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Where was Waldo?

Democrats choose partisan politics over healing Kenosha BREAKING NEWS: Biden to visit Kenosha on Thursday Is Uncle Joe ‘exploiting’ Kenosha? or is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? KENOSHA — The day after President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Democratic challenger Joe Biden … Continue reading

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Team Evers freezes the night Madison burns

They’re pulling down statues. “Why hasn’t Capitol Police intervened?’ Matt Kittle at Empower Wisconsin assesses communications between Democrat(ic) WI Gov. Tony Evers and Madison Mayor Satya’s staff (Progressive Dane) the night of June 23-24 when all hell broke loose on … Continue reading

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Blaska may be safer at home but he is happier on the road

Wisconsin’s Wild (South)West is wonderful — and not a bit frightening! “We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man!” — Peter Fonda The head groundskeeper at the Policy Werkes made good his pledge to enjoy God’s … Continue reading

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Wisconsin is the Wild West! Yippee yi-yo ki-yay!

This Blogge builds antibodies that fight progressivism Memo to Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, and Tony Evers: Take your own sweet time in coming up with a statewide plan. The counties will figure it out for themselves or, more exactly, the people … Continue reading

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Why won’t mayor Satya share the pain?

Where is the empathy? Congressman Mark Pocan did not use the word “Deplorables” to describe those who protested the statewide coronavirus lock-down 04-24-2020 at the WI State Capitol. His condescension was palpable enough without it. The farmers, tavern keepers, and … Continue reading

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Republicans are pro-education

Contrary to partisan Democrat(ic) claims Statement of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: Assembly Republicans are proud of our record on education. In the last four years, Republicans have increased state aid by 15%, increasing per student funding by nearly $1,000. … Continue reading

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