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Criminal defendants jumping bail like rabbits in the pasture

The New York Times is worried: “Wisconsin suspect’s previous release may hinder efforts to overhaul bail.” We say: About time! Milwaukee’s Democrat(ic) district attorney releases Darrell Brooks to the streets of Waukesha on paltry $1,000 bail despite a 22-year history … Continue reading

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Freedom Inc. blames police for East high school brawls

They got ‘a smart mouth!’ Few have done as much harm to kids of color that the local BLM affiliate, Freedom Inc. Not George Corley Wallace, not Bull Connors, or all the tiki torch toters in Charlottesville. It was Freedom … Continue reading

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Democrats: ‘Too woke, too extreme’

Do Not Resuscitate! Four factors will make Tony Evers a one-term governor next November: 1) Woke public schools — in particular, their capitulation to critical race theory, transgenderism, chaos in the classroom, and dumbed down academics in the name of … Continue reading

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Madison encourages more Kyle Rittenhouses

Consultant wants Madison police to be even less visible! Once again, Madison WI reaffirms its belief that police are the problem. And we wonder why the city is roiled by civil disorder, shootings, car thefts, and school brawls!  This time, … Continue reading

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Madison school board doesn’t want real diversity

Our students are victims of CRT When you’re elected to office and been proven wrong — disastrously wrong — you form a committee. Like the insurance TV commercial says, it’s what you do. Madison’s school board is furiously tap dancing because … Continue reading

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Progressives: we’ve lost the working class

The Werkes fights Biden’s inflation! We’re holding the line on subscription fees! (Except for platinum subscribers; them, we soak!) The first step to recovery is recognizing the problem. Progressives are groggy from their off-year election shellacking. They know they’re in … Continue reading

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