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Bill Lueders hates me; does that make me stupid?

Bill Lueders hates me. I wish he wouldn’t but he does. Bill is bilious that Your Humble Squire calls out his pervasive Left-wing bias, extant throughout his career as a Professional Journalist. Tuesday evening at the High Noon Saloon, Bill … Continue reading

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Democrats demand special prosecutor to investigate Dilbert

Could it be? A newspaper comic strip from the political Right? A welcome counter to the Bush-bashing, coastal-elite Doonesbury? Be still my heart. The comic strip Dilbert delightfully skewers 21st Century bureaucratic America, Silicon Valley and every I.T. shop. It’s … Continue reading

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What went down in Georgia (or deep sixed)

No, Mr. President. We’re not tired of winning yet We learned these things from the suburban Atlanta congressional race last night. Money does not win elections. By all accounts, the Democrat Jon Ossoff significantly outspent the Republican winner — by … Continue reading

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Identity yourself, you ‘gender non-conforming’ Madison pilgrim

If your wallet isn’t as fat as George Costanza’s, you may need a City of Madison identification card. Your city government at work. Tackling the Big Stuff. Madison’s UnCommon Council, meets tonight (6-20-17) at the Obama Center to take the … Continue reading

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Left’s War on Men waged on Father’s Day

Hope you had a good Father’s Day yesterday. I did. The indentured servants were given the day off, it being Sunday. We’re just not big on holidays, birthdays, or (ask Mrs. Squire) anniversaries here at the Stately Manor. Even Christmas … Continue reading

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Forget the editorials, even the NY Times Styles section is a no-Trump zone

Capital Times hero: Jamie Kuhn for refusing the Pledge of Allegiance Villain: tortured Vietnam POW Don Heiliger Picking up where we left off (“The news media isn’t biased, it’s just liberal”), let us pre-empt the nattering nabobs who will cavil, … Continue reading

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