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Have you been vaccinated?

Man on the Street interview Dane County WI is in year three of the great mask-up. Our unpaid intern accosted deranged progressives on the 25 mph streets of Madison to ask: Did you get the Fauci Ouchie? “Picked a bad … Continue reading

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May the crisis be ever with you!

Is it time to panic yet? Failed regimes need enemies, the better to offload domestic discontent to The Man Behind the Tree. Distracted by a constant state of war, the populace of Oceana overlooked the oppression of Big Brother.  Progressives feed … Continue reading

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What else can the news screw up?

Why Americans don’t trust the news media! Mark Twain once said if you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed. If you DO read the newspapers, you are mis-informed. Anti-Trump New York Times columnist Ross Douthat on the kind of news … Continue reading

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No risk, however small, is acceptable

They’re watching too much CNN “A surprising number of people — almost all of them liberals— are hesitant to take off their masks,” Dan O’Donnell observes at MacIver. And why wouldn’t they? From the very beginning of the pandemic they have … Continue reading

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Today is June 2, mask nuts

We so can breathe! June 2? Dane County/Madison Public Health says we can take off our masks two weeks from today (05-19-21)? Are you kidding  !!! Uh, unh. Blaska is done being Mr. Nice Guy (for the 415th time). Already … Continue reading

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Who was that (un)masked man?

Would the Lone Ranger take off his mask, kemosabe? No man is an island, unless he lives in Dane County, Mr. Donne.  The Madison WI metro area plays by its own rules — the science be damned! The federal Centers … Continue reading

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