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We endorse Nada to succeed Fred Risser

Wisconsin Democrats deserve her.  Black smoke from burning bicycle tires indicates that the board of directors of Blaska Policy Werkes, cloistered this past week in an upper room, have chosen their candidate. The Werkes endorses Nada Elmikashfi for State Senator … Continue reading

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Marx/Lenin inspired America’s race wars

“The captive mind and America’s re-segregation.” An excerpt from the Wall Street Journal essay written by Andrew A. Michta, dean at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.   Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, nationwide protests, … Continue reading

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WI legislature to get its own ‘Squad’

Immigrant from slave-trading Sudan protests America The Wisconsin legislature may soon have its own “Squad.” It will be a Squad of One — a combination of A.O.C., Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib — but just as angry. Won’t that … Continue reading

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‘They’re in front of my house’ 

says another victim of Madison’s race warriors. They know where you live Sometime during the dark of night (June 4-5) the race warriors  “visited” the private home of Gloria Reyes, president of the Madison WI school board. They’re the same ones who have … Continue reading

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British liberal reaction mirrors American Left

The Babylon Bee reports, you decide: How veddy, veddy Deplorable! The indispensable Titania McGrath — a conservative pranking the left — reports from the United Kingdom in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s beat-down of Labour: ‘Not one shred of humanity’ (!!!) … Continue reading

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Impeachment: now more than a T-shirt under the holiday tree

Believe them, they don’t take it lightly Just in time for the holiday formerly known as “Christmas,” the democratic socialist Rashada Tlaib is selling T-shirts that commemorate her major claim to fame. On the first day of the new Congress … Continue reading

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