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Dissenters will be ostracized

The politics of guilt It is the equivalent of the perpetual motion machine. Your opposition to Critical Race Theory is proof of your implicit racism. So says the editor of The Capital Times, which wears whatever fashion progressivism dictates this … Continue reading

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No more Mr. Nice Guy, progressives vow

Could have fooled us! We inquired of the editor and publisher of The Capital Times whether he personally knew any Republicans. Had ever conversed with a conservative? Hobnobbed with a Deplorable? Paul Fanlund has not responded. Do Not Disturb the man’s … Continue reading

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Boot lickers of the world, unite!

You have nothing to lose but your livelihoods To Paul Fanlund, editor and publisher The Capital Times “Dane County’s Progressive Voice” Regarding your latest editorial column: “Why many rich people keep a Faustian bargain with the GOP.”  You lost me … Continue reading

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The partisan attack on Ron Johnson

… resorts to the Kavanaugh smear Blaska Policy Werkes likes its political debate robust and plain-spoken. Nuance is for girlie men. We do give the other side their say — free speech is like that tree in the forest, without … Continue reading

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Liberal Madison congratulates itself for good intentions

The sweetest sound you’ll ever hear: David Blaska was right! The news media loves to imagine itself as the afflicter of the comfortable,  David with his slingshot v. Goliath. “J’accuse!” in 96-point bodoni bold type. Edward R. Murrow starring down … Continue reading

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White woman skips town after inflicting an ‘inflection point’

It’s been a ‘privilege,’ Jen We understand creative destruction here at the Policy Werkes. It is why we have Netflix instead of Blockbuster. But “creative” does not describe the destruction Jennifer Cheatham has wrought on Madison’s public schools.  Even Capital … Continue reading

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