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Madison is not Memphis

But we have a police monitor anyway! Memphis TN, we have a problem. The police killing of Tyre Nichols looks to be even more egregious than the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020. But Memphis is more confounding, … Continue reading

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Madison black leaders support our police

Not that you would know it from the noise makers! The dirty little secret that Brandi Grayson, Freedom Inc., the Socialists Workers, and Progressive Dane don’t want you to know is that Madison’s black community — the actual people who … Continue reading

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Majority of Dane County Board is hard left

Shrink the jail is another ‘Defund the Police’ Joe Parisi may not have a spine, but there is some cartilage in the man, after all. The Dane County Executive on Wednesday 11-16-22 vetoed the County Board’s attempt to shrink the new … Continue reading

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Madison alders: defund the police, double their own paychecks

It’s what progressives do. Madison’s Defund the Police crowd remains unbowed. Ald. Keith Furman, president of the Common Council, wants to reject funding for six new police officers who would work to build trust with at-risk youth. The alder for … Continue reading

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Police told Tony Evers & Mandela Barnes to cool it

Their rush to judgment in Kenosha cost lives! Law enforcement pleaded with Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes not to rush to judgment in condemning Kenosha police for arresting the criminal Jacob Blake two years ago. To no avail. Their letter: … Continue reading

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Crime is on the ballot

‘Where’s Nancy?‘ We are guessing that even Chesa Boudin, the soft-on-crime district attorney that San Francisco voters recalled from office — would have prosecuted the Election Denying nutcase who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband. In his home! In the middle of … Continue reading

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