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Community organizers make early-morning house calls

Coming soon to your neighborhood The beneficiaries of Madison progressives’ War On Cops were doing some outreach work in Orchard Ridge early this morning. The police report: At 2:23 am 07-22-21, Madison Police were dispatched to a residence in the … Continue reading

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Critical race theory is ammo for the war on cops

We aren’t teaching it but if we were, good for us! Progressivism is rule by expert. You’re not a scientist, so your opinions on the Covid pandemic are irrelevant. (Police will arrest you for wind surfing alone in the ocean.) … Continue reading

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Madison alders to consider police cameras Tuesday

See how YOU like it!  If Madison progressives can play the race card, so can the Werkes. Who supports police body cameras? Alds. Sheri Carter, Charles Myadze, Barbara Harrington-McKinney, and Syed Abbas — all people of color. Who opposes, Greg … Continue reading

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We’re taking the Police Civilian Oversight Board to court

Racism is racism Since our college days marching in Milwaukee with Father Groppi, patron saint of bus drivers, the Head Groundskeeper hereabouts has fought racism. Which is why David Blaska is lead complainant against the City of Madison WI, Mayor … Continue reading

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Defeating and defunding progressive cop-haters

NYC turns its back on progressives If the Werkes has its way, the word “progressive” will become as pejorative as “liberal,” or (let’s go for it!) “thug.” Because progressivism is a leading cause of death — especially fatal to minorities.  … Continue reading

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Ruth, you’re making us mental

A neighbor named Ruth reports on social media: Car with flashing yellow lights. Just saw a car that looked just like a police car in the dark but the bar of lights on top were flashing yellow unlike the usual … Continue reading

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