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Barr: Tony Evers dithered during the Kenosha insurrection

Bill Barr is nobody’s fool!  Bill Barr has always called them like he sees them. The former attorney general didn’t mind pissing off progressives by criticizing the politically selective Mueller investigation. That’s just one example. Now he’s getting strange new … Continue reading

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San Francisco was a wake-up call for the Woke folk

The canary in the coal mine just keeled over! The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. Was the shocking failure to do so in Uvalde TX fallout from the nation’s war on cops? The Federalist poses this unique … Continue reading

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The Republican swamp is getting crowded

Who ya’ calling a weasel? Virtually every Republican on the ballot is running against Washington or, if they’re a candidate for state office here in Wisconsin, they’re running against Madison. Which is shorthand for running against the Establishment. Superseding MAGA, the new … Continue reading

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Taking the cure (or curse?) at Mar-a-Lago

The (mixed] blessing! Is Mar-a-Lago the Santiago de Compostela of Republicans? Make the journey, fondle the bones, get the blessing? Returning from a pilgrimage to that principality, Tommy Thompson tells the Werkes that the former President anointed him as the … Continue reading

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Pissed-off Americans meet in Madison

No pouty faces! Just returned from the Republican Second Congressional District caucus here in Madison this morning. Kevin Nicholson gave one of the worst speeches since Jimmy Carter wore the wool cardigan and told his TV audience to burn their … Continue reading

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Democrats not responsible for their failures?

Progressive editor blames stupid voters! Paul Fanlund should get out more — like out of the Madison bubble. Put on your anthropologist’s pith helmet, travel up to Bonduel, say, buy a round at the local tavern, then shut up and … Continue reading

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