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‘God help me, Blaska for school board’

Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz writes: “Yeah, he’s a lot more conservative than I am, but that does not change the simple fact that what he’s saying about school safety is true. He wants to make the basic safety of … Continue reading

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Teachers were respected before CRT

Thanks for the reminder, Dave Zweifel! Awoke this beautiful Sunday morning in late February wondering what precious pearls the Head Groundskeeper of the Werkes would share with his panting public. He began the day with a stout cuppa joe and … Continue reading

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Safer schools reason to write in David Blaska for Madison School Board April 4 CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Greg Humphrey writes: I know David to be a great conversationalist, a smart and witty person, and principled. I also know in these highly polarized days it might seem all uphill to ask Madison to give Blaska a fair hearing, … Continue reading

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How hard-core Left can Madison go?

‘Her name was Magill and she called herself Lil [but] everyone knew her as Nancy.’ The Werkes revises and extends its remarks on the nuthouse called the Madison school board — but we do not yield our time. We did … Continue reading

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Hoist the white flag over Madison schools

Did you screw up? Blame the pandemic! It’s the all-purpose scapegoat. Some blame coronavirus for the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol 01-06-21. Madison’s school board president blames the Wuhan woo woo for the “dearth of candidates” running in this spring’s … Continue reading

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Real parents tell real stories for real courage on the Madison school board

for real change on the Madison school board We’re up starting Tuesday. You can vote now, before regular election day Tuesday, February 19. Here’s how (in-person absentee).

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