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The science is very unsettled

because ‘guidance’ is still being ‘clarified’! Well, it is called ‘novel’ coronavirus for a reason. We are so bad. Irredeemable, perhaps. The head groundskeeper at the Werkes is watching his mini-clover sprout in the front yard of the Stately Manor the … Continue reading

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Promoting the partisan pan-DEM-ic

CNN & NY Times promoted Russian collusion hoax; now they pin hopes on the pandemic. Very clever, the gnomes at the New York Times. Page One of my Sunday paper is almost all agate typeface text naming almost 100,000 individuals … Continue reading

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No mask, no helmet, no cages

Sons of unmanageability The Facebook page for Wisconsin Motorcycle Riders is replete this day after Memorial Day (05-26-2020) with photos of motorcycles in sunshine and smiling riders. You can see their smiles because none are wearing COVID-19 face masks. “Beautiful … Continue reading

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Too many Americans have decided to be ‘unmanageable’

They’re why we can’t have nice things. Don’t make us come over there! By these signs shall ye be known. To the list of liberal-progressive-socialist giveaways, we need to add Trait #6, Fear mongering and Trait #7, Condescension and Trait #8, the Race … Continue reading

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The novel Progressive virus, examined

The people are reopening America, not the government. The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes have identified five traits shared by our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances, illuminated by the waning (not that Rachel Maddow would admit it) coronavirus pandemic. Trait … Continue reading

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Boot lickers of the world, unite!

You have nothing to lose but your livelihoods To Paul Fanlund, editor and publisher The Capital Times “Dane County’s Progressive Voice” Regarding your latest editorial column: “Why many rich people keep a Faustian bargain with the GOP.”  You lost me … Continue reading

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