Police have secret plan to stop school board disrupters

Hold the School Board meeting in the afternoon!

Will be ‘a less disruptive and more safe event than it has been’

The Blaska Policy Werkes spoke to a command staff police officer this evening. He assured this blogge that “whatever happened yesterday (Monday, 10-29-18 at the Madison school board meeting) will not happen at the next meeting.” (“Please do not use my name, I have young children”)

“We have a plan in place,” the ranking officer said, “with various contingencies.” But he would not divulge details.

The command officer said MPD had “lengthy discussions” with Metro Madison School District people about preventing repeats of Monday’s shut-down of a school board meeting by a mob of 60 to 80 social justice warriors organized by the taxpayer-supported [UPDATE: Freedom Inc. claims funding from the WI Department of Health but a spokesperson said “there are no records of payments made to this organization.” ] and their allies in the International Socialist Organization. Somewhat surprisingly, the school district went to the police.

The police brass promised us that the meeting “will be a less disruptive and more safe event than it has been.” 

The next meeting appears to be tomorrow, Wednesday at 1:15 in the afternoon (10-31-18). EROs (cops) are item #12.1 on the agenda. That is when, by the way, the district’s $415.6 million annual budget will be finalized. Questionable public notice, to be sure.

F-bomb white supremacy

This is the ring leader of Monday’s beat-down of democracy at the Madison school board. She is Bianca Gomez, “gender justice coordinator” for Freedom Inc. She’s using her masters in Afro-American Studies from UW-Madison.

A big part of the plan seems to be to hold it on a weekday afternoon. Also: no public comment. Rest assured, social justice warriors will flood the zone. Ordinary citizens, not so much. That’s one way to keep things safe. Hold it when only the protestors can attend.

The high-ranking officer said Madison Police had no idea that Monday’s meeting would devolve into the beat-down of democracy, the intimidation of elected officials and ordinary citizens, that it became. This bloggeur blames himself for not notifying the police. Blaska instructed another parent to call 911 while we were under siege by the social justice warriors. We did warn in an op ed in the State Journal last week Wednesday that the issue of cops in our troubled high schools was on the agenda. And here.

Though it self-evident that final acceptance of a recommendation to retain educational resource officers/cops was bound to incite the mob. (“This is what they mean by ‘the mob’“)

This past summer, this bloggeur also wrote all seven school board members asking what they would do to assure that citizens and parents would be free to speak their minds. Instead, I have a growing list of folks who will never attend another school board meeting.

Put up a Venn diagram and you’ll find big overlap with the Derail the Jail mob that shut down the Dane County Board of Supervisors last November and the Cops Out of Schools haters.

The high-ranking cop noted that other school boards across the country have worked more closely with the police than (my term) Madison’s liberal-progressive-socialists.

“This is also a political issue,” he told the Werkes.

Madison school board

L-R: Mary Burke, T.J. Mertz, Nicki Vander Meulen, Dean Loumos, Gloria Reyes, Kate Toews, James Howard

Yes it is. And who is the president of the Madison Metropolitan Board of Education? That would be Mary Burke, the Democrat’s nominee for governor four years ago. Wisconsin dodged a bullet there! School board elections are next April. Dean Loumos, James Howard, and T.J. Mertz are up.

For extra credit:

Gregory Humphrey: “Madison School Board Meeting Looked Like Third World In Revolt”

Mitch Henck: “Time to reject mob rule at Madison school board”

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21 Responses to Police have secret plan to stop school board disrupters

  1. richard lesiak says:

    Made up nonsense with un-named sources.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jeffsimpson7 says:

    Your ten minutes today with Vicky Py might have been the most incredible ten minutes I have ever heard on the radio. Made me want for Matt Kittle to be on there, and that takes some serious doing/ Do you even listen to Vickys hate radio on a consistent basis? Everything she was screeching about in her cigarette infused cackle was exactly what she will be whining about on the opposite end in a few days. Unbelievable.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Madison is run by the ‘mobs, not jobs’ party.
    Because what you subsidize you get more of.


  4. David Blaska says:

    Jeff Simpson: asked three simple questions, got personal insults. Question #1: Are you Progressive Dane? #2 Do you approve of Freedom Inc. mob tactics shutting down a meeting? #3 Yes or No to EROs / cops in schools?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Dems don’t do simple questions. They’re all about “nuance” and “context” and a slew of other weasel-words that all mean the same thing: I’m right because I’m smarter than you.


  5. Eric Z says:

    Darn shame they won’t hold the meeting at the regular time and arrest the protesters for disorderly conduct and obstruction. But then again, this IS the emerald city. The same liberals who are bitching about the lack of public notice for hearings in the senate will champion this farse that THEY created. I sincerely hope if the freedumb inc crowd shows up that the mpd has a paddy wagon at the ready.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Whatever the “secret plan” might be, one thing is certain: no one from Freedom Inc. will be arrested, detained, or in any way restrained by police–that would be a clear instance of police brutality, violence to “black bodies,” and of course raaaaaaaaaaaaaacism at its finest.. Too bad this whole farce isn’t being disseminated to the rest of the state so they can see what happens when the unfettered Left is in control.

      As for that photo of the luminaries on the school board: How do you parody something that’s already a parody of itself?


    • David Blaska says:

      As for arrests, stay tuned!


  6. coolkevs says:

    Electoral extermination for Dems on Nov 6. It’s coming.


  7. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING @madison.com or NBC-TV about the rescheduled-due-to-inclement-thuggery School Board meeting.

    That mean it didn’t go Lefty’s way?

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      That’s part of the super-doper, ultra sensitive secret plan. The whole thing should be right in your wheel-house; ‘ya know, behind closed doors, no press, public not allowed. Like when the Goobers On Parade re-drew the state. So many indictments; so little time.


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