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At Madison high schools beset by brawls, school board considers booting cops

Discipline is Lesson #1 The goal should be helping students learn, not making the numbers look good That is done by demanding high standards Police EROs L-R: Justin Creech, West; Ken Mosley, La Follette; Zulma Franco, East; Tray Turner, Memorial … Continue reading

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All the ‘red flags’ in the world didn’t stop the Florida school shooter; a teacher’s Ruger might have

The Squire of the Stately Manor first proposed that schools allow their personnel to discreetly arm themselves several years ago. Madison school board’s former president called it the most stupid idea he has ever heard or was ever likely to … Continue reading

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‘Do Something’ about school shootings? Here is that Something:

Signs do nothing but deter law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. Donald Trump, an undisciplined mind, once fatuously said he preferred heroes who had not been captured. The Squire, having been taught better manners by the Sisters of Notre Dame, prefers … Continue reading

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18 police respond to La Follette high school brawl that injured 3

The Stately Manor has managed to coax a little more information out of Madison police over the riot that occurred shortly before 10 Tuesday morning at La Follette High School. A disturbance so serious that three students were injured, 18 … Continue reading

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4 sex offenders + probation + electronic bracelets = a Madison tragedy

“Tossed her around like a rag doll” This is for all you social justice warriors whose mission in life is to Derail the Jail because … because … because? Three men convicted of sexual assault were released early on probation … Continue reading

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Let’s experiment with public safety

Do you feel like Madison is safer today than 10 years ago? Honey, I shrunk the jail What have we been saying? The Blaska Policy Werkes bucked the Derail the Jail crowd last fall to support a more humane Dane County … Continue reading

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