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Did the murderers see themselves as victims?

Reparations by other means.  Why did prosecutors grant young Miriam Carre immunity in the slayings of her adoptive parents, Robin Carre and Dr. Beth Potter? The Dane County District Attorney compiled an impressive tranche of forensic evidence: text messages, cell … Continue reading

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White moms are easily fooled?

Is the city intervening in gun litigation?  The Wisconsin State Journal calls them “wedge issues.” What kind of issues? Broadly defined, a wedge issue is that for which the prevailing liberal/progressive orthodoxy has no good answers. Further defined: it is an issue … Continue reading

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Why defend critical race theory when you can deny it?!

The tocsin never escapes the chem lab?! Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there He wasn’t there again today I wish, I wish he’d go away… — Hughes Mearns Baby steps. This time, at least, the … Continue reading

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Why do teachers schools teach critical race theory?

Because our schools are Woke, baby!  At the risk of being slapped silly by Will Smith, Blaska will continue his assault on Woke pedagogy and their deniers. We’re trying to prevent news reporters like Elizabeth Beyer of the Wisconsin State … Continue reading

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Democrats are canceling themselves

Madison is making Wisconsin turn red Progressive Dane’s proposed ban on the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer at Dane County Board meetings is a bigger story than the sum of its parts. Here’s why. Voters from Wausau to Walworth will … Continue reading

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Is ‘restorative justice’ working?

Dane County courts practice it, too! It’s heart-breaking, it really is. Two Madison teenagers took different paths. Anthony Chung was a National Merit Scholar at Memorial high school, student representative to the Board of Education, about to graduate from elite … Continue reading

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