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Raw feelings linger over news media complicity

Feelings! Whoa, whoa, whoa … feelings! The mainstream news media is doing its best to “move on” from the failed Russian collusion hoax. They’re downright annoyed that many Americans would like to know who led and who abetted the attempt by America’s … Continue reading

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Go sell crazy somewhere else

Blaska Policy Werkes is full up Does the political Left have a stake in keeping the economy shut down and blaming Trump for it all? Madison’s Progressive magazine reports that 72 people have caught COVID-19 since the lockdown protest in … Continue reading

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America is racist to its very core

according to the New York Times, anyway. ‘The politics of despair’ The newspaper that employed Stalin apologist Walter Duranty (what forced starvation?) is rewriting more history. Historian Allen Guelzo deconstructs (Ha!) the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which — like Duranty — … Continue reading

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Chuck Todd writes a dishonest history

Journalism is the first falsification of history One of our themes here at the Werkes is the dishonesty of the news media. Not incompetence but outright untruthfulness. Ignoring news unfavorable to your cause, altogether. Selectively quoting only fellow travelers. (Is … Continue reading

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The NY Times makes me sick

‘Awop, bop, aloobop, alop-bam-boom!’ — Little Richard Wisconsin’s Spring election made the cover story of The New York Times Magazine this Sunday (05-10-2020). Would it surprise you that author Emily Bazelon trashes Republicans for insisting on holding the election as scheduled on … Continue reading

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Jill Karofsky’s daughter cried

all the way to the WI Supreme Court! We don’t mind bad losers. Losing an election is never easy. (We’ve tried it; we don’t like it.) Even if one concedes that the voters have spoken, that doesn’t preclude blaming the … Continue reading

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