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A New York Times columnist smells a rat

One of the New York Times’ never-Trump, conservative columnists smells a rat. Ross Douthat recalls that LBJ spied on Barry Goldwater’s campaign in 1964, emboldened because “the entire political establishment treated Goldwater as a unique threat to the norms of … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman teaches economic illiteracy

How many times do the Trump haters get to be wrong and still get paid (or invited on CNN)? If Mark Zuckerberg is going to ban anyone he should delete the paid advertisement that comes across our Facebook feed here … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Gee: can we teach responsibility instead of guilt?

Want to reduce racial disparities? Do your homework! If we do not get answers to our questions, Blaska Policy Werkes will issue subpoenas. Sure, they are crypto-subpoenas but they should produce about the same result as Jerry Nadler’s. We question … Continue reading

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Was it Hillary Clinton who colluded with the Russians?

How did this baseless witch hunt ever get started? Maybe Hillary can tell us There is a reason Rachel Maddow put Hillary Clinton front and center on her MSNBC program Wednesday night. That reason can be described by the acronym: … Continue reading

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Straight White Man gets religion

Now that the April election is over and the Madison school board is more liberal than ever Glory, glory halleluja! A mere two days after Blaska called him out for ignoring THE central issue in the local Spring elections, former mayor Dave Cieslewicz … Continue reading

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Paging Mr. Rob! Fracas in Room 120! Please respond! Mr. Rob …?

‘We don’t have to listen to the police and you can’t touch us,’ part 2 What? a 12-year-old middle-school girl injured two police officers? Good thing Mike Koval is not Jen Cheatham or those two cops would be O.U.T.!  Their … Continue reading

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