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Quit trying to help Haiti

Might benign neglect help America’s ‘underclass’? When #45 talked about “[hell]hole countries,” he had places like Haiti in mind. The poorest nation in the western hemisphere is a nightmarish dystopia. Denuded, eroded, uneducated, disease-ridden, defeated, and riven by superstition. Now … Continue reading

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Critical race theory is ammo for the war on cops

We aren’t teaching it but if we were, good for us! Progressivism is rule by expert. You’re not a scientist, so your opinions on the Covid pandemic are irrelevant. (Police will arrest you for wind surfing alone in the ocean.) … Continue reading

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Ald. Benford under-thinks policing

 More from ‘Madison’s token conservative’ (Does that make Blaska a protected class?) Madison is over-policing certain populations, according to the official progressive party line. You’ll have to take it on faith because that theorem has never been challenged — much less … Continue reading

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Madison schools are training race hustlers

Who ya gonna call? Social justice warrior or a plumber? Who is doing more to help young Marquon achieve the American dream of two cars in the garage (his own cars in his own garage, that is) and keep his … Continue reading

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Tim Scott for President

Race-baiting progressives’ worst nightmare. The hard left is scared (it rhymes with) witless of Tim Scott. Because he is a black conservative. Because he is a Republican United States senator from the birthplace of the Confederacy. Because he is an … Continue reading

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Give up your privilege, affluent White people

in the holy name of EQUITY! Although he has suspended his campaign, David Hoffert remains on the ballot for Common Council in Madison WI’s near westside Monroe-Dudgeon neighborhood. As a candidate, he was challenging incumbent Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane) for … Continue reading

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