at least the ceremony’s politically incorrect voodoo doll took the form of Harvey Weinstein instead of Donald Trump, although best director Guillermo del Toro and others made points about artificial lines in the sand. Which may describe some of the border with Mexico, come to think of it.

Hollywood made partial amends for its insular virtue signaling when host Jimmy Kimmel, in a stunt reminiscent of Ellen Degeneres’ group selfie, led a gaggle of celebrities to the multiplex across the street to thank the movie-going public in person. Oh, for a glimpse of just one MAGA cap!

It was women’s night out. Bonus points for color, foreign nationality, other-sexuality, and physical handicap.

  • The low point was when Kimmel, the most political of the late-night TV Jimmies, celebrated Oscar’s lack of a penis. (See where this is going?)
  • Runner-up was an applause line; the best director award nominees were presented as “four men and Greta Gerwig.” Sexual reparations, anyone?

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UW-Madison journalism prof is white and implicitly biased

Blah Blah WORDS

… and now explicitly biased!

Sue Robinson is why Fake News. The University of Wisconsin-Madison journalism professor is why Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders.

To every excess there is an opposite and even crazier reaction. Professor Sue Robinson is proof of the postulate. The lady teaches the sneering Don Lemons of tomorrow to scour the ground with righteous indignation — the facts be damned if they don’t serve the cause of “social justice.”

Sue and her ilk are why few real journalists ply their trades these days, entangled as they are by the platitudes of the moment. Healthy skepticism has succumbed to the cant of identity politics, victimhood, and race shaming. The result is that all news is suspect, the wildest conspiracies gain credence. John McCain is a Vietnam traitor, the NRA bayonets babies, and the white power structure murdered Michael Brown in cold blood.

Here’s to you, Sue Robinson. You helped elect Donald Trump with academic piffle like this (from Madison Magazine, January 2018):

… I was attending a three-day workshop on social-justice training. … I was face-to-face with the realization of how much my white, middle-class unearned privileges had played in my success to date. My thoughts drifted to the stories I had written as a white business reporter about “the American dream” [NOTE the ironic quotation marks] and my fervent commitment to the notion that hard work was all it took to achieve success. …

How foolish, the young Sue! Assiduously completing her homework assignments, for what? Those unpaid internships, a waste! Now, properly recalibrated, the professor understands that she was accepted into college thanks only to affirmative action for white folk. Her cushy, tenured faculty position? The Rainbow Coalition of competitors for the job was never seriously considered.

The lady’s guilty whiteness goes back generations. One of her ancestors, she reveals as if such fact unlocked the mystery of her psyche, massacred Native Americans. Shame on him. Ancestors!

Other of her forebears, the prof relates, “benefited from racist government policies,” whatever that means. After this rote re-education camp self-abasement, Professor Robinson confesses that the journalism she learned in school — pre-Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot” — taught journalists to approach their stories objectively. How foolish was “the generation of newsroom protocol … that mandates reporters remain free of conflicts of interest.” No more!

Fie! The John Nichols School of Journalism

wonder breadRegrettably, Professor Robinson is unable to expunge her damnable skin color. (Out, damned spot! Out, I say!) To compensate, she rushes the ramparts with full-throated progressive advocacy.

I developed a course called “Reporting for Social Change: Amplifying Marginalized Voices in the Local Community” to help journalism students embark on their racial journeys to rethink what “expert” means, collaborate with citizens on stories and interrogate their own biases. … Be critically distant with the facts but be close to the community.

Should be popular at a university that teaches “The Problem of Whiteness,” harbors the socialist Havens Center and its annual “RadFest,” and once embedded Bill Lueders to help mold its young minds in the occult arts of progressive advocacy. (The former Isthmus news editor now edits Progressive magazine.)

In Sue Robinson, Derail the Jail has found its Boswell. Being critically distant with the facts will help.

For Extra Credit: the professional news media is largely to blame for low trust according to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

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Dead bank robber is another victim with ‘unmet needs’

Money is protected by force of arms; children are not

The aborted bank robbery on Madison’s far east side is what separates our liberal-progressive-socialists acquaintances from the rest of us.


