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 Let’s find the root cause of progressivism

Blaska Policy Werkes is a nanoparticle, isonogenic protein-based blog proven 99 percent effective at entertaining readers in Phase III trials and 89 percent effective against critical race theorists, overly Woke progressives, and militant social justice warriors. Use only as directed. … Continue reading

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Put the meeting disrupters in jail

No more Madison insurrections! There’s an argument to be made for continuing to Zoom (verb transitive) government meetings. Keeps Freedom Inc. and its BLM allies from shutting down democracy, which is legal in Madison WI but not in Washington D.C., … Continue reading

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Blaska gets out of Facebook jail

Facebook redemption  We have escaped Facebook Jail! For three days and nights we rotted inside the rank hole of oblivion, unable to share our paranoia and recrimination with the rest of the world. Was it something we said? We crawled … Continue reading

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Know any one can make it rain?

“Right as rain,” my farming Grandma Rose (1885-1979) would say when she agreed with something. We are headed toward bad drought here in southern Wisconsin. A major moisture malfunction and the future looks dry as a Taliban tavern. 10% chance … Continue reading

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Rooting around for root causes in all the wrong places

Wha-ha-ha-HAAAA! Through its single tinny speaker, Ol’ Sparky (our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer) emitted a Kamala Harris cackle when it informed the white lab coats here at the Werkes that Donald Trump revisionism is in full swing. 1. Turns out #45 … Continue reading

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Who is that tall dark stranger there?

Manchin is the name. Ridin’ the trail to who knows where. Luck is his companion, reaching across the aisle is his game.  Do we Republicans suddenly like mavericks? Only when they vote with us, of course. Too many of my rightward friends … Continue reading

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