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Are white Madison progressives making racial minorities sick?

Fighting ‘racialized micro-aggressions’ from implicitly biased progressives, one perceived slight at a time ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ Madison’s terribly “woke” leaders have decided that crime is a public health issue. So, too, apparently, is racism. Given that progressive Madison WI is … Continue reading

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Progressives are in the dark

N. California goes off the grid Implementing A.O.C.’s Green New Deal Some catastrophes ARE man– (SORRY!) person-made The Blaska Easily Revocable Charitable Trust is mailing (special delivery) a 12-pack of AA batteries to Brother Richard in Sonoma, California. (AKA Northern … Continue reading

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Trump better play nice with Mitch

The U.S. Senate could have President Hubris by the short hairs if it wished Headline: “Turkey Begins Syria Incursion, Targeting Militia Backed by U.S.” Is Donald Trump trying to make Election 2020 closer than a barber’s shave? We get it … Continue reading

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‘Did you ever hear Sen. Johnson wince?’

Have you ever seen such a news media cover-up?   You can ‘hear’ the former journalist at Blaska Policy Werkes wincing still; if you are willing to listen, Chuck Todd The mainstream news media is not our enemy but it has sold … Continue reading

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Get ’em off the streets

No legal right to harass citizens and befoul the environment No babies were eaten in the production of today’s carbon-neutral blogge Nothing is a better bet in guilt-ridden Madison than more tax money for the homeless. No government budget is … Continue reading

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Hader shoulda been given the hy-ook!

Just a little bit outside! Second guessing from Couch Coach Blaska Much of Wisconsin, the Policy Werkes would guess, was shouting at the television Monday night (while listening to Uecker). Instead of doing The Wave, the indentured servants at rain-soaked … Continue reading

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