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A little bit of this and that on a mid-September Monday

3.0 inches of rain this morning at the Werkes! America continues to self-segregate based on politics. Trump supporters are harassed in most Madison WI neighborhoods. Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest election integrity legislation. Now good … Continue reading

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Quick! Call the mental health response team!

In broad daylight A home security app recorded this episode in the 6700 block of Hammersley Road on the west side of Madison WI 09-11-21. While a client was dropping off their dogs, their vehicle was almost jacked (stolen) it’s … Continue reading

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‘Things happen’ and another black kid gets whacked.

But — once again — not by the police. We will not speak ill of the dead. Neither will we tell fairy tales. Nicholas T. Cooke, we are told, “had a loving and large family” and “was very driven.” But Nicholas … Continue reading

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Jacob Blake is not a hero

WARNING: This blogge has a hair trigger! Count on CNN to turn low-lifes into civil rights heroes, especially if they have been shot by police who are defending the community. Actual headline: Exclusive: Jacob Blake speaks out a year later.‘I … Continue reading

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UW Madison campus becoming danger zone

‘We were relieved to get our kids out of Chicago, but …’ The University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus was never a monastery. Often enough, the carillon bells on top of Observatory Drive get drowned out on football Saturdays, Mifflin Street … Continue reading

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Is Gov. Tony Evers brain dead or just progressive?

Still bad-mouths police one yearafter Jacob Blake riots. Lest we forget, the district attorney of Kenosha County exonerated the police officer who shot Jacob Blake. Police were responding to a call from the unmarried mother of his three children that … Continue reading

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