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WI to Joe Biden on mask mandates: Pound sand!

The fat lady is singing — without her mask  Brian Hagedorn has staved off recall for another day. He wrote the deciding opinion in today’s 4-3 ruling that overturned Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate. A WI governor has only 60 … Continue reading

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Mara Eisch won’t drink the Kool Aid

No hardliners this time around, pls. We never see our friendly acquaintance Greg Humphrey in the candle-lit Republican catacombs deep under the streets of Madison WI. Suffice to say: the guy is insufficiently Deplorable. Under the nom de plume of … Continue reading

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Dave Zweifel wants to defund Republicans

We are so skewed! Dave Zweifel is upset that some of us are bucking the teachers union. We knuckle-dragging deplorables want the public schools open for in-classroom education, they don’t. Or as Dave puts it, quoting radio blabber Thom Hartmann, … Continue reading

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False hate crimes — lingua franca of the Left

Doubting the narrative is, itself, white supremacy  The essential Heather Mac Donald: “Race and False Hate Crime Narratives.” After the Boulder supermarket attacks, social media lit up with gloating pronouncements that the shooter was a violent white male and part … Continue reading

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Madison kids can thank Scott Walker and Robin Vos

One City is succeeding despite progressives Kaleem Caire is living the dream and more disadvantaged children, minority and low income, will get a chance at their share of the American dream, thanks to his refusal to allow woke Madison to … Continue reading

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Vote Tuesday April 6!

If you used to vote in a school your polling place has changed. See where here. Which Madison alder candidates want to DEFUND the POLICE? Answers here! About the Madison City Council referenda  Can’t improve upon what former mayor Cieslewicz says: … Continue reading

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