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Ald. Benford is not reconciled to the truth

Climbing the Tower of Babel  A follow-up to “Guilt-ridden Madison …”: Madison’s Equal Opportunities Commission Thursday evening 01-13-22 postponed acting on Ald. Brian Benford’s “Truth and Reconciliation process” — a thinly veiling trojan horse for reparations. His proposed ordinance is so … Continue reading

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Guilt-ridden Madison explores reparations

Name your ‘historic wrong’ for cash and prizes! Woke progressivism, like rust, never sleeps. Madison city government now wants to invite “BIPOC” people to kvetch about how Madison was mean to them. The city’s Equal Opportunities Commission, trying to justify … Continue reading

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Dithering on public safety for 16+ years

Bite the bullet! What’s the point of having your own blogge if you can’t settle a few scores. It’s my party and I’ll whine if I want to. Blaska left the Dane County Board in 2006 (at the invitation of … Continue reading

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San Francisco mayor quits Woke progressivism cold turkey

Time to get tough ‘on all the bulls**t that has destroyed our city.’ After defunding police by $120 million last year, and the resultant pooping and smash and grabbing, the mayor of San Francisco has come to Jesus. “It’s time … Continue reading

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The biggest F*** U in history

Will that 2016 prediction be repeated? The former Democrat(ic) governor of Montana — a state Donald Trump won with 57% of the vote in 2020 — is warning readers of the New York Times that they are electing Republicans. After eight years as … Continue reading

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When are progressives going to ‘police their own communities’?

Maybe when pigs fly? Campaigning to defund police, derail the jail, get cops out of schools, and reimagine public safety, the Woke folk hereabouts contend that they could better police their own communities. They can start any time as far … Continue reading

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