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All the news that’s fit to spin

“Most Americans have lost confidence in the media to deliver the news objectively,” said the Knight Foundation chief program officer. “This is corrosive for our democracy.” Half (49%) of all Americans think the media is very biased. — an 08-04-2020 … Continue reading

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Progs change tune on election delay

The cruelest about face of all We believe the gray lab coats here at Blaska Policy Werkes are smiling but it’s hard to tell, given that they’re wearing “Recall Satya 2020” face masks to guard against the spread of the … Continue reading

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Raw feelings linger over news media complicity

Feelings! Whoa, whoa, whoa … feelings! The mainstream news media is doing its best to “move on” from the failed Russian collusion hoax. They’re downright annoyed that many Americans would like to know who led and who abetted the attempt by America’s … Continue reading

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Is the President ‘glorifying’ free speech?

Is burning down the neighborhood free speech? Above the dartboard in the Policy Werkes break room (whose turn is it to make the coffee?) is a short list of the poor souls banned from commenting on these electronic pages. We’re … Continue reading

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Promoting the partisan pan-DEM-ic

CNN & NY Times promoted Russian collusion hoax; now they pin hopes on the pandemic. Very clever, the gnomes at the New York Times. Page One of my Sunday paper is almost all agate typeface text naming almost 100,000 individuals … Continue reading

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If it leaks anti-Trump, it leads

We’re self-medicating with the truth When Blaska represented various state government officials, including WI Gov. Thompson, we would say the best way to spike bad news was to put out a press release. Best way to get headlines, leak the … Continue reading

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