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It is snowing ‘here’

and it is beautiful! The grounds of the Stately Manor this Saturday afternoon are a snow globe, lightly shaken. A Grandma Moses painting come to life. The falling snow blankets the blue spruce and dwarf white pine while, inside, the … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here, folks

Pay no attention to that man in a clown suit! Platinum+ subscriber status is hereby awarded to anyone who plowed through the three-part series on Republican in-fighting. (In lieu of refunds.) Turns out Dane County conservatives are not the only … Continue reading

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End the Republican bloodbath! #3

‘Victory has a thousand fathers; defeat is an orphan.’ — JFK We CAN do better! Republicans run into a buzz saw when they campaign in Dane County. Up and down the ballot, Republicans garnered only 23% of the vote in … Continue reading

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Stop the Republican bloodbath before it begins! #2

Knives out in the big blame game! The battle for leadership of Dane County’s Republican party is a microcosm of the civil war Republicans are waging nationally within itself. The attempt to purge popular chairman Scott Grabins, a citizen volunteer … Continue reading

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Let the Republican bloodbath begin! #1

Some are blaming the wrong people for Tim Michels’ defeat! Republicans are reeling from the beatdown the underwhelming Tony Evers, that Mr. Peepers of governors, administered to our candidate. Despite Tim Michels’ millions of self-funded spending and favorable political headwinds, … Continue reading

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‘If we all row together’

But if not, the debate will be vigorous, not personal. Kevin McCarthy was elected as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives on the 15th ballot late Friday night (Wisconsin time). Six holdouts voted present, thereby lowering the winning threshold … Continue reading

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