Did George Floyd die of Covid?

Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin has been convicted!

In the news media! They’re competing with each other as to who can wring the most salty tears out of a most preventable tragedy. Mr. George Floyd, please get in the squad car!

Has any recent trial (outside the U.S. Senate) been more politically charged than that of police officer Derek Chauvin, accused of Floyd’s second-degree murder?

Page one of the Sunday New York Times (04-04-21): “Chauvin’s trial bares the wounds of witnesses. Killing left scars on all who saw it happen.” Notice the word “killing.” Not death — which is never ice cream and balloons. He was KILLED!

Frank Bruni in the NY Times editorial section: “George Floyd felt absolutely helpless.” Well, it IS the opinion page because it certainly is not a fact put in evidence.

The ever-dependable Charles (does he ever!) Blow: Lessons from Lynchings; There’s a through-line from a noose on the neck to a knee on the neck.”

CNN: “George Floyd’s family describes heart-wrenching experience in the courtroom during Derek Chauvin’s trial, attorney says.”

CNN again: “Black families still reeling from verdicts in police brutality cases warn justice is not promised in Chauvin trial.” Um, it would be more accurate to say that conviction is not promised in Chauvin’s trial. That little thing about presumption of innocence. Continue reading

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Spend that Biden stimulus money on saving Madison’s gang bangers

The infrastructure we really need

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday this April 4th, temperatures in the 70°s F a second straight day. But one wonders if, along with the crocuses, those pop-up memorials to the dead will sprout on utility posts to memorialize young men shot in the line of gang warfare. Usually with balloons, posters, and a photo of the deceased.

Like the one in the middle of Schroeder Road, here on Madison’s west side. Disputed turf between two rival gangs. Two homes and a parked car struck by bullets 08-24-2020 in a shoot-out between five “younger Black males,” according to the police account, near the pop-up memorial for homicide victim Maurice Bowman Jr. from a month earlier. Police recovered 20 spent shells.

Just last week, a Madison police gang expert told us, “It is getting worse and worse. We have to find a solution.”

  • 250 shots fired incidents last year compared to 144 in 2019.
  • 11 homicides compared to 3 in 2019.
  • 744 vehicles stolen — up from 639 in 2019. 

Yes, our juvenile court judges are too lenient but there is some truth to their plaint that they have few options. Juvenile detention is a stopgap measure. A week in Juvie amounts to a refresher course in crime and bragging rights. The State wants to close down Lincoln Hills, way up in northern Wisconsin. A series of regional institutions have been mentioned. We propose:

Re-purposing the vacant Oscar Mayer plant on Madison’s east side to

a secure, residential youth rehabilitation center. Continue reading

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To what extent did George Floyd kill himself?

No capacity limits or face masks required at the Werkes!

We stipulate: Resisting arrest, by itself, does not justify dying at the hands of police. But it can explain why.

The hard left has managed to turn George Floyd into a martyr in the same pantheon as St. Stephen. The man has been sanctified via murals boarding up countless storefronts smashed in his name. (Mindful that this is Good Friday) George Floyd died for the sins of AmeriKKKa’s racist police, as the Defund the Cops contingent would have it. Modern-day slave catchers just wanna murder innocent black men. Never mind that the four officers charged in Floyd’s death include a person of color. 

Not just the organized BLM movement — our schools, media, and politicians teach vulnerable minds that they are VICTIMS of police and the white “power structure”!

State Street Madison WI summer of 2020 PBS photo

George Floyd is the wrong kind of hero

Continue reading

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Police on trial! The Left is breathless!

It’s the O.J.Simpson trial of 2021

Except that it’s the police on trial this time. Pinch any progressive, social justice warrior, or grievance monger and tell them they are not dreaming. This is their rapture.

The gray lab coats here at the Werkes watched all four of the police cam videos as they were presented to the court in the George Floyd trial Wednesday in Minneapolis. (Thank you cable station HLN.) So that makes us an expert, right? No? Well, probably not.

Fools rush in to comment on so racially charged an issue. (Smile when you call us a fool.) That hasn’t stopped MSNBC from convicting Officer Derek Chauvin and his co-defendants. Anyone who suggests lack of murderous intent risks being played the race card. The Werkes cheerfully acknowledges that this is not a good case for police anywhere. Whether it warrants a second- or third-degree murder conviction is less certain. Continue reading

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WI to Joe Biden on mask mandates: Pound sand!

