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Turtle beats hare in US Senate

We like our politics 100-proof and unfiltered! You may have suspected that the head groundskeeper at the Stately Manor is off his meds, as punch drunk as Pee Wee Herman on an all-night toot on the Vegas Strip. Now you … Continue reading

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A good read for insurrection day

This blogge is enjoying a nice uptick in traffic. Time to spend a little capital. If we had one New Year’s wish/fantasy it would be for Ron Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, and Robin Vos to go on Sean Hannity and the … Continue reading

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Would Donald Trump accept Joe Manchin?

Would the senator rather switch AND fight? Question of the day for the Werkes advisory (and unpaid) peanut gallery: should Joe Manchin switch parties? Come over to the dark side? Join the Republican party? Wouldn’t be the first. The last U.S. … Continue reading

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The biggest F*** U in history

Will that 2016 prediction be repeated? The former Democrat(ic) governor of Montana — a state Donald Trump won with 57% of the vote in 2020 — is warning readers of the New York Times that they are electing Republicans. After eight years as … Continue reading

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If Republicans are tearing country apart …

… why are their poll numbers so high? Madison WI being a polity of political bubble boys, it is possible that the editor emeritus of The Capital Times has not spoken to an actual, knuckle-dragging conservative in almost three years. … Continue reading

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Rebecca Kleefisch wants R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Just a little bit! There’s a blues singer who begged, “Don’t do me like that.” It was either Tom Petty or louche lounge singer Tony Clifton. Maybe both. Rebecca Kleefisch should be singing that lament today after Sore Loser Man called … Continue reading

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