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Expecting that midnight knock at the door

From Marshall Law himself! A great schism has come to the Republican party. It may result in an equally great purge, such as the sainted Bill Buckley rid the conservative movement of anti-semites, racists, and John Birchers in the mid-1950s. Thirty … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Black education

This article by Walter Williams in the Daily Signal is dated 12-02-20, the day professor Williams died after teaching a class at George Mason University. In 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient in math. In five Baltimore … Continue reading

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The Bernie bois got burned

A victory for tear gas! America repudiates progressivism Pretty much sums it up: “Orange man gone and succeeded by a moribund cypher with an unprincipled naïf waiting for the desk in the Oval Office; opposition holds Senate and gains in House.” … Continue reading

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Dane County Republicans go big!

Erecting 14 billboards in Madison metro area. How does it go? Fool me once … Have Democrats spent down their remaining credibility? After “if you like your health plan you can keep it?” After the Russian collusion hoax? After declaring “mostly … Continue reading

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Rampant crime? Look over here: Republicans!

EEK! They’re grotesque! Lawyers will tell you that if their case is strong on the law, they pound on the law. If their case is weak on the law but strong on the facts, they pound on the facts. If … Continue reading

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U.S. Sen. Tim Scott is living proof of American opportunity

‘From cotton to Congress’ A Black man’s journey in the birthplace of the Confederacy Contrary to the Marxist dogma of BLM/Antifa and Bernie’s Progressive movement, America is a great country that is getting better. After the first night of the … Continue reading

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