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The neo-Marxist racism of social justice warriors

‘will destroy our country’ “We are living in a country whose elites are teaching us to see each other primarily on the basis of race, and to hate each other for it.” So writes Rod Dreher in the American Conservative. Dreher’s … Continue reading

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Who will be the first Democrat to back the badge?

 The progressive death wish UPDATE 05-03-21: MPD Captain Jennifer Krueger Favour tells the Werkes that the 34 (not 35) authorized police academy positions were down to 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic, that 18 were hired, and that next year’s … Continue reading

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Madison reimagines public safety

A new moderate coalition in Madison? The loss of Paul Skidmore stings but there’s more evidence that the April 6 aldermanic election in Madison WI was not a good day for the Hard Left. As part of Mayor Satya’s efforts … Continue reading

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Do black lives matter only when taken by blue lives?

BLM protests prevented 300 police shootings  but caused up to 6,000 other homicides! Another take on the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial: Did you detect any evidence, testimony, or even postulation that suggested racial animus? An epithet uttered? The defendant’s past … Continue reading

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How long will Madison ‘progressives’ resist body cameras?

After the Chauvin conviction. Former Madison WI mayor Dave Cieslewicz: “George Floyd’s brother, Philonise … talked about bans on choke holds, the curtailing of qualified immunity and requiring that police officers have their body cameras on at all times. Yet … Madison … Continue reading

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If Althea Bernstein led a march …

… did it really happen? Seriously? Althea Bernstein led a march against racism? (Old-timers will remember when they were called “civil rights marches.”) There she is on the front page of our favorite Madison WI morning newspaper. Leading a “unity” … Continue reading

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