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Who is that tall dark stranger there?

Manchin is the name. Ridin’ the trail to who knows where. Luck is his companion, reaching across the aisle is his game.  Do we Republicans suddenly like mavericks? Only when they vote with us, of course. Too many of my rightward friends … Continue reading

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Air quality alert for SW side of Madison!

Due to mid-course correction on Allis Chalmers G project Restoration on the Experimental Farm’s 1949 Allis Chalmers model G tractor is underway! It’s a tractor we grew up with as kids 60 years ago. (!) (More here.) Cute as a … Continue reading

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Sen. Johnson defies the news media gatekeepers

Wisconsin loves a maverick Had forgotten how invigorating is Sen. Ron Johnson. The Wisconsin Republican spoke at today’s (06-05-21) Second District Republican Caucus at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison. Said he is still undecided about re-election. But did say: He never … Continue reading

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Pushing back against the woke racists

will get you called ‘racist’ We expected getting old would take longer. We remember the 1970s (albeit through a purple haze). “I’m O.K., you’re O.K.” was the social mantra. Then there was that guy that gave everybody hugs. (Keep away … Continue reading

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A sick and twisted progressive hit job

Politics of the personal Sometime soon, Dave Zweifel will write about the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could sit down and get blotto together at the old Congress Bar off Madison’s Capitol Square. If the editor emeritus asks … Continue reading

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June 2021, the crazies come crawling

Let’s leave Crazy to the Left Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and with it a brief outpouring of America the beautiful. Madison WI and the nation are now back to full on crazy. So far, the Left has … Continue reading

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