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The science is settled (again)!

Until it isn’t. We were told the science was settled. (And that we could play our radio at a reasonable volume.) • The U.S. Department of Energy has concluded that Covid-19 probably did, after all, originate at a Chinese lab … Continue reading

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Blaska paints cross on door of Stately Manor

“Every house visited [by the disease] be marked with a red cross of a foot long in the middle of the door, evident to be seen, and with these usual printed words, that is to say, “Lord, have mercy upon … Continue reading

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Speaking of snow flakes …

No micro-aggression too trivial! We forget name of the philosopher who updated the biblical injunction: “Wherever two or three feminists gather, there shall be a TV crew in their midst.” Cry Racism and get the same 15 minutes of sacred … Continue reading

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American conspiracists excuse Putin’s invasion

They’re the loudest ones at every party! Hey kids! Spring is in the air! Daylight savings time has started; temps expected to brush 50 degrees F. College basketball tournament about to begin. You know what that means! Time to royally … Continue reading

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RINOs have sharp horns

like the longhorns of Texas! One of our platinum subscribers predicts that “November will be the RINO hunt.” That’s the epithet — “Republicans In Name Only” Trump bitter enders give for those of us who refuse seconds on the Kool-Aid. … Continue reading

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Stop using Covid as a cover for school dysfunction

Students can’t learn if they don’t feel safe! One conclusion from the first debate among candidates for Madison school board: Stop blaming COVID for our failing schools and own up to what we’ve done to our kids. Covid was the cover … Continue reading

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