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Paul Fanlund won’t jump through any hoops

for some write-in candidates, for others it’s: c’mon down! It’s their party and The Capital Times can freeze out Blaska from its school board candidate debate next Tuesday 03-15-22 if it wants. But what a difference three years can make! … Continue reading

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Democrats not responsible for their failures?

Progressive editor blames stupid voters! Paul Fanlund should get out more — like out of the Madison bubble. Put on your anthropologist’s pith helmet, travel up to Bonduel, say, buy a round at the local tavern, then shut up and … Continue reading

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Summit on cops in schools?

Only if the National Guard is posted! The Capital Times is trying to dig out from its disastrous demand that Madison’s public high schools evict school resource police officers. Editor Paul Fanlund kickstarts the back pedaling by riding former police … Continue reading

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Rebecca Blank is the chancellor of cancel culture

She winnows but does not sift. We bear no ill will toward Northwestern University, the only private institution among the 14 schools of higher education that comprise the Big Ten athletic conference. (We were told there would be no math.) … Continue reading

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Dissenters will be ostracized

The politics of guilt It is the equivalent of the perpetual motion machine. Your opposition to Critical Race Theory is proof of your implicit racism. So says the editor of The Capital Times, which wears whatever fashion progressivism dictates this … Continue reading

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No more Mr. Nice Guy, progressives vow

Could have fooled us! We inquired of the editor and publisher of The Capital Times whether he personally knew any Republicans. Had ever conversed with a conservative? Hobnobbed with a Deplorable? Paul Fanlund has not responded. Do Not Disturb the man’s … Continue reading

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