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With no direction home, like a rolling stone

Our biggest problem with Joe Biden is that he has no True North. No core. What, if anything, does the man stand for? Except for election! Joe Biden was for nation building before he was against it. Yahoo News recounts: “The … Continue reading

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Snatching defeat from victory

America is cowering in place Finally paid off the family sedan. Took forever. Paid way too much. Too many costly repairs. Now that we own it free and clear we’re leaving it at the curb for whatever lawless, illiterate punks … Continue reading

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Did most Americans really want out of Afghanistan?

Depends on the question. There is a Victorian street’s worth of gas lighting about getting out of Afghanistan. Biden’s hands were tied by Trump, even though the Democrat revoked scores of his predecessor’s decisions. Trump wanted out but would have … Continue reading

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More helicopters on the embassy roof  Video shows Afghans clinging to outside of US military plane as it takes off.  LBJ knew he had lost Vietnam when he lost Walter Cronkite. Joe Biden has lost “his base” in the liberal … Continue reading

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Pain at the gas pump? Time to ‘think differently about inflation’!

Bias in the news media, another in a series The news media is nothing if not clever. One of its tricks is to wrap its  political biases in the guise of an objective report. The chosen expert, of course, is … Continue reading

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Crime is killing Democrats and they know it

Who ya’ gonna believe: James Carville or your lyin’ eyes? It’s variously been attributed to Lenin, Goebbels, and Saul Alinsky. Maybe they all said it: ‘Accuse the other side of that for which you are guilty.’ Add Clinton-whisperer James Carville … Continue reading

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