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We can win this thing


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You, too, can be Wisconsin treasurer!

No heavy lifting, no duties, no responsibilities Salary: $69,936/year, state retirement system bennies Answerable to no one Don’t pay no union dues! The first day to circulate nomination papers is April 15, 2018. You need 2,000 to 4,000 signatures by the … Continue reading

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Vote today for less government

a Donte DiVincenzo wink to all you voters on this Election Day The white lab coats of the Blaska Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) resurrect a dictum that even the AnonyBobbers among us can agree on. That being, that the … Continue reading

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What stopped that Maryland school shooter?

What did NOT stop Tuesday’s (03-20-18) school shooting in Maryland? Maryland’s assault weapon ban The state’s 10-round magazine limit Its universal background check requirement Exhaustive permit application process for handguns Limiting the purchase of firearms to one per month Handgun … Continue reading

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Charleston commemorates Reconstruction

High temperature today of 76 F in the birthplace of the Confederacy, Charleston, S.C. About normal for this time of year. Azaleas are in full bloom. Professor Einstein back at UW-Madison says history is always being rewritten. That is true … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: irritating boor with the Right policies

The essential Joseph Epstein is always a welcome guest at the Stately Manor. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Professor Epstein perfectly captures the Squire’s considered position on our current President. Professor Epstein, you have the podium: My son … nicely … Continue reading

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