Unfocused excuse making at Madison schools

Go Badgers! Defeating #1 Villanova with Bronson Koenig on the bench for a quarter of the game and Ethan Happ almost half the game! Nigel Hayes at money time. And the reach-in steal of the Century by Vitto Brown! Ex-cellent!

The betting line just changed for Police Chief Mike Koval’s chances of being reimbursed for the $22,000 in attorney’s fees for defending himself against Progressive Dane’s frivolous complaint before the PFC.

Now we’re told that the resolution, sponsored by Mayor Soglin and Ald. Paul Skidmore, will be treated as a budget amendment. That means it needs a three-quarters affirmative vote; 15 of the 20 members. 

Raiding the emergency fund for $400,000 in last year’s budget was no problem. Not when it is being spent on a police colonoscopy. But money to defend its police chief? Not this Common Council. 

The council is in thrall to an anti-cop cabal led by Marsha Rummel, Rebecca Kemble, Matt Phair, and Maurice Cheeks. The latter two are principals in something called “Madison’s Focused Interruption Coalition.”

Cheeks and Phair teamed up with Michael Johnson, CEO of the Dane County Boys and Girls Club, to force a 15-point plan to “prevent and address violence.” (The Policy Werkes observes that Moses had only 10 points. Any plan with more is a steaming heap of mush.)

Or ignore violence, as the case may be.

On Thursday, a junior at East High School was arrested following “a physical altercation that involved other students at the school.” Otherwise know as a brawl.

Lights, cameras, press conference: Michael Johnson is ready for his close-up. His message: the arrest was unjust and downright racist. School board member Anna Moffit took part in Johnson’s Cops-Are-Racist feeding frenzy. Sadly, she chairs a committee studying whether police should be banned from high school hallways. This IS Madison, after all.

Doe sit help that the cafeteria melee required eight MPD officers plus school security guards to restore order?

Madison’s supposedly racist police issued 95 citations to black students compared to 11 citations issued to white. That proves racism to Madison’s elite. Especially if you believe that white students are mauling each other while police look the other way.

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Madison’s War on Cops goes for the kill

THIS JUST IN: Ald. Marsha Rummel, chair of the Common Council’s Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations, has canceled Monday’s scheduled presentation by the lawyers who negotiated a $3.35 million settlement in the Tony Robinson shooting. The alderman did so on the advice of city attorney Mike May. May took action after a complaint from Ald. Paul Skidmore. For gawd’s sake, the attorneys SUED the City of Madison! 

The Madison Common Council is anti-cop. Want more proof?

The Council’s Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations meets next Monday (3/20/17). Two guest presenters had been invited: the two lawyers who got the $3.35 million settlement in the Tony Robinson case.

The lawyers — newly flush with cash from their presumed 15% to 20% cut of the insurance award — had been invited to present their “evidence” on the shooting of Tony Robinson. Evidence they did not present to a judge or jury. Evidence that will not be subject to the rules of evidence. That will not be sworn as truthful or subject to cross examination. Some deal!

The Police & Community Relations agenda even linked to the lawyers’ anti-cop PowerPoint (before it was withdrawn). The subcommittee itself was formed by Council president Mike Verveer, Progressive Dane, to harass the police. It is chaired by Marshal Rummel, a Progressive Dane ally of Madame Brenda Konkel. The same Ald. Rummel who once proposed an official City of Madison Tony Robinson Day of recognition. Honoring a convicted felon and habitual drug abuser, prone to violence, who attacked a police officer called to respond when Robinson was attacking strangers at random. Only in Madison!

Your Humble Bloggeur has made the case that the $3.35 million settlement will only fuel the Madison’s attack on police. This is more proof. The Marsha Rummel committee meets 7 p.m. Monday in Room 321 of the City-County Building, 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Here is the agenda. In case the original agenda has been scrubbed, here is my capture of it showing the lawyer’s presentation. It’s Item 6. Continue reading

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Chief Mike Koval was just fined $22,000


UPDATE: Mayor Soglin and Ald. Skidmore have introduced a measure to reimburse Police Chief Mike Koval for the $22,000 he spent defending himself before the Police and Fire Commisson.

The Madison Police and Fire Commission finally — FINALLY! — ruled on the Progressive Dane/Sharon Irwin complaint against Police Chief Mike Koval. (The PFC heard the case back in November 16.) The PFC found the chief guilty of misconduct for telling the truth.

Calling Sharon Irwin “a raging lunatic,” the PFC ruled 03-14-2017, constitutes misconduct. The police department’s code of conduct prohibits “Discourteous or abusive behavior toward a . . . member of the general public.”

The PFC Decision ruled that the offense warranted none of the remedies available to it — those being suspension, demotion, or dismissal.

Never mind that Sharon Irwin IS a raging lunatic — or, at least, has been acting as such. And did most certainly on the night of June 7 when she followed Chief Koval from the second floor Common Council chambers down to the first floor and from there, down to the ground floor shouting at him all the way.

The official PFC ruling notes that Chief Koval left the chambers to converse with two citizens, Steve and Paula Fitzsimmons, who had been harassed by the gallery during their testimony on a issue before the council.

