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‘Our schools are products of white supremacy’

Madison schools’ descent into critical race theory about to get worse! The Head Groundskeeper voted like a Democrat Tuesday — early and absentee — at Meadowridge Library on Raymond Road. But only once. Good thing about early voting is it … Continue reading

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The progressive project: repeal the Constitution

and abolish the Supreme Court! The real danger to our democratic republic comes not so much from ragtag Proud Boys or tiki torchers as from the education and law schools of our more prestigious universities, where progressive government policy is … Continue reading

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Democrats not responsible for their failures?

Progressive editor blames stupid voters! Paul Fanlund should get out more — like out of the Madison bubble. Put on your anthropologist’s pith helmet, travel up to Bonduel, say, buy a round at the local tavern, then shut up and … Continue reading

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Coming to a car dealership near you

A progressive temper tantrum.  White House press secretary Jen Psaki is not the only one hacking up a fur ball this morning over Joe Manchin’s apostasy. (The Dispatch reports Manchin refused to take a call from the White House after … Continue reading

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Karen, don’t have a cow!

Rap my knuckles, will you! Early in the 2020 presidential campaign, Madison progressives had a schoolyard crush on Elizabeth Warren. Appeared with Tammy Baldwin here in town at one of Lindsay Lee’s coffee shops.  The rest of the country? Meh. … Continue reading

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What if Pete Buttigieg had been elected President?

Mind if we take our leave? Like we used to do in the 1950s for Sky King and Mighty Mouse, the indentured servants here at Stately Blaska Manor lay belly down on the threadbare carpet to watch Tucker Carlson on … Continue reading

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