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Is it autumn already?

Pardon us all to hell but … … like the mayor of San Francisco — we are feeling the spirit! “The Left chose to ignore the [Mexican] border,” Erick-Woods Erickson observes, “until they could blame America and law enforcement for something.” … Continue reading

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Quick, more gummint program$!

How progressives think (#249 in a series) Don’t be like Brad! We were discussing the recent drive-by whackings of two young black men in Madison WI.  A preening progressive who lives in the prosperous Sauk Creek neighborhood (let’s call him Brad) … Continue reading

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Fit Hillary for a GPS ankle bracelet!

Harry Winston designed, of course! Aside from Adam Kinzinger and a certain sassy congress gal from Wyoming, few have been as critical of the “Stop the Steal” urban myth as the Head Groundskeeper here at the Werkes. (We have too … Continue reading

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The Werkes is laughing AT you

… and with you! Norm MacDonald was one of our most subversive comedians. No wonder David Letterman loved him so much. For his “Weekend Update” segment, Norm wanted to display the famous photo of that crying little girl in Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Key kids! Insurrection is constitutional!

 It’s fraud when we lose! The indentured servants here at Blaska Stately Manor are sitting out the big protest 09-18-21 in Washington D.C. (Lawn needs mowing.) Saturday is when what’s left of the insurrectionist movement will demand “justice” for the 639 … Continue reading

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Quick! Call the mental health response team!

In broad daylight A home security app recorded this episode in the 6700 block of Hammersley Road on the west side of Madison WI 09-11-21. While a client was dropping off their dogs, their vehicle was almost jacked (stolen) it’s … Continue reading

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