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NY Times readers Blow off Lori’s race scam

Is this the end of identity politics, Rico? In the last thrilling installment of your favorite blogge, we examined a racist column from the newspaper that foisted The 1619 Project on a weary America. New York Times columnist Charles M. … Continue reading

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Not even Fox News believes Trump’s stolen election lie

But they sacrificed honest reporting to rescue ratings. The Head Groundskeeper did not fall off the tater truck yesterday. We know RITOs (Republicans in Tr•mp Only) will go to their graves believing every lie and excusing every crime in thrall … Continue reading

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Progressives are not in their prime

How did we ever lose to these guys? Imagine your average Madison alder saying something like this: “Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway isn’t in her prime. Sorry, when a woman is considered to be in her prime is in her 20s, … Continue reading

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‘Fake news’ is the real thing

News media guilty as charged! In the most thorough accounting yet, the Columbia Journalism Review, that liberal-leaning arbiter of news reportage, indicts the mainstream news media for malpractice in taking Hillary Clinton’s bait and running with the Russian Collusion Hoax … Continue reading

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Madison schools: where sunlight never penetrates

When will voters demand accountability? As impenetrable as a galactic black hole, the Madison Metropolitan School District guards its secrets. What is the WaPost motto? “Democracy Dies In Darkness.” After being denied access to public records for a year now, … Continue reading

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Say what?

We’ve got all five gas burners going today! A better virtue of a recent former President of the U.S. was his disdain for politically correct terminology. His sometimes offensive offensive has not halted the advance of the language police, who have … Continue reading

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