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Today’s Trump dump, live and in color

Why can’t Republicans suck it up and defend their man like Democrats lined up behind the Clintons after Monica Lewinski and Benghazi? Could it be because we have a truer moral compass? Because we believe in good government? Besides which, … Continue reading

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Dave Cieslewicz may yet reform Dane County Democrats, but don’t count on it

They are still fighting the police, not crime What does it tell you that a recent ABC/Washington Post public opinion poll has Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in the popular vote?! Don’t under-estimate The Donald. He may yet prove to be the … Continue reading

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Classified info must be shared with those who can help us or what good is it?

Fake news? It’s real. I mean, there really is such a thing as fake news. So why not some fake commentary? And your Squire just the man for the job! Acceding to the wishes of the indentured servants here at … Continue reading

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It’s the Deplorables, stupid

Debated my old county board colleague Brett Hulsey Friday on Mitch Henck’s show. He’s actually a pretty good guy. But he fell back on the usual explanation of the Democrats’ electoral distress — that it was all economics. That’s about … Continue reading

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Policing in Madison & nationally is bucking fierce headwinds

We publish this in recognition of national police week, May 14-20. At noon on Friday, May 19, the 27th Annual Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony will take place on the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial site at the State Capitol grounds, corner … Continue reading

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Place more conservatives at the campus lecture podium

The idiot savants at the Stately Manor yip like maddened dogs when our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances accuse us of hearing conservative dog whistles. Why? Because they’ve got their own. However specious their argument, however bereft of fact or anemic in logic, … Continue reading

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