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Your embattled Squire endures a Sunday morning confrontation in a Madison coffee house

So I’m reading the Wisconsin State Journal at the Collectivo coffee shop on Monroe Street in the bleeding heart of liberal Madison. I am slurping extra-dark, dangerously caffeinated brews between bites of a nutritious, life-sustaining cowboy cookie. (They wouldn’t make … Continue reading

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Remember these names in the Spring election

Here is the roll call on the vote to impose a $28 annual vehicle registration fee for Dane County residents on top of existing state fees: IN FAVOR 27: BAYRD, BOLLIG, CHENOWETH, CORRIGAN, DYE, ERICKSON, GILLIS, HENDRICK, KOLAR, KRAUSE, LEVIN, MATANO, … Continue reading

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Beauty and terror on a mid-November Madison WI weekend

On this bright and warmish Monday, the unlettered field hands are singing their folk songs from the AC/DC catalog in memory of its late co-founder as they prepare the Experimental Work Farm & Penal Colony for the onset of winter. … Continue reading

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Al Franken learns ‘comedy’ ain’t always pretty

The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes are examining the photograph of Al Franken giving a sleeping young lady’s boobs a good working over while grinning at the camera like a college freshman at a wapatoolie party. Or … Continue reading

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Madison police supporters: tonight’s the night!

  UPDATE: Folks, we did it! Early this morning (11-14-17) Ald. Skidmore’s Amendment for 15 more police officers succeeded. The Kemble Krew’s attempt to zero out police failed. Body camera pilot defeated. We’ll get you the roll calls soon. The Madison Common … Continue reading

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Madison’s median strip grifters proven a scam

Since we are in a good mood on this sunny Friday, let’s count our blessings. We’re not at war, the stock market is soaring, the economy is booming, tax cuts are coming, the Badgers are winning and … and … … Continue reading

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