Alder Amanda Hall reflects

Thursday’s was the fourth robbery in 14 months at the Chase branch bank on Milwaukee Street, located in a residential neighborhood. Following the one in early December. All of them armed or thought to be armed.

An armed bank security guard shot the suspected robber dead with a single bullet. Would that his security guard been on duty at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School! We’ve said this before: we protect our money with force of arms but not our school children.

About this time, the AnonyBobbers will cavil that an armed policeman patrols each of the four Madison public high schools. Not if the social justice warriors get their way. Consider, also, the difference between the lobby of a branch bank and the sprawling campus of a Madison high school enrolled with over 1,500 students plus a couple hundred staff.


Bank robber didn’t have community support!

Alder Amanda Hall represents the neighborhood surrounding the Chase branch bank. If you did not know Ald. Hall was a Madison liberal-progressive-socialist, the lady gives it away with her response to the crime, as reported by the WI State Journal:

Hall said the city and the community should reflect on the crime and assess what action can be taken and services provided that could prevent people from turning to crime or violence. “What this looks like to me is we have a young man, who didn’t have the community support and the community opportunity to make a different choice with what he was going to do with his Thursday,” Hall said. “And now he’s dead.”

Notice the lack of human agency? The resort to victimology? The disinterest in the threat the armed robber posed to innocent civilians? The appeal to More Free Stuff? Yes, now the poor bastard is dead. His death is on your conscience, you heartless conservatives.

  • Walker, Trump, and Koch Brothers! You denied the dead bank robber the services that could have prevented him from meeting his needs at the bank till, at the expense of honest working people.
  • CPAC, Legislative Exchange Council, Federalist Society! Guilty of immigration reform, school choice, and constitutional textualism when what was needed was a nationwide Madison Schools’ Behavior Education Plan!
  • Fox News, NRA, WMC, and Right to Life! You prevented the dead robber from making a different choice with what he was going to do with his Thursday. Not enough neighborhood centers, apparently. All those “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” signs mocked the poor fellow’s need for instant cash.

One could say that the bank security sharpshooter prevented crime, at least on the part of that one perp. On a political note, the robber’s demise gets County Exec Joe Parisi and the Dane County Board off the hook. The smaller jail they’re building may be sufficient, after all.

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Conversing within the safety of the Madison bubble

Intellectual incest deep within the Madison bubble

One of these days, the editor of The Capital Times is going to interview a conservative. Maybe. Unintentionally. By accident, in a case of mistaken political identity.

Paul Fanlund once did interview a UW-Madison social scientist who took a field trip to Trump country in the Wisconsin outback. Today the editor of Your Progressive Voice sits down with State Rep. Terese Berceau for coffee and chatter. They chose safe ground “smack in the heart of her west Madison district dominated by like-minded progressives.”

bluefistwisconsinAs do people who speak only to others of like minds, Terese reinforces Fanlund’s pre-conceived notion of conservatives as “callous … and lacking compassion.”

Where have you heard that before? Actually, Rep. Berceau said the same thing about Yours Truly when he introduced legislation in 1994-95 to end county relief to able-bodied  childless adults, a New Deal vestige out of the Great Depression. Odd — if its termination be so callous and without compassion —  that none of the liberal-dominated county boards since has bothered to restore that program, once thought to be a matter of life and death.

Terese, a friendly acquaintance and welcome guest at the Stately Manor, repeated the same thing when the Squire voiced approval of Act 10’s requirement that government employees contribute to their pension and health insurance benefits. It is a policy that the rest of Wisconsin thought prudent and remains in force these seven years later, through three elections since — not counting attempted recall elections. Maybe a little compassion for taxpayers, Terese?

In today’s published interview, Fanlund clucks with approval when Rep. Berceau name drops a New York University social psychologist who holds that conservatives value authority so highly that “it gives them no qualms about sticking together on every vote.” Um, we are talking about Republicans, right? Speaker Robin Vos never disagrees with Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald? Governor Walker is on the same page as Vos? Did you miss the highway funding debate?

