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Crime is on the ballot

‘Where’s Nancy?‘ We are guessing that even Chesa Boudin, the soft-on-crime district attorney that San Francisco voters recalled from office — would have prosecuted the Election Denying nutcase who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband. In his home! In the middle of … Continue reading

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Who is responsible for Quantaze Campbell?

Or is crime just a high-risk occupation! A troublemaker could make a lot of Benjamins patenting a Woke Parking Lot Vigil Kit. Ready to go when a loved one is shot. Shot by whom doesn’t matter. Could be police, could … Continue reading

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Blaska paints cross on door of Stately Manor

“Every house visited [by the disease] be marked with a red cross of a foot long in the middle of the door, evident to be seen, and with these usual printed words, that is to say, “Lord, have mercy upon … Continue reading

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Hey, flip flopper!

Time for a little Mandela Barnes-storming! Blaska breakfasted with a committed Democrat Tuesday. Another cause to suspect your irascible host! He is already under fire among Republican party purgers for once citing CNN as a source. Even so, we noticed … Continue reading

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If you worry about crime you’re guilty

of offending race-obsessed progressives! Imagine if you will (Blaska writes in his Rod Serling voice) a governor who frees convicted murderers so they can enjoy a weekend holiday from prison — a furlough. That prisoner invades a home, stabs the … Continue reading

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Democrats consort with the darnedest people!

Priorities, people! Bad enough that Sheriff Kalvin Barrett consorted with a wanted felon who, inconveniently, is pictured wearing the sheriff’s campaign T-shirt. But also pictured with pedophile John F. Brown, age 56, is Dane County Supervisor Anthony Gray. Last year, … Continue reading

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