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Tom Nelson is no centrist!

His supporters are done asking nicely! In yesterday’s installment, the Werkes built on a certain former mayor’s injunction that Democrats who want to avoid electoral Armageddon (outta here!) should not repeat the clanging Leftist claptrap they hear on PBS radio. … Continue reading

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‘God help me, Blaska for school board’

Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz writes: “Yeah, he’s a lot more conservative than I am, but that does not change the simple fact that what he’s saying about school safety is true. He wants to make the basic safety of … Continue reading

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Republicans don’t care about kids?

Who’s striving for political gain? True confessions: Your Head Groundskeeper has a Seinfeld-like bromance going with former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz, however unrequited. Time for our first spat. The man has been making an awful lot of sense for a … Continue reading

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They must be crazy

Of absurd proportions! A smattering of Democrats like former Madison WI mayor Dave Cieslewicz has/have been trying to pull its/their/his party back from the precipice with blogs like “Dems keep missing the point.” As much as the Head Groundskeeper at … Continue reading

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The biggest F*** U in history

Will that 2016 prediction be repeated? The former Democrat(ic) governor of Montana — a state Donald Trump won with 57% of the vote in 2020 — is warning readers of the New York Times that they are electing Republicans. After eight years as … Continue reading

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Democrats complicit in Waukesha parade massacre

Their anti-cop platform ‘as awful as can be’  Blaska Policy Werkes probably owes Dave Cieslewicz royalties for the many times we’ve quoted his most excellent blogge. (Talking pocket change, Dave.) We quote the former mayor of Madison to prove that the … Continue reading

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