Scott Walker, time to take over Milwaukee public schools

Send in the National Guard; Milwaukee schools are a disaster

Unemploy 2.8%The unemployment number for the month of April is out and it is an astoundingly low, can-you-believe it 2.8%. This is in territory called “full employment,” people. 

Democrats are no longer taunting “Where are the jobs?” Instead, they are reduced to trotting out the occasional statistic favoring Minnesota. They won’t tell you that both houses of that state’s legislature are Republican.

Even so, Republicans we know insist that Scott Walker cannot rest on his laurels. Elections are about “what are you going to do for me tomorrow?” more than “what did you do for me yesterday?” Continue reading

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Don’t know much about (police) history

Their minds are closed; don’t confuse them with facts

The Madison Common Council did something good Tuesday 05-15-18 and they will get some credit for it: they expressed their appreciation for police during National Police Week. Unanimously. (Their resolution.)


The dangerous book

Mayor Paul Soglin recalled how Madison’s finest turned back an outbreak of homicides. Ald. Skidmore handed Madison police officer Emily Samson a plaque. Officer Emily noted that policing is dangerous work (nationwide, 143 lost their lives in 2016) but that her profession is rewarding and there is no place she would rather police than Madison. A standing ovation followed.


As part of the evening’s entertainment, Paula and Steve Fitzsimmons, Cindy Hodgeman, and Maria Milsted led four citizens who read excerpts from the book, the War on Cops. The group gifted soft-cover copies to each of the 20 alders and to Mayor Paul. Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute wrote the book and autographed the 21 copies. 


Ald. Phair won’t read it

Two alders — Matt Phair and Ledell Zellers — refused their copies! The pure liberal-progressive-socialist faith cannot be corrupted by well researched arguments. Do not confuse them with facts — their minds are made up!

Phair is especially troubling, given that he misrepresents the crime-plagued Meadowood neighborhood. Here is an excerpt on what he is missing:  Continue reading

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John McCain suffered for these fools

McCain fought for the freedoms his critics use so cheaply

At some point, we will learn that Sen. John McCain has succumbed to his illness. We suspect that even Donald Trump will express statesmanlike words of condolence and respect. 

He should! The man unleashed a torrent of slander against John McCain and his service to this country.

Dulcet words will not stop the Furies this flawed President unleashed from writhing in the gutter he dug for them. They have recast John McCain as an Enemy of the People for his Never-Trump apostasy. The Trumpers uber alles have weaponized their idol’s mean spirits and packed a suicide vest with extra vitriol.

John McCain is — get this! — a traitor! Continue reading

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Madison pols demand more data from police but not from jail diversion programs

Who wants to know? Not the Dane County Board

Chris Rickert has committed some real journalism. Demanding answers to tough questions. The tough question: All those jail diversion programs, are they actually, you know, working?

The answer: Who (the hell) knows?

But, by golly, diversion sure feels good, keepin’ folks out of jail. That’s the gist of Rickert’s findings reported in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal, “Information limited on success of programs …”

“It’s hard to know how effective such well meaning efforts are, given that the largest and longest-running program … doesn’t track outcomes while others have kept only limited data,” Rickert reports. What records are kept “show mixed results.” Continue reading

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Who needs proof? Guilty until proven innocent

Scott Adams may be America’s foremost humorist who has not yet been relegated to non-personhood as a chronic oppressor of women but he has nothing on the gang of usual suspects at The Nation.  


Pigman by bennynero. Reprinted with permission.

The weekly reader for social justice warriors poses the ultimate identity politics quiz: “Does Eric Schneiderman prove we should never trust a male feminist?”

The motley crew at the Stately Manor got there long before Schneiderman got his comeuppance but we were Deplorable before it was a fashion statement. Then again, we’ve been swimming upstream for so long we we’re turning salmon pink. 

Identity politics has a ranking system based on the degree of victimhood. The Nation’s Katha Pollitt is an arbiter of this caste system. Ms. Pollitt answers her own Schneiderman question with this polemic:  Continue reading

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Trump, the Nobel Prize, UW-StP, Brewers, and Bucky Badger are today’s click bait

This, that and the other thing

Trump triumphant

The snooty art docent here at the Stately Manor, having been outbid at Christie’s auction of David Rockefeller’s art estate, has chosen this image from BBC for our computer screen saver.

The composition is evocative — it is an ode to joy, a paean to freedom, a visual song of success. Bonus: it makes our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances spit up on their bibs!

Continue reading

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