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Did George Floyd die of Covid?

Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin has been convicted! In the news media! They’re competing with each other as to who can wring the most salty tears out of a most preventable tragedy. Mr. George Floyd, please get in the squad car! … Continue reading

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A mall won’t fix Madison’s mauled State Street

first of two parts Newspapers need a cause. William Randolph Hearst’s was war with Spain. Col. McCormick wanted commies out of the State Department. The great crusade of our favorite Madison morning daily these days is moving bus traffic off … Continue reading

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The shot heard round the Werkes

Got my sticker, got my card. Where’s my chip? Springtime for Blaska winter for COVID and shutdowns! The indentured servants received their Fauci ouchie on February 17 at SSM headquarters off Madison’s Beltline. Went smooth as a baby’s bottom. No big … Continue reading

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Thank you, all-powerful teachers union!

Now get your shine box! My journalism alma mater, The Capital Times, flatters itself that it speaks truth to power, that hoary old cliché. We’ll believe it when they stop kowtowing (beautiful word) to  the all-powerful teachers union, Madison Teachers … Continue reading

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Get the Covid-19 vaccine out to anyone with an arm

Even if it has to go to a hedge fund manager The gray labcoats here at Blaska Policy Werkes believe in science as much as any good Madison liberal with a yard sign out front. We’re just not certain what science … Continue reading

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We’re gathering indoors to give thanks

Mass or otherwise! The devil struggling for the remnants of Blaska’s soul is proposing that the irascible bloggeur assemble a small fleet of automobiles, pick-up trucks, bicycles, and tour buses. The vehicles will be parked in the driveway, on the … Continue reading

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