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We’re gathering indoors to give thanks

Mass or otherwise! The devil struggling for the remnants of Blaska’s soul is proposing that the irascible bloggeur assemble a small fleet of automobiles, pick-up trucks, bicycles, and tour buses. The vehicles will be parked in the driveway, on the … Continue reading

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Remember when Americans yearned to breathe free?

People, please! Have some self-respect! You people who are wearing Covid-19 face masks outdoors, bathed in God’s golden sunshine, bicycling with the lane all to your lonesome, trucking down the sidewalk under a high sky and no one within 20 … Continue reading

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When will government close up shop? And schools?

Boy, do we feel non-essential! Washing my hands, boss! It is a matter of time before Gov. Tony Evers announces that Wisconsin state government will go on hiatus — most of it, anyway — due to COVID-19. And Madison schools? … Continue reading

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