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To stop the lie you must stop the liar

#45’s people believe what they want to believeno matter how preposterous! “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled” ~Mark Twain Blaska met a big friendly bear of a man, a fellow alternate delegate, at … Continue reading

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Rating the GOP presidential candidates

Their score cards so far. Hey, kids! Let’s have a little fun. Looks like the 2024 Republican presidential field is shaping up. So far, the announced (or soon-to-be) field stands at 10 — dangerously approaching 2016, when there were 17 … Continue reading

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Republicans need to quit preaching to the choir

It’s gonna be a hot one this week! Temps approaching 90° F. Pray for rain! Campaigning for Tim Michels last autumn, Blaska was entrusted with maybe a dozen yard signs and a list of willing recipients. To his distress, the … Continue reading

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Let the games begin!

A battle for the party’s soul! With Elon Musk providing the halo effect, another Florida man will announce today via Twitter (not Truth Social, not Fox!) that he is, indeed, a candidate for President of the United States (of America). … Continue reading

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We have met the enemy and he is us

No one fights Republicans like other Republicans! We Wisconsin Republicans might actually defeat a Democrat one day if we quit shooting ourselves in our stumbling feet. In-fighting among Republicans may have helped elect Tony Evers to a second term as … Continue reading

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Prove you are not a racist, job applicant

Diversity on campus? How about some intellectual diversity?! Hasn’t made the national news wire yet but should. The president of the University of Wisconsin system — that sprawling tentacle of 13 four-year and 13 more two-year campuses and outreach through … Continue reading

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