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Tell Madison alders to quit crying about tear gas!

Or do you want a repeat of Kenosha and Col. Heg? Madison alders tip toe around Defunding the Police. How? By disarming law enforcement. They’re voting on a proposed ordinance next Tuesday 09-20-22 to ban tear gas. (!!!) The proposed … Continue reading

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Madison continues war on police

Tears for fears? Across the nation, “Defund the Police” may have lost more value than Bitcoin but progressives in Madison WI are still trying to handcuff the police. ACAB, doncha know! The city Public Safety Review Committee voted 4 to … Continue reading

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Madison progressives still resist police protection

Students remain unprotected Fair usage excerpts from former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz at his most excellent blog: In the last school year Madison police were called 640 times to Madison’s four high schools. That’s an average of about 3.5 times … Continue reading

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Permission to defend myself, sir?

If police cannot. It’s spooky that the Independence Day shooter at Highland Park drove all the way up from that north Chicago suburb to Madison WI looking for potential targets. Brings it closer to home. Our little parade in Orchard … Continue reading

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Barr: Tony Evers dithered during the Kenosha insurrection

Bill Barr is nobody’s fool!  Bill Barr has always called them like he sees them. The former attorney general didn’t mind pissing off progressives by criticizing the politically selective Mueller investigation. That’s just one example. Now he’s getting strange new … Continue reading

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San Francisco says NO to ‘restorative justice’

When will Madison get restored! Last we checked, John Nichols has not been run out of Mayberry for hawking the progressive snake oil of “restorative justice.” Neither has he folded his tent. “Restorative justice” is the hair of the dog … Continue reading

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