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Biden, Booker, Bernie, Beto, Kamala et al: ‘Vote for Trump’

They’re making Hillary look good We said last time that Democrats’ time may be up (Joe Biden, Joe Biden) sooner than they think. The Democrats’ presidential debates Wednesday and Thursday (06-26/27-2019) constituted an audition for that new talent contest show, … Continue reading

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Hey Democrats, your time may be up sooner than you think

How much more ‘free stuff’ before we become Venezuela? The thousand clowns are making even Donald Trump look good

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Please smell my hair

Is it me, or is the Joe Biden scandal rather touching?  If your irascible Squire may paraphrase the New Testament, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of needle than for the average Joe (Biden) to … Continue reading

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‘Obama was just too good for us’

We were not worthy; so we replaced him with a rascal Is the worm turning?  • Talks with North Korea are back on. • The job market is the best in 18 years. Wages are up. • Even some Democratic … Continue reading

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