Leading school board candidate answers questions from teachers union; Part #1 of 3

Blaska answers 30 questions from Madison Teachers Inc.

with some straight talk 

  1. Why are you running for the MMSD Board of Education?

Because Safe Schools = a Safe Community 

Because we can close the achievement gap only by restoring discipline and high expectations to Madison education regardless of race, income, or other identity politics.

Yes, there is a racial disparity in achievement in Madison and Dane County. No, our teachers are not institutionally racist.

The kids hijacking cars and shooting up the school bus are not being turned away at the schoolhouse door. David Blaska did not eat their homework. Madison wants to help them but we cannot as long as we keep telling those kids they are victims incapable of making a better future. Or when a candidate for mayor blames racism for failing to meet the basic threshold to get on the ballot. Or when too many current school board members treat Madison police as hostile interlopers requiring more supervision than cafeteria brawlers. 

  • Because good teachers are quitting in frustration. Teachers with high expectations for their students, who do not make excuses, ought to be honored — not vilified.
  • Because the district’s overall achievement score has declined in the last five years — to 58.2 from 63.5 points, according to the Department of Public Instruction. 
  • Because when parents are intimidated at school board meetings, imagine the chaos in the classroom! None of the other candidates have called out the harassment visited by Freedom Inc., the International Socialists, the Community Response Team, and their allies on Progressive Dane. On 07-19-18, Police Chief Mike Koval described it this way:

“If you saw some of the dynamic that unfolded, what you saw was a choreographed and orchestrated show of force. It is daunting, it is meant to intimidate, it is meant to marginalize and for those who otherwise want to express some civic opinion that is counter to [the terrorists] own, you are literally leaving the hallway in fear.” …

  • Because Madison residents are fleeing our schools; MMSD suffered a net loss of 804 students through the open enrollment program this school year.
  • Because reformers like Dr. Michael McCabe are applying to Scott Walker’s Office of Educational Opportunity for charter schools instead of to MMSD.
  • Because Madison’s public schools are in trouble.
  • Because school discipline is Job #1.

2. Please describe what quality public education looks like to you?

High standards. No excuses. Stand and Deliver. Challenge the student to grow. Instill responsibility. Parental involvement. Color-blind. Community-minded. Proud of themselves because they have achieved. One thousand points of light.

3. Name three things you believe the MMSD does well.

Make excuses. Blame state government. Dumb down deviancy. Feed the culture of victimization. Lower expectations. Monger guilt. 

BUT ALSO: Hire great teachers. Pay them well. Welcome every student.

4. Name three things you believe the MMSD needs to improve.

  • Classroom Discipline. Return control of the classrooms to teachers. 
  • More charters (call it “one thousand points of light”) One size does not fit all. 
  • Lose the fixation on identity politics.

5. How do you think the MMSD should address these challenges?

  • Abolish the aggregation of performance statistics based on race, gender, and national identity (subject to legislative approval). 
  • Open up to district charters or lose education to outside charters and suburban school districts. 
  • Trust teachers to control their classrooms. They are the captains of their ship. (Start by restoring civility to school board meetings. No profanity, no disruptions, no intimidation.)
  • Each student participates in school maintenance; from at least middle school on up, one hour a week pushing broom, shoveling snow, cleaning whiteboards, etc.

6. Name three things you believe the State of Wisconsin could do better to support public schools.

Wrong question. The question is “What can the State of Wisconsin do to improve student outcomes?” Eyes on the prize, people! Public schools are not the purpose, they are a means to an end. The goal is an educated citizenry — not insulating the silo. Therefore:

  • Close down all failing schools receiving taxpayer dollars: that means public and voucher. Take over the entire Milwaukee public school system, which has received failing grades for years and is, in fact, failing generations of young people.
  • Make the Department of Public Instruction a cabinet-level department whose secretary is appointed by the governor. (Requires constitutional change.) Education should sit at the same table with natural resources, transportation, veterans affairs, revenue, workforce development, etc.
  • Set up residential, secure-campus schools for at-risk youth — both court-ordered and voluntary admissions to save young people from troubled home environments. Replaces Lincoln Hills with regional schools, including one in Dane County on a dedicated campus. Contract education to most qualified bidder, including MMSD.

7. How would you advocate for these needs as a Board member?

I’m not shy. I know how to harness public opinion. You need one member who gets along with (and knows) Republican legislators. Maybe one member who represents the Great Unwashed.

8. What do you believe are the three greatest external challenges facing the MMSD.

  • Progressive Dane. (Ali Muldrow, T.J. Mertz, Dean Loumos, Anna Moffit, Nikki Vander Meulen are a members), Freedom Inc., and their terribly “woke” allies.
  • Better alternatives: suburban school districts, non-district charters, vouchers. MMSD must compete.
  • The general cult of victimhood promoted by identity politics. (The urban myth of “school-to-prison pipeline.”)

9. How do you think the MMSD can best meet these challenges?

Elect David Blaska.


Help me get my message out!

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28 Responses to Leading school board candidate answers questions from teachers union; Part #1 of 3

  1. Tom Paine says:

    To what Leninist Party apparatchiks did you submit the answers? Are the answers by other candidates available for public review?

    Why isn’t the curriculum, Gr8-12 posted and available for public review?
    Why aren’t identities of school texts and reading materials unavailable to parents and the public?
    Why not require each teacher and administrator who seeks a pay increase to write a biographical justification for such? No automatic pay increases without demonstrated performance improvement. Biographical justifications of teacher and administrator efforts must be written and available for public review.
    All administrators MUST allow blind reviews by the teachers whom they “manage.” Such reviews must ask each teacher to review the BS rating of each administrator under whom they work.

