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Talk big if you want; Blaska is out

Blaska is so NOT running for school board It will have to get worse before it gets better There’s a lot of brave talk on my NextDoor neighborhood social media. My neighbors are tired of their cars being stolen; their … Continue reading

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How dare you discipline my child!

No wonder the kid is screwed up This is the culture America’s Left has cultivated. This is the school board Madison elected. These are the teachers who have been undermined. The students who have been short changed. Because the policies … Continue reading

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Teachers are abused by low expectations

It’s not Act 10; its kids, their over-protective parents, and virtue-signaling administrators Julie Marburger was a school teacher at Cedar Creek, Texas, a suburb of Austin. She posted this on social media (H/T Greg L.) shortly before the end of … Continue reading

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No child left behind except U.S. school students

Maybe education ‘experts’ don’t know squat Here’s a shocker to all you Blaska Policy Werkes platinum subscribers: Common Core ain’t workin’.  One decade into this grand experiment, high school students in the U.S. are just as stupid as ever. No … Continue reading

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Our schools are teaching guilt and victimhood, not responsibility

No thanks on Thanksgiving? The white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes, the indentured servants at the Stately Manor, and the unlettered field hands at the Experimental Work Farm (and Penal Colony) wish you a rewarding Thanksgiving. Have an extra … Continue reading

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Madison schools dumb stupidity down

Democrats betray black & brown voters once again Donald Trump drives our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. Me, too, some days. But damned if the Democrats are determined to throw him the election once again. … Continue reading

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