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Democrats are Trumping the news cycle

with The Donald’s help, of course! We didn’t watch Joe Biden at Independence Hall last night either. The b&w Philco at Stately Blaska Manor was tuned to My Mother the Car. (That Jerry Van Dyke!) But Georgia-based conservative columnist Erick-Woods Erickson … Continue reading

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It’s never enough for progressives

Until everything is free and we all go broke! One of these days the Head Groundskeeper will spot a likely progressive, a Trotsky look-alike walking along Madison’s Monroe Street — all masked up for Covid in the great outdoors — … Continue reading

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Republicans owe debt of gratitude to Biden’s forgiveness

Of college debt! Engraved over the wrought-iron archway entering the campus of Blaska Policy Werkes is this precept of politics: “It is better to be lucky than good.” Beats the motto at Faber College: “Knowledge is Good.” The stuff is … Continue reading

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Uncle Joe signs big bill into law

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Speaking of snow flakes …

No micro-aggression too trivial! We forget name of the philosopher who updated the biblical injunction: “Wherever two or three feminists gather, there shall be a TV crew in their midst.” Cry Racism and get the same 15 minutes of sacred … Continue reading

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Getting it right on crime and schooling

And toxic burn pits! Are even Democrats awaking from Wokeness? Eight months is an eternity in politics. Joe Biden may yet change Democrats’ prospects in November’s mid-term elections but — like asking how many psychiatrists does it take to change a … Continue reading

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