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Tony Evers gets softened up

Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum, the Roman philosopher advised. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The philosopher of Stately Blaska Manor amends that advice: “If you want peace, put plenty of law enforcement boots on the ground.” We’ve said before, … Continue reading

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No Republicans in Middleton parade?

Not a good neighborhood for challengers! UPDATE 9:02 a.m.. today 08-23-22: No ‘politicians’ elected or not!: “For decades, the Good Neighbor Festival’s policy has been to welcome elected officials who currently serve Middleton to participate in the annual community parade … Continue reading

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We’re going to blow this yet!

Do not take Dane County for granted!  The Republican primary election is nine days in the rear-view window, but Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch have yet to sit down for their unity breakfast. Sad to say, there remain enough hard … Continue reading

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You are SO fired!

Robin Vos is the boss! One of Tommy Thompson’s former staff members relates how the governor backed him into a wardrobe closet at an event that had gone wrong and growled, “You are so fired!” Tommy fired and rehired the … Continue reading

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‘Trump-backed’ candidate wins … for now

Becky did not claim election fraud! We are bereft that Rebecca Kleefish lost. A peppier, scrappier campaigner you will not find. Becky must have hugged a thousand voters personally. Campaigning hard to be the first female governor of Wisconsin, a … Continue reading

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Today’s primary elections results PREDICTED!

We think it’s Becky. The gray labcoats here at the Policy Werkes ripped the tarp off Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. After a good power-washing using Duz detergent soap, Sparky shorted out. Replaced the ceramic fuse with a Lincoln … Continue reading

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