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‘Please do not use my name; I have 3 little children to protect from this mob’

A parent experiences race-hate and harassment at the hands of the Blame the Cops mob  If the Madison school board cannot keep order at its meetings, how can it prevent chaos in the classroom? Their chant upon shutting down Monday’s … Continue reading

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‘I thought they were going to kill me,’ says female victim, 58, of 3 Madison high school girls aged 13-15

Crime doesn’t stop at the school house door Kids DO the darnedest things, part #163 La Follette high school, again. 2:01 p.m. Wednesday, October 10:  Officers, along with school personnel, met with several juveniles at La Follette H.S. in an attempt … Continue reading

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‘My mom works at La Follette H.S. and I fear for her every day’ 

‘WHITE PARENTS ARE ORGANIZING!’ Today in Kids Do the Darnedest Things: Stolen Auto – 12:03 p.m. OnStar contacted dispatch to report that they were tracking a stolen auto around Turner Ave/Hob St.  The vehicle was slowed down by OnStar and it … Continue reading

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The troublemakers should sit in review of school police

Madison school board committee buys into school-to-prison pipeline theory School police must be restrained from harassing kids; students should be taught their criminal justice rights and — unbelievably! — the  troublemakers will sit in review of the cops’ actions! They’re … Continue reading

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Madison school board gets an earful from La Follette High School parents & students

Madison School District’s goal is not safety, it’s making the racial disparity numbers work While the Madison School Board considers expelling police from its four high schools, our classrooms are being disrupted in the name of racial equity. Large-scale student … Continue reading

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18 police respond to La Follette high school brawl that injured 3

The Stately Manor has managed to coax a little more information out of Madison police over the riot that occurred shortly before 10 Tuesday morning at La Follette High School. A disturbance so serious that three students were injured, 18 … Continue reading

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