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Blaska can’t swim, anyway

Are we drowning in identity politics? As much as we like hot button issues here at the Werkes, we do NOT have an opinion on everything. (You are welcome!) We do clutch our pearls when we see men kissing on … Continue reading

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Madison schools: where sunlight never penetrates

When will voters demand accountability? As impenetrable as a galactic black hole, the Madison Metropolitan School District guards its secrets. What is the WaPost motto? “Democracy Dies In Darkness.” After being denied access to public records for a year now, … Continue reading

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‘Family friendly’ drag show at East high

Announced just after school board candidate filing deadline! Despite a prosthesis where his heart used to be, Blaska has empathy for teenagers — there really is no more difficult time of life. It’s when human beings larvae emerge from their … Continue reading

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A tale of two moralities

Let’s forgive mistakes except when the wrong people apologize for them! The indentured servants at the Werkes take a blood oath to oppose hyper-partisan, situational ethics wherever they may find it, cross their hearts and hope to die. Regrettably, The … Continue reading

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Get your crayons out, kids!

Remember connect the dots? Growing up in the 1950s (we’ll pause here while you do the math) we had an entire soft-cover book of them. And we liked it that way! In the spirit of Christmases past, the elves at … Continue reading

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Re-imagine there’s no courage

It’s easy if you try! Like any blowhard congress … person, Blaska reserve the right to revise and extend his remarks — those being published in today’s Wisconsin State Journal. If Madison’s next mayor is chosen on the volume of … Continue reading

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