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Cancel culture claims Madison alder

No apology will suffice! Madison’s cancel culture has done it again. They’ve forced out a politically moderate alder — not by persuasion but by their usual methodology: harassment and intimidation. Ald. Gary Halverson from the far NE side is quitting … Continue reading

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It’s never enough for progressives

Until everything is free and we all go broke! One of these days the Head Groundskeeper will spot a likely progressive, a Trotsky look-alike walking along Madison’s Monroe Street — all masked up for Covid in the great outdoors — … Continue reading

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The progressive project: repeal the Constitution

and abolish the Supreme Court! The real danger to our democratic republic comes not so much from ragtag Proud Boys or tiki torchers as from the education and law schools of our more prestigious universities, where progressive government policy is … Continue reading

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Progressives are ‘high-IQ stupid people’

They just don’t listen! Madison WI is always a few years behind the West Coast but we hereby declare the Progressive wave to have crested; it is finiti, kaputt, deader than Vladimir Putin’s soul. In the Wake of Tuesday’s 06-07-22 … Continue reading

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Madison council president picks anti-cop leadership

All voted against police body cameras. New Madison Common Council president Keith Furman put the wood to moderate alders. He and council vice president Jael Currie — also a leftist — picked the five most radical left alders to serve … Continue reading

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Tom Nelson is no centrist!

His supporters are done asking nicely! In yesterday’s installment, the Werkes built on a certain former mayor’s injunction that Democrats who want to avoid electoral Armageddon (outta here!) should not repeat the clanging Leftist claptrap they hear on PBS radio. … Continue reading

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