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Sennett’s principal does not need re-education

Jeffrey Copeland needs to be promoted to district superintendent! Riddle me this: What black educator would take a job with the Madison Metropolitan School District after it dragged Jeffrey Copeland through the muck? Why would any disciplinarian remain at MMSD? … Continue reading

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Democrats may yet prove they can run a big city

If they get control of the streets! With the election of Karen Bass in Los Angeles, black mayors run our four largest cities. Big deal. Eventually, everyone but the New York Times will quit playing identity politics. (Actual headline: “For … Continue reading

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Who will be the last Republican Baghdad Bob?

To excuse Florida Man’s toxicity? Fondly do we remember Baghdad Bob. He was the PR flack for Saddam Hussein who insisted that Iraq was turning back George W. Bush’s coalition forces even as his boss was burying himself in that … Continue reading

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Will we see Reagan’s like again?

Don’t overthink it! Let’s face it, with 6,000 years of recorded history, every day is an anniversary of something. But pause a moment to reflect that the last great President of the United States of America left office 34 long … Continue reading

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No soup bowl for you!

Is it the Fickell finger of fate? Let’s have a little pride, shall we Bucky? Your football team embarrassed itself. You lost, again, at home. At Camp Randall to a middling Big Ten West team. A team helmed by a … Continue reading

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Gerry Manders

as The Beaver! Our Democrat(ic) friends and acquaintances are pinning their dreams on April’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race, which they hope will reverse the state legislature’s “solid GOP majority [which] owes its status, in large part, to what some have … Continue reading

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