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Only emotions

We have no words to describe the senseless violence in Waukesha WI Sunday night 11-21-21, a community where once our young family lived. Nothing to add, no great insights, just sheer dumb stupefaction. We may never know why anyone would … Continue reading

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Choose your own experts

A shame that the WI State Journal can find no expert to support the Rittenhouse jury’s verdict or criticize civil authorities for abandoning Kenosha in its hour of need. Their syndicated, Page 1 story Sunday spanned America in search of … Continue reading

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Joe Biden is angry at Kyle Rittenhouse

The usual suspects vent President Joe Biden: “While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included …”  WI Governor Tony Evers: “No verdict will be able to bring back the lives of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, … Continue reading

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Self-defense is legal in Wisconsin

Tony Evers mourns Kyle’s assailants! Kenosha will be calm tonight precisely because Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted this morning in Kenosha WI. Defense attorney Mark Richards told the news media, “The people who want to cause trouble don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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Even CNN admits Trump was right about collusion hoax

It was Barzini Hillary all along. The Great Reckoning has begun. In a bombshell mea culpa posted today, CNN admits, in essence, that the infamous Steele dossier alleging that Donald Trump as blackmailed into serving Vladimir Putin should be called … Continue reading

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Freedom Inc. blames police for East high school brawls

They got ‘a smart mouth!’ Few have done as much harm to kids of color that the local BLM affiliate, Freedom Inc. Not George Corley Wallace, not Bull Connors, or all the tiki torch toters in Charlottesville. It was Freedom … Continue reading

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