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Well that tears it!

Trump’s State of Union speech rips Democrats to shreds! Mike Pence had the best line: “I thought she was tearing up the Constitution.” As entertainment, President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night (02-04-2020) was a Reality TV smash … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders’ scorched earth campaign

‘Harassment and pernicious litmus tests’ Back when Blaska was an ink-stained scribbler for The Capital Times, he hopped on over to Iowa City — that state’s most Democratic enclave (home, as it is, to the liberal state university) for the … Continue reading

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Our 10 favorite Super Bowl ads of 2020

Love and good humor make the day Humor sells ideas and products. Humor tickles its way under our defensive body armor to make its point. Reagan and Churchill were masters of political comedy. At the Policy Werkes, funny accounted for … Continue reading

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Voters may decide the next President!

Democrats may have to pick someone who possesses something called ‘electability.’ Today, (that once-in-a-lifetime palindrome: 02-02-2020) is one day before the Iowa caucuses and two days after the Great Partisan Impeachment Gamble crashed and burned. Now that Bernie Sanders is … Continue reading

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Will CNN’s arrogance re-elect Trump?

Don Lemon very pretty, and the Lemon show an hour, But the show of Don Lemon is too much too sour.   The more credible Babylon Bee reports: “Don Lemon furious about his privacy being invaded by people actually watching his … Continue reading

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‘We did the right thing and we get screwed’

Another casualty of the Left’s war on personal responsibility. No wonder Dad is irate! It’s always the unscripted moments that define a political campaign. A man known to the national news media only as “Irate Dad” confronts Elizabeth Warren, mother … Continue reading

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