Dane County wants to spend $76 million on a smaller, but better jail

Part #1: Less is more?

Time to build a bigger and better county jail, right?

Homicides in Madison have already set an annual record and there’s three months left in the year. Shootings are up 75%. Kids walking to their first day of school are finding shell casings on the sidewalk.

Dane County is the fastest growing metro area in the state. Population here has grown 8.9% in the last six years, to over half a million (531,273) and we’re not done yet. Forecasters predict Dane County will be home to another 75,000 — the current population of Racine — in 20 years.

Outside of PSB

Public Safety Bldg left, CCB background right

For $76 million, Dane County is looking to add 4½ floors atop the 4-story Public Safety Building completed in 1994. The project would:

• Replace the outdated, unsafe jail dating from the mid-1950s on the 6th and 7th floors of the City County Building.

• Replace the inadequate Ferris Center mislocated on the fairgrounds and consolidate its work-release inmates into the Public Safety Building.

• Treat mental health and other issues to reduce recidivism.

• Add more capacity to the existing 1,013 beds. Oh, wait. Sorry! Strike that!

No, your Dane County Board is considering spending $76 million on a smaller jail: less capacity, fewer beds, reduced inmate count. This is your liberal-progressive-socialist county board at work. Continue reading

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The Capital Times: No sifting and winnowing for ‘extremists’

Predictably, for a newspaper whose editors promote the cult of Che Guevara and his Antifa descendants, The Capital Times gives a free hall pass to the speech disrupters.

Confronted with silenced speakers here and across the nation, The University of Wisconsin Regents voted last week (more here) to penalize students who “materially and substantially disrupt the free expression of others.” To The Capital Times, this is “an assault on free speech.” Talk about Alice jumping into the rabbit hole!

“Regents want to dumb down the discourse on UW campus,” Your Progressive Voice posited — as if the young totalitarians who interrupted Ben Shapiro’s speech for almost a half-hour last November on campus were even capable of “discourse.” Instead, all they did was shout the words “shame” and “safety” as they menacingly occupied the stage. Not exactly William F. Buckley versus John Kenneth Galbraith.

DisruptionFree speech for The Capital Times means some students are free to disrupt the speech of those with whom they disagree. Who are these speakers deserving of the heckler’s veto? The Bad Guys, of course.

Their speech, the CT has preemptively concluded, are “outright lies and hateful provocations.” How they would know that without actually — you know, hearing them speak — is one of the Left’s great magic tricks.

Providing intellectual cover to Antifa and its wannabes, The Capital Times wants us to believe the new Regent policy would “suspend and expel students who dare to protest against the hatred expressed by Nazis, fascists, and defenders of the Confederacy.”

That’s a page torn right out of the Antifa handbook! The black-masked thugs know that if they first define their targets as fascists, klansmen or undifferentiated “extremists” they can smash windows not only with impunity but with the the holy chrism of a medieval crusader sacking Constantinople.

Ironically, Shapiro’s talk last fall was about the injury campus “safe spaces,” free from opposing ideas, can do to the concept of sifting and winnowing. Tuesday night, students on both side of the ideological divide understood what The Capital Times does not.

Author Katie Pavlich spoke about the right of women and other vulnerable people on campus to carry firearms to protect themselves. Yes, there were protests — outside the venue. Inside, the Brogden Psychology Building, the speaker spoke, the audience was able to consider her ideas. They may be sifting and winnowing even today.

We guarantee if Young Americans for Freedom ever disrupted a speech by the Communist murderer Angela Davis, The CT would cry bloody murder. That being a hypothetical, we can recall no time when the CT demanded a conservative speaker be heard or denounced his or her silencing. (The CT blasted Justice Samuel Alito when he mouthed — not spoke but mouthed — the words “not true” as President Obama, during his State of the Union, miscast the Citizens United case and excoriated the justices sitting before him. So much for dissent.)

No, Your Progressive Voice celebrated the pre-dawn raids of the speech police, battering rams at the ready. It spoke not a discouraging word when the Madison campus imposed speech codes — the most draconian in the nation, according to Alan Dershowitz. Sadly, the publication’s First Amendment virtue is entirely partisan.

For a corporation that makes its living off the First Amendment, such mendacity is inexcusable. Even, dare we say, hateful.


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Hey football millionaires, take a knee for spousal abuse

13 days since the last NFL player arrest

Good for Mike Pence. The vice president left the football game at Indianapolis after 20 San Francisco 49ers “took a knee” during the National Anthem. Now if we get a few thousand more to do so.

