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White man race cards black man

C’mon man! If we have flogged one issue in this blogge, it is the threat to the Republic posed by identity politics. More so than any virus, novel or not.  Uncle Joe Biden recently spoke the argot of identity politics … Continue reading

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Trump resistance is back on its heels

The ‘science not politics’ scam It’s buried at the bottom of Page A6 in today’s Wisconsin State Journal (05-14-2020), a brief item on the unmasking of Michael Flynn by virtually everyone in the Obama administration, including Joe Biden. While over … Continue reading

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Chuck Todd writes a dishonest history

Journalism is the first falsification of history One of our themes here at the Werkes is the dishonesty of the news media. Not incompetence but outright untruthfulness. Ignoring news unfavorable to your cause, altogether. Selectively quoting only fellow travelers. (Is … Continue reading

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The NY Times makes me sick

‘Awop, bop, aloobop, alop-bam-boom!’ — Little Richard Wisconsin’s Spring election made the cover story of The New York Times Magazine this Sunday (05-10-2020). Would it surprise you that author Emily Bazelon trashes Republicans for insisting on holding the election as scheduled on … Continue reading

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Trump’s deep state resisters knew it was a scam

So deep their hatred, ends justified the means At some point, the New York Times will send its readers to chiropractors complaining of whiplash. The newspaper of record will execute a 180-degree U-turn. They will call it “The 2017-19 Project” — … Continue reading

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Is Joe Biden melting in the heat?

It’s all too beautiful, as the Small Faces sang. Rode my Softail Slim into Sauk City from Madison WI and asked attendant at the Kwik Trip if she knew of any speakeasies. “No,” she said. “Everything is closed.” But this old … Continue reading

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