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Sherri Meinholz on losing her family farm to the Climate Hoax | Vicki McKenna | 1310 WIBA

Sherri Meinholz, owner of the Blue Star Dairy Farm, joins Vicki on the Vicki McKenna Show to talk about the news that a solar energy company is buying up large parcels of farmland, and potentially putting family farms out of … Continue reading

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Can a liberal Dane County judge win statewide election?

Do candidates campaign as being tough on crime, any more? Even candidates for judgeships? Not if they’re from Dane County, apparently. The race for Wisconsin Supreme Court pits incumbent Daniel Kelly, a conservative jurist, against two liberals.  Jill Karofsky is a … Continue reading

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Amy’s got pluck; do we like pluck?

Is Midwest nice a political force? Who will defend our super-sized Squishees? The talking heads were saying it all night Tuesday (02-11-2020) from New Hampshire. Did you ever imagine that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren’s vote totals would be short … Continue reading

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Got ego? Hollywood parasite condemns cows!

There goes Wisconsin! Enduring the Hollywood Hannibal Lecture Tour You know the coastal liberal elite is losing middle America when Hollywood comes out against milk. Viewership for the 2020 Oscar telecast hit an all-time low, a 20% drop from last … Continue reading

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Democrats are not enjoying this

‘Many Democrats haven’t enjoyed the past week’ Is this an understatement? New York Resistance Times newsletter writer David Leonhardt writes: Many Democrats haven’t enjoyed the past week. It started with the Iowa chaos, and went on to include President Trump’s … Continue reading

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We’re hearing the Democrats’ death rattle

Censorious, judgmental, and out of touch Don’t cry for me, Quasem Suleimani The white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes watched as much of the Democrats’ presidential debate Friday (02-07-2020) from New Hampshire as they could stand. In unison, they … Continue reading

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