Biden laptop was subpoenaed by FBI in 2019 in a money laundering probe– JONATHAN TURLEY

Last night 10-21-20, Fox News reported that the laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden was subpoenaed last year by the FBI in a money laundering investigation. While the status and the targets of the investigations are unknown, the subpoena would appear to support the fact that these emails are authentic and that the laptop was Biden’s. While House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and roughly 50 “intelligence experts” have assured the public that this is just Russian disinformation, both the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence have now confirmed that they do not believe the laptop and its contents are Russian disinformation.

Now it appears that the laptop was viewed as sufficiently connected to possible federal crimes to be subpoenaed as evidence by the FBI a year ago. These disclosures continue to make a mockery of the effective news blackout imposed by virtually every major news organization on the story. Notably, for years the media and legal experts have cited the fact of a secret FISA surveillance order as proof that the Russian investigation was legitimate even though allegations of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign were discredited.

Source: Biden Laptop Was Subpoenaed By The FBI in 2019 As Part Of A Money Laundering Investigation – JONATHAN TURLEY

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Our struggle against the Left’s cancel culture, Day #2

The intolerance of the political Left

Tuesday 10-20-20 we related our neighborhood war against liberal-progressive-socialist censorship. An enemy of free speech is vandalizing Trump for President signs at an intersection in beautiful Orchard Ridge neighborhood. It is of a piece, albeit on a smaller scale, with the smash and burn employed by Antifa, BLM, and Freedom Inc.

First a Trump for President yard sign, taken down. Another message to replace it was spray painted black. A third sign was attempted, reading “Stop the looting, shooting, and carnage! Vote Trump!” It, too had been spray painted over.

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None of these signs are the work of the Werkes but, as someone who made his living off the First Amendment, the heads groundskeeper hereabouts posted his own sign under the censored sign. It suggested the “Gutless Wonder” should take his spray can back down to boarded-up State Street where his self-righteous cancel culture would be more welcome.

This Wednesday morning 10-21-20, that, too, had been defaced. Like Rocky Balboa, our anonymous Trump supporter keeps getting up off the mat. Above all the spray paint he stuck a Trump/Pence bumper sticker.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: A foretaste of the totalitarianism to come, we fear.

Are YOU intimidated by the Left?

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Who says liberals have no sense of humor?

We do!

If you haven’t noticed; the Werkes links to Babylon Bee, for our money, funnier and more on point than either the Onion or Saturday Night Live. Which is the problem, as far as liberal media is concerned. Because the Bee — while it is ecumenical in its targets — comes from a conservative and Christian perspective. PJ Media reports:

On Tuesday, Facebook stood by its decision to demonetize the Christian satire site The Babylon Bee over a satire article regurgitating a witch joke from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Facebook claimed that the article “Senator Hirono demands ACB [Amy Coney Barrett] be weighed against a duck to see if she is a witch” actually “incites violence.” The social media platform demanded that the Babylon Bee edit the article and not speak publicly about the review, but Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon went public.

Here is the Bee’s offending satirical post:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After two days of Amy Coney Barrett gracefully and stoically answering questions with perfect recall and no notes, suspicions grew on Capitol Hill that she might be a practitioner of the dark arts. “Oh, she’s a witch alright, just look at her!” said Senator Hirono.

“Just look at the way she’s dressed and how she’s so much prettier and smarter than us! She’s in league with Beelzebub himself, I just know it! We must burn her!”

Senator Hirono then pulled a live duck out of a massive burlap sack next to her and announced:

“In addition to being a Senator, I am also quite wise in the ways of science. Everyone knows witches burn because they are made of wood. I think I read that somewhere. Wood floats, and so do ducks —  so logically, if Amy Coney Barrett weighs as much as this duck I found in the reflection pool outside, she is a witch and must be burned.”

Other great headlines from Babylon Bee:

  • “Democrats hiss in terror as ACB pulls out crucifix.”
  • “Democrats criticize ACB for constantly interrupting their campaign speeches.”
  • “Twitter shuts down entire network to slow spread of negative Biden news.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineThese are the same “gatekeepers” who tried to quash the New York Post’s expose of the Hunter Biden laptops, calling it “Russian disinformation.” The same people — we’re looking at you, James Clapper and Adam Schiff — who bit hard on Christopher Steele’s grab bag of Hillary-financed Russian disinformation.

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Will Adam Schiff’s claims now be blocked on Twitter? 

from Jonathan Turley:

Just a day after more than 50 former senior intelligence officials signed on to a letter declaring that the recent disclosure of emails from the Hunter Biden laptop is likely Russian disinformation, the FBI reportedly confirmed that the material does not appear to be Russian disinformation. While former officials like John Brennan insisted that the story “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” the FBI appears to have found no such evidence thus far. This followed a similar conclusion from the Director of National Intelligence in response to House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff saying that the story was pure Russian disinformation.

The question is whether Twitter and Facebook will now bar access to Schiff’s statements pending further review since the actual intelligence agencies are suggesting that this could be Democratic disinformation.

