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Alders bash police while BLM shoots each other

63 shell casings recovered in Tuesday shoot-out at Garner Park Leafy green Garner Park sits just north of the University of Wisconsin’s Hill Farms office park, on the northwest corner of Whitney Way and Mineral Point Road on Madison’s near west … Continue reading

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Yeshua Musa is Madison’s hero, not John Lewis (RIP)

White men sure have a lot of opinions The chief groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes blames his parents. Neither one endowed their son with sufficient melanin to speak with any authority on the Race Wars progressives have inflicted upon Madison WI … Continue reading

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The ‘Systemic Racism’ canard

Racial disparity does not equal racism Excerpted from: “The Systemic Racism Canard’s Consequences” | National Review “Racial disparity” has subtly morphed into “racism” and “discrimination.” The process has accelerated in the months following the killing of George Floyd. Black and Hispanic … Continue reading

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You WILL be doxxed if you disagree with the BLM mural 

… and fired from your job. Two young black women are painting a Black Lives Matter mural on a boarded-up window on E. Wilson Street Sunday afternoon. White man driving an SUV stops to complain that the mural is, itself, … Continue reading

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I am not Tim Carpenter

Do not beat me! Blaska feels it necessary to explain to people with bullhorns and more tattoos than a Marine regiment that we are not Tim Carpenter. It’s Carpenter you want, social justice warriors! Not Blaska! The head groundskeeper of the … Continue reading

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UW-Madison is training ‘co-conspirators’ to fight ‘white supremacy’

S.O.S. Tommy Thompson! If University of Wisconsin students are more ‘woke’ than the habitués of an all-night coffee house, it is because they have been trained in race warfare. It is not happenstance that State Street is boarded up from … Continue reading

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