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Only ‘haters’ disagree with progressive Madison alders

The Emerald City has a bad case of progressive envy. If Berkeley shouts down a conservative speaker one can be certain the hecklers will heckle at UW-Madison. After Ferguson, the local Black reparations movement signed its e-mails “Ferguson to Madison.” … Continue reading

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Booze, cocaine, and a cocked and loaded firearm taken off the streets

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do …? Part 2: From Police Chief Mike Koval’s daily blog for this Sunday, August 13 (days are not individually linked): 8)  EAST:  Adult Arrested Person – 8:23 p.m.  Team of MPD officers assigned … Continue reading

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Faced with Foxconn and 13,000 jobs, Democrats erect suicide nets around party

Wrapped around a brick, a missive from Sen. Tammy Baldwin came crashing through the transom here the Stately Manor, informing the Squire and his minions that “working families in Wisconsin and across the country are getting a raw deal.” If … Continue reading

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From Ferguson to Madison: safe streets are a casualty of the War on Cops

The War on Cops is real. The victims of this war are more black men slaughtered on the mean streets of America as police pull back, hunker down, drive on by. It’s called the Ferguson Effect and it is being … Continue reading

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Will Wisconsin get Toyota, too?

In one way, Donald Trump reminds me of Tommy Thompson. More, anon. Now comes word that, as the Wall Street Journal reports: “Toyota gets on Trump’s good side with $1.6 Billion U.S. factory.” Partnering with Mazda to build a $1.6 … Continue reading

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Dave Zweifel: pls stop making civility a partisan issue

Dear Dave Zweifel: Thought I’d write. It’s been awhile. Wanted to say thanks for putting up with me those 12 years I worked for you at The Capital Times. Have always admired your essential human decency. Read your latest column … Continue reading

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