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We can blow this on-side kick if we try!

Is Brandon Bostick a free agent?  What is that infernal shouting we’re hearing on the Stately Manor’s monaural, b&w Philco? Looks like some old guy shaking his fist at the clouds. Dammit! It’s Joe Biden! He’s following through on his … Continue reading

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Experts say: Biden is not suffering from senile dementia

But the rest of America is suffering from his! The Head Groundskeeper learned how to slant a news story at Dane County’s progressive newspaper. But that was in his youth, when his mind was still plastic enough to learn new … Continue reading

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Biden student loan forgiveness challenged again

This one based on taxpayer standing. The WI Institute for Law & Liberty is filing a lawsuit today against the Biden administration over student loan forgiveness. This suit is the first (and potentially only) lawsuit challenging the program based on … Continue reading

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Democrats are Trumping the news cycle

with The Donald’s help, of course! We didn’t watch Joe Biden at Independence Hall last night either. The b&w Philco at Stately Blaska Manor was tuned to My Mother the Car. (That Jerry Van Dyke!) But Georgia-based conservative columnist Erick-Woods Erickson … Continue reading

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It’s never enough for progressives

Until everything is free and we all go broke! One of these days the Head Groundskeeper will spot a likely progressive, a Trotsky look-alike walking along Madison’s Monroe Street — all masked up for Covid in the great outdoors — … Continue reading

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Republicans owe debt of gratitude to Biden’s forgiveness

Of college debt! Engraved over the wrought-iron archway entering the campus of Blaska Policy Werkes is this precept of politics: “It is better to be lucky than good.” Beats the motto at Faber College: “Knowledge is Good.” The stuff is … Continue reading

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