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Speaking of snow flakes …

No micro-aggression too trivial! We forget name of the philosopher who updated the biblical injunction: “Wherever two or three feminists gather, there shall be a TV crew in their midst.” Cry Racism and get the same 15 minutes of sacred … Continue reading

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Getting it right on crime and schooling

And toxic burn pits! Are even Democrats awaking from Wokeness? Eight months is an eternity in politics. Joe Biden may yet change Democrats’ prospects in November’s mid-term elections but — like asking how many psychiatrists does it take to change a … Continue reading

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Democrats not responsible for their failures?

Progressive editor blames stupid voters! Paul Fanlund should get out more — like out of the Madison bubble. Put on your anthropologist’s pith helmet, travel up to Bonduel, say, buy a round at the local tavern, then shut up and … Continue reading

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The court of identity politics is in session

The case for Kamala! In the last thrilling episode of the Werkes, the head groundskeeper lamented that Americans are now judged by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character. It’s enough to make one identify … Continue reading

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Do American elections need UN observers?

Someone hacked this blogge! Who says bi-partisanship is dead? America has now achieved bi-partisan agreement that our elections are as crooked as one of those carrots in the TV drug commercials for Peyronie’s disease. (Poor Peyronie, we knew him well.) As … Continue reading

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We’re too testy to start testing

Your Werkes booster blogge! To combat the Omicron variant, President Joe Biden is going to make 500 million at-home COVID-19 test kits available for free starting next month. In the rapidly evaporating spirt of Christmas just past, you can have … Continue reading

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