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Tear gas in Madison WI

Madison is under a coronavirus lockdown AND a curfew. Hundreds riot? Did not see THAT coming! Did Madison authorities? Busted windows, looting, a police car torched, rocks thrown, small fires, and overturned planters on State Street, Madison WI. 75 businesses … Continue reading

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Madison teachers say ‘society is murdering black & brown people’

Your Madison public school teachers in action! You may not learn to read at Madison schools but they’ll teach identity politics! Virtue-signaling 101 From the Madison Teachers Inc. website: We are a group of educators planning a Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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‘Silence white supremacy!’ Part #2

‘Get him out’ That was what the anti-police rowdies — about 50 of them — chanted Wednesday evening at the Madison school board ad hoc committee on “educational resource officers.” For the last year and one-half they have been browbeating … Continue reading

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The police study wanted to (in effect) disarm Madison police

Blaska Policy Werkes recommendation #1: Do not assault a police officer If the generals in Madison’s War on Cops had their way, police would be stripped of their sidearms and sent to restorative justice camps if they dared fight back … Continue reading

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