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Tim Scott for President

Race-baiting progressives’ worst nightmare. The hard left is scared (it rhymes with) witless of Tim Scott. Because he is a black conservative. Because he is a Republican United States senator from the birthplace of the Confederacy. Because he is an … Continue reading

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Give up your privilege, affluent White people

in the holy name of EQUITY! Although he has suspended his campaign, David Hoffert remains on the ballot for Common Council in Madison WI’s near westside Monroe-Dudgeon neighborhood. As a candidate, he was challenging incumbent Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane) for … Continue reading

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Will ‘hard Left’ prevail in Madison elections?

Former mayor Cieslewicz worries. Dave Cieslewicz, former mayor of Madison WI, told the head groundskeeper here at the Werkes that he did not think he could get elected alder in his aldermanic district. That would be the Regent/Monroe Street-centered 13th, … Continue reading

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RedMadison Socialists endorse Kemble

and Skidmore’s opponent This just in! Socialists at RedMadison endorse Rebecca Kemble in Madison’s District 18 and Ald. Paul Skidmore’s opponent Nikki Conklin in District 9! “Asked if she considers herself a Democratic Socialist, Kemble explains that she identifies more … Continue reading

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We endorse Nada to succeed Fred Risser

Wisconsin Democrats deserve her.  Black smoke from burning bicycle tires indicates that the board of directors of Blaska Policy Werkes, cloistered this past week in an upper room, have chosen their candidate. The Werkes endorses Nada Elmikashfi for State Senator … Continue reading

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Marx/Lenin inspired America’s race wars

“The captive mind and America’s re-segregation.” An excerpt from the Wall Street Journal essay written by Andrew A. Michta, dean at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.   Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, nationwide protests, … Continue reading

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