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We’re smart and we want respect

because words matter. Maybe the Head Groundskeeper is getting old (David, there’s no “maybe” about it!) but there’s nothing in the movie theaters we’re interested in seeing these days. Not into comic books.  We read today that this date in … Continue reading

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Could we Republicans be so lucky?

It is better to be lucky than good. Donald Trump lucked out six years ago when he drew as an opponent the one-woman crime syndicate, Hillary Clinton. She just wasn’t likable enough. Four years later, Joe Biden was fortunate to … Continue reading

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Let the games begin!

Is this a surrogate battle? Wisconsin voted against Trump in 2020 and in the 2016 Republican primary election. In that primary, Republicans chose Ted Cruz, the last man standing against Trump. Cruz has also endorsed Becky. Vote your choice for … Continue reading

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This gun for buy back

(No warranties implied or expressed) The poorly paid, non-union indentured servants here at Stately Blaska Manor are going to cash in next month. Pick up some major coin. A benjamin or two. They’re headed unlocked and unloaded for the Alliant … Continue reading

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No one can deny denial is on the ballot

It’s no longer a river in Egypt! Don’t sweat it, Wisconsin’s overlong primary campaign will end (mercifully) two weeks from now, Tuesday 08-09-22. Then the real bloodbath begins. Today we poll our platinum subscribers on who you WANT to win. We’ll … Continue reading

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Driving the clown car of fools

You’re losing when we’re laughing! The most entertaining segment of Thursday’s 07-21-22 House Committee investigation of the January 6 insurrection was its takedown of Always Trumper Josh Hawley. The committee showed video of the Republican senator raising his fist in approval … Continue reading

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