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 Let’s find the root cause of progressivism

Blaska Policy Werkes is a nanoparticle, isonogenic protein-based blog proven 99 percent effective at entertaining readers in Phase III trials and 89 percent effective against critical race theorists, overly Woke progressives, and militant social justice warriors. Use only as directed. … Continue reading

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Put the meeting disrupters in jail

No more Madison insurrections! There’s an argument to be made for continuing to Zoom (verb transitive) government meetings. Keeps Freedom Inc. and its BLM allies from shutting down democracy, which is legal in Madison WI but not in Washington D.C., … Continue reading

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Crime is killing Democrats and they know it

Who ya’ gonna believe: James Carville or your lyin’ eyes? It’s variously been attributed to Lenin, Goebbels, and Saul Alinsky. Maybe they all said it: ‘Accuse the other side of that for which you are guilty.’ Add Clinton-whisperer James Carville … Continue reading

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Virtue signaling in a hail of bullets

Damn, he’s good! Cannot do better than quote former mayor Dave Cieslewicz (pronounced exactly as spelled). Also, my North Korean scriveners walked off the job today so I’ve got to poach someone else’s work. Anyhoo, Dave C. writes: Madison is … Continue reading

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Today is June 2, mask nuts

We so can breathe! June 2? Dane County/Madison Public Health says we can take off our masks two weeks from today (05-19-21)? Are you kidding  !!! Uh, unh. Blaska is done being Mr. Nice Guy (for the 415th time). Already … Continue reading

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Let the judges be judged

Conservatives can re-imagining justice, too! 31 entries on the suspect’s rap sheet since 2014!  Sometimes, even us Republicans come up with good ideas. (Something about that blind squirrel, we suppose.) Dane County Republicans Saturday 04-17-21 proposed a state constitutional amendment allowing voters to, … Continue reading

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