Who’s going to protect school cops from the kids?

Kids do the darndest things!

Madison west high ERO and school staffer injured
breaking up student fight

Here are eight nominees that Madison school board member Dean Loumos can appoint to his proposed school cop review committee. His ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) recommended that young troublemakers sit in judgment of school cops, or EROs. (More here.)

The cop review committee would have up to 20 members “with an emphasis on representing youth who are the most cited, suspended or expelled or otherwise are / have been involved with the juvenile justice system.”

We lift this straight from Police Chief Mike Koval’s daily police log:

1) Officers responded to West High School for a report of multiple juveniles fighting.  Principal combatants were identified as a 16-year-old AAF, 17-year-old AAF and a 15-year-old AAF.  A school employee was battered during the altercation. A MPD officer sustained a broken hand as well during his attempt to break up the fight. The 16-year-old and 17-year-old juveniles were charged with disorderly conduct.  The 15-year-old juvenile was charged with battery to a school official.  Additional charges may be forthcoming.

School board member Dean Loumos, injured West high ERO Justin Creech, and anti-cop propaganda from Freedom Inc.

The WI State Journal reports: “The fight was one of several disturbances reported at the school around 8:30 a.m., with school staff trying to restore order after loud outbursts and disruptive behavior, Madison police said.”

“Numerous officers were called to West to back up the educational resource officer,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

2) Weapons Offense – 2:41 p.m.  Officers responded to O’Keefe Middle School after that a student/victim (12-year-old WM) notified school officials that another student/suspect (12-year-old WM) pulled a knife on him and threatened him.  A knife was not located.  No charges have been substantiated at this time.

3) Weapons Offense – 3:19 p.m.  Officers responded to Balsam Rd for a report of a male making “threats with a gun.”  Officers arrived in the area and observed two subjects (later identified to be suspects) fleeing from the area on foot.  The two suspects (16-year-old AAM and 18-year-old AAM) were apprehended.  Investigation revealed that an on-going dispute occurred between the two suspects identified and a third suspect (24-year-old AAM).  The 16-year-old was cited for resisting and released from the scene.  The two other suspects were arrested for multiple charges, including battery, bail jumping, disorderly conduct and resisting.

4) Sexual Assault of a Child – 4:06 p.m.  Officers met with a victim (14-year-old HF) who reported being physically and sexually assaulted by a classmate/suspect (14-year-old UM).  Child Protective Services notified.  Investigation continuing.

Yet, Dean Loumos and his ad hoc committee on EROs “learned that the presence of EROs can needlessly contribute to the criminalization of student behavior and negatively affect students’ sense of safety and belonging.”

So much so that, last week, Loumos proposed banning EROs from parking their police squad cars on school grounds! (“Let police do their jobs in Madison schools.”)

Blaska’s Bottom Line Question: Dean, did the EROs “criminalize” the six juveniles in today’s police report?

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24 Responses to Who’s going to protect school cops from the kids?

  1. The only time the Social Justice Warrior Cult fools open their mouths is to show off their Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome and change socks.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “The fight was one of several disturbances … with school staff TRYING to restore order after loud outbursts and disruptive behavior.” And this is the environment that prevails at Madison West even with EROs present. If I were a teacher there, I’d threaten to go on strike if the officers were removed–simply as a matter of self-preservation. That things were allowed to deteriorate to such a degree reflects the blind commitment of Madison liberals to their notion that misbehavior by minorities–no matter how egregious–must be allowed in the name of “tolerance” and “inclusivity.” To borrow a phrase from Judge Kavanaugh (who borrowed it from Scripture), you’ve sown the wind, now be prepared to reap the whirlwind–and pray your kids don’t get sacrificed in the process.

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  3. Dan B. says:

    Do you care how these children ended up acting out this way? Are you interested in coming up with solutions to break this cycle? Do you believe cops who are trained to arrest criminals are the best people to handle that?


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”Do you believe cops who are trained to arrest criminals are the best people to handle that?”

      That displays shocking naiveté about LE!

      But no, @DanB, I myself believe that Communities should police themselves.

      Forget the two recent LaFollette shootings, the West High melee, the IPV murder-suicide, the car theft crash at Mineral Point-n-Gammon…them there were outliers!

      The Gotch

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      • richard lesiak says:

        I thought you did police your community. Since you live in a gated community, with armed watch groups, camera doorbells, etc you should feel safe sitting on one of your multiple decks.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @richard lesaik;

          ”I thought you did police your community.”

          Police my own property, keep an eye on the neighbors places, too.

          “Since you live in a gated community, with armed watch groups, camera doorbells, etc you should feel safe sitting on one of your multiple decks.”

          No gate, or fence, even around our property, no armed watch groups (just good neighbors looking out for eachother), & no camera doorbell.

          And the ONLY concern I have about sitting on any of the decks (or patios) is the skeeters.

          The Gotch.

