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Reading, writing, arithmetic — and social justice!

Teaching racial grievance in your kids’ school  You can believe that Mike Gableman was on the verge of proving Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election stolen. You can testify that Hunter Biden didn’t peddle daddy’s influence. Swear that Alex Jones was right about Sandy … Continue reading

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Give ’em space; teachers feel disrespected!

But the socialists support them!  Parents of the 26,000 students enrolled in Madison’s public schools got to wonder if their classrooms will open as scheduled Monday 01-10-22. Or how many of their teachers will show. Because the teachers union is … Continue reading

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Kwitcherbitchen and get back in class!

The head groundskeeper sez: The U.S. Senate should be thankful Ron Johnson called for reading Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid and Pork bill rather than Dr. Seuss. At what point will the teachers unions piss off even committed progressives on the … Continue reading

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Madison teachers go to the mattresses

‘We need to stop this’ Teachers to protest Madison school return plan. A growing group of teachers and staff in the Madison Metropolitan School District are organizing a “teach out”, to stand up against MMSD’s plan to phase back to in-person … Continue reading

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Thank you, all-powerful teachers union!

Now get your shine box! My journalism alma mater, The Capital Times, flatters itself that it speaks truth to power, that hoary old cliché. We’ll believe it when they stop kowtowing (beautiful word) to  the all-powerful teachers union, Madison Teachers … Continue reading

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Madison teachers say ‘society is murdering black & brown people’

Your Madison public school teachers in action! You may not learn to read at Madison schools but they’ll teach identity politics! Virtue-signaling 101 From the Madison Teachers Inc. website: We are a group of educators planning a Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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