‘Silence white supremacy!’ Part #2

‘Get him out’

That was what the anti-police rowdies — about 50 of them — chanted Wednesday evening at the Madison school board ad hoc committee on “educational resource officers.” For the last year and one-half they have been browbeating the school board to expel the cops, not troublemakers, from Madison’s public schools. We described that chaotic meeting in Part #1.

This video was recorded by DuersttheWuerst who captions it “Silence White Supremacy! Chants triggered BLM SJWs (social justice warriors?).” [[ UPDATE: Great comments here. A sample: “This is political terrorism. Don’t laugh about it. This is what fascism looks like early on.” Thanks to Ann of Althouse for picking this up. And to Instapundit (H/T Da Judge) ]]

From the psychotic Madison school board meeting concerning getting cops outta schools. These people are ideologically possessed children who are incapable of rational discussion.

I’ll second that motion. In the video, I point out that this is the same Derail the Jail crew that disrupted the Dane County Board. At which point someone shouted that I had “attacked” the family of the sainted drug abuser and convicted felon Tony T. Robinson Jr., who attacked a police officer whom Tony’s friends had summoned for help. (Tony was attacking people, including complete strangers, at random.) At that county board meeting in question, I suggested that had Tony T. been committed to the new jail Sheriff Mahoney is building, the one that will treat mental illness and substance abuse, the young man might be alive today. Instead, he was given probation. In addition to lots of psilocybin and prescription Xanax by his _________. Now he is dead.

Now, this small, non-representative and self-referential group of F-bombers is trying to drive school policy. By shouting down speakers and disrupting a public meeting and brandishing race as if it were an AR-15. You can hear me comment during the video that the chaos in Room 103 of the Doyle Administration Bldg Wednesday resembles too many Madison classrooms. You see several members leaving, including school board member T.J. Mertz. A few of them did return.

The video does not capture Dean Loumos apologizing to the speech bullies for allowing me to speak.


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