Unaware that Republicans John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and Susan Collins (to name a few) walk lockstep with Donald Trump.

Paul, you have stumbled on some real news!

Backward reels the mind

ReporterleftWhich reminds your ancient scribbler of his previous career as an increasingly disenchanted young Democrat writing for The Capital Times. Thought it would be great fun to attend the county Republicans’ election night party. The party got swamped across the board, as your raconteur predicted. But these Republicans were fun! They danced, they joked, and they drank their toasts. They did not curse The System, blame macro-economic forces, or bullyrag the reporter from the liberal newspaper.

The resulting story played brightly on Page One like a scoop of sherbet ice cream amidst the usual orphanage gruel.

Having fallen off the same donkey as Saul of Tarsus, Your Squire still reads The Capital Times, subscribes on-line to The Nation, picks the Sunday New York Times off the Manor driveway, and peeks in occasionally at Rachel Maddow until I Can Stands It No More! as Popeye the Sailorman used to exclaim.

Venturing outside the Bubble

In the same vein, a former Hillary staffer ventured to CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) and lived to tell about it: “As I look back on all the people who greeted me warmly, made sure I didn’t get lost in the crowd, and went out of their way to introduce me to their friends.”

In retrospect, I’m embarrassed at how nervous I was when I arrived. I found myself singing along to “God Bless the USA” with a hilariously rowdy group of college Republicans, having nuanced discussions about gun control and education policy with people from all walks of life, nodding my head in agreement with parts of Ben Shapiro’s speech, and coming away with a greater determination to burst ideological media bubbles.

Among liberals, conservatives have a reputation for being closed-minded, even deplorable. But in the Washington Republicans I encountered at CPAC, I found a group of people who acknowledged their party’s shortcomings, genuinely wondered why I left my corporate job to join Mrs. Clinton’s campaign in 2016, and listened to my arguments before defending their own positions.

The essayist, one Annafi Wahed, commented, “I can’t help but wonder how a Trump supporter would have fared at a Democratic rally. Would someone wearing a MAGA hat be greeted with smiles or suspicion, be listened to or shouted down?”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Too many of my own compatriots have fallen into the same intellectual cul de sac as our self-referential liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances — most especially Hannity’s Always Trump storm troopers.



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‘The Left doesn’t fight evil; it fights those who do’

Must not allow victims to defend themselves

A persistent Madison pest who infests my Facebook page insists that anyone who defends our schools from mass shooters be tested first for “implicit bias.” Along with rubella, most likely.

Yeah, the pest just played the Race Card. As if the police officer assigned to the school or the teacher carrying a licensed concealed firearm will turn on the black kid cowering by the juice dispenser instead of the white kid shooting up the cafeteria.

Not even David Hogg, the news media darling from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, thought to inject race into the subject but then he’s in Florida whereas the Pest inhabits the Emerald City.

Madison, in its celebration of supposed victims, sees everything through the magical “lens of racial equity.” 

High heel

Don’t make me use this

The Dane County Board uses “a racial equity lens to … reduce arrests and therefore the number of people coming into the justice system.”

School board member Dean Loumos chairs the committee contemplating expelling cops from the schools. Loumos says, “When a disproportionate amount of students of color in Madison school district are struggling, it is imperative to analyze practices through a racial equity lens.” (See the Squire’s thesis: “Under ‘Race,’ let’s mark ‘None’”)

Except that parents and students from La Follette High School made the point very starkly that maybe THEY are the victims of Madison Schools’ pre-occupation with racial equity.

Cornered by a shooter? Throw your shoes

Which prompts Dennis Prager at Townhall to observe:

Fighting evil is the Left’s Achilles heel. … it fights little evils, or even non-evils, rather than great evils. That is why the Left opposes enabling some teachers and other adults in schools to carry arms in order to possibly stop a mass murderer: The Left doesn’t fight evil; it fights those who do.

