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Democrats murder the truth to play the race card

Hit the deck, people! Madison is studying the police It was a small item in the WI State Journal sports page. The NFL’s Baltimore Ravens traded their  rookie field goal kicker to the Vikings. Norwegian-born Kaare Vedvik had to sit … Continue reading

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Take a knee for Brandi Grayson

Another skirmish in the War on Police Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown Madison Four years ago, an ink-stained wretch named Blaska wrote: “Madison created a Young & Foolish monster and is now afraid to destroy it.” “Young and foolish” was … Continue reading

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Al Sharpton is a racist huckster

and so very useful to desperate Democrats because Everyone I don’t like is Hitler a racist Count on The Capital Times (“Your Progressive Voice”) to march lockstep with the party line. Silent when conservative speakers were shouted down at university forums, … Continue reading

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Baltimore is the Democrats’ Ground Zero

Here’s the difference, Rep. Cummings: People are struggling to get IN to the U.S.; They’re trying to get OUT of W. Baltimore The genius of Donald Trump is that he forces the Left to defend the indefensible. (It helps that … Continue reading

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Rats! Trump says The Border is better run than Baltimore

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are hearing dog whistles Give ’em a bag of Purina! Is turnabout fair play? Is tit for tat legit?  Not when you are criticizing Donald Trump. You’re supposed to have a clear shot at the President in … Continue reading

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Where is the outrage?

You think maybe we’re too busy blaming the police? It is too much to ask but we ask it anyway. Where is the outrage?  In Milwaukee WI on a Saturday evening. A 39-year-old man fires a gun from his SUV … Continue reading

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