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Pls, some clarity, Madison school board!

The Madison school board gets downright Dickensian! Is former Ald. Bridget Maniaci running for mayor? Yes. Is current Ald. Paul Skidmore considering doing so? Yes, again. Is former police chief Noble Wray also thinking? It’s probably just a rumor. (?) … Continue reading

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The Left’s anti-cop thuggery got physical at Madison school district hdq

Instead of the heckler’s veto, the anti-cop social justice warriors employed physical intimidation Wednesday at Madison Metro School District headquarters. “I hope you made it out safely,” one citizen e-mailed me after he fled McDaniel Auditorium as the chaos escalated … Continue reading

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Why did Cops Out of Schools committee ignore its own safety expert?

Exactly who is asking for cops out of schools aside from the same small gaggle of anti-cop social justice warriors who have disrupted the city council and county board? Color us astounded. A committee of the Madison school board is … Continue reading

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Madison school board is put on notice

David Blaska will not be denied his right of free speech July 16, 2018 Board of Education Madison Metropolitan School District 545 West Dayton Street, Room 110 Madison, WI 53703 board@madison.k12.wi.us To the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education: … Continue reading

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Madison school board to be advised: kick police out of schools

Madison should kick police officers out of its public high schools, a school board committee is poised to recommend. Instead, they would be replaced by 20 more so “liaison” officers who would be called into the schools only as needed.  … Continue reading

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The Soup Nazis are banging their spoons

Everyone they don’t like is Hitler There is a social media meme that holds that everyone you don’t like is Hitler. We’re at that point in hyperbole U.S.A.  Maybe Trump did start it. Mocking Carly Fiorina’s appearance and the disabled reporter … Continue reading

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