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The latest Democrat(ic) hoax: voter repression

Ramming speed! Since the demise of Build Back Better, our Progressive … acquaintances have moved past Doomsday for the Planet. Like weirdos on street corners, they now predict The End of Democracy As We Know It! Republicans are going to … Continue reading

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Judge Dredd, Meet the parents!

As parental advice, it’s up there with Ma Barker. “You have to learn not to get caught,” the mother of the Michigan school shooter advised. What is chilling is that as school counsellors met with the 15-year-old sophomore and his … Continue reading

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Who shot and killed Lady Justice?

It wasn’t Liberty Valance! We love the work of Wisconsin State Journal cartoonist Phil Hands. But his editorial pen leaked ink today. He depicts Lady Justice shot dead by Kyle Rittenhouse — “in self defense.” But Lady Justice did not … Continue reading

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Self-defense is legal in Wisconsin

Tony Evers mourns Kyle’s assailants! Kenosha will be calm tonight precisely because Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted this morning in Kenosha WI. Defense attorney Mark Richards told the news media, “The people who want to cause trouble don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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Democrats: ‘Too woke, too extreme’

Do Not Resuscitate! Four factors will make Tony Evers a one-term governor next November: 1) Woke public schools — in particular, their capitulation to critical race theory, transgenderism, chaos in the classroom, and dumbed down academics in the name of … Continue reading

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Got riots! Shut them down, fast!

Even Tony Evers is wising up! Forget that Ivy League nonsense recommending Madison police fade into the woodwork during the next “mostly peaceful protest.” (See: “Madison encourages more Rittenhouses.“) Even Wisconsin’s one-term governor can learn from his mistakes. We turn … Continue reading

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