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Anarchists strike back!

They’re trying to organize our UW-Madison grad students! Remember how revolutionaries took over capitol hill in Seattle during the George Floyd/Jacob Blake hot summer of 2020? Declared a police-free zone of six blocks? Demanded that the police budget be cut … Continue reading

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Fast-tracking racial paranoia

That’s what progressive DEI hustlers are doing! A great many Madison liberals got off the Woke crazy train when the University of Wisconsin-Madison loaded up that 42-ton glacial rock because it was accused of racism. Now that Old Fighting Bob … Continue reading

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Cuppa joe to go

and hold the outrage! Like don Vito Corleone told Virgil Solozzo: “It doesn’t make any difference to me what a man does for a living, understand. But your business is, ah — a little dangerous.”  It’s always possible that your … Continue reading

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New Chicago mayor blames ‘No opportunities’ for youth riots

Have they tried socialism? From National Review: After hundreds of teenagers and young adults descended on the Loop in downtown Chicago over the weekend, destroying cars and brawling in the streets, mayor-elect Brandon Johnson cautioned against “demonizing” the vandals. It … Continue reading

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What could go wrong?

Democrats’ choice of Chicago makes progressive sense! We always regretted not taking up a friend’s entreaty that we drive on down to Chicago that summer of 1968 to see a little history and (as it turned out) swallow some pepper … Continue reading

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Crime and schools are on the city ballot

More so in Chicago than in Madison, unfortunately. Election central is up and running here at the Policy Werkes. A bottomless pot of Maxwell House percolates on the Monarch kitchen range, rabbit ears on the b&w Philco are perked up … Continue reading

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