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At least they’re not the Cleveland Progressives!

Sock-a-lexit to me! One of my journalism professors so long ago at UW-Oshkosh was a Korean-born man named Holim Kim. He was intrigued when I answered that my European nationality was German-Bohemian. That seemed to fit my hippy appearance in … Continue reading

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Community organizers make early-morning house calls

Coming soon to your neighborhood The beneficiaries of Madison progressives’ War On Cops were doing some outreach work in Orchard Ridge early this morning. The police report: At 2:23 am 07-22-21, Madison Police were dispatched to a residence in the … Continue reading

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A Federalist Society for teachers!

And more choices for school board! At least our progressive … acquaintances recognize the toxicity of critical race theory because they deny teaching it (but if they did it would be O.K.) When you fire a white “positive behavior coach” … Continue reading

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Quit trying to help Haiti

Might benign neglect help America’s ‘underclass’? When #45 talked about “[hell]hole countries,” he had places like Haiti in mind. The poorest nation in the western hemisphere is a nightmarish dystopia. Denuded, eroded, uneducated, disease-ridden, defeated, and riven by superstition. Now … Continue reading

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Critical race theory is ammo for the war on cops

We aren’t teaching it but if we were, good for us! Progressivism is rule by expert. You’re not a scientist, so your opinions on the Covid pandemic are irrelevant. (Police will arrest you for wind surfing alone in the ocean.) … Continue reading

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Police body cameras barely survive test vote

Socialists and Progressives vote against Police body-worn cameras survived a test vote Tuesday 07-06-21 —  barely! The Madison Common Council voted 10-9 against an amendment expressing the Council’s opposition to that police reform measure. The Police Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review … Continue reading

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