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Madison’s war on police on tonight’s agenda

It’s all over but the shouting. The Madison Common Council is poised tonight (01-21-2020) to endorse the 180-page (!!!) report of its Police Policy & Procedure Review ad hoc committee. (The Council agenda here.) That committee began picking nits three-plus … Continue reading

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Madison teachers say ‘society is murdering black & brown people’

Your Madison public school teachers in action! You may not learn to read at Madison schools but they’ll teach identity politics! Virtue-signaling 101 From the Madison Teachers Inc. website: We are a group of educators planning a Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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No safe space for reformers at a Madison middle school?

“Teachers are very very afraid.” — former teacher* Parents are mobilizing for a showdown at Madison’s Jefferson middle school, which they describe as ruled by virtue-signaling administrators and out-of-control students. The flash point was on December 3 when a 13-year-old boy shot … Continue reading

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Hollywood smugness gets its comeuppance

Was Robert deNiro amused? And the winner for Courage in the Face of Liberal Arrogance award goes to … All hail Ricky Gervais! The British comedian did what the American Left only prattles about but never practices: he afflicted the … Continue reading

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Brenda Konkel demands: Stop reporting crime news!

Marginalize the police, cover up crime reports, pretend your Leftist politics aren’t to blame Yeah, that’s the ticket! When late-19th Century muckraking cartoonist Thomas Nast exposed the crooked dealings of the Tammany Hall machine, Boss Tweed cried, “Stop them damn … Continue reading

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British liberal reaction mirrors American Left

The Babylon Bee reports, you decide: How veddy, veddy Deplorable! The indispensable Titania McGrath — a conservative pranking the left — reports from the United Kingdom in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s beat-down of Labour: ‘Not one shred of humanity’ (!!!) … Continue reading

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