Now will the State Journal and Journal Sentinel finally condemn the speech police?

Vicki McKenna among those GAB spied on

Thank the Good Lord for Brad Schimel, the first conservative state attorney general in long memory. Thank you the heavens above for the too few brave souls — Eric O’Keefe, the Wall Street Journal, Vicki McKenna (her interview with Schimel), and Matt Kittle (his report) among them — for speaking out against the government gag orders.

Brad Schimel

The AG

The public release of the Wisconsin A.G.’s report confirms that the Legislature did the right thing in blowing up the Government Accountability Board (GAB) and scattering its tainted staffers to the winds. Now it is time to prosecute the secret government speech police named in the report. Now it is time for the state’s news media to — at long last — stand up for The First Amendment.

This is Attorney General Brad Schimel’s money quote:

The Department of Justice is deeply concerned by what appears to have been the weaponization of GAB by partisans in furtherance of political goals, which permitted the vast collection of highly personal information from dozens of Wisconsin Republicans without even taking modest steps to secure this information.

The Department of Justice investigation found: Continue reading

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Will Al Franken’s impending resignation put the ball in Republicans’ court?

We talked last time about profiles in courage, Mike Willett being one of them. His colleague on the Dane County Board Ronn Ferrell another.


I admire Mitt Romney for the same reason. He spoke up forcefully against Donald Trump when it still could have made a difference. Republicans today would be in a stronger place if, say, Ted Cruz had been elected. Same conservative agenda, same counter-punching style, without the personal baggage or the school recess bullying.

Cruz and my man, Evan McMullen, would hold the high ground on the sexual harassment issue, instead of being Me Too.

It looks like Democrats are going to outflank Republicans on the issue, now approaching a feeding frenzy. (Have you ever seen anything like this?) Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are clearing the decks to use the issue in next year’s mid-term elections. Look for Al Franken to resign his U.S. Senate seat soon. (“Giant of the Senate,” indeed!) Rep. John Conyers has already quit. In the Wisconsin state capitol, State Rep. Josh Zepnick, D-Milwaukee, is a non-person. The party that indulged Ted Kennedy, slut-shamed Bill Clinton’s accusers, and posed with Harvey Weinstein and took his money is, today, retroactively recalibrating its moral compass.

Meanwhile, President Trump and the Republican National Committee have jumped head first into the briar patch. They’ve gone all-in for Roy Moore in Alabama. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial this morning (12-6-17) is priceless:

Republicans have an unusual political problem in Alabama. Their candidate may win.

Thanks to Alabama Democrats nominating a John Nichols/Elizabeth Warren clone. The Policy Werkes calculus is the Senate could expel Moore, once seated, and Alabama’s Republican governor could then name a replacement. But Trump and the RNC’s endorsement is will be the gift that keeps on taking. Perhaps not in Alabama but in other states. They have soiled the brand immeasurably.

Wisconsin Republicans, despite the Nichols spin, can stand proud. Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan all urged Moore to drop out.

Platinum subscriber bonus leftovers

  • Every so often, The Capital Times bemoans the lack of civility in public discourse. Otherwise it is business as usual, as in calling Wisconsin’s attorney general a “toadie” (12-6-17) for siding with the governor in the Tony Evers dispute. What, then, would be the proper term for a news outlet that always sides with Democrats? (Plenty to say about Roy Moore but nothing about Al Franken?)
  • Recognizing Jerusalem is the said to endanger peace in the Mideast. What peace? The U.S. has recognized the State of Israel since 1948. Jerusalem is its capital. Embassies are located in a nation’s capital. Recognizing Jerusalem will tell the Arab hotheads it’s over. Kowtowing to the Assads of the world has got us nowhere.
  • LaVar Ball blames UCLA coaches for his brat’s shoplifting drama in China. That’s the problem, isn’t it? No accountability. When someone else is to blame, no one is to blame.
  •’s conservative political editor Guy Benson, a gay man himself, on the Left’s acceptance of diversity: “Bake me a cake, bigots.”
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No money for more Madison police but plenty for Common Council staff

UPDATE: Was there a roll call on approving the contract for the hiring of a Common Council chief of staff? No there was not. The voice vote in favor was declared unanimous.

I am put in mind of my old seat mate on the Dane County Board, the late Bill Hitzemann, who farmed in the Town of Blue Mounds. Bill acted the country bumpkin from the “Shiftless Area,” his typically humorous term for the Driftless Area of western Dane County that had not been scoured by the glaciers. In truth, he was a well read conservative intellectual, constantly pressing reading material into my hands.

