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‘Equity’ is fatal;  the cure: more prisons!

‘Do progressives have an answer?’ No, because progressives are the problem. If she looked a tad less chirpy than a car hop on Happy Days, Rebecca Kleefisch might get more respect. Because she is pretty … ballsy (if you will … Continue reading

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Madison schools: quit teaching racism

Sorry we got caught Have you read a less sincere “apology” than that uttered by Madison WI public schools for its discussion groups segregated by race like some Mississippi Burning bus station? “This message did not convey our intention in … Continue reading

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Bringing a gun to a knife fight

Not so sweet 16 About that 16-year-old girl named Ma’Khia who tried to stab to death another black teenage girl in Columbus OH Tuesday 04-20-21. Ah, the good ol’ days. Philip Klein in National Review remembers how he spent his benighted … Continue reading

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Who do you blame for your white privilege?

Today’s Man on the Street question! Who do YOU blame? (Don’t have to be white to play)

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News media scolds police chief for calling it a ‘Riot’

How does one confuse Taser with Glock? According to KARE TV-11, Daunte Wright had an outstanding warrant for gross misdemeanor carrying a pistol without a permit and misdemeanor fleeing police. The shooting may have been accidental, even if stupid. In the videotape, … Continue reading

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Madison Common Council is majority minority

Got melanin? Vote for me because I am (pick one): ☑️ Black, ☑️ Hispanic, ☑️ Queer, ☑️ Transgender, ☑️ Disabled. But if you pitched your candidacy that your are 🔲 White you would be called a racist. You would, in fact, be racist. The Werkes longs … Continue reading

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