The Bernie bois got burned

A victory for tear gas!

America repudiates progressivism

Pretty much sums it up: “Orange man gone and succeeded by a moribund cypher with an unprincipled naïf waiting for the desk in the Oval Office; opposition holds Senate and gains in House.” — “a The Nation magazine subscriber comment.

The big loser this week was John Nichols/Bernie Sanders/Mayor Satya-style revolutionary progressivism. America this week just said No to socialism, race and culture wars, and defunding the police.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA officer and moderate Democrat from Virginia,  … blamed the defeats on the Democratic Party’s progressive fringe. “Democrats were done in by extreme voices.”

In Miami, home to many Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants, the Republican winner exulted, “Today was a rejection of socialism and the evils of socialism and communism.”

But not the American voter’s

“The voters may have elected Mr. Biden but they left his party and its radical ideas behind.” 

There was no blue wave, and certainly no mandate for progressive change. … Which is all the more remarkable considering Democrats had nearly all of the media, Silicon Valley billionaires, and all of the leading cultural figures and institutions helping them. Even the Chamber of Commerce paid protection money. Democrats raised unheard of sums close to $100 million for some Senate races, outspending Republicans by two or three to one. They still could oust only two incumbents and lost one of their own. — Wall Street Journal editorial.

Gridlock, beautiful  gridlock

The (Marxist) Nation magazine would seem to agree: “A narrow Biden victory offers four years of gridlock — and that’s the best-case scenario. … Biden is ill-equipped to handle entrenched problems like police violence and economic inequality.” To which the denizens of Blaska’s temporary rural retreat say, “Huzzah!”

“This election’s clearest losers were Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority leader Chuck Schumer, the public faces of the unhinged left. …”

Eat a Tide pod

If Washington has been a circus these past four years, it is in substantial part due to congressional Democrats. … The Pelosi-Schumer era has been day after painful day of faux scandals, gotcha hearings, breathtaking accusations, progressive-fantasy bills and promises to dismantle longstanding institutions. It’s theater, not governance. — the essential Kimberley Strassel.

Et tu, Portland? The burning Oregon city turned down the Antifa candidate to re-elected what The Nation disparagingly calls “Tear Gas Ted.” Ha!

‘Woke goofs’

Blame America’s aspirational ladder of opportunity. “There is no real mandate for radical social change.,” notes Kevin D. Williamson, National Review.

Bernie Sanders promises a revolution, and woke goofs such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declare themselves devotees of socialism. … Barack Obama came into office talking like Fidel Castro and left with a fat Netflix deal and a new gold Rolex — that community-organizer stuff is what he did on his way from Harvard to Martha’s Vineyard, his off-the-rack-suit years. Why on earth would he want to overthrow the social order when he was on his way to climbing to the top of it?

Today’s Bottom Line goes to Madison’s own Dave Cieslewicz: “Moderate liberals will point to Republican attacks on socialism and civil unrest that seemed to have gained traction. My own view is that the party needs to find a way to reconnect with blue collar voters.” Ya think?

Question for the peanut gallery:
Did Tony Evers campaign for a single WI Democrat?

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  1. richard lesiak says:

    A great Knight from the East and an auburn haired princess from the West united and rode across a great nation. Doing battle each day against the forces of evil. Finally; in the fall of year 2020, they met the Dark Leader for the final battle. The fighting raged for days. Some states fell, but they were victorious. Let it be written and passed down to your children and grand children.


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