Source: Will Adam Schiff’s Claims Now Be Blocked On Twitter? – JONATHAN TURLEY

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The Left’s cancel culture visits Orchard Ridge

aka North Korea south!

Like dandelions in spring, lawns on my southwest side Madison WI neighborhood are littered with Biden/Harris yard signs. Many share space with those “Science Is Real” claims and the multi-lingual “Everyone is Welcome even if you lied to get here” sentiments.

Except for the one neighbor with his Trump/Pence sign. Which lasted for maybe two days before the bare wire rendered mute testimony to Madison’s cancel culture. The homeowner then posted another sign high up on a utility pole which, by the time the Werkes surveillance team saw it, had been spray painted over.

This morning 10-20-20 we came across his third attempt at free speech: an ink-jet printed poster with the simple message: “Stop the looting, shooting, and carnage! Vote Trump!” Within a half-hour, it, too, had been spray painted over.

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Whereupon the heads groundskeeper hereabouts posted his own sign under the censored sign. It reads:

Message for the

Gutless Wonder

who keeps vandalizing my neighbor’s 
Trump for President signs 

These are not my signs (although, having been a ‘Never Trump’ Republican four years ago, I’m voting for the man this time). Which is why I am not vandalizing all the Biden/Harris signs you see in this neighborhood. They are entitled to their opinion. It’s in the First Amendment. You can put up your own sign. I may not agree with it but I won’t destroy it because I believe in free speech and respect other people’s property, unlike you. 

Now, you anonymous coward, 

take your spray can back down to boarded-up State Street
where your self-righteous cancel culture will be most welcome.

I am David Blaska and I approve this message. I am asking my neighbors to keep an eye out for you. Be sure to wash your hands.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIf I ever find the culprit, s/he’ll be wearing black spray paint at the cop shop. (BTW: the squiggly image in the photograph of my sign is a worm.)

Why do Leftists feel so entitled?


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Citizens are speaking up for Madison police

Without smashing windows!

Madison city government is beginning to hear from an unusual sourceeveryday citizens, as opposed to the social justice warriors who typically F-bomb their “demands” to

    • defund the police,
    • strip them of their tools,
    • drag them before an anti-police tribunal, and
    • portray them as pigs on boarded-up store windows.

This past summer; photo by the cop haters at Freedom Inc.

As if police were the problem. West side Madison police Captain Tim Patton told Orchard Ridge neighborhood president Mike Thomsen that shots fired incidents are up 76% through September compared to 2019. Only this Monday 10-19-20, three shots were fired from a high-velocity handgun at the intersection of Russett Road and Cameron Drive.

“These calls and follow up investigations tie up large number of personnel for extended periods of time resulting in more time spent on priority calls and thereby significant delays or inability to respond to other call types,” Captain Patton said. One indicator: the panhandlers — two at a time — are back on the intersection of Whitney Way and Odana Road, even though that practice was banned a couple years ago.

A sign of the times: an Orchard Ridge neighborhood association initiative

Fed-up neighbors have formed a public action safety team, thanks to the leadership of Bonnie Roe of the Midvale Heights neighborhood. They announced:

This is a brand new group, sprung into being by the rising crime, and especially violent crime, in our neighborhoods. If you are broken- hearted over reading news reports of young children and young adults dying violently in our community, afraid from bullets breaking your windows or lodging in your house or car, tired of wondering whether you’re hearing gunshots or fireworks, hesitant to go on vacation for fear of what you will or won’t come home to, weary of sleeping with lights on, checking window and doors, locking your purse in your trunk to pump gas and/or hearing squealing tires and racing cars and motorcycles at all hours of the day and night,  this group might be for you. …

This group will absolutely not be an armed vigilante group to patrol in cooperation with the police. Nor a group that blocks traffic, marches through our streets, breaks windows, burns things or protests outside of homes. That won’t be happening under this group. 

Look for it on the the NextDoor social media site.

Wednesday 10-21-20 at 6:30 p.m., westside alders Zachary Henak, Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Paul Skidmore, and Christian Albouras are holding an on-line Zoom meeting on funding the police with acting police chief Vic Wahl and Mayor Satya. (More here.) Register for the meeting here.

⇒ See also Captain Patton’s blog on the police budget here.

Police budget confusion

Initial news accounts reported that Mayor Satya proposed increasing the police budget by 3.2%. But that was driven up by a 3.75% pay increase scheduled to kick in next year totaling $3.825 million. It was negotiated by the police officers union and Mayor Paul Soglin (which makes one wonder how the MPPOA could have endorsed Satya Rhodes Conway, instead).

The reality is that the budget as presented cuts police officers slightly, from 483 to 479. The mayor herself claims her budget cuts almost $2 million from the police department’s General Fund — “the largest expenditure cut to the police budget in the last 10 years or more.” Meanwhile, Satya boasts that she is not cutting “social programs.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: You got to know Progressive Dane alders will be proposing even deeper cuts. Time for a little blowback from taxpayers. E-mail your alders!

Will YOU speak up?

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