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The kids are not alright

They don’t feel safe in Madison’s public high schools. The progressive BLM project is in trouble right here in the Emerald City — and don’t they know it! Students are walking out of Madison’s high schools in protest. Not just … Continue reading

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Kwitcherbitchen and get back in class!

The head groundskeeper sez: The U.S. Senate should be thankful Ron Johnson called for reading Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid and Pork bill rather than Dr. Seuss. At what point will the teachers unions piss off even committed progressives on the … Continue reading

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Thank you, all-powerful teachers union!

Now get your shine box! My journalism alma mater, The Capital Times, flatters itself that it speaks truth to power, that hoary old cliché. We’ll believe it when they stop kowtowing (beautiful word) to  the all-powerful teachers union, Madison Teachers … Continue reading

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