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Clowns on the Left, jokers on the Right

Can’t we just agree to be disagreeable? Stately Blaska Manor is boarded up. The Praetorian Guard is on alert, the unlettered field hands are sharpening their rakes and hoes, spam filters are in place in case of cyber attack. Atlas … Continue reading

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Is the Fat Lady clearing her throat?

Electoral college meets noon today in WI Get ready to hate on Brian Hagedorn again. Joining the court’s three liberals, the WI Supreme Court by a 4 to 3 vote today (12-14-20) ruled that Biden/Harris won the election. It dismissed … Continue reading

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The Bernie bois got burned

A victory for tear gas! America repudiates progressivism Pretty much sums it up: “Orange man gone and succeeded by a moribund cypher with an unprincipled naïf waiting for the desk in the Oval Office; opposition holds Senate and gains in House.” … Continue reading

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Winners and losers, Election 2020

Biting into that shame sandwich ‘What the hell happened?’ Why the long face, as someone asked John Kerry after his defeat in 2004. Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are feeling blue today despite the apparent Biden/Harris victory because their poll-predicted great blue … Continue reading

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Blaska is voting for that bastard, Trump

And you don’t have to like it! Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He steps on his applause lines, he gets in the way of his message. He is a classic narcissist. His tank of human empathy reads “empty.” … Continue reading

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