Complainants were standing nearby and overhead that conversaton, and Complainant Irwin attempted to join in it. Respondent walked with the citizens as they exited the chambers foyer and the City-County Building; Complainants followed them much of the way and Complainant Irwin attempted to engage the two citizens and Respondent in unwanted conversation. Respondent then walked to a stairwell leading to the lower floors of the building and was followed by Complainants, with Complainant Irwin continuing her unwanted attempt to engage Respondent in conversation.

A bystander on the ground floor offered that Irwin should make an appointment with the chief, to whom Koval made his fateful comment. Irwin is the grandmother of Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., who — high on drugs — attacked a police officer in a dimly lit stairwell in March 2015. (Speculation has been rampant on who supplied those drugs.)

Complainant Irwin has persistently and vociferously challenged Respondent and the Police Department to comment on the matter publicly despite being aware that neither the Department nor the Respondent are able to comment thereon.

Under the circumstances, calling Irwin a “raging lunatic” is entirely warranted. Koval should have arrested the woman for disorderly conduct.

The Council is in the grip of the anti-police Irwin faction. They will use the mild rebuke today from the Police and Fire Commission as an excuse not to pay him a dime.

The city’s war on police is being waged on multiple fronts. It is not over.

Statement from Mike Koval.

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Blow the whistle on the Michigan Wolverines

UPDATE:  Isthmus co-founder Fred Milverstedt sent this letter to the Wolverines:

To: D.J. Wilson, Men’s Basketball
Athletic Department
University of Michigan
1000 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2201
Young Mr. Wilson:
Caught your display on national TV. You are a punk, self-absorbed and socially stupid, if not totally ignorant. I’d like to see you in Marine boot camp, where after a similar showing you could stand out there on the grinder and hold it all day.
/s/ Fred Milverstedt, Plymouth, MN
cc: John Beilein (you ought to know better than to permit it) 

Your Humble Squire is not a sore loser — not that he has had that much experience in the matter. Blaska plays to win. He plays hard and he plays fair. But win or lose, he keeps his dignity.

That said, the Lord High Commissioner of the Policy Werkes suffers sore losers with equanimity, having made so many of them. Losing is hard and the man who faces the cameras — think Nixon awaiting the helicopter to San Clemente — in the face of defeat is a real man, indeed.

Bad winners are another matter, entirely. Yes, we put Muhammed Ali in that category as well as every Sharpee-toting, break-dancing fool who acts as if it’s his first time in the end zone.

D.J. Wilson, 6-10″ forward grabbed … our attention

So the University of Michigan beat our Badger basketball team Saturday for the Big 14 title. Congratulations, Wolverines. Now, act like you deserve it. The indentured servants were appalled at the video CBS beamed into the Stately Manor Sunday when the NCAA tournament brackets were announced.  No, not that the Badgers were seeded 8th. Nobody said life was fair. Deal with it.

We are not snowflakes here at the Manor. What offended our usually hardened sensibilities was the Michigan team’s televised “celebration” as their bracket was revealed. There, up front and center, is one player who grabs his crotch three separate times during 20-second clip, presumably knowing full well the camera’s red light was recording his obscene display. It is not inadvertent.

That’s just poor sportsmanship. Real men don’t grab their crotches in public. Yeah, that needs saying these days, apparently. (Related: It’s why we went South on Donald Trump.) Your Humble Squire this day will file a complaint with the NCAA.

Here’s a screen capture of the video. Click here and go to the second video at the link to see the video. And take my poll at right.


Attention grabbing fool

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Your squire could not have said it better

As liberal as they come, a good Democrat, a gay man living in a relationship on Madison’s Isthmus. That is Greg Humphrey, a former radio news man and aide to a Democrat(ic) legislator. I am proud to call him a friendly acquaintance.

He blogs at Caffeinated Politics as “Deke Rivers.” His blog resides on my every day must-read list. In today’s installment he writes:

This blog was four-square against the Madison City Council wasting $400,000 on a study to “review” the police department. Most residents I have interacted with have expressed outrage at the action taken by the council to placate the loudest voices in our city.  As noted by others this is not just speculation, either – an audit that produced letters from residents to alders, showed that most disapprove of this wasteful study.

The council-backed study is simply demoralizing to Madison PD, and the study has as its main purpose to do just that very thing.  The study is a complete waste of our hard-earned tax dollars. They took $400,000 from an emergency fund to study a force that has been nationally recognized at a time when the city complains a shortage of monies for worthwhile purposes.

I want my readers to take the following survey and let it be known that taxpayers, thoughtful and informed citizens, and rational thinkers are not desiring to see our police to be continually undermined.  Take your earnestness over this matter and fill out the Madison PD survey at: http://www.cityofmadison.com/mpdstudy/ .

If you appreciate our police and think they’re doing a great job, let The OIR Group (they’re doing the “review”) know it today!  It takes less then 3 minutes.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Greg.

Well, what are you waiting for? Take the survey!

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A day without school

Kids! Such language!

About Madison’s “Day Without Women.” Kudos to The Capital Times for doing a little journalism. “It was more like a Day Without Girls,” it writes, for “the vast majority of the crowd was middle and high school students.”

Madison schools estimate over 1,000 kids left school to participate in the demonstration. But Madison Police estimates only 700 participants gathered outside the Capitol for the Wednesday noon rally.

You do the math.

Meanwhile, accounts from both newspapers quote adults claiming to be impressed with the social consciousness of our young people.

Any excuse to skip school, right?

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