Have you been vaccinated?

Man on the Street interview

Dane County WI is in year three of the great mask-up. Our unpaid intern accosted deranged progressives on the 25 mph streets of Madison to ask:

Did you get the Fauci Ouchie?

Air traffic controller

“Picked a bad time to quit sniffing glue.”

Ed Asner

“I hate spunk.”

Tucker Carlson guest

“Never mind Right to Life. I’m Right to Die.”

Piltdown Man

“A reverse mortgage may be right for you!”

King Tut

“Is the booster ready yet?”

Placebo salesman

“Free at last of horse worms.”

Why aren’t you vaccinated?

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12 Responses to Have you been vaccinated?

  1. Liberty says:

    I’ve never heard Tucker or any guest on Tucker or any Fox News program advise not to get the vax.

    I HAVE heard them ask reasonable questions, the same questions we should all be asking. Like, why do you need to be vaxxed if you have natural immunity? Or why do we have to wear masks if we’ve been vaxxed and have been told that the vax is effective? Studies also show masks don’t work well and Fauci himself denounced them early on. Or why is COVID not a risk when leftists are rioting, demonstrating, hosting funders & parties, and celebrating Biden’s win? Nobody on the left can seem to answer these questions.

    I’ve been fully vaxxed, but it was a decision I made with the guidance from my physician.

    Some people have concerns (whether legitimate or not) about vaccine safety. Maybe if the story didn’t change every other day and we had an honest media, people would be more trusting. The fact that leftists shame people for not getting vaxxed doesn’t help.

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  2. Batman says:

    “Why aren’t you vaccinated?”

    I identify as an illegal immigrant and therefore am exempt, but qualify for a nice variety of freebies.
    Sometimes I identify as an elite dem politician and therefore the rules do not apply to me.

    I’ve had the China Virus, my immune system handled it, and consequently have superior durable immunity against multiple variants. Getting a jab now is contraindicated.

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  3. Kevin S Wymore says:

    I’m waiting for the booster. In fact, I have had a pleasurable relationship with both of my Pfizer go-rounds. The shots are safe, effective, and hey, I’m still here six months later. I’m enjoying life at age 63, because of Operation Warp Speed!

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  4. One eye says:

    Call Ivermectin a horse dewormer and any potential therapeutic effects for covid magically disappear.

    This is the state of “Science” in the national discourse .

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    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      “THE Science” is a lot different than that plain old real “sciencey” science, …
      you know, where one posits a hypothesis, gathers the data, sifts/winnow the results, quantifies and qualifies, weighs and measures and tries to replicate the experiment,
      … in other word’s, … the “scientific method”.

      Lefties are so blinded by their hateful ideology, they’ve become science deniers.
      When President Trump advocated for alternative treatments, Lefties lifted a lip and began mainlining bleach and mocking others calling IVM, horse dewormer. Those same people would proglobotically mock those who’d take penicillan,too. After all, it’s mold.

      Rather than following science, it became political. Low-flow, lockstep Lefty Ludittes are blinded by their own ideology and hate for Trump. TDS is a terrible Leftist wasting disease,… a volatile organic compound, and a venoumous virus vectored through casual contact with the outgassing from Ms. Media.

      Although Ivermectin lowers viral load, inhibits replication of many viruses, (including SARS-CoV-2 and other seasonal influenza viruses), inhibits inflammation through several pathways, protects against organ damage, prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2, speeds recovery and lowers risk of hospitalization and death in cases of the Woo-Hoo Flu, … we’re not allowed to talk about it.

      Despite reliable, peer-reviewed studies that indicated positive results from early intervention with both Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin (IVM), the government’s medical bureaucracies have restricted their use, and they actively continue to suppress the supply of HCQ and IVM in spite of positive results worldwide. In addition, the federal government is now restricting the distribution of effective monoclonal antibody preventative and treatment to coerce Americans to get vaccinated. Doctors prescribed Ivermectin, but patients can’t get their prescriptions filled, so they’re going online to vet supply houses to score some IVM.

      Now, in this non-scientific age of reality-free, magical wishful thinking, …
      I’m trans-vaccinated, not really vaxxed, but I identify as being vaxxed.
      It’s good enough.

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      • Batman says:

        Wow~~~> preach on DogMan; you have the gift!

        If this brilliant testimony by Dr. Peter McCullough does not get your knickers in a twist, nothing will. (19:32 minutes)
        The primary thrust of the testimony revolves around the total black out of available treatments for newly DX covid + individuals while they self-quarantine (untreated) for two weeks after which many end up in the hospital and die.

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  5. AdamC says:

    In Dane County 85% of eligible people are vaccinated and everyone continues to mask up.

    If this approach worked our case wouldn’t be skyrocketing.

    Something else is a better explanation. But screaming at us to get the jab and wear the mask just reveals the utter stupidity of the screamer. We have and are doing that.

    If our cases are skyrocketing then anyone with a minimally operational brain should perhaps stop and ask a question or two about the solution maybe is something else.


    • Liberty says:

      Right on, Adam.

      We’re not even allowed to ask questions. We’re expected to fall in line and obey like mindless robots regardless of how nonsensical something seems.

      Several things haven’t made sense since the beginning of this thing, yet the left has few answers. Most of us are reasonable people who will accept the truth whatever it is. Treat us like adults.

      Their condescension does absolutely nothing to promote public health. In fact, I think this is just another way to virtue signal.


  6. sentient7 says:

    Look, assume you are over 65 and have COPD or MS,. Will the Wuhan likely end your life? Yes. So why not take the vaccine___? We’ve taken all 2 jabs Plus the Third. No effect that we can tell, but greater protection? Yes, we assume so. Why not get the 3rd jab? No reason that we understand. Death is not a favorable option. For others, we do not care.


  7. 1. I support everyone’s human right to choose whether or not to put an experimental vaccine into their body.

    2. I think it’s everyone’s civic duty to get the vaccine; that said, see #1.

    3. I chose to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

    4. I am opposed to mandated vaccines.

    5. I am opposed to vaccine passports.

    6. I am opposed to persecuting those that choose not to get the vaccine.


    Do You Condone Extorting, Intimidating & Persecuting Others?

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  8. Gewehr98 says:

    Having survived Covid-19 along with the rest of my family, I have gained natural immunity which according to multiple reports is as good as, if not better than, the jab – Even for the Delta Variant. Let’s not forget the Charlie-12 variant waiting offshore, too. Stop persecuting those of us who didn’t have a vaccine available when we caught the WuFlu. Give those shots to people who haven’t caught it yet, and think about how many millions of us have plenty of antibodies in our systems without the government needle. .


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