Thank you, all-powerful teachers union!

Now get your shine box!

My journalism alma mater, The Capital Times, flatters itself that it speaks truth to power, that hoary old cliché. We’ll believe it when they stop kowtowing (beautiful word) to  the all-powerful teachers union, Madison Teachers Inc.

The Emerald City’s public schools remain shuttered for classroom learning late this February 2021 even as the area’s private schools have taught children in person and in living color for most of the school year. And No One Died! MTI subscribes to the precept of never allowing a crisis to go to waste. Accordingly, MTI has a list of hostage demands the envy of Hans Gruber before returning to the classroom, including combat pay. So much for “follow the science.” More like Follow The Money. The Centers for Disease Control:

‘Opening schools for in-person learning as safely and quickly as possible, and keeping them open, is important given the many known and established benefits of in-person learning.’

But not in Madison! Consider the craven supplication in The Capital Times’ editorial headline, then swish with Listerine. Better yet, make it Maker’s Mark.

MTI does community a service by standing up for safe schools.

Oh, thank you, wondrous teachers union! Madison Metropolitan School District is trying to kill your dues-paying members and All The Little Children! but you got wise to their treachery!

Thank you, teachers union! May we have another?

But wait, there’s more! 

Wisconsin’s Democrat governor, blunt tool of the teachers union going back at least to his 10 years as the state’s superintendent of public instruction, wants to pull the rug out from under Kaleem Caire and his One City Schools, (Noble Wray, chairman of the board.)

Evers would eliminate the Office of Educational Opportunity (OEO), which authorizes independent charter schools  under the aegis of the University of Wisconsin. Former governor Scott Walker and a Republican legislature created the Office after the Madison public school district routinely put the kibosh on charters. Which it did in 2011 for Mr. Caire’s proposed Madison Prep high school.

Without the OEO, Caire would have to reapply to the Madison school board, which uses its government monopoly to discourage competition.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe trust the Republican legislature will demur but should the OEO somehow be “disappeared,” count on The Capital Times to thank the teachers union for another “community service.”

Bonus Bottom Line for platinum subscribers only: The Capital Times, please recall, joined Freedom Inc. and MTI to expel school resource police officers from our troubled high schools. So maybe returning to the classroom isn’t safe, after all. But not because of COVID-19.

Is there any hope at all?

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67 Responses to Thank you, all-powerful teachers union!

    • nathanemarks says:

      I read through your links. And, exactly as I predicted you provided information on why cloth masks are worthless, and I agree with that.

      I took care to frame my argument for using n95 masks. Which if worn by every one of us, is a proxy for herd immunity.

      Had Trump used the Defense Production Act to produce a few trillion masks in Spring 2020, and had legislation been passed to require universal compliance — our economy would have been opened back up by Summer.

      A cheap, easy, readily available, common-sense solution would have prevented months/years of suffering and a half-million dead.

      “Oh, I have the right to not wear a face diaper!!!” Shut up with that shit. 500k people have the right to be alive right now. Kids had the right to get back to school last fall. Restaurant and Bar Owners had the right to keep their doors open.

      When the good of our society as a whole, depends on individuals wearing a mask for a few months (and that’s ALL it would have taken to get it under control), then shut up and wear the mask.


      • Kooter says:

        Wrong, there are several references to surgical masks, not just cloth masks. Bottom line (for me): there is enough info supporting AND negating masks for the prevention of viral transmission to say no one really knows. Therefore, IMO, wear ’em if you want, but dont mandate them on others.
        Your TDS is pretty severe and clearly beyond the scope of my expertise. Maybe double masking would help?


        • nathanemarks says:

          I am not sure if you are being willfully-ignorant of what I wrote, or what your deal is. Take your blinders off and read this next sentence: A surgical mask is NOT the same thing as an n95 mask.

          There are many, many robust and compelling studies indicating that n95 stops virus transmission. They are a 95-98% solution depending on the study. I mean, why do you think they are the standard for healthcare workers right now?


  1. Liberty says:

    “Evers would eliminate the Office of Educational Opportunity (OEO), which authorizes independent charter schools under the aegis of the University of Wisconsin . . .Without the OEO, Caire would have to reapply to the Madison school board, which uses its government monopoly to discourage competition.”

    I love the idea of independent charter schools, and I so want Black & underprivileged students to excel and not be held back by substandard public education.

    Still, I can’t trust him after that art incident last summer and I’m not crazy about Noble Wray, either.


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