Madison teachers say ‘society is murdering black & brown people’

Your Madison public school teachers in action!

You may not learn to read at Madison schools
but they’ll teach identity politics!

Virtue-signaling 101

From the Madison Teachers Inc. website:

Black-Lives-Matter-Pic-148x300We are a group of educators planning a Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Madison as part of the National BLM Week of Action February 3-7, 2020.

The Black Lives Matter movement recognizes the impact of mass incarceration, poverty, non-affordable housing, income disparity, homophobia, unfair immigration laws and policies, gender inequality, and poor access to healthcare. All of these injustices exist in the intersection of race, class and gender. And they have always existed and continue to exist within our Madison community, including within our own school system.

…. If society continues to marginalize, murder, and devalue Black and Brown lives, then there is little hope for America to ever reach her fullest potential.

We call all of our colleagues, administrators, students, families and community members to partner with us as we engage in the National Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action February 3-7, 2020. We commit to analyzing and challenging both our personal and systemic or institutional racialized beliefs and practices.

For Extra Credit: Madison superintendent hopeful would concentrate on social justice and equity. Read it and weep.

Blaska’s bottom lineOne might think a logo displaying a clenched fist would be out of place in any educational setting —  even in competitive football. The U.S. Marine Corps, maybe. The fist is coercive, not instructive — is it not?

What do you think?

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18 Responses to Madison teachers say ‘society is murdering black & brown people’

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “The fist is coercive, not instructive ….” Exactly. Just like MMSD’s curriculum and the fanatical ideologues–teachers and administrators–who inflict it on their students.


  2. George's Son says:

    RE: Superintendent hopeful Vanden Wyngaard. This lady would/could be quite supportive of these misguided souls in the Madison Teachers group, as noted by the Albany Times-Union, on Jan. 23, 2016, “The Undoing of Albany’s School Superintendent”….

    At a commencement meeting, the article notes: “She said,”I lead an organization influenced by racist principles.” Although the address ended on an optimistic note, some say it struck a nerve with faculty and staff, who felt they had been “called out” as racists.”

    Not long after, the article continues: “The board approved a separation agreement awarding Vanden Wyngaard a $90,000 lump sum, benefits through June 2017 and continued pay of her $197,527 annual salary through June 30, 2016….

    Sources confirmed she was given an option of resigning now WITH A PAYOUT or being [later] FIRED WITHOUT ONE. And the community whose taxes would be used to fund the departure was left with theories and gossip about what exactly unfolded.”

    BTW: She filed Federal Bankruptcy in early 2017. I kinda was hopin’ for some real people to apply for this post.

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  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ” ‘Black and Brown people are murdering Black & Brown people’ ”


    The Gotch


  4. White Hills says:

    It looks like BLM is fisting the dome.


  5. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    I’m surprised that this tiresome parade of the “emperor-has-no-clothes” dogma of the BLM fad hasn’t yet run its course. Eventually, the nudity becomes apparent. Ho-hum.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      The kind of fanaticism promoted by BLM and similar hate groups may be a “fad” elsewhere; in Madison it’s an article of faith. Whoever gets the job of superintendent, their first order of business will be to turn out a new generation of Greta Thunbergs … minus the embarrassing whiteness.


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  7. geo_ says:

    The “Raised Fist” was first popularized by the French Revolution of 1848. It was copied by the IWW during the turn of the century and used by Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. It has grown as a symbol against oppression and fascism throughout the world. So it appears as if in this matter it is appropriate. It symbolizes freedom and liberty from oppressors, can’t get much more American than that.


    • The Gotch believes it’s degenerated to signify gimmee gimmee victimhoodie.

      Oppressors? Wrong country, mon frere!

      The Gotch


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Except when it’s appropriated by upper-middle class white Madison liberals desperate to convince themselves that, despite all the evidence of their being members in good standing of the pampered bourgeoisie, they’re really champions of the downtrodden proletariat. Plus it looks really neat on the banners they wave when prancing up State Street to the Capitol Square to demonstrate their outrage at all the Trump-inspired evil in the world.


        • geo_ says:

          You support all the Trump inspired evil around the world? You do realize Americans will die due to his roll back of coal emission rules, Americans will get sick and require special care due to his roll back of other EPA regs. America will be a war criminal due to his take-over of Syrian oil fields. To not see the trump evil happening is to be an evil one.
          I suppose you actually believed his statements last night? Mexico is paying for the wall. The president got more BS than the Montfort Beef feedlot in Greeley CO.


        • White Hills says:

          Thia is the most correct answer.


    • White Hills says:

      It was appropriated by privileged leftard white people. They’re oppressed in their own mind prisons.


    • madisonexpat says:

      All losers. Throw in the Walker Recall.


  8. George's Son says:

    Geo_ It’s always the “oil” with you…. The US is 91% self-supplying in oil, our oil imports to cover the shortfall is mostly the 40% from Canada. Syrian oil production is practically nil, down from 400,000 BBLS/day to 20,000 a day. Big Whup, who’s gonna fight over that. Further, in so very many ways, Mexico IS paying for that wall, especially the “virtual” wall. Check illegal immigration into the US after Trump put his foot on AMLO’s neck. Sheesh, always the same convo with you.

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  9. Sprocket says:

    While I suppose this plays well with cloistered white suburbanites, anyone who’s lived in reality, or even vaguely aware of it, knows this is nonsense. Blacks commit the vast majority of interracial violent crime in America (fun fact: they victimize other “people of color” at nearly the same rate as they victimize whites). They also murder twice the number of whites, as whites murder blacks. Black Lives Matter is just a hustle by hood-rat at leftie scumbags to promote a false narrative. Blacks because it allows them to victimize without repercussion and lefties because it allows them to use criminals as a weapon against a society they hate.


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