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Democrats complicit in Waukesha parade massacre

Their anti-cop platform ‘as awful as can be’  Blaska Policy Werkes probably owes Dave Cieslewicz royalties for the many times we’ve quoted his most excellent blogge. (Talking pocket change, Dave.) We quote the former mayor of Madison to prove that the … Continue reading

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Is Tony Evers next?

At least the socialists support him! Maybe Pavlov can explain it. John Nichols writes and Blaska rushes to his computer, tapping the keyboard with the involuntary jerking of dead frog legs. But Comrade Nichols is a reliable guide to where … Continue reading

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‘A sleeping giant has been awakened’

America’s schools are being held hostage!  As we detailed in the last thrilling episode of the Werkes, Democrats are in full panic that they’re losing the soccer moms to Republicans. These mothers, often from affluent suburbs like Milwaukee’s Mequon and … Continue reading

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Weird and scary in the elemen-tary (school)

Remember when the Left also ignored the Tea Party? The New York Times has noticed the incipient rebellion of public school parents against creeping progressivism. They’re manning the ramparts with a hit piece that identifies the true villain: “Republicans today, … Continue reading

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Real workers don’t want more free stuff

A Labor Day message from one of the few a Democrats who actually get it Former Madison WI mayor Dave Cieslewicz, a registered Democrat, riffs on how his increasingly elitist party denigrates the working man: [Thomas Frank, author of What’s … Continue reading

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Madison is electing Republicans

The city spooks the rest of the state A homeowner here on the west side of Madison WI is one up on his fellow progressives. Not content with the usual yard sign, a home in the affluent Greentree neighborhood lights up … Continue reading

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