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New Chicago mayor blames ‘No opportunities’ for youth riots

Have they tried socialism? From National Review: After hundreds of teenagers and young adults descended on the Loop in downtown Chicago over the weekend, destroying cars and brawling in the streets, mayor-elect Brandon Johnson cautioned against “demonizing” the vandals. It … Continue reading

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Would this cop be criminally charged

If this weren’t Madison WI? Contrary to Nancy Pelosi’s dictum that criminal defendants must prove their innocence, our legal system requires the state to prove guilt. But the might of the state is arrayed against defendants who either pay for their … Continue reading

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Crime and schools are on the city ballot

More so in Chicago than in Madison, unfortunately. Election central is up and running here at the Policy Werkes. A bottomless pot of Maxwell House percolates on the Monarch kitchen range, rabbit ears on the b&w Philco are perked up … Continue reading

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Referenda to rear-end ya

On our Spring 2023 ballot Voted early this time (and only once, so far). They call it absentee in person, which makes a kind of only-in-Madison sense. Bottom of the ballot listed what looked like college essay questions. Either that … Continue reading

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Are Democrats getting smart about crime?

Have they learned from Lori Lightfoot? How else to explain Joe Biden turning his back on the progressive movement to decriminalize crime? The President is siding with Republicans who want to nullify the City of Washington’s attempt to dumb down … Continue reading

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Lori Lightfoot is the ultimate victim

of voters unaccustomed to feeling the touch of violence! The entire liberal, progressive, Woke enterprise can be understood as an oceans-deep trawl for victims. To the original victim class, black folk, the Linnaeus classification has been enlarged to include every … Continue reading

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