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How the Left hijacked civil rights 

To overcome racism, Black Americans always emphasized human agency and individual responsibility. Robert Woodson and Joshua Mitchell in “How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights.” Many Black leaders have lost sight of Martin Luther King Jr. altogether and are aiding and … Continue reading

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Progressives are winning the war on achievement

“The Bias Fallacy” Excerpted from Heather Mac Donald in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal: ‘Insufficient diversity results from racial bias, claim the activists,’ and every few days, the press serves up another exposé of this industry or that company’s too-White … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Black education

This article by Walter Williams in the Daily Signal is dated 12-02-20, the day professor Williams died after teaching a class at George Mason University. In 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient in math. In five Baltimore … Continue reading

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Minority residents aren’t woke enough for Madison alders

Peace & safety loses out to virtue signaling Angela Jackson is president of Allied/Dunn’s Marsh neighborhood association. She and her board of directors asked for a ban on alcohol consumption at 1.2-acre Allied Park after several shootings. “I support the … Continue reading

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Please save me, oh all-puissant White Man!

Sorry, we’re having trouble saving ourselves! A modest proposal: Replace those vapid, virtue-signaling “Black Lives Matter” signs with something more constructive, like: “Listen to Your Teachers.” Good advice regardless of race. Which is the point. The notion that Madison WI discriminates … Continue reading

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The Bernie bois got burned

A victory for tear gas! America repudiates progressivism Pretty much sums it up: “Orange man gone and succeeded by a moribund cypher with an unprincipled naïf waiting for the desk in the Oval Office; opposition holds Senate and gains in House.” … Continue reading

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