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Three decades of social programs and racial disparity is even worse?

Color us baffled! How about we blame the cops! We’re back in good ol’ Madison WI from beautiful Los An-gel-EES, the capital of car culture, where the high temperature hit 77 degrees earlier this week and An-gel-EE-noes voted Bernie, just … Continue reading

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‘Unlearning whiteness’ in the Madison schools

The school lesson plan is chaos “[We] talk about race as if it was every race but whiteness. How can we support you, elevate your work around actually talking about white culture in our schools and how teachers can start … Continue reading

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Madison’s war on police on tonight’s agenda

It’s all over but the shouting. The Madison Common Council is poised tonight (01-21-2020) to endorse the 180-page (!!!) report of its Police Policy & Procedure Review ad hoc committee. (The Council agenda here.) That committee began picking nits three-plus … Continue reading

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Social justice warriors are killing our kids

… and encouraging car jackings What is this ‘personal responsibility’ of which you speak? Shake your soft little fists all you want at the Mexican cartels who slaughtered three women and their children pleading for their lives in Sonora state. … Continue reading

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Progressive alder’s family is burglarized by repeat offender; she proposes still more restorative justice

Ald. Rebecca Kemble: Maybe things will get better now that Chief Koval is gone Wants ‘community-based solutions’ The secretive shareholders of Blaska Policy Werkes thank Madame Brenda Konkel for her faithful, gavel-to-gavel transcription of the Madison Common Council’s budget deliberations Tuesday … Continue reading

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What do I expect? Public safety

Madison Common Council adds 3 extra police officers Spurns extra firefighters and ambulance  A downtown resident and business owner gave compelling testimony Tuesday night (11-12-19) urging the Madison Common Council to add more police officers. Her name is Saundra Meuer … Continue reading

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