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Madison is electing Republicans

The city spooks the rest of the state A homeowner here on the west side of Madison WI is one up on his fellow progressives. Not content with the usual yard sign, a home in the affluent Greentree neighborhood lights up … Continue reading

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Stay thirsty, my Republican friends

The most interesting man in WI politics Republicans just picked up another congressional seat in Wisconsin on their way to taking the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi next year. (The GOP need only flip 5 out of 435.) That would … Continue reading

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Republicans can’t move on until they settle up

“There was an attack carried out on January 6 and a hit man sent them.” — Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn 07-27-21  Like all good Republicans, the indentured servants at Stately Blaska Manor watch Fox News. No one else but … Continue reading

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A kinder, gentler Republican party?

A most decent man is Senator Ron Johnson Just returned from the Wisconsin Republican Convention in Wisconsin Dells today 06-26-21. Some quick thoughts: Blown away by Sen. Ron Johnson again this fine Saturday in June. His talk was more Saturday sermon … Continue reading

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Defeating and defunding progressive cop-haters

NYC turns its back on progressives If the Werkes has its way, the word “progressive” will become as pejorative as “liberal,” or (let’s go for it!) “thug.” Because progressivism is a leading cause of death — especially fatal to minorities.  … Continue reading

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Madison schools are training race hustlers

Who ya gonna call? Social justice warrior or a plumber? Who is doing more to help young Marquon achieve the American dream of two cars in the garage (his own cars in his own garage, that is) and keep his … Continue reading

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