Mass shootings 70%Teachers just want to teach, many aver. Fair enough. But when the shooter comes in guns a-blazing, the teaching stops. So do lives. Teachers who prefer not to carry a weapon would not be forced to do so. True, in returning fire, innocent students may be caught in the crossfire. But if the attacker can be stopped — or, at least, diverted — how many more lives could be saved?

The WI State Journal today (02-28-18), citing sheriff’s deputies, reports that over 70% of mass shootings last 5 minutes or less while it takes law enforcement 5 to 6 minutes to respond. Yes, we’ve heard those statistics elsewhere.

Retired deputies leading the active shooter response class advise fleeing, sheltering in place, or — as a last resort — confronting the shooter. With what? “Something handy: a pair of scissors, a chair, a high-heel shoe.”

Might a readily concealed Ruger .22 caliber LCR be even more handy? More effective than the Squire’s high-heel shoes?

Why we don’t fight

Prager observes: “On the question of taking up arms against evil, the Left is very consistent. The left almost always opposes fighting evil and almost always works to disarm the good who want to fight.

• Those old enough to remember the Cold War will remember that the Left constantly called for a “nuclear freeze,” including a “unilateral” freeze by Western countries.

• The Left universally condemns Israeli attacks on those who seek not merely to defeat Israel but to exterminate it.

• … To fighting Communism in the 20th century and today fighting Radical Islamic terror … the Stalinist North Korean regime … the Left is either silent or appeasing.

Confederate rest

Makes me so mad!

The Left also blames police for crime! To the point of entertaining calls to expel police from our troubled public high schools. Criminals are victims, one Madison thinker told the county board, “because their needs are not being met.”

Instead, Prager observes, “The Left direct[s] its fighting spirit against Confederate statues, carbon emissions, income inequality, Columbus Day, … and the like. Against these minimal or nonexistent evils, the left is ferocious.”

Or the evil of meat. Prager forgot Madison’s Turkey Lives Matter warriors.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWho disarmed the kid who brought a loaded firearm into La Follette high school last week? It was a cop with a gun. (High heels, optional.)

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Donald Trump: irritating boor with the Right policies

The essential Joseph Epstein is always a welcome guest at the Stately Manor. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Professor Epstein perfectly captures the Squire’s considered position on our current President.

Professor Epstein, you have the podium:

Kim Jong Trump
My son … nicely formulated the Donald Trump problem for thoughtful conservatives. “I approve of almost everything he has done,” my son remarked, “and I disapprove of almost everything he has said.”

Second the motion. I approve of the Neil Gorsuch appointment, the moving of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the removal of often-strangling regulations from much commerce, the opening of the Keystone pipeline, the tax-reform law, and more.

I disapprove of the bragging tweets, the touchiness, the crude put-downs of anyone who disagrees with him (“Little Marco, ” “insecure Oprah, ” “Sloppy Steve, ” and the rest), the unrestrained vulgarity. America has had ignorant, corrupt, vain, lazy presidents before, but in Donald Trump we have the first president who is a genuine boor.

A boorish president of the United States presents a problem. The presidency, like the monarchy in England, has a symbolic along with a practical aspect. The president is meant to represent the nation at its best.

… To flip my son’s formulation, I approved of almost everything Mr. Obama said, and I disapproved of almost everything he did.

Add to the list of Trump’s good policies his support of the police, arming qualified and willing teachers, school choice (Betsy DeVos), getting tough with Korea, blasting ISIS out of business, and secure borders/immigration reform. The Squire does part company on The Wall, the greatest boondoggle since the Maginot Line.

For those of us who worship Winston Churchill and admire JFK, however, words matter. They must, to a certain extent, even to this White House, or otherwise why the turnover in the Communications Office? The current press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, performs admirably in what must be the most demanding job in Washington, cleaning up after her boss like the elephant keeper at the zoo.

The Always Trumpers delude themselves that Trump’s trash talk somehow drains the swamp. Generals Mattis and Kelly drained a helluva lot more swamps; they spoke softly but carried big sticks. Trump’s talk —and tweets — serves only to step all over his applause lines. Breeds alligators that come back to bite him.

Blaska’s Bottom line: Imagine a President Pence!

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