Kwitcherbitchen and get back in class!

The head groundskeeper sez: The U.S. Senate should be thankful Ron Johnson called for reading Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid and Pork bill rather than Dr. Seuss.

At what point will the teachers unions piss off even committed progressives on the Left? Even the WI State Journal, tiptoeing through the tulips of the Peoples’ Republic (lest it be subjected to a consumer boycott), emblazoned this headline over today’s (03-09-21) editorial: 

Stop stalling and get kids back in class

The edit notes that Las Vegas schools opened after 18 suicides through December. That private schools have been open all school year. That minority students are suffering the most. Madison’s schools were scheduled to reopen a tiny crack today, a full year into the coronavirus lockdown. Kindergartners, only!

It is time that the Education Establishment get a vigorous shaking up. Time to elect Deb Kerr over Jill Underly. 

The raised fist of brute force

Thursday 03-04-21 Madison’s unionized teachers protested the reopening. Notice the raised fists in the video that the union itself posted. What do they want? Each and every district employee fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The WI State Journal reports today: 

District officials have said a number of safety measures have been put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, ahead of Tuesday’s reopening date. The average number of students to a classroom will be 8-10 students, Stanford said, and student desks will be distanced inside of the classroom. 

Madison may be in thrall to the teachers union but our guess here is that the rest of Wisconsin is not. Voters on April 6 can send a broadside against the greedy education establishment by electing Deb Kerr as the statewide superintendent of public instruction over teachers union plant Jill Underly. 

Free at last!

Until launching her campaign last June, Deb Kerr was the superintendent of the Brown Deer school district. Signs are that Kerr has quit trying to be Democrat lite. Best thing to happen to her candidacy is Democrat(ic) party operatives Michael Maistelman and Brandon Savage quitting her campaign. (More here.Indications are she has taken on some of Tommy Thompson’s winning team to replace them.

We hope Kerr has learned NOT to apologize and NOT to play the Left’s “Everyone is a victim” game. Deb has to hit Underly often and hard. This is her message:

  1. Kerr is for kids, families, and teachers; in that orderUnderly is bought and paid for by the teachers union.
  2. Kerr is for opening all schools now Underly think urban districts need more time to open (forget that the pandemic has been here for a year).
  3. Kerr trusts parents to make the best choice for their kids; charter, choice, virtual or regular bricks and mortar schools. Underly opposed charter and choice.
  4. Kerr has a plan to improve outcomes for minority students.  Her district was 80% minority and she got results.
  5. Kerr has bipartisan support.  Underly is endorsed by WEAC and the Democrat Party of Wisconsin.
  6. Kerr thinks biological girls should compete against each other in competitive sports.  Transgender kids should have an opportunity to compete against each other.

Her Facebook page:

When will we learn the status quo is not working?

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7 Responses to Kwitcherbitchen and get back in class!

  1. Normwegian says:

    Heavens to Murgatroyd, what was that coming down the road, an endangered species? As I walked the dog in the Town of Winter, I heard a strange noise in the distance. Low and behold the yellow behemoth crested the hill. All of a sudden it passed me spraying semi-frozen slush from the road. Then it turned on flashing red lights and stopped; and several youngsters of varying ages, wearing backbacks exited this strange vehicle. Upon closer examination, it was determined to be a school bus. Local residents claim it’s a twice daily sight, and I should not be concerned about its’ demise, at least in the Winter, WI school district.

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  2. No Body says:

    I get that a lot of the teachers over 50 still want to teach but don’t want to get too close to potentially sick students. It is understandable. But only the Federal Reserve has infinite money, no state can afford to pay too many teachers to run distance-only classes. The highly motivated students will do OK with video classes, but the average students often don’t, and at-risk students are just not helped at all.

    If the teacher’s union wants all teachers vaccinated then that should be part of some give-and-take: every vaccinated teacher needs to be back in his or her classroom as soon as possible. Because one more time, it’s unaffordable to continue on as we have been. It’s busting budgets all over the country.

    It turns out that 80% of the people infected with COVID-19 who wound up in the hospital were overweight, or even obese. All of us would benefit from cutting weight back, including teachers.

    Either move back towards normal school, or start laying off teachers. That’s where school districts across the country are going, like it or not.

    Kerr thinks biological girls should compete against each other in competitive sports. Transgender kids should have an opportunity to compete against each other.

    The local Wokels will be triggered by that, and she’s going against the official DNC platform.

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  3. White Hills says:

    Off topic left wing media note:

    BuzzFeed is shutting down HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Québec, just two weeks after they filed for union certification.


  4. Wisconsin schools are a complete joke. “No child left behind” has resulted in every child coming in last place. In Ukraine, each class is split into numbered groups. Stronger students are in group 1, average students are in group 2, and weaker students are in group 3. It works because a student can move up or down the ladder based upon performance, which creates more incentive to learn.

    In Wisconsin, where equality trumps everything, classes are not allowed to separate based upon performance. All students are provided the same “group 3” level of education.

    If you care about your children and want to provide them with the best opportunity to learn, they must be educated at home or in a private school.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    During the entire year that Madison school kids were held hostage in their own homes by the Madison Teachers’ Union, I don’t recall seeing a single (scientific) study of the effectiveness of on-line learning compared to in-person learning. Could it be because doing so would unmask the unpleasant fact that on-line learning is a (cruel) joke? That nothing gets learned, that in fact kids regress substantially by being plunked in front of a screen and told that they’re being educated? That teachers get paid their usual cushy salaries while doing a fraction of the work? The Union made a safe bet by assuming that Madison liberals would never criticize them, no matter how egregious and craven they might be, for fear of being labeled anti-education yahoos.


  6. Bill says:

    Meanwhile grocery store workers go to work, convenience store workers have to go to work, barbers and hair stylists have to go to work, people who work in hospitals and other medical clinics all have to work. The same goes for airline workers, many of which work in tight quarters like the cockpit or a cabin of an airplane. Police officers and fire fighters all have to go to work. Our military members are still on duty many of which are housed in tents and barracks.
    There are teachers in private and parochial schools, in some public schools who have been teaching in the classrooms during this whole time.

    If this covid virus was so deadly there would be a mass of these workers who have already died from covid. But there are not.

    So why don’t the public school teachers in Madison and Milwaukee teach in classroom or are just starting to now?


    Those who have been elected were elected because they stood with the teachers unions. They received a big chunk of their campaign contributions from teachers unions which helped them get elected.

    To hell with the science and the observable facts.

    If your a liberal democrat and you want to get elected and then re-elected, you’ll do whatever the teachers unions want you to do.

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