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    • Scott F says:

      “Children” end up acting out this way because their parents and the system have raised them to understand there will be no consequences for their actions. The “solutions” that have been used so far have left broken families, a broken educational system and in the current situation, broken bones. When these “children” are acting out as criminals, you can bet your ass I think cops are the best people to handle that! The children and their educators who go into these schools every day deserve some level of protection from these feral youth.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “Solutions to break this cycle”? Madison liberals are thoroughly in charge of the schools (and everything else) in this town. The increasing levels of violence and disregard for authority we’re seeing is a direct result of their indulgence of bad behavior by minorities. If you think they’re going to revise their policies and search for solutions outside their toxic ideology, then you haven’t been paying attention to how Madison liberals operate. To look for “solutions” would necessitate re-thinking the policies–including efforts to hamstring EROs–that got us to this impasse in the first place. Take a good look at that mugshot of Dean Loumos–the sanctimonious, self-absorbed Madison liberal from Central Casting–and ask yourself if this is someone willing to entertain the notion that there’s anything wrong with the “cycle” except those nasty racist cops with their trigger fingers itching to blow away the nearest student of color.

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    • Dan B. wrote, “Do you care how these children ended up acting out this way?”

      That’s an ignorant rationalization to shift blame away from the violent criminal acts these children were engaging in.

      To answer your question very directly; No I don’t give a damn how or why, just stop the violence! The question “how” or “why” is irrelevant except to the parents, legal guardians, or the justice system.

      Dan B. wrote, “Are you interested in coming up with solutions to break this cycle?”


      One solution is to arrest the students (or adults) assaulting each other for their criminal activity. The other solution is for them to have enough general respect for each other that they don’t assault each other.

      Another secondary solution is for ignorant people not to enable them by rationalizing their criminal behavior and trying to shift the blame to others.

      There’s the appropriate solutions, now implement them.

      Dan B. wrote, “Do you believe cops who are trained to arrest criminals are the best people to handle that?”

      These students are engaging in criminally violent behavior just like adults that engage in bar fights so the direct answer to your question is, since the students are engaging in criminally violent behavior yes the “cops” are the best people to handle this.

      Glad I could help you learn something about logic?

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Zoltar Speaks!;

        “These students are engaging in criminally violent behavior just like adults that engage in bar fights”

        Problem: HS students aren’t old enough to get into bars (GED candidate @richard lesiak being an exception) to witness miscreant behavior of that nature to pattern.

        Solution: Attend ad hoc School Board committee meetings (or watch the proceeds on their ObamaPhones) and observe FreeDUMB Inc & the Derail the Jail thugs demonstrate juvenile, anti-social conduct.

        The Gotch


    • Batman says:

      “Do you care how these children ended up acting out this way?”

      Perhaps it is because of historic racism but am powerless to alter history, so what can I do as a concerned citizen?

      “Are you interested in coming up with solutions to break this cycle?”

      Very much so Dan B. Please point me in the right direction.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “Please point me in the right direction.”

        That would be in the direction of what the inimitable Dr. Thomas Sowell calls Seductive Beliefs.

        To wit:
        *more More MORE high quality/quantity free S#!T,
        *embrace obsequious fealty to The Lefty Way,
        *s#!tcan personal responsibility,
        *ridicule education,
        *marginalize equal opportunity,
        *hold tight you’s excuses, they’re you’s Best Friends,
        *champion equal outcome,
        *denigrate deferred gratification,
        *mock self-respect,
        *delegitimize hard work as being for suckers,
        *EXALT victimhood,
        *claim that life is a zero-sum game,
        *blame Whitey for all you’s problems and,
        *play guilt-inundated White Lefties like Stradivarii.

        The last one will be unequivocally the easiest; Lefties’ll do all the work for you’s!

        The Gotch


        • Batman says:

          Gotch, are you unaware of the (Iamsmarterbutmoreashamedthanyou) Dean Loumos t-shirts that recently came out.
          Is that why brother Dean didn’t make your list.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          Only one name made my list, Stradivarius, one I’d never deign to sully with that guy!

          The Gotch


        • madisonexpat says:

          Shorter version… go full ghetto.


    • David Blaska says:

      Your solutions, Dan B.?


    • Tom Paine says:

      Yo, Dan B.,

      Perhaps ya saunter on over to YouTube and look fer a few of the trillion-hit vids of Gangsta Kulture. Anti-social values are the essence of Gangsta. Youth are not about to give this up because of some letter to the editor, some lecture from a teacher, or even a new program by the school board. There hasn’t been, and there will not be, a challenge to the hegemony of Gangsta Kulture. This is only the beginning.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Racial Disparities in School Discipline By Walter E.Williams

    (bolds/caps mine throughout)
    The Oklahoman: “Students are yelling, cursing, hitting and screaming at teachers and nothing is being done but teachers are being told to teach and ignore the behaviors.”

    Chalkbeat.org (a a nonprofit education news organization): “new high school teachers left one school because they didn’t feel safe. There have been cases in which students have assaulted teachers and returned to school the next day.


    1st VP/NAACP St. Paul, MN Chapter: “it’s ‘very disturbing’ that the school district would retaliate against a black teacher ‘FOR SIMPLY VOICING THE CONCERN‘ that WHEN BLACK STUDENTS ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MISBEHAVING, THEY ARE SET UP FOR FAILURE IN LIFE.”


    Using LaLaLoonyLeftyLand Logic The Oklahoman, Chalkbeat.org, Black teachers, AND the 1st VP of the St.Paul NAACP office are raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacists!!!!!!!

    The Gotch


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