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The neo-Marxist racism of social justice warriors

‘will destroy our country’ “We are living in a country whose elites are teaching us to see each other primarily on the basis of race, and to hate each other for it.” So writes Rod Dreher in the American Conservative. Dreher’s … Continue reading

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Don’t rush to judgment! He’s a progressive!

He may be a lech but he’s our lech! This is rich! The super-woke progressives at The Nation are decrying the rush to judgment every time a woman claims sexual harassment. “We cannot flourish as a society if a single … Continue reading

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Who will be the first Democrat to back the badge?

 The progressive death wish UPDATE 05-03-21: MPD Captain Jennifer Krueger Favour tells the Werkes that the 34 (not 35) authorized police academy positions were down to 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic, that 18 were hired, and that next year’s … Continue reading

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Tim Scott for President

Race-baiting progressives’ worst nightmare. The hard left is scared (it rhymes with) witless of Tim Scott. Because he is a black conservative. Because he is a Republican United States senator from the birthplace of the Confederacy. Because he is an … Continue reading

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CDC says we can breathe a little

Who was that masked progressive? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is taking its knee off America’s collective neck a notch or two (Blaska, you insensitive bastard!) by allowing the citizenry to “participate in outdoor activities and recreation without a … Continue reading

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A new local political party is gestating

Madison’s ‘hard left’ is not progressive! Is Madison WI ready for another local political party to counter Progressive Dane? The gray labcoats here at the Werekes say yes, not that anyone talking about such a party would want Blaska for … Continue reading

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