The troublemakers should sit in review of school police

Madison school board committee buys into
school-to-prison pipeline theory

School police must be restrained from harassing kids;
students should be taught their criminal justice rights and — unbelievably! — the  troublemakers will sit in review of the cops’ actions!

They’re shooting up the east-side neighborhood surrounding La Follette high school. Kids with guns, living out the swaggering gangsta lifestyle.

Against this reality on the ground, stark as a chalk outline, even the starry-eyed Madison school board had to take notice.

Wednesday evening (09-26-18) their committee had to surrender to reality: police will remain in schools, it recommended (as we reported Friday), despite the best efforts over the last 20 months of school board member Dean Loumos and former member Anna Moffit (both are Progressive Dane), among others, against expelling the educational resource officers (EROs).

But the EROs would be second-guessed by a new oversight committee of  up to 20 members — teachers, school board members, community representatives, police, and students. But not the usual mix. No, the make-up of this advisory committee must “reflect the demographics of the school sites in which the ERO serves …

… with an emphasis on representing youth who are the most cited, suspended or expelled or otherwise are / have been involved with the juvenile justice system.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line (in the middle of the blog): If that doesn’t mean putting the actual shooters in judgment of the cops then it implies they can be represented by race. That is RACIST TO THE CORE!

WI State Journal

The photoshopped headline on the right is what some school board members wanted but could not effect due to headlines like that below the photo

Miss Landers will need a flak jacket

A 16-year-old boy was wounded in a gun fight Wednesday morning. (What’s he doing on Turner Avenue, two blocks east of the school, at 10:30 in the morning on a school day?) An innocent motorist today gives thanks that no one was in the passenger’s seat as he drove by or that toll might be higher. 

Last week, a handgun discharged on a city bus leaving school; two more kids injured. Could have been much worse. How many more guns are out there?

This morning, kids entering the high school and nearby Sennet middle school were electronically wanded. They are, after all, entering a danger zone: school.

La Follette may be wanding today but don’t go looking in student lockers. The ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) wants a limit on locker searches only when there is “probable cause of a crime or where there is an imminent threat of danger.” (Got a warrant, copper?)

Teach Madison students their criminal justice rights!

Bring in the ACLU! The school district has got to make sure the little troublemakers know their rights! Students should “be educated annually regarding their civilian constitutional rights when interacting with law enforcement.” The committee Wednesday evening also recommended:

• Each school have designated contacts at the administrator level so that … the presence of officers who respond will be less likely to escalate a potentially volatile situation. (Those damn cops, always escalating potentially volatile situations!)

• Assign no cops as educational resource officers unless first approved by the school district, which can remove them if it wants. Then the school district demands extra training in “de-escalation, trauma-informed interventions, adolescent brain development” and the jesuitical school district Behavior Education Plan.

• Teachers, do not be so cavalier about calling the police just because Mandy is staring at her smart phone. No, Miss Landers, “in instances other than emergencies, every level of behavioral response be exhausted prior to calling an ERO into a classroom.” And when you do, document so that the full MMSD Board of Education can review your decision. And no threatening students that you’ll call the cops if they don’t behave! Got that?

• Madison Police already have a grievance procedure if citizens have a beef against a cop; this school board committee wants another grievance procedure “readily available to all students, parents, and staff.”

• A school administration tying itself in knots to make the racial numbers work wants more statistics: “At a minimum disaggregated by race, gender, disability status, and … offense … on the number of calls to classrooms, [and] the proportion of those that pertain to criminal activities.”

The full school board will take a crack at the reccs at a special meeting 6 p.m. Monday, October 8, at 545 W. Dayton St.


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13 Responses to The troublemakers should sit in review of school police

  1. Putting the inmates in charge of the asylum…What could go wrong? I wonder if flouridation of the water has led to the emasculation (or whatever the PC term is now) of those in positions of authority. Perhaps the Birchers of my youth were right..vast plot to overthrow social order. And keep healthy smiles.


  2. Paula Fitz says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading and hearing most days because it’s so preposterous. It’s not just a Madison phenomenon, either. This is happening because not enough people with good sense take the time to vote and speak out when it counts. The more I know about the current state of the world, the happier I am that I don’t have kids or grandkids who will have to inherit this mess.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Any chance of MMSD expanding its auto mechanics curricula?

    That way, the Our Needs Aren’t Being Met crowd could be better prepared if the carS they steal break down.

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      The NRA can donate some 3D printers. Ya’ know, first amend. stuff in the classroom and all that stuff. Plus, ‘ya know those ‘putters are gettin’ popular these days. I heard youse can even get plans to build ‘yerselfs like 4 decks on ‘yer house and stuffs like that. And nows ya can get plans and build yerself a gun. Right thers in ‘ya all’ own garage. Like, ‘ya know ‘ya all can get ones of those fancies gadgets, make guns in ‘ya alls own basement and start a house based business ‘ya know. And what all is cool is if some G-man type dude says hey hillbilly dude ya can’t do that dude and you say7 scew ya g-guy I ‘ll see ya all in court with all my nra paid fpr law guys and foxy news sayin’ I is a victim of the gummint screwin with my rights and stuff and then I can sue and make money and print guns and seell guns and make more money than youse.


  4. Tom Paine says:

    End game. Go home. Drop the issue. I’ve maintained for years that Madison will devolve into Chicago, only question is the speed at which the transformation will happen. Vinceremos!

    Let them harm one-another. Who cares? Hegemony of Gangsta Kulture. The ubiquity of insanity.


    • Eric Z says:

      The problem is stray bullets Tom. I say lockem in Breese Stevens and let them have at it. Kinda like the Kurt Russel flick “Escape from New York”.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I understand the “let them harm one another” approach and would support it wholeheartedly if it weren’t for the fact that these feral little brutes perpetrate their violence so randomly that innocent people face the prospect of becoming collateral damage. On the local news last night, an elderly woman who lives near La Follette HS told how she had to lie flat on the floor–not for the first time–as the bullets started flying outside her house. Another neighbor told of his fears for his daughter who puts herself in mortal danger by walking to school. Why don’t these folks get together to march on City Hall and demand IMMEDIATE measures to ensure the safety of their neighborhood? It would be a welcome relief from the antics of BLM, Freedom Inc. and all the other professional victims who’ve so successfully cowed those who should be in charge of protecting citizens from the encroaching tide of barbarity.

      “Teachers, don’t be so cavalier about calling the police just because Mandy is staring at her smart phone.” A more realistic scenario would have Miss Landers attempting to break up a raging fistfight between Shawanda and Tamika while wondering if one or both of them is packing a weapon. (Believe me, teachers long ago gave up trying to pry their students’ eyeballs from their electronic devices during class.)


  5. Reggie says:

    “But the EROs would be second-guessed by a new oversight committee of up to 20 members — teachers, school board members, community representatives, police, and students.”

    20 people to oversee 4. The efficiency of the left in action.


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