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We never thought it was such a bad little tree

“… It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.” — Linus. But you can tell it was decorated by guys. Plain as a processed cheese and butter sandwich. But what a statement!  Hooray for State Reps. Paul … Continue reading

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We’re gathering indoors to give thanks

Mass or otherwise! The devil struggling for the remnants of Blaska’s soul is proposing that the irascible bloggeur assemble a small fleet of automobiles, pick-up trucks, bicycles, and tour buses. The vehicles will be parked in the driveway, on the … Continue reading

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It’s o.k. to use the C-word profanity if you are progressive

The hoary ‘speaking truth to power’ cliché “Please note that the corrupt, crooked, c***s at The Tavern League do not represent the interests of all bars and restaurants.” — Francesca Hong, Democrat(ic) candidate for State Assembly, Madison WI. No enemies … Continue reading

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Madison is boarded over and masked up

Weaponizing positivity Had a great burger and the freshest cole slaw ever at Nick’s, a Madison State Street institution. Place is straight out of the 1940s. Tiny bathrooms downstairs. Hope it survives the plague and BLM. So many will not. … Continue reading

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Catholic schools will sue Public Health to open as scheduled

Say this about Catholics — they fight back! Shortly after normal office hours on Friday (08-21-2020) Madison/Dane County Public Health issued an order closing down in-school education for students above second grade at private schools for the upcoming school year … Continue reading

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Remember when Americans yearned to breathe free?

People, please! Have some self-respect! You people who are wearing Covid-19 face masks outdoors, bathed in God’s golden sunshine, bicycling with the lane all to your lonesome, trucking down the sidewalk under a high sky and no one within 20 … Continue reading

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