‘Please do not use my name; I have 3 little children to protect from this mob’

A parent experiences race-hate and harassment
at the hands of the Blame the Cops mob

 If the Madison school board cannot keep order at its meetings, how can it prevent chaos in the classroom?

Their chant upon shutting down Monday’s school board budget meeting: “Fuck the Police.”

Blaska has developed a pretty thick hide after a few years in the arena. But imagine what a hard-working parent must feel after attending his first Madison school board meeting and encountering social justice warriors in full shut-down mode. The parent is the father of a Sennett middle school student who requests:

“Please do not use my name, I have three little children I need to protect from this violent mob-like people.” 

He tells Blaska:

“I think you are committed to going to these meetings even despite the mob mentality presently there, and commend you for your vigilance to attend even if you do not get a chance to speak.

“I don’t think anyone that is not of sound physical stature, or backup, should go and speak in light of what I witnessed last night.

“Here is my view, this woman that tried to knock my phone out of my hand with a book and then her hand. Now mind you, I was seated in my chair not standing and the phone was in front of my head not blocking anyone’s view, nor was I making any noise.

“I never even spoke a word or made a single sound the entire time I was there.”

Here is this east-side parent’s video.

At madison.com, WI State Journal reporter Logan Wroge has a good write-up and video of Blaska demanding that MMSD security protect HIS rights at a public meeting. Perhaps it is understandable that these security guards seek the course of least resistance by kowtowing to the superior numbers of the warriors. That only means the intimidators win. Blaska barks into her face that he will stand his ground and that she will protect HIS rights. You can see the security officer slinking away. (Is there a less rewarding job than MMSD security officer?)

Logan Wroge on Blaska

Arrest Bianca Gomez for disturbing the peace

Wroge identifies the ringleader of the shutdown as one Bianca Gomez. She, like at least a dozen of these people, identified herself as a Freedom Inc. “youth organizer.” (Soon to be a major field of study at our leading universities, no doubt.)

One hour and 25 minutes into the meeting — most of it consisting of lurid tales of rampaging police — this Gomez person began chanting:

“No justice, no peace. No racist Madison police!”
“If we don’t get it, shut it down!”
“Fuck the Police!”

Somehow, school boarder Nicki Vander Meulen said she voted against adjourning the meeting because “To me, limiting public speech in a public forum is something I’m not comfortable with.” ??? !!!.

Do this chant and response for a change:

Who limited public speech?
The cop-haters limited public speech! 

Who limited public speech?
The cop-haters limited public speech!

Who limited public speech?
The cop-haters limited public speech!

For extra credit:

Monday’s after-meeting report: Social justice warriors shut down Madison school board.

If the Madison School District cannot keep peace at its meetings, how can it prevent chaos in its schools?

Madison parent advised to flee school board meeting for her own safety (with video).

Social justice warriors attack Madison parent and son (with video).

They shouted Blaska down and Dean Loumos apologized — to the disrupters (with video).   

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6 Responses to ‘Please do not use my name; I have 3 little children to protect from this mob’

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Mob rule at its finest. And it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of self-righteous twits. How distressing it must be for them to be denounced to their faces by those black and brown-skinned folk whose best interests they claim to champion. Especially delightful to see Mary Burke–the upper-middle class white Madison liberal from Central Casting–singled out as a target of their ire. (Here’s a woman who can’t successfully conduct a public meeting but thought she’d make a fine governor of WI.) Not that this latest debacle will shake the faith of the thousands of other Mary Burkes in Madison that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Just keep calm and remember that the liberals are in charge.,


  2. wadwizard says:

    The social order has broken down, and there is no protection of the rights and safety of the law-abiding public by Madison/Dane County law enforcement. The “protestors” DO NOT have the right under the 1st Amendment to shout down, bully and intimidate members of the public at a meeting such as this. This is thuggery. The conduct observed merits disorderly conduct charges and perhaps battery charges, and certainly prompt removal from the meeting at the minimum.

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