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Guilt-ridden Madison explores reparations

Name your ‘historic wrong’ for cash and prizes! Woke progressivism, like rust, never sleeps. Madison city government now wants to invite “BIPOC” people to kvetch about how Madison was mean to them. The city’s Equal Opportunities Commission, trying to justify … Continue reading

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DPI teaching socialism, civil disobedience!

Ché Guevara lives! Not only is critical race theory taught to our K-12 students, it’s being practiced in their public schools. Tony Evers’ state government is force-feeding CRT to 74,000 state government employees. So are Dane County, the City of Madison, … Continue reading

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Jussie faces justice — why not Althea?

Chicago’s hoaxer being tried on criminal charges;Madison’s fabulator gets off scot free! Jussie Smollett goes on trial today to answer for the hoax he (O.K., “allegedly”) pulled in Chicago back in January 2019. His story (and he’s sticking to it): … Continue reading

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Who shot and killed Lady Justice?

It wasn’t Liberty Valance! We love the work of Wisconsin State Journal cartoonist Phil Hands. But his editorial pen leaked ink today. He depicts Lady Justice shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse — “in self defense.” But Lady Justice did not … Continue reading

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Freedom Inc. blames police for East high school brawls

They got ‘a smart mouth!’ Few have done as much harm to kids of color that the local BLM affiliate, Freedom Inc. Not George Corley Wallace, not Bull Connors, or all the tiki torch toters in Charlottesville. It was Freedom … Continue reading

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The Nation’s legal correspondent hates white people 

But you’re the racist! Elie Mystal, the go to guy for Joy Reid over at MSNBC, is everywhere these days parroting the critical race theory that white America is irredemably racist.  He should know, Mystal asserts, because he is a … Continue reading

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