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Student shot near La Follette H.S.

Kids! Where do you stand on cops in schools, Ald. Hall? A car just driving through the area at the time of the shooting was hit by a bullet, and police spokesman Joel DeSpain said the driver was lucky. “A … Continue reading

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The Squire blew off Monday’s school board meeting

‘Can’t stop people from disrupting’ The Squire observed the Madison Board of Education at the safe remove of the Manor’s ancient b&w Philco. His positive behavior reinforcement coaches are marshaling the Squire’s diminishing energy for the confrontation sure to come at … Continue reading

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Please help! The Left needs more victims!

Are you certain you’re not oppressed? Because you probably are, y’know In the Wall Street Journal today, Shelby Steele, a senior fellow at Stanford U’s Hoover Institution,  explains “Why the Left is consumed with hate.” For many on the left … Continue reading

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Gee, wonder what Mrs. Clinton (Bill’s wife) thinks about the Kavanaugh charges

Denounce your husband before you pronounce judgment on others The Squire spent Tuesday night flipping the chunky dial on the Stately Manor’s Philco between the Brewers (why can’t that line-up HIT?!) and the cable talking-head shows. Even stopped in at … Continue reading

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The Left is not listening because they don’t want to know

In case anyone thought the Left was interested in the facts, here is The Nation to set you straight. Come to Monday’s U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Not to hear the charges against Brett Kavanaugh and his defense. Come to … Continue reading

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#MeToo movement is groping for political retribution in the Kavanaugh case

He who is without sin … or was never young and stupid Has it come to this? The #MeToo movement has gone from Harvey Weinstein, rape, harassment, and blacklisting to weaponizing teenage horseplay? Like too much Hitler and Holocaust hyperbole, the … Continue reading

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