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Death to ________! (Fill in blank)

Is the Tehran street ever fickle! Is ‘Death to Whom it May Concern’ the Iranian version of ‘U.S. Out of North America’? President Trump’s bold action may get the regime change in Iran that America has wanted these past 40 … Continue reading

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Trump is President! Democrats are losing! The system is broke!

“Is Dis a System?”  What do our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances do when they lose? They cry “No Fair!” and vow to Change The System, of course! Like the Trump Resistance everywhere, the New York Times insists the System Ain’t … Continue reading

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Into the w(h)ine cave with Mayor Pete & Co.

And other misadventures at the Democrats’ wannabe debate Thursday night Best line of the debate: “I would be the youngest woman ever elected President.” —Elizabeth Warren, age 70, on the age question.. 2nd Best Line: Joe Biden: “Put your hand down, Bernie.” … Continue reading

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Why Nancy will not test Mitch

Impeachment articles are ‘Constitutionally incoherent’ The cock-eyed theory here at Blaska Policy Werkes is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi never transmits the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate. Impeachment was the goal; it has been achieved. Repudiation by the Senate awaits should … Continue reading

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‘A sad day for America,’ Ha ha ha!

Senators, if you subpoena Hunter Biden  impeachment will go bye bye — or Why Republicans are in a very good mood today Must confess the white lab coats at the Policy Werkes watched too much of the impeachment shenanigans on our b&w Philco for … Continue reading

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Impeachment: now more than a T-shirt under the holiday tree

Believe them, they don’t take it lightly Just in time for the holiday formerly known as “Christmas,” the democratic socialist Rashada Tlaib is selling T-shirts that commemorate her major claim to fame. On the first day of the new Congress … Continue reading

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