    If Blaska adopts any of above, he will lose the election. So, Dave, keep quiet.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Batman says:

    Really good stuff Dave so prepare for the haters to begin piling on.
    Will be interesting to observe the reaction to your fine common sense ideas/platform.
    Keep going…


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Mike McCabe — a former spokesman for MMSD!”

    What price has he/will he pay for the career suicide/secular blasphemy of voluntarily leaving the Lefty Plantation?

    GREAT stuff Blaska; soldier on!

    The Gotch


  4. Marge Bils says:

    Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. White Hills says:

    I hear a lot of shrieking from childless careerist NGO women downtown right now. ***They deserve that money, not citizen’s children. You racist!

    Someone representative of the unwashed. Lol. *** They do belive that.


  6. old baldy says:

    I agree with most of what you said. But that “Pay them well” idea will cost you with modern day republicans/conservatives.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @hankdog/old baldy;

      “that ‘Pay them well’ idea will cost you with modern day republicans/conservatives.”

      Youse, and most career Lefties, (to their eternal peril), fail to note that rural Conservatives want clean air-n-water and their children to be well educated.

      What youse, and most career Lefties, (to their eternal peril), ALSO fail to note is that rural Conservatives won’t allow themselves to be herded toward more More MORE free stuff to ensure their obsequious compliance.

      The Gotch


      • old baldy says:


        Well recent history and the behavior of the past 8 years of conservative rule would disagree with you. But you always were a proponent of alternative facts.

        I haven’t lived in MadCity in almost 40 years. You are flat out wrong. No surprise. If you want to talk about enablers, vos and fitz are on the top of the list. That’s a fact.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @hankdog/old baldy;

          “Well recent history and the behavior of the past 8 years of conservative rule would disagree with you.”

          Do tell!

          In my defense, I’m on record disagreeing with some of the previous Administration’s environmental policies.

          Including, but not limited to, failing to ear-mark FAR greater, I mean adequate-n-necessary, taxpayer-funded assistance to study a Science we’ve been repeatedly told is Settled.

          “But you always were a proponent of alternative facts.”

          Not MY facts, THE facts…something recognized by a fact-based Universe.

          The Gotch


        • madisonexpat says:

          Vos and Fitz are brawling in the cafeteria? Bringing guns to schools. Denying students police protection in schools? Why would you assert such a thing? How did they get the epic failure in Milwaukee school system?


      • jeffsimpson7 says:

        Hey Gotch: If this is true – fail to note that rural Conservatives want clean air-n-water and their children to be well educated.

        Then why do they vote the exact opposite?

        The Simp


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @The Simp;

          It’s abundantly clear yer not capable of nuanced thinking and can’t/won’t understand that Lefty is NOT the sole proprietor of Mother Gaia. Anyone that thinks they are ain’t paying attention, or is too monumentally addlepated to know better.

          Any number of examples will flesh that out: Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green To Me or Al Gore: The Origins Of A Hypocrite, both by Jeffery St. Clair, the reliably Über Lefty editor of Counterpunch.org, the “Fearless Voice Of The American Left Since 1993

          Secure a crate of tissues and do a little research on two future Super Fund sites, the WTI Waste Incinerator in E. Lebanon, OH or the LaFarge Alpena [MI] Cement Plant. The names Rose Law Firm, Hillarity, her hubby, & Fat Albert ring a bell? Their dirty little fingerprints are all over them.

          One of the known Universe’s greatest environmentalists David Brower once said in reference to the Clinch River Breeder/Reactor and the Tellico Dam that: “This was the beginning of the end of the Endangered Species Act.”

          Now, was he talking about some Evil Righty evil doings? Nope, he was talking about none other than self-anointed “PR Man For The Planet” and Global Warming Huckster Fat Albert Gore.

          When youse limit yer sources, youse get caught with yer pants down.

          The Gotch


    • madisonexpat says:

      More the fool you OB. The reason teachers and students are escaping MMSD is because of enablers like you. You are the problem.


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  8. A Party of One says:

    I like the idea of making the kids do maintenance work in the school. I’ve always thought that making each teenager clean public restrooms for a month would go a long way towards creating a more civil populace.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @A Party Of One;

      Wouldn’t that be damaging to their fragile self esteem?

      Self esteem as defined by Lefty:
      *never hearing the word NO,
      *being repeatedly told yer special,
      *being repeatedly told yer a victim of (fill-in-the-blank),
      *being repeatedly told that success and getting ahead in life is a zero-sum game,
      *being repeatedly told that that game is rigged against you’s,
      *being repeatedly told that the world owes you something, I mean, everything, ad nauseum ad infinitum.

      The Gotch


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        A nice summary of the systematic brainwashing and feel-good claptrap that styles itself as “education” nowadays. I was raised to believe that self-esteem (what used to be called self-respect) was something you earned, not something you were entitled to.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @Gary L. Kriewald;

          Same here, I still teach/impart it that way to anyone that’ll listen.

          The Gotch


  9. Bill Everley says:

    Leading? What kind of mushrooms were on your pizza? LOLOLOLOLOL


  10. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Dave, you’d better knock off that “straight talk” lest the LGBTQRSUVWXYZ community start squealing about feeling threatened by the heteronormative patriarchy, of which you are Exhibit A. BTW did you know that the transgender “community” now has its very own official flag? Guess there weren’t enough stripes in the rainbow banner to accommodate their specialness. One more logical outcome of the madness that is identity politics.


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