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Barr: Tony Evers dithered during the Kenosha insurrection

Bill Barr is nobody’s fool!  Bill Barr has always called them like he sees them. The former attorney general didn’t mind pissing off progressives by criticizing the politically selective Mueller investigation. That’s just one example. Now he’s getting strange new … Continue reading

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San Francisco says NO to ‘restorative justice’

When will Madison get restored! Last we checked, John Nichols has not been run out of Mayberry for hawking the progressive snake oil of “restorative justice.” Neither has he folded his tent. “Restorative justice” is the hair of the dog … Continue reading

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San Francisco was a wake-up call for the Woke folk

The canary in the coal mine just keeled over! The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. Was the shocking failure to do so in Uvalde TX fallout from the nation’s war on cops? The Federalist poses this unique … Continue reading

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Madison council president picks anti-cop leadership

All voted against police body cameras. New Madison Common Council president Keith Furman put the wood to moderate alders. He and council vice president Jael Currie — also a leftist — picked the five most radical left alders to serve … Continue reading

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Would cop oversight monitor have any business?

Did a crossing guard yell at your kid? Blaska Policy Werkes monitored Thursday’s meeting of the Police Civilian Oversight Board. It was painful. The City of Madison created this 11-member paean to Wokeness to pillory the racist slave catchers when they … Continue reading

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Has Madison’s Defund the Police fever broken?

Will Mayor Satya veto? The cop haters might have been able to defeat the small-scale, one-year trial of police body-worn cameras had not Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane) defected. His yes vote allowed the modest measure, authorizing only $83,000 in … Continue reading

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