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Will Brenda Konkel litigate cops in school?

Brenda Konkel, doyenne of the cop-bashing Progressive Dane political party, is set to cause more trouble. She’s vetting an ethics complaint against school board president Gloria Reyes for voting to retain cops in Madison’s troubled high schools. This is the … Continue reading

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Madison school cops vote is tonight!

The Madison school board will vote TONIGHT at 6:30 (06-10-19) whether to retain school resource officers (SROs) in Madison high schools. The meeting is at Doyle Administration Bldg, 145 W. Dayton St. With option to remove one high school for … Continue reading

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Who will teach the children? Men in make-up!

Prepare the commitment orders! ‘He began referring to himself as a traditional conservative’ Maybe Men in Make-up is ‘how he got this way’ We begin today’s episode with the bracing news that Oberlin College in far-off Ohio was hit with … Continue reading

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If Donald Trump won would the (fake) news media notice?

‘A sarcastic jerk’ comments The top line at CNN on-line early this morning (06-08-19) is: “Family wants answers in Army vet’s death” — a headline about as anodyne as they come. Families are always wanting answers when a member dies.  … Continue reading

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Who will be the lucky high school?

To get rid of those pesky school police! Madison East high school? Madison West? La Follette? James Madison Memorial? One of those lucky schools — more particularly, their students, parents, and faculty — will be freed of those troublesome school … Continue reading

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Los Angeles spend millions on homeless, gets more of it

Who could have predicted? A colleague on the Dane County Board, the late Judith Wilcox, said this about homelessness: “if you spend it, they will come.” Judy was a standard-issue liberal with expertise in the social services — it was … Continue reading

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