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Kwitcherbitchen and get back in class!

The head groundskeeper sez: The U.S. Senate should be thankful Ron Johnson called for reading Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid and Pork bill rather than Dr. Seuss. At what point will the teachers unions piss off even committed progressives on the … Continue reading

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Blaska supports district charter schools; part #2 of 3

‘One thousand points of light’ Second part of the Madison Teachers Inc. questionnairefor the Tuesday, February 19 school board primary election 10. What ideas do you have to support the recruitment and retention of teachers of color so that our … Continue reading

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Leading school board candidate answers questions from teachers union; Part #1 of 3

Blaska answers 30 questions from Madison Teachers Inc. with some straight talk  Why are you running for the MMSD Board of Education? Because Safe Schools = a Safe Community  Because we can close the achievement gap only by restoring discipline and high expectations … Continue reading

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Arrest the social justice brownshirts

“This is what democracy looks like,” the Derail the Jail mob chanted Monday night as they disrupted a scheduled meeting of the Dane County Board of Supervisors. No, this is what the Bolshevik putsch 100 years ago looked like. This … Continue reading

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Getting Linda Cross-wise with the Super of Education

Memo to Linda Cross: A good conservative Republican, name of Scott Walker, has been governor of the State of Wisconsin since January 2011. Here we are, seven years in, and the statewide school chief is a liberal Democrat. The state superintendent … Continue reading

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