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Dane County Board continues to spin wheels on jail

No referendum on jail consolidation! The Dane County Board voted 21 to 14 (with 2 absent) against asking voters in referendum whether to replace the near 70-year-old, Alcatraz-style county jail on the top two floors of the City-County Building in … Continue reading

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Twenty three for ’23

Blaska’s policy agenda for the new year! Jonathan Swift would call these modest proposals. Progressives will claim to be triggered and demand reparations. Totally disregarding popular demand, once again The Werkes proposes uncommon sense proposals for a prosperous new year … Continue reading

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Democrats may yet prove they can run a big city

If they get control of the streets! With the election of Karen Bass in Los Angeles, black mayors run our four largest cities. Big deal. Eventually, everyone but the New York Times will quit playing identity politics. (Actual headline: “For … Continue reading

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Crime is on the ballot

‘Where’s Nancy?‘ We are guessing that even Chesa Boudin, the soft-on-crime district attorney that San Francisco voters recalled from office — would have prosecuted the Election Denying nutcase who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband. In his home! In the middle of … Continue reading

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Who is responsible for Quantaze Campbell?

Or is crime just a high-risk occupation! A troublemaker could make a lot of Benjamins patenting a Woke Parking Lot Vigil Kit. Ready to go when a loved one is shot. Shot by whom doesn’t matter. Could be police, could … Continue reading

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Blaska paints cross on door of Stately Manor

“Every house visited [by the disease] be marked with a red cross of a foot long in the middle of the door, evident to be seen, and with these usual printed words, that is to say, “Lord, have mercy upon … Continue reading

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