The fat lady is singing — without her mask 

Brian Hagedorn has staved off recall for another day. He wrote the deciding opinion in today’s 4-3 ruling that overturned Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate. A WI governor has only 60 days worth of special powers after declaring a public health emergency and his expire April 5.

So Hagedorn is good with conservatives, for the moment. (Some of our estranged friends blame the WI Supreme Court justice for electing Joe Biden.)

angry face maskThis is twice in one day we’re mentioning Greg Humphrey but he posts on social media that he went face-to-face — or, rather, mask-to-mask — with a person outside his household for only the second time in the year this pandemic has been raging. We suspect this is typical of Madison. If such behavior defines Covid virtue, then your Humble Squire has erred on the side of freedom. We do mask up as required by law but we have not been hermetically sealed. No shrink wrap can contain the Squire!

→ Now that we’ve had two of the Fauci ouchies (chocolate mint flavored!) we’re damned near invincible! Think we’ll go back for a third! (“If you’ve been fully vaccnated” — the CDC)

Can you take a joke?

Billie Johnson says on that February day when the high temp reached one below zero he left on his mask as he was leaving Home Depot. Driving down the road, he realized he was still wearing the mask. He quick pulled it off, looked around, and hoped no one saw him. “I was afraid somebody would think I was a liberal.” Continue reading

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Mara Eisch won’t drink the Kool Aid

No hardliners this time around, pls.

Kool aid

We never see our friendly acquaintance Greg Humphrey in the candle-lit Republican catacombs deep under the streets of Madison WI. Suffice to say: the guy is insufficiently Deplorable.

Under the nom de plume of Deke Rivers, Greg blogs Caffeinated Politics from the city’s isthmus — the beating heart of liberalism. Despite being a former Democrat(ic) legislative aide, every so often Greg Humphrey commits some common sense. Like today, wherein he headlines:

‘Madison Common Council needs Mara Eisch’

Which is interesting, because Mara Eisch is running in District 10 here on the southwest side (secret location of the Stately Manor) not in Greg’s 6th District, now represented by Marsha Rummel (Progressive Dane), who is retiring. But Humphrey is no fan of Progressive Dane, which has wreaked havoc on the city with its grievance mongering pre-occupation with anti-cop identity politics. (Progressive Dane endorsees here.) Greg writes:

It should deeply concern us at the local level to learn that organizations such as Progressive Dane and the Greens require candidates to sign a pledge that they will support their platform 100%. That is what they require to get an endorsement. In other words, a candidate needs to integrate the platform of a special interest into their campaign and prove fealty to it. In one case, a group actually requires the candidate to assign a campaign liaison to them. [Um, that would be Progressive Dane.]”

Mara EischMara Eisch is one such example of independence and breath of hope for our city as she seeks election in the 10th aldermanic district. … She has the needs of her voters in mind, as opposed to seeking the smoothest route to an election win. She correctly refused to fill in the questionnaires from those groups, not because she is not aligned with much or even most of their agenda, but knows her first duty, if elected is to have the ability and freedom to achieve what her district wants and needs. How dare some outside organization try to curtail or limit her effectiveness all in the name of purity for their causes. …

This city needs pragmatic leaders and determined independent voices–like Eisch–who are not obligated to anyone other than the voters who cast the ballots. A rather common-sense approach to governing, if you ask me.

For the record, Mara’s opponent, Yannette Figueroa Cole, drank the Kool Aid from Progressive Dane, the Socialist party, and Our WI Revolution. My favorite quote from her response to PD:

“I want to redefine safety.”

Platinum subscriber bonus efflata

Is Bill McCoshen running for Governor? The publisher of Wisconsin Conservative Digest, Bob Dohnal, says so. McCoshen is former chief of staff and a cabinet secretary for Tommy Thompson. Since those days he’s been a high-powered Capitol lobbyist. Dohnal says Billy Mac will announce in early summer. As a Republican, of course. Republicans smell blood. Tony Evers projects weakness.

That big container ship has been dislodged from the Suez Canal just in time. We were going to suggest a freighter full of Drano. Unclogs back-ups at the Manor.

Why elect either Jill Underly or Deb Kerr on April 6? Former mayor Dave Cieslewicz makes a point we’ve been hammering on for years: Superintendent of public education “shouldn’t be an elected position at all. It makes no sense to elect the person leading the state’s education agency when we don’t elect the heads of the departments of transportation or natural resources or corrections. This should be a governor’s cabinet level appointment.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The President appoints an education secretary; so should a governor.

For whom are YOU voting April 6?

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