No one cried out “Roll Call” more than Bill. As often as not, the roll would reveal the vote as 36 to 1, the one and lonely being Supervisor Hitzemann. Bill would smile with satisfaction. His brave opposition had been recorded for posterity.

I am put in mind of Bill Hitzemann for two reasons, the first and most important of which is that the roll was not called for an important vote conducted on June 6, 2017, when the Madison Common Council voted — in a voice vote — the creation of a council chief of staff.

Tonight (12-5-17), the Council (agenda here) will formally hire that chief of staff, one Kwasi K. Obeng of Chicago, at an annual salary of $105,000 plus civil service benefits. Or is it $107,000?

Nice work if you can get it

Kwasi Obeng

Kwasi Obeng

Common Council president Marsha Rummel announced Monday night  that Mr. Obeng will get a $2,000 raise before ever having been hired.

Rummel explained that “the Common Council Executive Committee  selected him and then introduced the contract on the Council floor the same day. I’ve been told that this turnaround was faster than the usual process,” Rummel added in what must surely be the understatement of the day.

The new hire apparently received — or, at least, claims — he got a counter-offer from his employer. Other city employees are getting a 1% pay raise. The new chief of staff’s hike works out to 2% but never mind, he is exempt from the civil service rules — but not the fringe benefits!

Continue reading

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Your embattled Squire endures a Sunday morning confrontation in a Madison coffee house

So I’m reading the Wisconsin State Journal at the Collectivo coffee shop on Monroe Street in the bleeding heart of liberal Madison. I am slurping extra-dark, dangerously caffeinated brews between bites of a nutritious, life-sustaining cowboy cookie. (They wouldn’t make them if they weren’t good for you.)

spilled coffeeUsing a jet-black ball point pen, it is also my custom to make incremental improvements over the Sunday journalism product, particularly its editorial section. On the photo over an opinion piece proposing that “Truax Field [would make] a great fit for [the] F-35A” fighter jet, I drew bombs dropping from the aircraft even though this particular make and model doesn’t drop bombs, per se. (Air-to-ground missiles, sure.) The subhead to the State Journal piece reads “Local airport’s location, history, resources should land the fighter jet in Madison.” To which, your scribbler added “to bomb Brenda Konkel’s house.” (Why the State Journal doesn’t put me on staff …)

I know, I know. Politically incorrect. So I lead a rich fantasy life. So sue me! First Amendment, blah blah blah. Anyway, I paid for my copy so it is mine to do with. In my defense, it’s the kind of paranoia our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances specialize in: that the U.S. military would seek to stifle dissent through force of arms. In my further defense, everyone needs a good enemy and Madame Brenda is as good as any. Wm F. Buckley had Gore Vidal. Muhammed Ali had Joe Frazier. Comrade Nichols has Paul Ryan. Bluto Blutarsky had Doug Niedermayer. Continue reading

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Scott Walker tore up Doyle’s fast-train deal but Wisconsin’s economy didn’t crash and burn

Remember when Scott Walker tore up Jim Doyle’s fast-train deal and spurned $810 million in Obama stimulus money? Remember how that was going to wreck Wisconsin’s economy?

Girl tracksAs Madison’s own Chris Farley used to say, “That was awesome!”

Seven years ago this month. Scott Walker had just defeated the Democrat, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (for the first time, as it turned out). The governor-elect set up a podium in front of the east wing of the State Capitol and said he would not be suckered in to a boondoggle that made no economic sense, “free money” or not.

“Walker creates jobs, but not in Wisconsin,” Comrade Nichols tut-tutted at the time.

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances did what they do best: they held a rally. Here is Big labor toady Roger Bybee reporting for the radical Left mouthpiece In These Times: Continue reading

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Danger: white men voting!

‘Hey white boy, what you doin’ uptown?’ — Lou Reed

The social justice night riders are out, baying for the blood of white men — all complicit in the election of Donald Trump.

When identity politics is all you’ve got, race and gender is all you see.

You're HitlerThus does Your Progressive Voice team up with Wisconsin Public Radio to send a posse into a —what else? — an Irish pub in downtown Madison. Their mission? To smoke out a group of “men, all of them white and most in their 20s.”

The men, young and white as wedding rice, were caught in the act of conniving to “establish the Wisconsin chapter of an emerging national group called the Proud Boys.” (They reject feminism!!!)

For Thaddeus Pall, it was a rare opportunity to openly express his support for President Donald Trump in liberal Madison.

It’s called bias confirmation. Want to demonize your opponent? Search out the outlier and present him as generic. Vicki McKenna, the hardest working gal in talk radio, is on to this scam: “Madison’s liberal rag tries to make tiny, fringe group no one has ever heard of representative of the GOP.” Continue reading

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