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How the Left hijacked civil rights 

To overcome racism, Black Americans always emphasized human agency and individual responsibility. Robert Woodson and Joshua Mitchell in “How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights.” Many Black leaders have lost sight of Martin Luther King Jr. altogether and are aiding and … Continue reading

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Progressive ‘idiocy’ is harming minorities

Race-based Defund the Police sabotages public order! Ross Douthat of the New York Times gets it! The Times columnist says the policies of many progressives “are sabotaging basic civic goods … deepening America’s racial inequalities even if Trumpism goes down to defeat.” Like … Continue reading

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The party of rioters is electing Trump

The Left is going to elect Donald Trump because they don’t know when to quit. The near-fatal ambush of two police officers in the overwhelmingly Black neighborhood of Compton in Los Angeles is the predictable result of the ritualistic cop … Continue reading

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Put Blaska on the police oversight board!

No one is more Diverse! Like his idol Richard Nixon, the head groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes is tanned, rested and ready. (Our phlebitis is under control.) Yes, we are jumping back into the political arena! We’re already going negative! … Continue reading

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The war on police creates more crime

Madison police captain says ‘Quit blaming the police’ Let’s fix the kids, instead Are police across America pulling back? Driving on by, windows rolled up. Shift is ending in a few minutes, anyway. Too close to retirement to risk my … Continue reading

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Madison’s self-hatred is so intense the city will eventually sue itself

 Welcome to Madison: ‘systemically racist, economically unequal, and sustained by police brutality’ This evening (09-01-2020) the Madison Common Council will address the rioting, fire-bombing, beatdowns, smashing and grabbing that has plagued Wisconsin’s capital city this long hot summer. NOT! Instead, … Continue reading

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