Smoke gets in our skies

Feels good to rub elbows again!

Hooray for the Milwaukee Bucks! Not a particular fan of the pro game but happy for Milwaukee and our state! A championship every 50 years isn’t too much to ask. Cannot pronounce his name so we say “The Greek Freak” with awe and respect. 60,000 fans in downtown Milwaukee and 17,000+ inside FiServ Forum! ($1,200 for standing room only?)

Hardly a mask in sight and no overturned police cars! (O.K., there were some shots fired at 12:45 am.)

Giannis Antetokuonmpo is a good, humble fit for Milwaukee. As this tweet from 2018 shows: “Just tried a corndog for the first time. Man, God Bless America!”

This is why sports teams are important. The success may be vicarious but it still feels good — especially for a city and state with a bit of an inferiority complex. The 1971 Bucks lost Kaleem Abdul Jabbar but they’re keeping Giannis A. You can thank Republicans Scott Walker, Robin Vos, and Scott Fitzgerald for keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee. (A little history.) State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milw) voted against it.

Forecast: glorious sunsets

The weather stops at the border, according to most weather maps. But Canada is up there, somewhere, and it’s on fire — like California and Oregon, but without the press clippings. (The what? Oh, never mind.) Specifically, 500,000 acres in the forested borderland between Manitoba and Ontario, well above Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. Mostly due to lightning and hot and dry conditions.

Sunset over Rock County WI by Stephanie O’Leary

Which is why the forecast for Madison WI is smokin‘! Explains the glorious orange sunsets and moons the last couple days. This map forecasts smoke for 2 o’clock this afternoon 07-21-21.

Global climate change alarmists will tell us that lightning, hot and dry conditions are something new under the sun. A big part of why prairies, further south, kept burning. (Also, native Americans cleared land purposely with fire.)

Speaking of masks

Life expectancy fell by 1 ½ years last year, the Wall Street Journal reports. The diggest decline since a little thing called World War 2. Yeah, Covid-19 but also the opioid epidemic and big city gang wars. Speaking of the former, 99% of hospitalizations are non-vaccinated. The irony is Operation Warp Speed may have been Trump’s greatest accomplishment but his RITO supporters are showing their allegiance to Trump by getting sick. 

As for the latter, this appeared in the New York Times, via Bret Stephens:

Democrats are again becoming the party of urban misrule, just as they were in the 1970s. In Portland and Seattle, progressive mayors have ceded the public square to anarchists and rioters. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, to homeless encampments [Madison, anyone?] and addicts. In Chicago and Baltimore, to street gangs and gun violence. In New York … 981 people were shot this year as of 07-18-21. That includes two women and a 4-year-old girl hit by stray bullets in May in Times Square, in broad daylight.  

Former police captain Eric Adams [likely the city’s next mayor] traces New York’s dystopia to the spectacle — videos went viral two years ago — of uniformed police officers enduring buckets of water thrown on them — and just standing there like mannequins.

“When I saw that I said we’re going to lose the city,” Adams tells Stephens.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Throw water on Blaska and see what happens.

Will Eric Adams show the way for cities like Madison WI?

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8 Responses to Smoke gets in our skies

  1. One eye says:

    Favorite Buck as a kid – Swen Nater. I just liked the name.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Funny how climate change gets all the credit for wildfires, even those started by arsonists or lightning or downed power lines. Of course, the fact that for decades people in CA have built entire subdivisions on land that’s prone to fires and that the state has grossly mismanaged its forests has no bearing whatsoever on the causes–it’s ALL due to climate change, a point NPR makes every time it reports on this issue.


    • Zold baldy says:


      Perhaps you and 45 can grab your rakes, head out to CA, and teach the state how to manage their forests? And god forbid, a conservative suggesting good land use planning. What is the world coming to ?


      • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

        Nuthin’ new there, baldy.

        Conservatives have always “conserved” all of Creation.
        God gave us the responsibility to be good stewards.
        Why do you think we’re called Conserveatives?

        Too bad Lefty eco-loons haven’t been very good stewards of Ma Gaia. Proglobots and their poor forest management policies have exacerbated the problem. By banning controlled proscribed burns they’ve created bigger fire hazards.

        Now they’re not only choking on the smoke, they’re choking on their own myopic environmental ideology, as well. President Trump was and IS right.


        • Liberty says:

          Very true, GDHM.

          Virtue signaling, what leftists do best, is not the same as taking meaningful steps to care for the planet and God’s creations.

          They’ll cut down swaths of forests to install wind mills that kill millions of birds & have little impact on energy use, but line the pockets of billionaires.

          They’ll hail the elimination of the Keystone Pipeline, not realizing that dependence on other countries for our oil is even more hazardous to the environment, as well as a security risk.

          They’ll drive and fly down to city centers (depending on oil to get them there) and open lands to protest “anti-environmental policies” and leave tons of pollution in their wake.

          They’ll cry about climate change, yet will continue to order takeout and rely on servers to fuel their computer habit.

          Then in their arrogance and ignorance, they’ll pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

          They’re all talk.

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  3. Batman says:

    baldy is probably feeling rather stupid right about now.

    Demonrats also like to flood the country with illegals (with third world sensibilities towards the environment, children, woman), house them, feed them, doctor them, educate them, bus them, fly them into cities throughout the USA while homeless encampments continue to grow.


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    • Liberty says:

      “baldy is probably feeling rather stupid right about now.”

      You have to have a certain level of self awareness and humility in order for that to happen.

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  4. Michael Leger says:

    Hello All,
    First time post here. A quick comment on the 99% number. That number’s sole source was an Associated Press report. The numbers, particularly because it was not a scientific study, are extremely questionable.
    In Los Angeles county, 20% of ‘cases’ are from the vaccinated.
    I use quotes because no one is reporting on the testing parameters being used to identify cases. The 20% demonstrates that the effectiveness of the gene therapy treatment is also questionable.

    This issue is so highly politicized, numbers need to be carefully examined.

    Like you David, I am also not a fan of pro basketball, but I was very happy to see the big win for the same reasons you were. And ditto your concerns about the life expectancy drop.

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