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If you worry about crime you’re guilty

of offending race-obsessed progressives! Imagine if you will (Blaska writes in his Rod Serling voice) a governor who frees convicted murderers so they can enjoy a weekend holiday from prison — a furlough. That prisoner invades a home, stabs the … Continue reading

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Madison does about-face on racial discrimination

‘Offensive and repugnant’ from the Wisconsin Institute on Law & Liberty: The Madison Common Council Tuesday 05-10-22 adopted an amended ordinance to remove unconstitutional racial quotas from a Police Civilian Oversight Board. The action comes in response to a federal … Continue reading

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Don’t teach to race, teach to needs

Identity politics is failing our kids. Treating people as members of a racial socio-economic class is Marxist and counter-productive (but we repeat ourselves). Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction now lectures white classroom teachers on how to teach black boys. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Madison to rescind Police Civilian Oversight Board’s racial quotas

If the Common Council follows its attorney’s recommendation. Blaska is about to win his law suit against the City of Madison, unless the Common Council chickens out. The City is poised to acknowledge that it impermissibly based membership on the … Continue reading

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Democrats are canceling themselves

Madison is making Wisconsin turn red Progressive Dane’s proposed ban on the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer at Dane County Board meetings is a bigger story than the sum of its parts. Here’s why. Voters from Wausau to Walworth will … Continue reading

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Reporter wants names of CRT teachers

I have here in my hands … Thanks to the Simpson Street Free Press for hosting a Madison school board debate Thursday 03-17-22. We’ll include the link when it is posted. Must admit, was taken aback by the Wisconsin State Journal’s … Continue reading

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