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Mo Cheeks forced Soglin’s hand

The candidate for local government who makes public safety an issue wins next April  What did we tell you? The Stately Manor wayback machine reported over a week ago that Paul Soglin likely would seek re-election as mayor. Only we … Continue reading

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Teen crime? Quick, more ‘services’!

Blaska will talk smack with Our Ms. Vicky McKenna on these issues  5 to 6 p.m. today (Thursday 10-18-18)  at 1310 on your AM dial. THIS JUST IN: After police chase into rural Dane County, 6 juveniles arrested this morning in … Continue reading

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Police Chief Koval: ‘the juvenile justice system is failing’

“What about accountability?” Police Chief Mike Koval asks This blog continues to hear rumblings that much of the juvenile crime wave in Dane County can be laid at the lenient feet of Juvenile Court Judge Everett Mitchell. Mitchell is on record that car … Continue reading

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13-year-old Madison banger: ‘We’re just getting started’

13-year-old cuts off his police ankle bracelet Your choice: Blame the school-to-police pipeline or the Loumos/Moffit Progressive Dane cabal ‘I thought they were going to kill me,’ says 58-year-old woman after being pummeled by punks on Odana Road. Detectives identified … Continue reading

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Whoever called the cops on Shelia Stubbs: cautious, paranoid, or just plain racist?

As Patsy Cline sang: who’s sorry now? The Lovely Lisa, doyenne of the Stately Manor, has served notice that she will have a “discussion” with your Squire this evening over a glass of wine. That’s spelled “Uh, oh!” Apparently your … Continue reading

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Today in Orchard Ridge, Madison

It’s not just Meadowood any more Taken from the NextDoor Orchard Ridge social media site: Notified police of suspicious behavior I called the police today (09-04-18) because I saw two African American young men approximately 17 to 18 years old, … Continue reading

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