Here’s the gripe at the Stately Manor: the Colin Kaepernick Cop(ier)s are protesting … what? Police treatment of black people in the U.S.!??? Didn’t some of those players go to college? Oh, wait, that’s the problem! The result of gender and race studies, advanced degrees in victimization. They have bought into the Ferguson lie of “hands up, don’t shoot.”

They’re protesting the wrong thing! 

Of the seldom-questioned narrative that “black men are constantly harassed by the police and routinely brutalized with impunity, even when they have done nothing wrong,” Philippe LeMoine writes in National Review, “This narrative is false.” (The Policy Werkes gives chapter and verse here.)

Top Crimes

If the millionaires in pads want to do some virtue signaling, how about protesting the wife beaters, dog fighters, child abusers, gun-waving coke heads, drunk drivers, and cheap-shot artists in their own ranks!

Fans in the cheap seats at the Stately Manor were thinking that as they witnessed Ezekiel Elliott of the CowFelons ply his trade despite the best efforts of the League to suspend the low-life for beating on a woman.

Chicago attorney and radio personality Julie DiCaro writes: “Not to be left out of this moral disaster, cue Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who notoriously signed Greg Hardy after he was found guilty by a North Carolina judge of beating his girlfriend, to declare the team’s support for Elliott.

After all, the league had recently fumbled the Josh Brown investigation badly, and was still smarting from a U.S. District Court ruling overturning their suspension of Adrian Peterson [who beat his own child].

That’s why the Policy Werkes has laid a direct cable to next year’s likely Nobel Prize winner in science: the NFL Arrest-O-Meter.

NFL arrests

The Packers are 16th out of 32 in criminality

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Why the Democrats’ ‘efficiency gap’ is a crock

It will be a good eight months before the U.S. Supreme Court decides the Wisconsin gerrymandering case. Democrats think they have found the magic formula suggested by swing vote Anthony Kennedy 13 years ago. They call it the “efficiency gap.”

But (of all sources!) an analysis by the New York Times pretty much debunks the whole concept.

Efficiency gap measures the number of wasted votes that do not contribute to winning a legislative seat. ‘Pack” all the Democrats into Madison, for instance, and “crack” other liberal strongholds among several districts so as to render them minorities.

Map #4

All these Assembly districts are overwhelmingly Democrat(ic). To reduce the ‘efficiency gap’, mappers would have to extend tentacles radiating out from Madison far into surrounding counties. Now THAT would be gerrymandering!

Votes beyond the bare majority needed to win are wasted — that would be all but one of the 29,069 of the votes that Terese Berceau received in her westside Madison 77th district, for instance, where she was unopposed.

Also wasted are about 12,000 votes by which Republican Joel Kleefisch beat his Democratic opponent in his Oconomowoc-Watertown district (as well as all of the loser’s votes) because he only needed to win by one vote.

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Free speech and gun rights will collide Tuesday on the UW-Madison campus

UPDATE: Campus conservatives say UW stifling Right speech — again

UPDATE #2: Two of the few conservative faculty step up.

The University of Wisconsin’s commitment to the free exchange of ideas — you know, that “sifting and winnowing” thing — will be sorely tested next week Tuesday.

In the shadow of the massacre by an apparent lone gunman in Las Vegas, a conservative student group is bringing a gun rights activist to the UW-Madison campus.

22140820_1689257197765803_2586996503968852514_nA group calling itself Cocks not Glocks is planning a lewd counter protest featuring dildos. It is also laying the foundation for disrupting the speech with the familiar claim of impermissible “hate speech.”

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Caution: political agitprop in downtown Madison

It’s called “posing for holy pictures.” Feel-good government resolutions that condemn hate, plague, pestilence, and things that go bump in the night.

Except that those Hallmark card resolutions tend to be tendentious mousetraps of selective outrage sprung for partisan purposes. At least, in Madison and Dane County. One such is County Board Resolution #195, written by the board’s Leftist majority in service of its fixation on identity politics.

Ol’ #195 condemns (the verb of choice) “the racist, violent actions of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville,” Virginia.

Your Dane County Board of Supervisors passed this brave statement a week ago, on September 28. Let’s just say, this bit of legislative legerdemain did not lead the evening news.

Note the date: it occurred after the desecration of a memorial to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and after swastikas and pro-Trump sentiments were scrawled on the Monument to Communism (Detailed here) yet references them not.

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